The Black Nurse

Published: Mar 6, 2006
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Doctor and nurse story - The doctor gritted his teeth. He leaned forward towards her tight, black ass and the sexy, white, laced panties that it was wrapped in, and then he stood and moved extremely close behind her.

The supervisor of the hospital was pissed. All of the nurses on his staff were good women except for one.

Her name was Lawanda. She had an attitude problem. She was good at her job, but she had a nonchalant way of carrying out her duties. She wasn't afraid of losing her job because she was the most skilled at her position and she knew she was too valuable to let go.

Plus she could be charming when she wanted to. She knew how far to push the boss without getting canned, but it wasn't her nonchalant attitude that got her in trouble this time. It was her sexual ways.

As soon as she walked into Dave's office, he knew it was going to be a battle. Lawanda had a defiant smirk on her face and her body language was looking just as bad.

She had picked the wrong day to fuck with him. Dave was already in a bad mood to begin with. It was Monday, and Mondays were always the worse days for paperwork. Paperwork gave him the biggest headaches. She'd also done something else far too inappropriate to ignore.

"Lawanda," blurted Dave, "you nearly caused a patient to expire! You have to be careful not to get the patients aroused with your sexual behavior in the intensive care ward!"

Lawanda flashed a wry smile. She looked at him and said, "I know. But doctor, I was only taking the patients...temperature."

Oh, please! How corny can you get, thought the doctor.

"Taking care of the human body is a form of art. You cannot go around jamming your thermometer up everybody's asshole."

"The patient took my skirt and lifted it above my ass. I guess he was trying to see if I was wearing my panties."

"Oh, he was taking a liberty"

"No, he was taking a risk," said Lawanda.

It seemed like Dave was starting to calm down. She could swear she heard a little bit of a laugh in his last statement and his tone seemed to soften.

Then he said, "Did he find out"

Lawanda looked over her shoulder and made eye contact for the first time. "Find out what" she asked.

"If you were wearing panties."

Lawanda was a slut. She knew flirting when she saw it. Dave was flirting with her without a doubt so she answered by grabbing hold of her skirt and lifting it up.

The doctor gritted his teeth. He leaned forward towards her tight, black ass and the sexy, white, laced panties that it was wrapped in, and then he stood and moved extremely close behind her.

Lawanda's heart was pounding with excitement. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. Tingles filled her body.

She felt the bulge poking her rear end, and then Dave's warm breath as he said, "Those aren't regulation panties."

"I know, but these are the only clean panties I have with me. I've been pulling a double shift. I've been here all night long, so when the sun came up, I decided to sneak away to the ladies room in these panties."

Lawanda handed him the pair of underwear that she had been wearing when she went to the restroom to masturbate. Their bodies were pressed tightly together so all she had to do was hand them over her shoulder.

The doctor accepted them, stuffed them into his nose, and took a long hard sniff. The scent of wet cunt filled his head. He was now consumed with lust and Lawanda felt his cock pushing harder into her back even though Dave hadn't moved any closer to her. His cock was getting harder.

He bit the panties and then spit them out of his mouth. He started kissing Lawanda's neck and ears and then grabbed her face, pulled it around and shoved his tongue deep in her mouth.

They separated and Dave started feeling her up. He squeezed her tits like he was trying to extract liquid from them, then he slid his hands up and down her body finally coming to rest on the thin layer of material separating his hands from her pussy.

"Oh, doctor," Lawanda hissed.

He spun her around. He raised her skirt and grabbed two hands full of soft, fleshy ass. Still, Lawanda could feel his cock stiffening some more. But now it was pressing into her crotch, right where she liked it.

He grabbed the top of her head, applied about fifty pounds of pressure, and Lawanda happily dropped to her knees. He undid his pants and pulled out a rock-hard dick.

It was beefy with veins bulging everywhere and it was bobbing and waving just a couple inches from her face. It was like the bait tempting the fish. Lawanda took the bait.

She wet her lips, spread saliva all over the pulsing cock head, and then started sliding it into her mouth. She went a little deeper each time until she had stretched her mouth to its limits.

There was still about half his cock left out of her mouth, so she used her hands to force feed it deeper inside. Repeatedly, she shoved inches of stiff, white dick as deep as it could go as she listening to Dave moaning his approval.

In fact, she was doing such a good job that he had to stop. He was getting close to popping in her mouth, which was a good thing, but not before he had a chance to get in her pussy.

He helped her to her feet and then helped her out of her clothes. She had small tits with really big nipples. Her body was slender, but she had plenty of curves in all the right places. Dave was using his hands and mouth to get familiar with as many of those curves as he could.

The only thing left on her body was her sexy panties, which-now that her uniform was gone-the doctor could see was actually part of a lingerie set. Everything was laced and the panties hooked to the stockings with straps.

The see-through laced shirt had the bra built into it. They had pulled the straps off her shoulder so her tits could be out, but other than that, they didn't bother taking anything else off.

The doctor motioned for her to stand facing the wall. He made her lean over a bit so he could have better access to her pussy.

He moved her panties out of the way and started sliding his cock around her pubic area trying to find the hole. Wow. She was really soaked down there. This woman was dying for a dick in her right now.

As soon as his cock touched her pussy, it slipped right in with very little resistance. Her juices spilled all over his cock, leaving it saturated in a bath of heat and wetness that made his lust for her grow.

He began thrusting into her. Lawanda was thrusting back. "Oh, yeah, give it to me," she said.

After a while, the doctor pulled out and sat in his chair. He moved away from the desk so they'd have more room to work with.

Lawanda sat on his cock facing away from him. She started bouncing on his meaty shaft.

Dave noticed immediately that she was ten times better when she was on top. She would bounce on him, then grind on him, and then lean forward with her elbows on her knees and do a combination of grinding, bouncing, and dancing that drove him nuts. He had never seen anything like this from white women. On top of that, she was giving him the dirty talk and it was making him want to nail her some more.

As she rode him-and now that he'd gotten his second wind-he began to mirror her movements. Later he just started thrusting lustfully into her. Eventually his thrusts were coming so hard that they were lifting her off his lap so she got up.

Dave got up with her. He reached for the back of her head and guided it so far down that she almost fell over.

Her legs were spread wide apart. He had a perfect path to her sweet hole. He slipped into it and continued pounding her like the whore she was.

He could feel an orgasm coming. He needed it badly, but he wanted to pop on her tits and look her in the eyes as his seed soiled her body.

He made her lie on the desk. He took his shirt off. He was back in her hairy twat seconds later.

The only thing on his mind was releasing that built up anxiety. He couldn't wait to drench her in his fluids.

His hands gripped firmly around Lawanda's tits. She was moaning and screaming and egging him on.

The tingles in his cock intensified. He felt the burning of hot semen coming up his shaft. He let out a loud moan.

He pulled his cock out, grabbed it from the bottom, and started stroking it frantically.

He pointed it at her tits, but just like many other men in Lawanda's sex life, his aim was horrible. A little landed on her tits, but the majority landed on her shoulder blade. Neither of them cared though. They were satisfied, tired, and spent.

Lawanda used the napkins on the doctor's desk to clean up and then she went to the dressing room. There were at least a half dozen black nurses having a conversation about the new white woman with the nice ass and how she'd make for a good dancer (most of the nurses made extra money on the side as dancers).

She joined in the conversation like nothing had happened, but she couldn't help but wonder how many of the other nurses had been fucked by Dave.

They chatted with the white girl. She seemed to be cool with it, but it was obvious that she didn't have much experience dancing.

The other girls worked with her, and when they'd gotten her bent over a toilet shaking her ass, someone else came in. Lawanda didn't know who he was, but she'd seen him around and she knew enough about him to know that he ranked pretty high around there.

Lawanda was one of the last people to leave. She looked over her shoulder as she left out the door.

The white girl was still shaking her ass over the toilet seat. She was wearing headphones so she'd have some music to work with. The radio was up loud so she had no clue that all the girls were gone and the only person left was a large black man gawking at her ass.

Lawanda chuckled and shook her head. She knew what about to happen. She just wished she could be a fly on the wall so she could watch.

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