Black Male Stripper

Author: Master & Johnston
Published: Apr 24, 2006
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Your birthday present turns out to be a black male stripper, whom you quickly unwrap while your husband watches. With a powerful thrust, he pushed forward, his entire cock inside you in a split second. You were so wet it slid right in, your pussy lips wrapped around the base of it before you realized it.

MASTER AND JOHNSTON Stripper (male) Your birthday party was in full swing, nobody was feeling any pain, and you were as horny as hell. Your husband came up behind you, rubbing his cock against your ass. "Having fun" "Oh, yeah. But where's my birthday surprise You said I'd have a big present to unwrap." "Patience, my slave. Your present will be here momentarily." You could feel his cock harden against your ass, so you knew this was going to get dirty, fast. "Oh well. Here we go again," you thought, wondering what his evil plan was this time.

Ding, Dong. "We have got to change that bell."

You opened the door to find what had to be the largest black man you had ever seen in person. He filled the doorway, looking like a linebacker. "Hi. I'm the entertainment. May I come in" You moved aside and nodded yes, not trusting yourself to speak. "Oh, Jesus, he's outdone himself this time, you thought. I can't wait to unwrap that!"

"Come on, hon. You'll see more of him later. Come sit in the chair of honour." Guiding you through the noisy mob, your husband led you to a chair set up in the middle of the room. Seating you, he then went and sat opposite you, watching as two others moved behind your chair, and quickly pulled your arms behind the chairback, tying them together. Your ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair, spreading your legs, and your dress, so the tops of your nylons were showing, and your nipples were straining against the sheer fabric of your top. The noise in the room got louder and rowdier as you were suddenly the centre of attention, and not because of your birthday. Every pair of eyes in the room looked at your body in lust, waiting for the next act to begin.

Suddenly, the music changed to a hard rap beat, as the entertainment re-entered the room, moving directly in front of you. As naked as a man can be, while still covered. His gorgeous body, moving like a cat, responded to the music, dancing around you. The noise stopped, except the music, as all eyes watched him circling you, stopping in front of you, all black except the tiny white nylon g-string, struggling to cover his massive cock and balls. He inched forward until his cock was right in front of your mouth. The crowd came to life, telling him to keep going. Your mouth opened without you even thinking about it, watching as his cock hardened and stretched the sheer nylon, trying to reach your lips. His hands moved behind your head, teasing you, pulling you toward his cock, then pulling back, pushing the nylon-encased head against your lips, then pulling away, slapping his cock against your cheek, and rubbing it all over your face. Too soon it was over. Everyone cheered and thanked the stripper, and began to move toward the door. Soon, they were all gone, leaving you still tied to the chair, the stripper and your husband.

"Welcome to the second part of your present. Actually, this is as much my present as yours. I get to watch while you get ravaged by a huge black man, then we both double-team you." "Ready"

"Oh, my God, yes. I'm ready."

The stripper reached down with both hands and ripped his g-string off, finally letting that monster cock loose. His hand began stroking it as he moved toward you again, this time nothing between it and your lips. He slid it in like it belonged there, gasping a little as you sucked deeply, trying to take it all in one stroke. He pulled back and we looked in amazement at the wetness which covered almost half his cock. "No one's ever taken that much in their mouth before. Your wife is one amazing cocksucker, man. I need to feel that again." He placed the head between your lips and closed his eyes while you pushed your head forward, trying to outdo yourself. Another two inches disappeared, and he pulled back again, but this time he began stroking in and out, slowly fucking your mouth and grunting with pleasure. Your husband moved behind you and untied your hands. You immediately reached around and grasped those tight black buns, pulling him forward, grunting and moaning as his glistening black cock filled your mouth. Your ankles were now untied as well, and with some reluctance you let the cock slide out of your mouth. Standing unsteadily, you bent over the chair, spreading your legs as your short dress slid up revealing your very wet, very ready pussy.

"I want you to fuck me hard. Drive that black monster all the way inside my tight, wet pussy until you fill me with your hot come." With more restraint than most men would show, he instead knelt down and slowly spread your lips. His mouth opened and his tongue spread your lips even further, seeking your wetness and spreading it all over your pussy. "Fuck, even his tongue is huge." Waves of pleasure went through you, making your knees buckle. His tongue pressed forward, filling your pussy, then sliding across your clit, teasing it, whipping it, causing you to squirt. It went directly in his mouth, and he swallowed with pleasure, repeating the motion, pushing his large tongue deep inside you, like a small cock, but more agile than any cock you had ever felt. He was rewarded again and again with your squirting until he finally stood.

"Now I think you're ready for this. What did you say you wanted again" "Your cock, please, your huge black cock, ram it in my hot cunt. I want to feel your balls banging against me. I want to feel your flood of come fill meeeeeeee!"

With a powerful thrust, he pushed forward, his entire cock inside you in a split second. You were so wet it slid right in, your pussy lips wrapped around the base of it before you realized it. "Aaahhh, man, that is one beautiful pussy. So tight, so hot, I want to come right now. But not yet. First we're going to make you come, maybe a couple of times. Then we're both going to come inside you at the same time." Looking at your husband he said, "why don't you take care of her clit while I fuck her. That'll give you a great view of your wife's pussy being filled with my black cock." Kneeling underneath you, your husband began licking your clit. Your pussy was stretched so wide, your clit was exended out, making it an easy target. At the same time, the cock inside you began to move, slowly at first, building up speed, finally pounding your pussy roughly. The two actions together were too much, and you felt the first strong waves of your orgasm building. As you started to come, he pulled his soaked cock out, and watched as your pussy squirted uncontrollably, splashing against his cock, and all over your husband's face. Moving forward, the stripper once again pushed his cock in deep, not giving you any time to relax, forcing you to come violently, again and again. Finally, you collapsed in the chair, trying to catch your breath. And neither one of the men had even come yet! Oh God, this was going to be a long night. And before it was over, you knew you would be fucked royally in every available opening, more than once.

"I have three other friends who strip, and I think they'd enjoy a private show with you. Maybe next time we'll all come over. And I do mean come over. Would you like that Judging from the glint in your husband's eye, you thought you would like that very much.

Next, the Stripper's Ball.

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