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Country Gal

Interacial dating

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 06-Dec-07 Revised/Updated 08-Dec-07
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A mature lonely wife and businesseswoman is befriended by a younger black janitor. Eventually inviting him to dinner he accepts but reconsiders and doesn't show up. Later on he shows up at the depressed woman's home. They end up falling for one another and good old sex ensues.

* * * * * * *

Up on the eleventh floor she sat pouring over paperwork late Monday night. It was the ninth consecutive evening outside of the weekends that she spent her time in the office. Her kids were grown and off to college; her husband had taken to traveling much more then usual.

Gladys Henderson knew where her life was headed. He was off having power lunches and breakfasts all over the country but not with a typical high powered male executive or at least that's not what statistics showed.

From out of nowhere there wasn't any recent mention of a promotion, but suddenly he was gone from Boston to Detroit to Los Angeles. Then home for a day but son off to Dallas on over to Houston then Miami. Before long three weeks passed and he had only been around her three times in 2 weeks. It was atypical of his lifestyle.

From all indications he had women in every location he was at. He dressed pretty much the same, but his shoes and shirts were higher end suddenly. That was the tell tale sign to her. He was cheating on her.

Frustrated she decided to hang out at the office, clean up much overdue paperwork and make some calls to business contacts she knew about possibly new positions nearby her children. She wasn't sure if it was right but she was sure it was time.

Sitting in her large leather chair looking out over the city late that early December evening, the city was lit up. Holiday lights filled the landscapes. Seeing out over the city the streets were filled with dotted objects traveling up and down them. Every thing was quiet. All she could hear was the buildings warm air vents pushing the heat through them.

It was serene as she momentarily felt at piece as if she had made her decision. Gazing out at the buildings, the city was picturesque. A smile graced Gladys' face. It was romantic. She said so aloud.

"Yes mam it is romantic" a voice from behind her said. She knew the voice, but it startled her just the same. Not expecting him or anyone for that matter she suddenly whipped around in her chair. He startled her and he was apologetic. He always carried a friendly smile. He always had a compassionate ear. That was his way. He looked her in the eye and added "That's why I like this job. You can look out while cleaning the trash or vacuuming the floors and see all the beauty out there. People here are great mam, but out there... well he did it right from what I see" as he looked upwards into what could be considered the heavens.

She smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. He smiled back at her. "Joshua isn't it" she asked. He told said yes. "How long have you been around" He told her six years. "Have a seat Joshua."

"No mam I really shouldn't" he replied. I do have a schedule to keep."

She understood as he took her trash can and emptied it. She looked at him again and smiled. "Do I understand right that you are a college graduate Joshua"

He turned just as he was leaving her office and told her that was correct. She asked why he was in this line of work as opposed to something more rewarding. "Reward is a personal choice in life. I do many things outside of work which fulfill me. This only pays the basic bills. Yes I could get into this corporate culture, but then I would always be stressed out. I've seen that part of it. Also I wouldn't have time for volunteering; that's very important in my life. Oh and talking to people like you; good decent people like you make me happy to mam."

She looked at him as he watched her react. Her eyes seemed to query his real motives but he wouldn't have known it. She couldn't believe a fine respectable man such as Joshua at the young age of 31 wasn't using his insightful wisdom and knowledge to advance himself in life. He had so much to offer but didn't she thought. He was a handsome young black man too. He was relatively tall, in good shape, and had wide variety of outside interests. She didn't know hardly any of that except what she saw and heard.

"If that will be all mam I will be on my way. You have a nice night alright mam" he told her. "Oh and don't sit there and think about all the stuff that's not good in your life. Think about your children and what has gone good in your life. That's what you want to reflect on. Have a beautiful evening" and he disappeared around the corner.

Gladys looked out her door at the walls beyond it. She sat recalling his words. "My children; yes my wonderful children. He is so smart. Wait how did he know about them" she asked herself.

She shut down her computer, put on her coat and grabbed her bag. Walking throughout the office she couldn't find him anywhere. The baskets were already emptied. The floor had been swept. He was gone. She went home.

Sitting down she read a book but thought about what he told her. He and his words stuck with her. A very nice, good looking and pleasant man Gladys wished he'd come around more often. Easy to talk to, he was full of insight. She cleaned up her mess, turned out the lights and went to bed.

Several days went by, he'd stop in to empty her basket but either she wasn't around or when she stayed late he came at a different time when she was in the office. She started expecting to see him even though they only talked once. She wished he would have been around. She wanted to talk to him. He was interesting and had a youthful inspiration about him. He wasn't a kid, but she was 50 and he was only 31.

He only called her every few nights. She knew it was just to "check in." He really didn't care to, but she figured he was just finishing up fucking another younger woman and felt slightly guilty it wasn't his own wife.

Therefore he felt the need to get out of bed with whomever he was with, call Gladys and see how she was getting along. He wanted to make sure she wasn't lonely while he was kept company with some attractive looking younger bitch as she liked to tell herself.

As they conversed on the phone she kept asking herself "What's the ho's name that's in bed with you" but she wouldn't. She didn't have to. "The slut's name wouldn't matter when they went to court, if they went to court, for their final divorce proceedings. "Your honor" she would say to herself while talking to him "my husband has a woman in every city he visits and I'm almost positive of that sir."

"Gladys, Gladys are you listening to me" she heard. She asked him what he said. "I miss you honey."

"Then why don't you come home and stay a while" she responded tersely.

"Ummm because my company has me running around the country working with all these businesses to get contracts in shipshape condition."

"Yeah right okay" she tell herself. "If you say so. Are you asking out whomever for dinner while your there Is she an administrative assistant or the actual contact there at the company you are wining, dining and fucking" she wanted to ask him.

"Gladys who is there" he demanded to know.

"Nobody dear she'd reply. "I'm just thinking; that's all" and they'd behave pleasantly the remainder of the short conversation telling one another they love each other and then say good bye.

Upset with him, she went to bed walking briskly as if seriously upset. Lying in bed on her side she'd think about that conversation with him, but then drift off and think about work finally reminiscing about Joshua and her inspiring brief conversation with him the other day.

The following night she stayed late again. The conversation she had with her husband had been on her mind all day long. Taking a break from work, she looked out over the city. It seemed even more lit up then a couple weeks prior. It brought some joy to her heart to see many getting into the holiday spirit. She told herself she had to get out her lights and decorations aloud.

"Yes you're right mam" he said from behind her. Her face lit up. A friendly voice. A welcoming face and smile existed behind her. She turned slowly to say hi. "How are you tonight" he asked.

Smiling she said she was well and asked him how he had been. He told her he had been doing really well. Holding his large trashcan on wheels and wearing sanitary gloves, he pulled them off and discarded them.

He always looked neat and clean despite that he was the one man cleaning crew. He complimented her neat professional appearance. That struck her odd, but he didn't show any sign of an ulterior motive. He was being friendly she assumed. She mentioned how for a cleaning guy he always looked "spiffy." He was amused by her choice of words. He walked towards her window to look out over the city. She had a great view and he told her so.

She watched him as he looked out her window. She noticed how trim and fit he was. "I wish I was as slim as he is" she told herself.

He turned around. He looked at her. "Some days I do wish I got a job like this but then again then I'd have all that stress."

"Joshua are you married Do you have kids at all"

He looked at her as he thought about her question. She felt as if she was intruding. He told her no on both accounts. "Never have been either mam. How are your kids" he asked. "How is your husband"

Her face scrunched up. He could tell that was a sore subject with her. He apologized and looked at his watch, but then he looked at her. "Mind if I sit down" he asked.

"Noooo ohh no not all" she said happily. "Be my guests; by all means be my guests" as she gestured to him to sit in one of the chairs on the other side of her desk. He took liberty and relaxed.

"Mam what do you want for Christmas" he asked to her surprise. She laughed. He asked why she did. "I suppose you're laughing because it is an odd question isn't it"

She laughed again but told him two things she wanted. He told her two strange things he wanted too. They openly talked about things two strangers would never usually discuss. They chatted for 40 minutes. It was going on 7:45.

"Joshua go to dinner with me. Put your stuff away, change your shirt and have dinner with me. He told her he could not and it would be inappropriate. "Nonsense we know each well enough. I would love someone to talk to tonight and if you aren't pressed have dinner with me."

He looked at her and could tell she was in dire need of company. A nice woman, a friendly woman and a wonderfully interesting woman to him, he was convinced and told her he'd meet her in the lobby in 10 minutes. She was elated, cleaned up her desk and put on her coat leaving her paperwork at the office.

Ten minutes later she arrived in the lobby. He was no where to be found. Seeing a note at the main receptionist desk, it was addressed to her. It stated he deeply apologized and turning down her invitation was nothing against her. He apologized twice in the note.

She was saddened by his reconsideration. She went home to her empty house. Sitting down she turned off her phone. Picking up a book she had been reading off and on for over a month she realized how quiet it was in it. Looking around nobody seemed to live there any longer. A modest two story home, two kids away at college and a husband flying all over the country charming and doing women at will.

Silence filled more then the house. It filled her heart and soul. Sadness filled her thoughts. Tears filled her eyes. A stream began to file down her cheeks. The slightly pudgy executive who wore the most stylish but short hairdos and fashionable womanly suits had broke down.

The tears running down her face fell to her silk blouse. The blouse absorbed evidence of her internal pain. No sound only tears showed evidence she felt alone and upset. Staring out at her window, Gladys through her book. It hit the blinds and fell to the ground. She wept some more.

She no longer cared as she lifted up her already stained blouse wiping away her tears. Gladys regained control after heaving the novel across the room. Dabbing her eyes again, they showed definite signs of her crying.

All of a sudden she saw lights passing by her house. A car passed but as it did it seemed to slow down. She brushed it off. Again a car passed by her house, but with the blinds closed halfway she couldn't make anything out. Once again what she assumed was the same car slowed as it passed her house.

It was beginning to annoy and concern her. She turned out most of her lights. She went to another window to see who it could be. She wasn't able to see and she didn't know the car. She retreated to her kitchen and turned on her phone. Prepared to call 911, she had no idea who would be stopping by at that time of the night.

The doorbell rang. She remained frozen in her kitchen. Shortly after it rang again. Still she wouldn't leave her kitchen. She picked up her handset. Suddenly her phone rang. It startled her and she dropped it to the counter. Picking it up while it rang fro a third time she finally answered it saying hello cautiously.

"Gladys" she heard on the other end. The voice seemed very familiar to her. How did she know the voice. It wasn't any one she knew personally. The voice wasn't a female's voice either. "Hi Gladys... this is Joshua. Ummm sorry to bother you but I wanted to apologize if you'll let me. I'm uhh outside on your porch" he told her.

"Oh uhh hi Joshua" she said. "I didn't know you knew where I lived. I'll be right there" and she hung up her phone to answer her door. Opening her door stood her young 31 year old black cleaning man from her office. In his hands were two larger brown bags. She looked down, but looked right back up at him with a smile to greet him.

"This is sort of odd wouldn't you say so" she told him in a friendly tone.

He agreed but felt terrible after he left. He felt as though he let her down. He told her how he knew she needed company and although his approach was somewhat unorthodox he felt as though he needed to make her feel better about herself and her day. She just listened as the smile on her face grew. He was such a nice young gentleman. He was so considerate. He was an all around great guy.

"Where are my manners Com in com in Joshua" she said shaking her head as though scolding herself. She opened the door. He was so well dressed. Wearing a pair of Khakis and a button down Oxford shirt he looked as handsome as any man should look.

"Joshua it is alright. You didn't have to come over. These things happen; I know that" she said. She led him to a chair and offered him a seat asking him what were in the bags. He bought Chinese which coincidentally was her favorite oriental food in the world. "How did you know" she asked.

He said "I think it's everyone's favorite or so I think."

They shared a laugh, ate the food and sat back to enjoy the evening. He saw the stains on her shirt. He asked if she spilled something. She told him no, but didn't explain what they were from but he noticed her eyes were swollen as if she had been crying.

"May I be intrusive and ask if you were crying"

"Gosh no Joshua; what makes you think that"

He mentioned her eyes seemed swollen and moist and her cheeks looked different and the stains didn't have color to them.

She knew he had her nailed. She knew he knew. "Yes okay I was crying" as her head lowered. He wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to befriend her and make her feel better. He wanted to make her happy. He didn't want to see the nice woman who he had befriended become sad. Her head rose up. "I'll be alright. You're really a blessing. I never in a million years would have expected to see you here. Not in a million years. What made you reconsider or for that matter consider looking up my address and come over" she asked.

"I guess I like you. I mean your nice and I enjoy talking to you... and well you know the season is upon us. Nobody but nobody deserves to be unhappy at this time of year" he said looking into her eyes. "In fact for crazies I've got a question for you; actually two" he told her.

She looked at him with curiosity in her face.

"If you could have one thing and only one thing for Christmas what would that be"

Sadness again began to fill her up. Looking at him initially she turned her head focusing elsewhere around the room. He could see something wasn't right and that maybe he asked the wrong question. He quickly expressed regret and she heard him say he was sorry and she looked his way, but she wasn't smiling. She had tears in her eyes. They began running down her cheeks and forming tiny pools again on her already stained blouse which soon would absorb the salty fluid.

He wanted to stand up and walk over to her to console her, but felt that would be improper. All he was trying to be to her was a friend and nothing else. She needed a shoulder to cry on not a lover; just a friend. He picked up a couple of napkins and handed them to her calmly telling her everything would be okay in time. His tender quiet way of saying so was soothing to her. His voice and way of saying so eased her.

He was the consummate gentleman. "Why was he here" she asked herself. "What predetermined reasons brought him here" she wondered. A glint of hope surfaced as he noticed her sadness slowly disappear. "He came to cheer me up. What a wonderful man he is. A gentleman and a handsome wonderful human being."

"I want love again" she said out of nowhere. I want to feel happy again; to know I am appreciated by that one..." but she stopped herself. She knew she already said way too much in those few short words. "What was your second question" she then asked.

He looked at her with disbelief. He couldn't believe she told him what she did. Truthfully it was what he wanted too. He never saw her or anyone like Gladys anything more then a friend. He only attempted to make her feel good about life and herself again. He knew she wasn't feeling that way at all. But knowing she wanted love again sort of fell in line with what he was searching for.

"What is your New Years resolution" he asked.

"I want to go back to my roots. I'm a country gal you know" she came back. "What is the one thing you want for Christmas Joshua" she added as her eyes finally cleared up and a smile reappeared on her face.

Looking around her house he went into a funk. He looked at her, looked around the house and stood up. She watched him. He walked to the large window at the back of the house. He stared out into her backyard. She wondered what he was thinking.

"I guess I want a family. I miss my family. My mom dies when I was young and my dad died two years ago. I was engaged to a nice woman but she had issues. Many issues dealing with society which I couldn't come to terms with. It's complicated" he said as he looked out the back window. He remained silent as he looked at her neighborhood out the back. "I just want a nice loving family. I want to meet a nice woman and fall in love with her... someone like... well like you kind of" he added. "You're sweet so why couldn't I meet a woman like you"

She stared at him with deep interest. She loved his conviction. She loved his dream. It was romantic. He was a romantic. He suddenly seemed dreamy to her. She wanted similar things as Joshua.

Gladys stood up and in her nylon feet walked towards him to initially console him. She felt for him. She understood that loneliness. She understood his solitude in life. She understood the need to have someone in your life to share everything and anything with.

A few feet away from him as he stared out into the night fixated on nothing but looking at everything her heart opened up to him. With a need to give something to someone he was there in her home initially as a friend, but now someone special to comfort.

Lost in deep reflection Joshua was completely unaware of her presence. She could feel what he felt. She knew what he was thinking. She wanted to share herself with him. She wanted to make him feel special as he did her.

She stepped closer; right behind him and he said nothing. Silence filled her home. She heard him breathing slightly. Her hands rose up as she applied them against his flattened stomach. She pulled herself against him as she turned her head to the left while laying her head against his firm younger back.

Joshua didn't move. He didn't stop looking out her window. His eyes closed upon feeling them against his stomach. He felt her head against his back. It was comforting. She was comforting. He adored how she made him feel wanted and loved.

Her hands moved up gradually as they caressed his upper body. Still he didn't move while all remained silent in the room. Her head still rested against his back. He laid his hands against hers. She smiled but neither spoke up.

They remained frozen while he looked out her window. Finally he noticed the year's first snow start to come down. His head lifted up to watch it. It came down heavier and heavier. "It's beautiful outside. Look at the snow" he told her quietly.

She didn't look initially. He turned around and looked into her eyes. She didn't look 50 for some reason and to her he didn't look 31 either. They magically changed. She seemed so much younger then she was; he looked so much more mature then 31.

As their eyes gazed upon the others and the snowfall became a blizzard these two watched the other as if nothing else existed around them. Gladys looked at his shirt. He didn't move an ounce. She looked at him and smiled. Rubbing his chest she unbuttoned one of his buttons. He didn't stop her. He watched as she undid the next one and the one after that until he was completely unbuttoned.

She saw a beautiful black chest with manly definition written everywhere as it his beneath his shirt. He stared at her. Her womanly inquisitiveness pushed her to open up his shirt so she was able to parade around the hardened pecs freely.

She loved how he felt underneath her fingers. She loved what he looked like. He loved how her fingers felt touching him. He smiled down at her. "I've never made love to a white woman you know" he said quietly.

She looked up, smiled and replied "That's okay Joshua... I've never even thought about making love to a black man. I have never had any reservations either" and she smiled directly at him.

He hugged her and afterwards began undoing her blouse. Slowly but surely she watched as he unbuttoned her soft blouse. It was removed off her immediately. He looked down upon her burgeoning splendor. Obviously a woman imagination, she wore a white embroidered bra. Her breasts were sumptuous. It had been numerous since he last was with anyone. It had been almost four years since she and her husband last made love.

He had become excited by her natural beauty held together by enticing fabric such as what she adorned herself with. His eyes were fixated to the ornamental design of it as well as her escalated mounds. She was proud of his reaction. He made her feel sexier.

She had become sexually heightened because of his appreciation of her body. Looking down her supple tummy brought a fascination to him and his eyes. He felt it, rubbed it and gently gripped it for self pleasure as he looked up and smiled.

She closed her eyes knowing he breathed knew life into her escalating desires. With her eyes closed he leaned in and kissed her mature lips. A look of delighted surprise surfaced as she grabbed him firmly around his back trying not to let go while madly kissing him.

He was swallowed up by her passionate delivery. She pulled and tugged at her sensuous lover. He firmly began tugging her mature pudgy frame and he heard wondrous moans from within her closed lips.

Her sensuous moaning as they kissed aroused him more and more. Feeling her boobs against him, he undid her embroidered piece. It escaped both of them as it dropped to the floor.

He too went down pulling her with him as he slid his hands up her skirt to feel her thunderous aged legs. Soft and sultry he felt her nylons, but Joshua ran his hands all over them making her cry out pleasurably.

With her skirt pushed up to her waist He leaned forward and began kissing her tits feverishly. "Ohhhh God Joshua yes ohh god yes that's soooo wonderful" she cried out. "Ohh don't stop please do not stop mmmm yes mmm ohhh ahhhh yes Joshua" she called out over and over again.

He proceeded down over her supple flab kissing or licking her stomach over and over. Kneeling upright he looked down upon her telling her it had been too many years since he made love thanking her repetitively.

She pulled him down and had him lie on his back as she undid his pants and slipped them off. She kissed his chest and then his stomach while her boobs hung in limbo out over his body.

He reached for them gently trying to toy with them, but she was too far away. She removed her skirt and then her nylons and all that was left were his and her underwear. Looking down on him she smiled as she commenced taking hers off. Teasing him some she ran them over his face especially his lips.

He bit into them behaving as if he anted to eat them and she giggled telling him she was so happy he came over. He told her if she let him eat her undies more often then he'd come any time she wanted him to so she smashed them into his face and nose telling him to breathe it in.

Immediately the two were engulfed in intense kissing rolling one way and then the other while his hands collapsed on her ass. He squeezed her soft mature ass cheeks and Gladys squealed approvingly.

He told her to lie down on her tummy and he took off his underwear. Before she realized it he was sliding his cock between her butt cheeks. She loved how erogenous it was. He turned her on more and more. She reached down underneath to toy with her clit as he did it.

Pulling her up on all fours, he slipped his hard dick into her cunt and Gladys cried out enjoyably. "Eeeeeeeehh god ohh god Joshua ohhh yes yessss that is.... Ohhh my god thank you for... yes thank you for coming tonight" she screamed. "Joshua ohhh Joshua yes ohh god yes ohhhh oooooohhh mmm yes fuck me harder oh god yes keep doing it harder ohh harder and harder" she continued shouting. "Ohh ahhh ohhhh yes ooohh" and the two were in perfect sync as they rocked backwards and forwards while he plummeted inside her pussy.

"Oh Gladys you're so hot and so sexy and I've never seen a sexier ass in my life! Oh god yeah yeahhhh Gladys thank you oh god yes ooooh" he cried out praising her.

Moaning and groaning the two continued rocking with one another as moans filled the once silent home. He loved how her body wobbled while they made love and told her how sexy she was when she jiggled.

Positioning herself on her back he went straight in and saw her smiling happily. "Don't stop now" she pleaded. "Please don't stop" as she rubbed her clit. He plowed into her pussy immediately and she squealed just as quickly.

Her body jiggled and her flesh wobbled tremendously. Her pudgy but sexy figure was everything and then some to Joshua and he wanted her forever.

"Gladys I ant you forever and ever! I want to do this with you for the rest of our..."

"Ohhh I think we will Josh... Oooohh yess ooohh eeeh ahhh ohhhhh. Oh yeah we will we will Joshua! Ohhh god yes ohhh god harder baby harder" she called out. I'm gonna yes I'm gonna ohh thank you ohhhh I'm gonna..." and she climaxed squealing at the top of her lungs pushing harder then ever into her newfound friend and lover

He exploded so dramatically within her it backfired and poured down off her thighs onto her carpet. Pulling out it was still discharging heavily. He directed it over her flabby rolls on her tummy. She smiled as she rubbed it upwards over her tits.

He continued to wank it once outside but had emptied himself out. Gladys pulled him down on top of her and kissed him profusely. After a few minutes he slipped off to her side to comfort her more.

"Well this kind of changes the dynamics of our friendship at the office now doesn't it" she quipped.

"Nahhh not really" he came back. "I just won't be able to offer you sex at all at the office. That's all" he told her.

They smiled an gazed upon their good fortune. Three inches had already come down outside. Airports across the country had shut down. Lying naked side by side for several minutes her phone rang. Hesitating to get up, the answering machine came on.

"Honey I'm in Wisconsin and I won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. That is the earliest I can get out. Sorry I can't be there any sooner but I'll call later to let you know what's going on."

"Whoopee" she said as each laughed. She stood up, walked to the TV and he told her

"Geez Gladys do you know how fine your ass is I mean it is wide and wild and fluffy and full. I'd sure love to oil us up and see if we'd enjoy doing some of it."

Turning around suddenly she asked "You mean going up my butt Joshua" and he nodded his head yes. "Ohhh I don't know about that.

"Baby oil and I'm in. You'll love it Gladys and since you know who isn't going to be home... why not"

"Well I am a country girl at heart... why not I'm game if you are."

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