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Billy Boy

Interacial dating

Author: Shooter3704
Published: 12-Mar-06 Revised/Updated 07-Apr-06
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There was a wine bottle on the coffee table and June straddled the table until the mouth of the bottle was lined up with her pussy.

* * * * * * *

Billy Boy, part 1 Shooter3704 Jack2298@charter.net

[This is another fantasy story. It involves rough, nonconsensual sex between black men and a white woman (at least initially). It this isn't your cup of tea, you should stop right now. If you continue, do me a favor and don't give me feedback complaining about the subject matter. Any other feedback is welcome, of course. Shooter]

The camera was obviously hand-held and the motion was a little bit jerky, but the images were clear and well lit. One beautiful white woman was roughly being fucked by three black men. The video had started out with the woman doing a slow sinuous strip until she was down to nothing but high heels and a smile. I think it was the smile that shook me up the most. After she was naked a heavyset black man, also naked, entered the picture and the two sat on a couch and made out. Breast fondling and deep kissing for a while until they graduated to her sucking his stiff cock. The man certainly looked like he was enjoying having his cock licked, sucked and worshiped by the white woman. The sound quality was poor, but I could hear him telling her what a good cocksucker she was. The man's cock wasn't very long, maybe five and a half or six inches, but it was unusually thick.

After the woman had shown his cock the proper amount of oral attention she crawled up on him, facing the camera, and guided his short thick dick into her love nest. After settling down on the stiff black rod she fucked herself for several minutes. The camera zoomed in on her face and it was obvious that she was coming. That scene faded and when it started again the same woman was with two naked black men. They were on a bed and while one dude fucked her from behind she sucked the other man's cock.

For the next fifteen minutes the two men switch places several times. After the suck-fuck bit the two men double fucked the woman. One in her ass and one in her pussy. The look on the woman's face was pure ecstasy. She yelled and screamed as the two black men ravaged both of her holes. Finally the last scene where three men fucked her. There was still a look of pleasure on her face but now it was also coupled with flashes of pain when they were rough with her. Nipple pulling and tit slapping that caused her large full breasts to turn bright red.. Once, one of the men took a wooden paddle-like thing, much like a paint stirrer, and hit her pussy hard several times, causing the woman to struggle against the two men who held her down and spread. The paddle struck her clit causing it to turn an even deeper red and swell until it looked like a tiny cock sticking out of her trimmed bush. This was the second video I had received and by far much more graphic then the first one. I felt the tears running down my face as I watched the woman being defiled. The woman was my wife and we had been married less than a week when she was kidnapped. That was only a few days ago but it seemed like a lifetime to me.

My name is Bill Williams and we were on our honeymoon and until my new bride, June was taken from me, it was a wonderful trip. June and I checked into a nice suite in the resort hotel and frankly we didn't go outside the room for the first two days. We lived on room service and sex. After we got temporarily caught up on love-making we ventured out to see what the rest of the world was doing. Our first trip was to the beach. June wore a daring little bikini that she would have never dared to wear back home. I'll try to describe my new wife.

June and I both are twenty-five. I would describe myself as average in most every respect. June is not average in any respect. She is five feet eight and built like the proverbial brick shit-house. Her emerald green eyes goes perfectly with her long red hair. She managed, by luck of the gene pool, not to get the pale white skin that most red-heads have. She only has a light dusting of freckles across her nose and the top of her chest. She tans to a golden brown. Her breasts are full, a thirty-eight D, with hardly any sag from the fullness. June's nipples are very long, maybe half an inch long. I intended on measuring them but I didn't get around to it. The nipples are very sensitive and I could get her off by just sucking and toying with them.

We had a great day at the beach until it got too hot to even stand on the sand. We went back to the hotel and played in the large swimming pool for the rest of the afternoon. I ordered a pitcher of a local fruity drink that we managed to drink in short order. When the waiter brought the second pitcher I noticed him eying my bride. He was a short heavyset black man. Not fat, but rather stocky. June's top was loose and when she moved he could see her boobs almost to the nipple. I knew that she had intentionally loosened it. I could always tell when June went into teasing mode. If I hadn't been nearly shit-faced I wouldn't have made any comment, let alone what I did say.

"Damned nice, huh" I said to the man. I was so proud to even be seen in her company I let my mouth get ahead of my better judgment. "I'll bet you sure would like to get hold of something like that wouldn't you" If I had stopped there it might have been all right, but I didn't. He smiled at my comment, but didn't answer. He sat the pitcher down and started away. "Too bad," I said loud enough for him to hear. "Never in a million years, pal." June giggled and told be to shut up. The waiter stopped and looked back, his hooded eyes glaring at me. He gave me a nasty grin and continued on his way.

"That wasn't very nice, Bill," June chided me. "What are you going to do if he puts a move on me"

"I think the question is, what are you going to do" June was a tease and her teasing had always been fun for us. In fact that was how I met her. She was with another guy at a party and she was teasing and flirting with me. We got together a couple week later and I think my acceptance of her flirting ways was one thing that endeared me to her. Of course, I'd like to think there were other things she liked about me.

"Now that is a good question," June said with a grin. "I guess we'll never know will we" June and I laughed and forgot about the incident.

The first thing that I noticed amiss was two video cassettes that I had made with our new video camera were missing. I had made some video's of June dancing naked and I even talked her into masturbating for me while I taped it. I tried to take some footage while we were fucking but it didn't turn out so great. It pissed me off that the tapes were missing and I reported it to the hotel manager, but I wasn't too concerned about it. I knew that it was possible that they may have been tossed out in the trash.

The next thing that happened was a couple pairs of June's panties were missing. Little tiny thongs that she bought especially for our wedding trip. Again I reported it to management, but the man I spoke with didn't seemed concerned. He smiled at me and told me he would personally look into it. He told me to have my wife replace them at the hotel shop and that the hotel would pay for them.

The next thing was the substance found on the steering wheel of the car we rented. It looked like come to me, but I cleaned it off and forgot about it. Later when we got back from a shopping trip June told me that the crotch of her bathing suit was wet. She laughed and accused me of licking her bikini. Looking back, I should have heard the alarm bells going off, but I was in love, I was vacationing at a beautiful resort with a beautiful woman who was all mine. If there was an alarm, I paid no attention to it.

On day four of our honeymoon all four wheels came off. June disappeared. She was still getting ready to go out that night. I became impatient and told her I would meet her in the bar. She laughed and told me to go on and that she would join me in less then fifteen minutes. I had a drink, then two. It had been over half an hour and I went back to the room to look for her. The room was empty. I checked the lounge at the restaurant, thinking she misunderstood. She wasn't there either. I checked back at the bar, but no June. I was beginning to really be worried by that time. I had the desk page her with no results. After an hour of searching I was frantic. I went back to our room to call the police and saw the message light blinking.

"Hey, dick-wad," the voice mail said. "You want to see your pretty little wife again you better not call the law." It was a man's voice, but one I didn't recognize. "You keep your ass in your room and I'll call you at ten o'clock. No cops, asshole or she's dead meat."

I didn't know what to do. Logic dictated that I call the police, but fear for June kept me from it. I was a sorry wreck by the time ten o'clock finally came around. I grabbed the phone before it stopped ringing.

"Bill" June's voice asked.

"June, honey, where are you Are you all right" I could hear a high pitched moaning sound. "Talk to me June!"

"Bill," she strained voice said. She sounded breathless like she had been running. "Bill...they...they...Ohhh, Bill!"

"June what's wrong"

"They raped me," she said making the words all run together. "They are raping me, Bill. Right now!"

"June where are you" I shouted into the phone. Her moaning became louder then faded and a man's voice came on the line.

"Hey, Billy Boy," the voice said. "This is sure nice pussy. We done fucked her three or four times and the night is still young. You want to keep her alive, Billy Boy"

"Of course I do!" I snapped. "What do you want"

"Hell Billy Boy, I got what I want. We got some nice tight white pussy to stick our hard black cocks in. You can have her back when we get through with her cunt. One phone call to the cops and you'll get her back, but she'll not be any good to you. Dead, Billy Boy. You understand"

"Yeah, I understand! Just don't hurt her!" I yelled. "I'll do what you say."

"Good for you, Billy Boy," the voice said. "You stay cool and we'll be in touch." The line went dead. I didn't make it all the way to the bathroom before I started throwing up. The second call came just before midnight.

"You doin' all right, Billy Boy" the voice said. "Your bitch wants to talk to you. She has a lot to tell you, Billy Boy."

"Bill" June's shaky voice said.

"I'm here, baby," I said. "Are you all right" I could hear a man's voice in the background.

"Tell him what I said to tell him," the voice said. "Just the way I told you to."

"I've been raped over and..." I head the smack of flesh on flesh and heard June cry out. "They fucked me, Bill," June said with a sob. "They've fucked me almost continually since they grabbed me." I head the low male voice say something I couldn't understand. "I've had a lot of...long black cock in my...pussy. I've sucked their black cocks and they shot-off in my mouth." There was some more low murmurs in the background. "I love it when they come in my mouth. I swallow every drop...I'm on my hands and knees right now and one of them is about to..." there was a sharp intake of breath. "He's in me, Bill. Oh God! He fucking me!" more murmuring. "I love his big black cock in my white pussy. He's so hard and he's in me so deep." There was a long pause and I could hear the sounds of sex. It was faint, but I could still hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh and the slurping sounds of a dick in a pussy.

"You still there Billy Boy" the man said in my ear. "She's really getting into this fuck-a-thon. The bitch told me how much she liked my big black cock in her little white cunt. Hey, Billy Boy, don't you just love them big long tittie nipples Don't she squeal when you bite down hard on them You hang in there Billy. We got a lot more fucking to do. We'll talk again in the morning." He hung up and the last sound I heard was June's loud moaning.

I drifted off to sleep after getting some help from the mini bar. The ringing of the phone woke me up.

"Good morning Billy Boy. You goin' lay in bed all day" the hated voice said when I finally managed to get the phone to my ear. "Open your door. There's something waiting for you. We'll talk later."

I ran to the door and threw it open. I hoped it would be my wife waiting for me. It wasn't. It was the first of the video tapes. That first tape was bad, but nowhere as intense as the second one. Tape number one was just poor June being raped by two big black men. One at a time and over and over again. At one point it appeared that June was drugged. Her eyes looked glassy and she didn't offer any resistance from the middle of the tape on to the end. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part. Neither man tried to hide his face. In fact they both made silly faces at the camera while they raped my poor bride. I recognized the waiter from the day I smarted off to him. I hurried off to look for him while the tape was rewinding. I looked all around the bar and pool area but didn't spot him.

I made myself eat even though I wasn't hungry. The nasty piece of work called me about three o'clock that afternoon.

"Billy Boy, my man!" he said cheerfully. "I hear you was looking for me. Now what the hell did you plan to do if you had found me You better get it together, Billy Boy. How did you like our little tape recording Your wife and my bitch sure loves to fuck don't she Damn fine piece of ass. She told me that she had never been ass fucked until last night. You forget about that tight hole"

"Look, whoever you are," I said gritting my teeth. "I want my wife back or I'll take the tape, with your face clearly visible, to the cops. They'll bury your ass under the jail."

"Oh bullshit, Billy Boy!" he said laughing loudly. "Two weeks ago I was somewhere else. I can be somewhere a long ways from here in a matter of a few hours. You fuckin' better hope I don't feel the need to leave this place. You know what I mean "

"Why are you doing this" Yeah, I got his meaning loud and clear.

"You gave me a challenge, Billy Boy," he said chuckling. "I do love a challenge, and I loved the way June squealed the first time I shoved my cock in her. You be sure and ask her how many times she got off while me and my buddy fucked her. That bitch is a coming machine. Oh, by the way Billy Boy. I'm having a few friends over later to sample our red-headed whore. I'll send you a tape of that. I got to go. My white slut come dump, I mean your wife, will be waking up soon and she'll be wanting some more black cock. Later, Billy Boy."

My stomach rolled and for a moment I thought I was going to be sick again. I had never felt so helpless or so confused as what to do. I managed to learn the waiters name while I was asking for him. Reggie Thomas was the name he was using, but I doubted it was his real name. I vacillated from one extreme to the other. Call the cops or not call them. One thing I knew for sure. She was alive and not very bad hurt. If I called the law I felt that Reggie would follow through on his promise to kill June. I had to keep her alive at all costs. After we became engaged I had wondered what would happen if June's teasing ever got out of hand. Now I had a damned good idea.

The following morning I got the second tape. I watched it a second time trying to see June's face. I wanted to believe she had to be doped, but I couldn't really tell. There were no phone calls all that day. By dark I was an emotional wreck. It was nearly midnight when I heard a knock at the door. It was tape three.

I put the tape in the machine with a feeling of dread. I wanted to see it and yet part of me didn't want to.

"Hey Billy Boy," Reggie's face appeared on the screen. " It was a close up of the man I had come to despise above everything else. "How they hangin' Billy Man, I feel a little sorry for you what with you being on your honeymoon and all. Especially since I got your snatch. Man, you're goina love this tape. I have a bunch of neat things for our little slut to do. You don't mind if I have them big ol' fat nipples pierced do you I was thinkin' that I could get some rings with a chain and we could lead her around like that. Not that my dog collar ain't doin' okay. Guess who's sucking my cock" the camera panned out and there was my new wife on her knees sucking on Reggie's cock. Junes white hands looked even whiter on his long black cock. She was holding it in both hands and her head was bobbing up and down on it. "Damn girl take it easy," Reggie said with a laugh. "You'll have a lot of cock to suck before the night is over. Well, let's get to it. What do you say Billy Boy" The scene faded and reappeared with June standing totally naked except for a dog collar and there was a leash attached to it. She was standing in the middle of a room.

A man I didn't recognize lead June around the room. She followed him without any apparent hesitation. He made her jog in a circle around him her big breast bouncing wildly. I could hear laughter in the background.

Then four men lined up and June crawled on her knees and gave all of them some head. She went up and down the line going from one black cock to the next when they handed off the leash. There were a lot of comments on her oral abilities. After that they put her on her knees on a low coffee table and while she sucked one, another one slammed his stiff cock in her. The four men used her for what seemed like an hour. It may have been longer. The camera faded a few times so the duration was difficult to judge.

Later they got June on a bed and proceeded to fuck her in various positions and combinations. They doubled up on her ass and pussy. Then they managed to get two cocks in her pussy. June was very vocal during that session. When one cock slipped out it was her hand that put it back in position.

It was obvious to me that June was past any resistance. She complied with all their demands without hesitation. About halfway through the tape they got more inventive. They tied some string to her nipples and used it like a set of reins while they fucked her from behind. I could see that some of them pulled hard enough for it to be painful to June, but she never complained that I could hear. One of the men ran the string down between her legs so that when he pulled on it, it went up her gash. June groaned in pain, her nipples pulled out even father than normal. Nearly an inch and a half. She tried to raise her butt to ease the pain of the string biting into her clit. After that bit of fun and games it became a contest to see what they could find to shove in poor June's pussy. Some asshole brought an elongated fish and shoved it up her pussy. Maybe an eel I couldn't tell what it was except that it was alive and apparently it's thrashing gave June a crashing orgasm. The scene faded and opened back in the living room

An off camera voice said, "Give your hubby a little show, Slut." The camera followed June to another spot in the room. There was a wine bottle on the coffee table and June straddled the table until the mouth of the bottle was lined up with her pussy. She squatted a little and the tip of the bottle disappeared in her pussy. I noticed that her neatly trimmed pussy hair was now completely gone. At some point they must have shaved her because her pussy was totally bald. She sank a little lower and more of the bottle neck disappeared. Then still more until the entire neck was firmly inside her. Reggie walked over and put both his hands on her shoulders.

"Hey Billy Boy," he said grinning at the camera. "Should I shove her down on the bottle until it's all in her cunt Reckon it might stretch her cunt so bad she'd never feel your little white dick" He put some pressure on her shoulders and she grunted as the swell of the bottle stretched her pussy even more. "What do you say June" Reggie said. "You want all the bottle in your cunt"

She shook her head, but said in a low voice," I don't care. Do what you want to do."

"How about your ass" Reggie said. "See how much of that bottle you can get in your ass." June raised up off the bottle that came up with her. Reggie pulled it out and it made a sucking sound. He lined the bottle up and she eased down on it. Down until the neck had almost disappeared. Reggie pushed her down even further until she yelled out in pain. He let her up with a laugh. "Man, you got yourself a real slut here, Billy Boy. Fuck anything or anybody, anytime."

That scene faded and it was back to more fucking. I noticed that it was three different men this time. They went at her like they were all fresh and very horny. One at a time, two at a time and finally all three of them were in her. That degradation lasted about an hour before the scene faded and there was another fresh crew. Four studs this time. After a long time the camera showed four limp, sated cocks and ended showing June laying on the bed, legs spread with come pouring out of her red swollen pussy. The camera stayed on Junes soppy pussy and Reggie's voice said. "Hey Billy Boy. You sure you still want this cum dump back She's use to a lot of black cock in her white cunt. Well okay, if you are sure you can have her." The tape stopped and started rewinding. That was the third time I watched it and I'm ashamed to admit that I kept a throbbing hard on each time. One thing had become blatantly obvious in watching the last tape. June was thoroughly enjoying what they were doing to her. At least most of it. She was no longer teasing about any of it.

June came back to the hotel about three o'clock in the morning. I heard her timid knock on the door and opened it to see a bedraggled filthy woman standing there wearing nothing but a torn sheet wrapped around her. Her beautiful red hair was matted with both fresh and dried come. There was a lot of come all over her battered and abused body. I reached out for her but she shied away.

"No!" she said shrilly. "Not until I've showered for at least an hour. While I do that you get our shit packed and check us the hell out of this Goddamned fucking rat hole. I want to go fuckin' home!" It seemed that my sweet little bride had picked up a more colorful language while she was gone. I had to wonder what other things she might have acquired. ***

We had been home from our abortive honeymoon for three weeks and we still had not talked about it. I brought it up a couple of times but June rebuffed my attempts so I quit trying. I did talk her into going to a doctor and get some blood tests done and she agreed. Apparently her many black attackers had not transmitted any diseases and aside from sore muscles and a lot of bruising she was physically fine. June scoffed at my suggestion to get some professional help. I got the impression that she wasn't interested in having sex with me so I had to make myself back off from that. I could wait until she was ready.

June works at home doing something with computers. Designing software or something like that. She tried to explain what she did but I couldn't get a handle on it. She continued to work but she didn't seem to have much zest for it. It was like she was just going through the motions. I wouldn't use the term zombie, but it does come to mind.

As far as our personal life, June was nice to me. She was pleasant and even allowed me to hug her but not intimately. She also had limited her contacts with her girlfriends. Even her best friend and her maid of honor, Tammy McCall. Tammy asked me what was wrong, but I shrugged her inquiry off. It wasn't my place to tell her anything. Every day I hoped that things would get back to normal and every day I was disappointed.

One night after June had gone to bed I put one of the tapes in the player and sat in the dark room watching it. It was the second tape. I put the machine in slow motion when it got to where they were smacking her pussy with the wooden paddle. In slow motion there wasn't any sound but I had watched it enough to know the sounds by heart. A loud smack of the paddle on her clit and an even louder squeak, moan, or groan from my wife. In slow motion I could actually see her clit swell. I slowly stroked my cock as I watched the abuses heaped on her.

"That hurt like a son of a bitch," June said from behind me. I jumped and hurriedly stuffed my cock back in my pants. She came around the sofa and sat beside me. "I thought you said you destroyed these tapes." I was at a loss for words. I told her I was going to and I had intended to destroy them, but when it came time I couldn't do it. When I first got the tapes I didn't know her fate and I wouldn't allow myself to be aroused at what I saw. At least I tried. After I knew she was safe it changed for me. Tape two came to an end. "Did you keep all of them" I nodded my head still not trusting my voice. "I don't remember what all they recorded. Play the other tapes."

I got up and put the last tape in the machine. I didn't know if this was good or not but I didn't see any alternative. I thought it might good therapy and might even help for June to see them. As the tape began June watched it quietly for a little while. Then suddenly she started naming the men.

"That's Charles," she said watching a black man fuck her from behind. She called off their names as they fucked her. Little T, Jack, George, Tomas, Clinton and of course Reggie to name a few. She didn't know the names of some of the late arrivals. Little T apparently was a sadistic bastard. He was the one who tied the string to her nipples. He was also the one who abused her clit with the paddle among other cruel things. "Little T was the first one to fuck my ass," June said calmly in a matter of fact tone. She hadn't lost the salty language she picked up from her captors. "At least he was considerate enough to use some lubricant before he did," she added. We watched as she was double and tripled fucked over and over again. I kept glancing at June to see how she was taking it. She looked calm and collected to me.

"Are you hard" she suddenly asked me. I wasn't sure how I should answer the question but I nodded my head. "Are you excited watching me get fucked by all those niggers" again I nodded. She didn't seem pissed at my answers. "Then take me to bed and show me how excited you are."

We were nearly running by the time we got to the bedroom. Foreplay wasn't necessary or desired and we got right to the fucking. June came before I hardly got my dick in her. She came a lot before I finally shot-off in her. I had never seen any woman as hot as June was. I thought I was done for the night until June started telling me about her adventure. I found that I was hard again. The strange thing about it was we were fucking like animals. Except for the last time. We made love that time. Slow, sweet love-making. We went to sleep in each others arms. I knew then that everything was going to be all right with June and I. The only thing I knew for sure is, I'd cheerfully kill the next son of a bitch that called me Billy Boy. ***

Billy Boy part two Shooter3704

It was almost as if someone had flipped a switch. June was back to her old self and the sex was just fantastic. She and her friend, Tammy were getting together more often. In fact by spring, June was completely back to her old self with a few exceptions. She kept her pubic area shaved for a while then got tired of fighting the stubble and had it all removed by electrolysis. That was all right with me, I like a smooth snatch. The other thing was she retained the earthy language she picked up. June cursed like a sailor these days. The one other thing that stands out in my mind was the tapes. June worked her magic and put all of them onto a DVD and I knew she sometimes watched it when I was at work. Not that it bothered me all that much. One other thing. Her elongated nipples seemed to always be erect even while she was sleeping.

Tammy McCall was a frequent visitor at our house. Tammy is a pretty lady and just a tiny bit chubby with humongous breasts. A great personality and a typical beautiful woman's sidekick. During our wedding there was a lot of speculation about whether or not her big boobs would stay inside the low-cut dress the bride's attendances wore. Tammy also does something with computers so she and June have a lot in common. Also they have been good friends since high school.

One afternoon I came home earlier than usual and found June and Tammy in the den watching the DVD of June's adventure. I don't know what else to call it. It was a forced rape, but it hadn't ended that way, so calling it rape didn't seem to fit. Anyway, I came in the back door as I normally do and I could hear the familiar sounds from the disk. Tammy's car was in the drive so I knew she was there. I was mildly surprised that June would share the contents of the DVD even with someone as close as Tammy.

"My God, June!" Tammy said. "I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes. On your honeymoon"

"Yeah, on my honeymoon," June said. I silently stood in the doorway watching and listening to them. "I got more fucking in a couple of days than most women get in a year."

"Weren't you scared to death"

"Oh hell yes," June said. "At first I was terrified. I thought they were going to kill me."

"Damn girl," Tammy said leaning forward to see the screen better. "You lived my fantasy, you bitch." Both women giggled. "All that meat and no potato's."

"Maybe no potato but there was a lot of gravy. Between all of them they must have cum five gallons. Most of it in me."

"You did make me a copy of this disk, didn't you It will be good to watch when I get out my trusty black dildo."

"No, I didn't, but I will," June said. "Why a dildo What happened to what's-his-name"

"He's history," Tammy said. "Damn, I have to stop watching this thing. I'm sweating like a hog and leaking all over your couch. You do know how to get in touch with them, don't you" June didn't answer the question.

"Sorry about your friend. What went wrong"

"The usual crap," Tammy said. "The sap was strictly a missionary position kind of guy with no staying power. Wham-bam thank you ma'am. What I really want is that," Tammy said pointing at the TV screen. "Or at the very least a guy that can keep it up more than a few minutes."

"You need a man like Bill," my loyal wife said. "He's always good for a couple great big climaxes."

"Yeah, but you're a stingy bitch. How was he with all this stuff He has seen the video hasn't he"

"Oh hell yes," June told her with a laugh. "Many, many times. It never fails to get him up and ready. Really Tammy, he's been a real sweetheart about it. No judgment no browbeating. He accepted it as a matter of fact. Tammy, I'm not as stingy as you think I am. I would have no problem letting you borrow Bill. Notice I said borrow." Now the conversation was getting very interesting. "Okay, Tam watch. It's coming to a good part," June said "This is the first time they made me airtight. That's what they called it when I had a cock in my ass, my pussy, and my mouth."

"I thought it was all good so far," Tammy said laughing. "Oh my God! you really are airtight. That cock can't be as big as it looks. I'm talking about the one in your ass."

"Yes it's really that big. That's Little T , the sadistic mutherfucker, he likes the road less traveled. If you can believe it, that was the first cock to ever fuck my ass."

"I thought Tommy Thornton did your ass in high school," Tammy said without taking her eyes from the TV.

"That cocksucker couldn't get it in," Tammy laughed. " He got off trying to get it in my butt. Tommy was only good for one thing. He liked to eat my pussy. That was the only reason I went out with him."

"Didn't Bill do your butt" Tammy asked. "I mean you two lived together for over a year."

"Hell no," June said. "Bill is a pussy hound. I don't think it ever crossed his mind to try another hole even for a change. Not that I'm complaining mind you. What Bill does, he does extremely well. You should try him sometime."

"I know we swapped boyfriends back when," Tammy said. "I thought it would be different now that you are married. Shoot, I don't have any man to swap anyway."

"Doesn't matter," June said. "I said you could borrow Bill."

"You wouldn't tease me if you knew how horny I was," Tammy said. "It's been over two weeks since I've had any. Besides, why would Bill want a butterball like me when he has a fox like you"

"I'm serious, Tam," June said. "Bill would jump at the chance to jump you. He's always been fascinated by your giant knockers. Let me know when you get ready. Hey, look at the time. I have to get dinner started."

"Don't forget to make me a copy of this disk," Tammy said. "That is some hot stuff. You know I would never let anyone see it don't you" I quietly backed out of the room and went back to the kitchen and slammed the back door.

The girls came into the kitchen, both red faced and breathing hard and both trying to act nonchalant. I gave June a hug and a big smooch. I surprised both of them by doing the same to Tammy. Tammy was still trying to get her breath as I left to change clothes. ***

"Bill," June said as we lay on the bed that night. "Why did you kiss Tammy like that this afternoon I mean it was all right with me, but you nearly shocked the shit out of her."

"I came in while you two were watching the disk," I confessed. I seldom lie, because I'm not any good at it. "I heard you tell Tammy that she could borrow me. I wanted her to know I was agreeable to it."

"Oh," June said after a long pause. "I see. How much did you hear"

"I came in about a third of the way into the disk. I heard enough to know that someone is going to get her ass fucked tonight. I thought about it before, but you're right. I am a pussy hound, but tonight I'll make an exception."

Ass fucking is all right, but given a choice I'll take the cunt every time. June took me in her butt without any problem. I didn't come in her ass. I waited until I could shoot my cream in her pussy.

"I heard from him," June whispered in my ear. I was just about to drift off into sleep but suddenly I was wide awake. "I got an e-mail from Reggie."

"When" I demanded sitting up in the bed.

"This morning," June said. "He wanted to know if I had been thinking about his black cock."

"How did he know your e-mail address"

"It's on my business card," June said. "They all went through my purse so I guess that's where he got it. None of them know where we live. The card doesn't even have our home phone on it. It's got the toll free number to the office in Chicago." I thought about that for a moment.

"So what did you tell him"

"Nothing," June said. "I didn't answer the mail. I wasn't sure how you would feel about it." Fair enough. I didn't know how I felt about it. Part of me wanted to kill the son of a bitch, but I'm honest enough with myself to also admit that the tapes he gave me were a constant turn-on, and after a rocky few weeks June now seemed to be all right

"Answer the cocksucker if you want," I finally said. "Just don't tell him where we live. One question...how will you answer the question about you thinking about his cock" June didn't answer for a long time. I thought she had dozed off on me.

"I want to always be up front with you, Bill," she said softly. "I don't want us to ever lie to each other. In that spirit of truthfulness, I'd have to tell him that I had thought about his black cock. Not only his, but the others, too." That wasn't shocking news. Of course she had to think about it. We watched the video, or part of it, nearly every day. "They had me for...what Forty-eight hours I slept maybe a total of eight of those hours. Not something anybody would be likely to forget or not think about."

"When you tell the rotten bastard how much you've thought about his cock, be sure to tell him that in this location I'm licensed to carry a concealed weapon. You might want to mention that I've also though about his cock and I fully intend on seeing it mounted on my den wall." Okay I'll admit that I still hate the slimy bastard.

"That would be one hell of a conversation piece," June giggled. "Be hard to explain it to our parents when they come to visit. 'Yes Mom, that used to be hung on a man named Reggie. Fuckin' funny story how it came to be hung on our wall'." My fantasies of revenge were never quite that funny, but I had to laugh at her creativity. Neither of us said anything for awhile and I was back to drifting off when June spoke again. "You want to fuck Tammy She a great lay, I'm told." I lay very still. "Bill are you asleep" Since I didn't know how to answer the question, I did go to sleep while thinking it sure was a strange fucking world. ***

Friday finally arrived and I was looking forward to a nice long weekend. Nothing more had been said by June or I about Reggie, the prick. I suppose that's ironic because June and I both thought of him that way for different reasons and in a different context. Curiosity was eating away at me, but I was waiting on June to mention it first. I spent a lot of time thinking about the abduction and semi rape of June. I was sure that a part of my feelings stemmed from the fact that I had been removed from the equation and reduced to a mere observer and then only after the fact. The fact that June had been fucked by a bunch of strangers didn't bother me as much as I had no control or even anything to say about it. I mean, June wasn't some virgin bride when we married. We had lived together for a long time before we yielded to family pressure to marry. I knew she had been sexually active before I met her. Very active as a matter of fact. What I hated the most about our ordeal was the fear of not knowing how it would end, and I hated Reggie for that terrible feeling. I was met at the door by June holding a glass of cold beer. This bode well for me. Usually I get my own beer and drink it out of a bottle or can.

"Hi sweetheart," I said accepting the glass. "Did you have a good day"

"I had a great day," June answered with a smile. "How was your day" I told her it was the same old day as the others had been. I changed clothes and we sat on the back patio. June was unusually bubbly and I knew something was up so I waited for her to get to it.

"Bill, remember you told me I could contact Reggie" she said after a while. I nodded. "I did and I told him you would like for him to come visit." She giggled. "I told him you wanted the target practice. He didn't write back so I assumed he declined the invitation."

"Pity," I said.

"Yeah, but the same day I heard from Little T."

"Really" I said surprised. "The sadist"

"Yes, the sadist," she said. "Little T wanted to make sure you knew he didn't have anything to do with my kidnapping." I waited on the punch line. "I told him I would be sure to tell you that."

"Fine," I replied. "I'll only shoot him three times instead of six. Why does he care what I think"

"Little T wants to get together with me again," June answered. I gave that announcement some thought.

"I suppose the real question is, do you want to get together with him"

"Part of me does," she admitted stroking the hair off my forehead. "Maybe not Little T the person, but someone sort of like him." Well, there it was, finally out in the open. I considered that while she went for more beer. When she came back I mentioned that if Little T knew where we lived, Reggie would soon know. I explained that if I ever saw Reggie I would more than likely shoot his ass and also more than likely I'd go to jail. At the very least there would be a messy court situation. June nodded as I spoke.

"I suppose you're right," she said slowly with a sad expression. "Could get sticky."

"Look June," I said after a long silence. "You want to get raped by black men again. A gang-bang at least. Why don't we try to find someone closer than that bunch of assholes. Hell, sugar, there is a whole city full of black men, right here, that would gladly fuck you. At least that way we could have some control over things."

"You mean you are willing for me to do that You would let some black dudes fuck me" Was I willing Yeah, I didn't have to give it a lot of thought. I had already though about it. While I still enjoyed the videos it was becoming old stuff to both of us and I was aware of it. June had a taste of the wild life and she wanted more. "You are the greatest husband in the whole fucking world. I...maybe...Fuck it, I have to know if it was as dramatic, as intense, as I remember. Are you sure you can handle seeing me get my pussy and my ass pounded over and over again"

"Yeah, I get a boner just thinking about it," I answered. "But next time I'll be there and I'll be a part of the process. Now let me ask you a question. When that guy spanked your pussy with that wooden paddle, you said it hurt bad. How bad"

"Damned bad, Bill. At least the first couple times he whacked me. When he got through my clitoris was so sensitive that I'd come if someone even blew on it. My clit was like it was a separate organ. They did the same thing to my nipples. I came so hard one time I nearly passed out. The line that separates pain and pleasure is a real fine line." I had heard that somewhere. I have no desire to be abused in any manner, but I can damned sure be the abuser.

"You want me to spank your clit"

"I think that it's something that happens to you," June answered after thinking about it a while. "Not something you plan. You saw how it took two men to hold me down and hold my legs open, didn't you I think that goes in the 'if it happens-it-happens' category. You liked that part of the tape, didn't you" I admitted that I did like it. "Why don't you do it to Tammy She wants to experience some of that shit."

"I'd like that, but Tammy is a strong lady. If it took three big men to do you, I don't think I'd have much of a chance by my self."

"I'll help you," June said. "That head board on our guest bed is strong so we'll tie her legs up and I'll sit on her to keep her still while you whack her pussy." I was stunned at what my wife suggested. Stunned, but intrigued. It appeared that several wheels had been set in motion. June was working on the plan to involve Tammy and I would work on the plan to fine a gang for a bang. ***

I assumed that I would have some major problems finding the men for my part of the projects. The first problem was I didn't have the foggiest idea where to look. Of course there were plenty of black men in the area, but I didn't know any of them, or so I thought. As it turned out my problem proved to be a simple one.

The very next morning at the local hardware store I ran into an old high school chum. Benny Carter. He quickly informed me that he was now Ben Carter, Attorney at law. Ben and I chatted while we waited in the check-out line.

"Hey, Bill," Ben said as we walked out of the store. "Do you remember Ross Greene He went to school with us. He's living here now." I certainly did remember Ross Green. The biggest and blackest kid on the football team. Ross was always in some kind of trouble. "I represent him," Ben continued at my nod. "Good old Ross is still always into something. He owns an adult bookstore that got raided a few weeks ago. You probably saw it in the paper. Ross is alleged to be operating some sort of prostitution business. Anyway, I mentioned it because I seem to remember that you and Ross hung out around some."

Ross Greene and I did hang out for a while. My parents put a stop to it pretty fast because they thought Ross was a bad influence on me. Of course he was and that was the attraction for me. I managed to get the name of the bookstore from Ben and we went our separate ways promising to keep in touch. Replacing the doorbell button would have to wait a little while because the triple A bookstore was my next stop.

I had never been in that particular adult book store before but I had, on occasion, been in others. The AAA Book Store was typical of all the others I had visited. Shelves of books and plastic covered magazines were in the center and thousands of toys and gadgets were on the walls. A flashing neon sign pointed the way to the coin operated video machines. A bored looking blue-haired woman sat on a stool behind the cash register. I wandered around the store for a few minutes before I approached the old lady.

"Hep ya find something" she inquired.

"I'm looking for Ross Greene."

"Mister Greene expecting you"

"No, I'm a friend of his," I answered then quickly added, "from high school." She peered at me suspiciously for a moment then leaned over and pushed a button on the wall. Almost immediately a curtain parted and a black mountain of a man appeared.

"Friend of yours," the woman said pointing toward my general direction. Ross Greene hadn't changed all that much since I last saw him. Maybe a little heavier and his head was shaved. Ross glared at me a moment then his face rearranged itself in the a big grin.

"Son of a bitch!" he bellowed advancing on me. "If it ain't Billy Williams!" Suddenly I was engulfed in his massive arms and was being smothered against his chest.

"Just Bill these days," I said when I finally managed to get loose from him. "I ran into Ben Carter at the hardware store a little while ago. He said you were living here so I thought I'd look you up."

"Damn boy," Ross bellowed looking at me. "You ain't changed all that much. Not much color, still a pasty white. You sure it all right with your folks for you to come see me" Ross hadn't taken my reasons for our separation very well.

"Yeah, it's fine," I answered him. "I mostly make my own decisions these days. I heard you has some trouble."

"Bunch of bullshit," Ross said. "Mary, we'll be down at the coffee shop for a while." He yelled at the old woman while he steered me out of the bookstore and down the block to a café. Over coffee we spent several minutes doing the "what happened to" bit.

"So how did you end up owning a bookstore" I asked when we exhausted the old friends bit.

"After high school I went into the Air Force," Ross said. "Got out, got married, got divorced," he said "Had an uncle that owned a bookstore back home. Not enough business there for both of us so he financed me and I opened one here. Smartest thing I ever did. It's a licenses to steal Billy. I paid my uncle off the first year and moved to where I am now. Bought the fuckin' building 'cause I got tired of payin' rent. I'm legit and I pay my taxes like a good citizen."

"Nothing to the allegation you were running a prostitution business then" Ross grinned, and glanced around to see who was close enough to overhear.

"I guess that all depends on who you want to believe, Billy," he said in a lower tone then his normal bellow. "I'm operating in what you might call a gray area of the law. Hey, did I hear you got married a short while back Somebody told me they saw it in the hometown newspaper." I admitted that I had indeed taken the plunge. For some strange reason I told Ross about the honeymoon and all the details.

"Man, I'd be lookin' to kill some nigger's ass," he said after I told him the story. "Maybe several nigger's ass. She okay now" I told him that June had snapped back after a period of problems. I also told him that June wanted to recreate the episode which caused his eyebrows to shoot up.

"Yeah, I can see that," he said after a few moments of thought. "She done had some black and wants to go back. Happens all the time, man." By that time we both had drank several cups of coffee and it had started to taste bitter. "Let us adjourn to my office and discuss your dilemma."

There were several customers in the bookstore when we got back there. Apparently good customers because Ross called then by name. The old woman still looked bored, but ready to take their money.

"What's the story on that old woman out there" I asked when we were settled in his small but neat office.

"Ol' Mary used to be a ho. Made a bunch of money being a high priced call girl. She worked her way up, or down, depending on your point of view, to being a manager of a small string of hos. I put her out front 'cause she's honest and she needed a place to work out of." He leaned back and studied me for a moment. "What'ch goina do about your wife, Billy" I had corrected his use of the name Billy several times and finally gave up on it. "The way I see it is you can fight her natural urges and be miserable or you can give in and enjoy the ride."

"Yeah, I'd pretty much figured that out."

"You got a picture of your woman" I showed him a photo I carried behind the one I normally showed. It was a topless shot I made just before we got married. "Okay," Ross said slowly giving the photo a close scrutiny. "Shit man, you got one hot fox here. I guess you better introduce me to her." That was exactly where I had been headed but it was still somewhat of a surprise when I got there so quick. "I got some of what she needs," he added with an evil grin.

That introduction was going to have to wait until Sunday afternoon. Ross was tied up that night. It was just as well because I planed on having Tammy tied up that night also. I gave Ross direction to our house after promising him a cook-out and lot's of beer. Before I left I purchased a set of padded ankle and handcuffs. Ross made sure I got the best kind. Velcro and fleece lined so as not to cause any marking on the victim. I didn't bother to tell him why I wanted the cuffs. He just assumed I was going to use them on June or maybe they were going to be used on me. I thought I had told him enough about my fucked up life already. Ross put a suction cup devise in my bag of goodies. He told me to use it on her clit and nipples.

I didn't tell June that Ross was black or big. I wanted color and size to be a surprise. I just told her that an old school buddy was coming for a cook-out on Sunday afternoon. She was fine with it and was more excited over the cuffs I bought. ***

I'm an old fashion guy. Just because the weather is warm and there is a gas grill doesn't mean I suddenly become a cook. I can't boil water and I don't try to cook in the kitchen so why should I don a silly apron and cook outside June learned not to expect me to even try. I bought the meat and the beer, and I lit the grill. My work is done as far as I'm concerned. Tammy and I watched June cook the steaks from a comfortable seat on the patio glider.

By the time the meal was finished we all had drank a lot of beer and wine. It wasn't unexpected when the conversation turned to sex.

"June told me you watched the video of her abduction, Bill," Tammy said. "Did you like it" I told her that I did like it. "What is your favorite part"

"Hard to say, Tammy. I guess I liked it all. It was very hot from start to finish."

"Yeah, but there was some parts you liked better than the others weren't there"

"I think I liked it when they made her do things. Like fucking the bottle and when they tied her nipples with string and that sort of thing."

"Dammit, Bill," June said laughing. "You know your favorite part was when they spanked my clit. How many times have you watched that and jacked-off"

"That was wild," Tammy said. "I know that had to hurt."

"Not as bad as you might think, Tam," June said. "It made my clit super sensitive but just being naked and helpless is an all together different experience. Have you ever tried some the B and D things"

"Like what Being tied up"

"Yeah, that sort of thing. You have to try it, if you haven't."

"Unlike you, I've lead a sheltered life," Tammy said laughing. The conversation stayed along those lines for a while longer.

"Come on Tammy," June said getting up and pulling her friend to her feet ."You got to try this." She led a protesting Tammy off. I drank the rest of my beer and waited until June called me.

By the time I got to the guest room, Tammy was laying naked on the bed. Her arms outstretched and her legs pulled up and back. Both arms and legs tied to the head board, her pussy exposed. Tammy was cursing and demanding June release her. When she saw me in the room she really went ballistic. The screamed and threatened June with severe bodily harm. She blushed all the way down to her massive breasts.

"Relax sweetie," June said. "Go with the flow. You want to know what it felt like and so you shall. Tonight you are our slut to do whatever the fuck we want. You want Bill to eat your cunt He's fucking good at eating pussy. Show her Bill." I took my clothes off and got upon the bed. I put my hands on Tammy's thighs to stop her from thrashing around so much. She stopped her wild movements just as soon as my tongue touched her pussy. Tammy moaned when I stuck my tongue as deep in her as it would go. I felt June's hand caress my balls. Tammy's breathing got heavier as I ate her pussy. Her enormous chest was rising and falling. I ate her until she came twice.

"Just a couple of light smacks," June said handing me one of the paint stirrers I picked up at the hardware store. I popped Tammy's clit with the wooden paddle and she bucked and screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Luckily we don't have any real close neighbors. I popped her clit again and then a third time.

Tammy bucked and thrashed and I could actually see her clit swell. At June's urging I stopped hitting Tammy and sucked the swollen clit into my mouth. Tammy had a big orgasm just as soon as I took her clit in my mouth. She was moaning and jabbering but it was now muffled. I raised my head to see that June was sitting on Tammy's face, facing me.

"Tammy has sucked my pussy before," June said. "She don't mind it at all." You learn something almost every day. I never suspected that Tammy was a muff diver. "Smack her cunt four times real quick," June said. "Just as soon as you do, shove your cock in her and fuck the shit out of her."

I did as June said. I popped her poor clit sharply four times and shoved my cock in her all the way to my balls. Just as soon as I was in Tammy, June jumped off cursing.

"Fuckin' whore bit me," June explained with a grin. "Remind me not to do that again."

"I'm sorry honey," Tammy gasped. "I didn't mean to. I swear I didn't." She shutter as she orgasm again. "Come back, I won't bite you again. I promise."

Since I didn't know if Tammy was on any kind of birth control or not, I pulled out and let June suck me dry. I lay beside Tammy and watched June play with Tammy's still swollen clit and pussy lips. I sucked on Tammy's big tits while June played. After I rested a little while I climbed on top of Tammy and fucked her colossal tits for awhile. Then I let Tammy suck me off. Ol' Tam proved to be a good cocksucker.

We released Tammy and after a short rest we strapped June to the bed. After all, fair is fair. Tammy took charge of June's pussy whipping. By comparison I was overly gentle with Tam because she really gave June's clit a workout. She had June's clit all red and puffy in just a few minutes. June kept her teeth clinched and took it until Tammy sucked the swollen clitoris into her mouth. June couldn't take it. She let out a long wail and bucked hard against Tammy's mouth as she came and came. After a brief rest Tammy lay down beside my wife and toyed with Junes long nipples.

"You know something, sweetheart" Tammy said to June. "I think I really dig this bondage shit. You know why" June rolled her head to look at her friend and shook her head. Her breathing was still ragged. "When was the first time you talked me in to sucking your pussy Junior high, wasn't it Yes, do believe it was. Anytime you were horny you would stick your pussy in my face and I'd get you off. Anytime one of your limp-dick dates didn't satisfy you, here ol' June would come to get me to take care of her. In all this time you have never once offered to eat me, but tonight you are going to eat some cunt." With that comment Tammy got on top of June who was still bound and stuck her cunt in June's face. "Now you can eat me for a change while I suck Bill's beautiful cock." She motioned for me to stand on the bed so that she could suck me.

It was strange seeing the normally mild and meek Tammy taking charge of anything. To her credit, Tammy knew something about giving head. She had me up and humming in no time. After a short while, Tammy released June and they got into a sixty-nine. June stopped resisting Tammy and was participating wholeheartedly in the girl-girl thing which was a big turn-on for me. I discovered when two women are getting it on there isn't a lot of room for a man to get in the fray, but I was content to watch and wait my turn. Before the night was over I was worn out. That was another discovery. Two hot women can just about kill any one man. ***

"Ross, this is my wife, June," I said. Both of them looked surprised, but June looked more so than Ross. She mouthed the words,' For me' I nodded.

"Damn!" Ross said giving June a long appraising look. June was wearing white shorts and a while sleeveless blouse. "Billy, you said she was pretty, but you understated, my man."

"I always do," I answered. "Beer is on ice on the patio. Follow me."

"I'll join you in a little while," June said. "I'll finish up in the kitchen and change clothes." As if I didn't know she had just put the blouse and shorts on.

"Your wife is one hot lookin' momma," Ross said. "I can't think of but one thing that would make her better."

"What would that be" We were sitting on the patio and each of us had a half drunk beer.

"My cock in her cunt," Ross said in his usual loud boisterous voice. "That would make her look better to me." June came out of the house at that moment. There was no way she couldn't have heard him. She had changed into a shorter tighter pair of shorts and a sheer white shirt that clearly showed her black half bra.

"How's the beer" June asked. "Need more brought out" I assured her that the beer supply was fine.

"All we need to make things perfect is your sweet self," Ross said. "Come over here and sit by me." He scooted over on the settee and made her some room. Not much but just enough for her to squeeze into, which she did. Ross lay a large black hand on her tanned leg.

"Tell me about your honeymoon," Ross said. The tactless son of a bitch got right to it. "I hear you had quiet an adventure. Got a taste of black cock, did you" June cast a quizzical glance at me before she nodded her head. "Well, girl you're going to need a regular black fucking to keep you on an even keel, and I'm just the nigger to give it to you." He put her hand on his crotch. "What do you think about that" I saw her hand tighten up and grasp his cock through his pants.

"Nice," June said with an impish smile. "If it was a little bigger we could call it a cock." I don't know who was more surprised, me or Ross. We both sat in stunned silence for several moments when Ross burst out laughing.

"By God, that was funny! I do like a bitch with a sense of humor. Don't you worry, June," he said. "I think you'll find it's just about right for you." He handed her his beer and she took a sip and handed it back. June isn't a big beer drinker, preferring mixed drinks or wine. "No, when I ram my cock up your pretty little white cunt, I think you're goina like it just fine. Go on, take it out and get a good look at the cock that's going to tear up your pussy. You know you're dieing to get a good look at it." June glanced at me and I nodded. The wheels I had set in motion were beginning to pick up some speed.

June looked calm and composed except for the trembling of her hand as she reached for his zipper. Ross helped her by raising up so that she could pull his pants down. A giant semi-hard black python came flopping out and lay across his upper leg. The damned thing looked to me to be a foot long. Junes actual measurement some time later proved me to be an unreliable estimator of dick size. Actual length is only a mere ten inches.

At any rate June's first look caused her to take an involuntary gasp. The man's massive cock was impressive. June took the long snake-like piece of meat and lifted it up and studied it for a moment. Her handling of it was having an effect. It stirred and swelled and actually got larger. Both in length and girth.

"Well now," June said softly. "I think we can call this beautiful thing a cock after all." By then it could stand on it's own, but June didn't allow it to do so. It was almost as if she were afraid it would become uncontrollable if she released it from her grasp.

"You think you goina like having my black cock in your pretty little white cunt" Ross asked her. She nodded, not taking her eyes off the huge phallus. June seemed mesmerized by the sight of Ross' cock. "Did any of them niggers you fucked before have a cock this big" June shook her head. "Stand up and show me what you got, slut." Ross said in a snarl. "Get your fuckin' clothes off and show me where you want this cock."

June didn't move to obey fast enough to suite Ross. He pinched one of her long nipples through her bra and shirt hard enough to get her attention. She rose and removed the shirt and bra. Ross stopped her from removing her shorts. He told her to walk around some.

"God Damn! I do love to see big ol' white titties bounce, don't you Billy" He asked catching me off guard. I thought both he and June had forgot about me. I think I may have agreed with him, but I'm not sure. "Come over here, you white whore, and rub your tits with my cock," he demanded. June went to him and knelt down. She took his cock and rubbed both nipples with it. "Man alive, I don't think I ever saw such big fuckin' nips before!" he pulled both of her nipples hard causing June to moan and close her eyes. "Yeah, We can have some fun with them puppies," Ross said with a laugh as June shivered. "Show me that cunt, bitch," he said. "Get them fuckin' shorts off and show ol' Ross your pussy."

June did as he commanded. When she had the tight shorts off she stood in front of Ross totally naked except for her sneakers. Even from where I sat I could see that her clit was still protruding from the pervious nights activity. I could also see a glint of moisture as she slowly pulled her pussy lips back exposing her self to the big black man.

Ross motioned her to approach him. She walked forward, straddling his legs. Ross was looking into her eyes as he grasped her swollen clit and tugged at it. June uttered a loud moan. That moan turned into an even louder moan when Ross stuck a large finger into her pussy. With his other hand he reached up and pulled her head to his and their lips met in a long deep kiss. They continued to kiss while Ross stuck another finger into her cunt and worked both fingers in her. June was now making whimpering sounds and her hips were hunching his fingers as she climaxed. I had a throbbing hard-on that I had to release before something got hurt.

Ross removed his fingers and used his cock to tease June by rubbing the head up and down her bare, wet slit. Her hips were still jerking and she was still making incoherent sounds. This was more like it. Much better than watching a video tape.

Ross played with June for another few minutes bringing her to a fever pitch. Then he took both of her thighs and lifted her up as if she were weightless and set her down on his rigid black cock. I watched in total fascination as his huge black rod slowly disappeared into her white snatch. June leaned forward so that Ross could suck on her beautiful big nipples. She was mewing like a cat and her stomach muscles were quivering and jerking and I knew she was having an orgasm. I moved around so that I could see her from behind.

His cock was all the way in her and her ass cheeks rested on his legs. I squatted so that I could see better when she begun to rise up on the giant cock She rose high enough so that there was only the top third of the black pole left in her. It looked like her pussy was being pulled out with the cock. June dropped back down on him and rose again. She started slowly but after a few strokes she picked up the tempo. Up and down she bounced, screaming with each downward thrust.

I went around and stood beside my wife and she screwed herself on Ross' hard black cock. Ross had one elongated nipple in his teeth and June's head was flung back, her eyes were closed, and she had a look of total rapture on her lovely face. She had never looked more beautiful to me. Her eyes opened when I turned her face to mine. June smiled at me as our lips met. She stopped bouncing on the cock until we broke the kiss and she went back to fucking herself.

"Lead the way, Billy," Ross grunted getting to his feet, June still impaled on his fuck stick. "We need a bed to fuck this hot slut on." I led the way to the guest room.

"You like my black cock in your white cunt, bitch" Ross asked after he had laid June down on the bed and had shoved his cock back in her.

"Oh God, Yes!" June gasped. "Fuck my white cunt with your big black cock. Fuck me hard, damn you!" She started to come and did so every few seconds. From the end of the bed I could see that Ross had worked her cunt into a frothy mess. If he had shot-off in her I couldn't tell. Anyway he certainly hadn't slowed down any.

Ross fucked my wife in the male superior position for fifteen or so minutes, then put her on her knees and fucked her like a dog for a while. June was urging him to fuck her harder and faster while he plunged in and out of her. The musky scent of raw sex filled the room. That was something you didn't get from a video. That and the subtle squishy sounds of a man ramming his cock in and out of a hot soaking wet pussy.

"Okay you fuckin' while whore," Ross said laying down on his back. "You get your ass up and do some of the work for a while." June mounted him and guided the cream covered, glistening black cock into her gaping cunt. She rode Ross like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. It didn't take but a few minutes until Ross moaned and dumped his load in her pussy. June continued to bounce on his cock and the come spilled out around her pussy and down onto the bed. Her asshole was winking at me as it puckered and un-puckered. I saw her brown hole as a target.

June rolled off of Ross with a mighty sigh and lay there with her legs spread and her pussy gapped open. I got on the bed and turned her over to her knees. I plunged my cock in her soaking pussy and when it was slick with their combined juices I put my throbbing cock in her ass and shoved it home. June yelped and came again. It was nice to be able to get my wife off after Ross had so many times. Ol' Bill was still a cock to be reckoned with.

It should be noted that June was impatient with any rest break Ross or I took. She was insatiable even after Ross and I both fucked her at the same time. It took some doing but she insisted that Ross fuck her ass. It hurt me just to watch him work his big tool into her rectum.

It was nearly nine o'clock when hunger dictated we stop and eat. June jumped into the shower while I lit the grill. Ross watched me get the steaks out of the marinate and get them ready to put on the grill.

"Bigger problem than I thought," he said. I asked him what he was talking about. "That slut of yours," he answered. "One nigger just ain't goin' do it. I'm goin' have to call for reinforcements 'fore she kills us. That bitch always this fuckin' hot" I assured him that she wasn't always this geared up. I attributed it to the presents of a black man. Something sure had got her motor revved up. "Maybe," he said. "Me and you goina have to do for tonight, but next time I'm bringin' some brothers to fuck your whore. Shit, I got to wonder how many cocks would be too many."

By ten o'clock June had us back on the bed and the fun continued. By midnight I also was wondering how many cocks would be too many. She finally let Ross go home about three o'clock in the freakin' morning. I was mostly asleep when he left. The End

(Author's note: Again, I would remind you that these stories are for adults and that they are just fantasy yarns. Only a fool would try to make most of this stuff into reality. Since I know my readers are not fools, I guess I shouldn't worry. Be happy-Be safe.....Shooter)

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