Author: Stoneypoint
Published: Jan 3, 2008
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Tom, a neighbor is called on to do landscaping job. Customer and best friends mom walks away from computer where she typed secret blog about Tom. Tom reads it and discovers she wants him and yearns to sit on his face... and more.

Typing on her blog Clarinda Harris heard the phone ring and went to answer it leaving her web page up and visible. Tom Little was asked by Mrs. Harris to do some landscaping for her and stopped over while she was on the phone.

After knocking on her door and seeing as it was open he walked in and announced himself. Tom was a budding landscaper who followed in his uncles footsteps by taking over most of the clients his uncle had before retiring.

Clarinda knew Tom's family well. Tom was always enterprising and her son and Tom were pretty good friends while growing up together. Both her son and Tom spent countless hours either at one house or another.

However Clarinda made a mistake in judgment by allowing her blog page to remain open while she was in the kitchen gossiping with a friend. Tom walked around the room looking at odds and ends finally settling in on her computer chair.

Initially he didn't look at what she had typed but grew increasingly board while he waited for her. As usual Clarinda was dressed up and heading out somewhere shortly. A classy woman she was a true suburbanite and loved to host a party every other weekend. She dressed fashionably and although she was a full figured black woman no one ever saw her that way... she was just another woman in the neighborhood.

Her husband was a human resources director who had all sorts of business relationships so many of the parties circled around his work. Regardless Tom grew impatient. He looked at her computer and began to open up a new window but thought he saw his name typed on her blog. He stopped to look. He grew very curious and read closely as he made sure she did not walk out while he read the thoughts she had typed on her blog.

"Tom Little... what can I say Tom Little drives me mad! He is a man amongst men. His body is to die for" Tom read. "He is more handsome then anyone I have ever come in contact with. If only I wasn't married! If only I wasn't a sophisticated woman! If only I wasn't so well known in this community I'd... I would... ohhh gosh, let me tell you" she had typed on her blog.

"I know I am not the most attractive woman around but I am appealing; at least I think I am. I exercise, I eat well and I do almost everything possible to stay healthy. I only wish Tom saw that in me. I would give anything for him to see that and know that about me. I'd give anything for him to know how exciting he is and how aroused I become when I am around him."

"I know this is taboo to want it and even write it for that matter! For a woman of my stature to adore and desire this young man, but if I was able to get Tom Little in my bedroom I would take that young man, undress him and do things to him that would have him... ohhh I can not say what it would do to him! He'd desire me forever if only we could go to my bedroom! He would adore this full figured body of mine forever!"

"I know yes I know my ass is too large for the likes of Tom Little! It's very large indeed but Tom if you could see what I've written and know how passionately preoccupied I am by you and your sexy manly body well I'd...." and her typing stopped there.

Tom was floored; he was entranced by what she had divulged and read it all again. Discovering her secret desires he never ever knew existed within Mrs. Harris blew his mind. He wasn't grossed out either. It amazed him a woman of her stature, her age and his best friend's mom that he grew up with could feel so poignantly about him! Tom closed out the other window, got up from her chair and walked away from the computer. He paced around the room excitedly.

Every word typed rushed through his mind. His mind and face were on fire with irrational thought. He asked himself if she was nuts and crazy. He asked himself if he should tell someone. He lost sight of why he was there.

She was over 40, maybe 41 or 42; he wasn't sure. She always looked younger then she was and he often thought maybe she was 35 or a bit younger some days. He was only 22 so yeah if she wasn't married he could ask her out, but it was a stretch. He and others would go out; they see older women and joke about doing a MILF. They'd talk about women they knew. They'd say such and such person is a MILF and laugh and joke about hooking up, bet then she'd come to mind. Tom wouldn't say a word. No he wouldn't but he wondered and left it at that.

He walked back and reread one last time. His emotions erupted. He couldn't believe his full figured neighbor, black and beautiful had a thing for him and a big one at that! He got up and hurriedly walked around the front room again! He felt his emotions become intense! They grabbed at him!

He heard himself saying "Yeah Tom go up to her, hit on her for the heck of it and tell her you want her too! Come on Tom unbutton your shirt and show her that manly chest! Tantalize her and see what she does. See if you can torment her; yep torment her Tom" he kept saying to himself as he walked around the room.

"I'm so sorry for keeping you" she told him. "How are you today Tom. Boy you look great as ever."

"Yeah I bet you think that" he said to himself.

"I'm good Mrs. Harris and how are you" he asked her. "You sure look, well you sure look especially nice today" he added suggesting she was fine looking. "I don't know what it is but Clarinda you look ravishing" he said as he tried to tease her.

The small talk went back and forth while he wondered if she was still thinking about them being together in a sexual manner.

Meanwhile she talked to him about how his landscape business was coming along while at the same time having thoughts about how awesome he looked in the jeans and t-shirt he was wearing.

As he answered her questions he sensed something odd about her by the way she peered at him. Her smile was the same but her eyes weren't looking at him the way she usually looked at him.

Clarinda was on fire and highly stimulated. Seeing him in his tight dark t-shirt and worn jeans gave off a look of a rugged man. Top that off with his good looks and thick wavy hair, her chest was heaving inside the large becoming dress. With her nipples aroused and her pussy dampened she felt like running away to please and satisfy her immediate needs.

"The boy or should I say man puts me in, ohhh my lord he drives me insane" she told herself. "I feel like I could almost have an orgasm right now standing this close to him! What should I do What can I do" she wondered in a bothered tone.

"Hey Mrs. Harris are you alright" She looked like she was going to pass out. He stepped up; he prepared himself to catch her. Suddenly Clarinda collapsed and Tom caught the full figured black woman in his arms. Not hurt he carried her to the couch; slumping she passed out on it.

10 minutes later she came to but wasn't herself and called out her husband's name. "Sweetheart I'm so glad you're here" and she passed out again. Tom was sitting next to her and couldn't believe how hot she felt. He had brushed her thighs accidentally and they were burning up. He didn't even think about her blog at that point. He was ready to call an ambulance, but he didn't. When she came to again he ran and fetched a glass of water. She opened her eyes once more but was still delirious.

"Elisha is that you Ohh Elisha, Elisha I have to tell you..." she began to say in a disillusioned voice. "He was here again today Elisha." Tom didn't know who Elisha was. She looked over and blinked a few times. She looked straight at Tom and started speaking to him as though he was whoever Elisha was.

"Ohhh god he's such a hunk Elisha" Clarinda said as her eyes rolled up into her head. "He's a stud Elisha and" and then her eyes closed like she was going to pass out again. "And I want to sit on his" but she cut off what she was going to say. "I want him to... to let me sit..." and she passed out again!

Tom was floored! Tom was really turned on by the thought of what he had just heard! He couldn't believe his ears. He couldn't believe what the woman just said to 'Elisha' whoever she was. He sat with her for several minutes. Her breathing had slowed but she did not wake up. He started to get up to go to her computer. Tom wanted to know more about her and her thoughts. He wanted to know everything she kept secret. Tom's curiosity had to know about these deep seated desires and secrets she posted online.

Suddenly he heard her calling for her husband again. Tom replied as if he was Jefferson Harris. "Yeah I'm here baby. I'm here honey. Are you okay baby" She didn't say one way or another. "Baby you were talking about that guy again! Then you told me you were in the mood too. Baby you told me you wanted me to do your bootie! Do you want me to romance you and your bootie baby" Tom asked grinning ear to ear. "We were about to go upstairs baby and then ya passed out on me" Tom told her.

"Ohhh honey you're so great" she said. "Jefferson god you still know how to make a woman feel so special. I love that about ya honey" she said looking at Tom. She closed her eyes for a few minutes while Tom attended to her.

"Baby" Tom said to her with some hesitance in his voice "do ya want me to take ya up to our room now or do ya wanna wait a little" he asked. Tom felt her thighs. They were still very hot.

With her eyes closed she said "Ohhhhh Jefferson, Jefferson that feels so good honey; stroke them some more honey doll. Yeah honey... Stroke my thighs like that some more" she told him while her eyes were closed still. She was smiling off and on but not breathing regularly. Clarinda was panting irregularly.

Tom laughed to himself. He couldn't believe he was doing what he was but she told Jefferson to keep rubbing her thighs so he played on. She'd coo and say how she was turned on even though her eyes were closed and she wasn't quite herself yet.

"Hey baby, tell me something. What are those passwords of yours so I can read your blogs again" Tom asked. She told him from memory while Tom scribbled them down.

She also asked "Jefferson honey do you want my other one"

Tom told her to tell him; she gave it out while he wondered what that website was for.

Pushing her dress up he thought she'd have a bunch of excess flab hanging off her thighs but he was more then pleasantly surprised. Even though her legs were thick and round they were rather succulent looking and smooth he thought. They were a lot more attractive then he envisioned them to be.

Tom assumed she might have had some liposuction at one point and said "Baby mmmmmm... I gotta tell ya that lipo ya had done a couple years back well ooooooohh yeah it sure did wonders for these..."

"Jefferson" she said screaming "I told you never to talk about that ever!" She opened her eyes. Finally coming to her senses and kneeling before her was Tom. She saw his hands resting against the insides of her upper thighs. She realized he was feeling them but didn't realize he was acting like he was Jefferson.

"Thomas" she said scolding him. On a tirade she shouted "What are you" as she looked at her legs "Thomas what are you doing" She quickly shoved her dress down and attempted to stand up. When she did she started to fall but that time Tom wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Clarinda fell forward and Tom backed away. She was unable to catch herself and reached out to brace herself against Tom. Pushing Tom back he fell to the floor, but she fell on top of him as her chest fell on his face.

She was wobbly and dazed when it happened and all Tom do was cushion the fall. But in the end he was lying underneath her and felt robust tits smashing him his face. Pushing herself up she glared at Tom wondering what had happened. Still dazed she looked quizzically at him thinking he pulled her down on him.

"Don't do that Tom. Please stop doing that" she screamed.

"I didn't" he replied. "You fell on me! I'm sorry Mrs. Harris.

"No you aren't... You're not sorry at all" she retorted. "You are sick Tom; a sick and dirty young man" she screamed.

"I am not sick and dirty" he came back. "What are you talking about What do you mean You're the one writing about me" he exclaimed. "You're the one who wants me actually! I mean well I mean you're the one who wrote about me! I saw it! I saw what you wrote in your blog" he exclaimed. "I saw what you wrote about us" he said looking her directly in her face.

The room fell completely silent. She was speechless. She stared him straight in his face but wore a blank look. Embarrassed to admit it she said to herself he was right. "What can I say What can I tell him How am I going to get out of this"

On the floor and feeling the affects of him under her, her eyes started swirling in her head again. He tried to snap her out of it but again she passed out. He turned her on and she couldn't help herself. His presence much to his surprise aroused her in ways he never imagined. He was not that experienced in affairs of this kind and being chivalrous he first tended to her.

He took her to the back room where there was a larger sofa and she could lie there more comfortably. As he dragged her limp body to the sofa in the other room he noticed how extremely hot she felt. He wondered if her thighs were the same way. Initially he was just himself and no one else. He didn't understand why she'd continually pass out.

Back in the kitchen he stood looking out the back window wondering if she should drop the monkey business and be mature, but he heard her call out. Thinking about what she wrote only made Tom more curious and looking around her kitchen he saw a bottle of oil.

He grinned and a few mischievous thoughts came to mind so he grabbed it and headed back to tend to her. Clarinda was resting but wasn't awake just yet and Tom watched her while she rested.

Feeling naughty he did it again. Tom pushed up her dress and said "Hey baby how are you" She didn't respond. "Baby I think this will make you feel real good" and Tom poured some oil in his hands and began oiling up her thighs. Beginning down by her knees he slowly grew more confident and pushed closer and closer towards her vagina.

Stopping short of it he stared at her dark trimmed area underneath her underwear. Her legs were all oiled up and so were his hands. "Should I" he asked. "Should I go further" he wondered. "This is crazy; I hafta be crazy" he said quietly. "But dang it is fun and she will never know it at all."

He went and washed off the oil, closed the curtains and closed the front door. Carrying another glass of water to her she was breathing normally. Her dress was still pushed all the way up to her waist. She looked relaxed and Tom sat down and gazed into her darkened glory.

"Wow... this is utterly crazy" he thought. "But shit it is turning me on too!"

Suddenly he heard the front door. He whipped around thinking it was either his buddy but most likely Mr. Harris. He quickly pulled down her dress, hid the oil and stood up to greet whomever it was.

"Hi... hi Mr. Harris ummm uhhh I think we have a problem sir." He asked what it was. Tom told him what had happened and Jefferson attended to her as Tom headed back to his house. Jefferson called Tom and asked him back over and he mentioned to Tom about some infatuation he thought his wife was having with another man.

"And to be honest with ya Tom even though she's told me about the guy and even though she's told me she's trying to shake the infatuation she has for him well I don't totally believe she's trying to actually. I just don't know."

"Sir, do you know who Elisha is"

He told Tom that was her sister. He told Tom they share every last secret in the world with each other and then he laughed because he said he thought Clarinda told him all her deep dark secrets but learned that was not true. "But what are ya gonna do Tom" he asked. "A woman is gonna do what a woman wants but you haven't discovered that yet. Anyways I got a proposition for you."

Tom asked what it was.

"Since Marcus lives out of town and the girls are away at college I don't have anyone to take care of her with her being like this. I have to be in Boston the next two days and..."

"I can't sir" Tom said cutting him off knowing what he was about to ask Tom.

"I'll pay ya $500 to stay here for the next two days Tom. I have the cash and I'll pay ya in advance. You are the only one I know I can trust to take care of her. Please Tom... will you do this for me I'll be indebted to you if you will. You can sleep here or upstairs in Marcus' old room which is right up the hall if you want."

Tom asked if he could think about it and Jefferson said no in a joking manner. Tom told him he'd do it under one condition. Jefferson asked what that was and Tom asked if a friend could come over. Jefferson asked if the person was male or female. Tom told him it was a female friend. Jefferson agreed reluctantly but Tom wasn't inviting anyone over. It was a ploy so he could plan out two days with her and see what might happen.

Was she really that crazy about him Her blog said she was. He knew it by heart almost. He had committed it to memory. Jefferson felt at peace knowing a old friend would be around to tend to his wife if something went wrong. Jefferson told Clarinda he planned to have someone stay with her; she assumed it would be Elisha. He didn't confirm she would be the one staying over and Clarinda didn't think otherwise.

The next afternoon after finishing a day's work Tom cleaned up and headed to the Harris' house. Knocking on the door Clarinda answered. Her heart palpitated just like it had before. Tom saw the look in her eyes as her chest began heaving.

"Stop right now" he demanded. "I really don't want this to happen again" he told her. She asked what he was talking about. He told her she got dizzy and passed out. She had her secrets but Tom knew what they were. She had no idea Tom knew them.

That night they spent the evening watching TV. All night she behaved oddly and kept looking at her computer. He saw her continually looking towards it and asked if something was wrong. She told him nothing was wrong but he suspected she wanted to get online and post her feelings she might have.

"She's gotta be feeling something with me being here" he told himself. "I mean all that crap she wrote has to be bothering her somehow."

"Clarinda will you please just go and do what you want" Tom said. "Don't feel like you have to sit here and entertain me. I can take care of myself. Sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable."

She went and got online. She began chatting with Elisha. She told Elisha that Tom was there with her because Jefferson asked him to stay with her. The two of them went back and forth joking about how the lust of her life was sitting almost right behind her and all she could do was want him but nothing more.

Elisha suggested Clarinda say something. Clarinda told Elisha how she was aroused by his presence. She told Elisha how she was moist and tingling and given other circumstances she'd jump his bones.

Turning off all the lights except a couple Clarinda suddenly turned around. She asked Tom why he turned them off. He said he was going upstairs. She stayed down stairs and continued chatting with Elisha. Since he had her passwords he hopped online and got in to their private chat and watched what the two typed.

Amused by it all he closed out his end and lay on his bed thinking. Hearing her come upstairs he listened to what she was doing. Most likely she was changing into her pajamas and once there was no longer any sound he got out of the bed.

Walking down the hall he stopped to look for some oil. He found a small bottle of baby oil in the bathroom and a mischievous grin settled on him. Her door was closed most of the way and he listened to see how she was breathing.

He knocked and she asked who it was. He told her and she told him to enter but in a cautious tone. Smiling he asked her how she was; she told him fine. He stepped two steps closer but no further.

"It was a weird day wasn't it" he asked. She asked what he meant because she wasn't really sure what he was referring to. "Well Jefferson tells me he knows about a man you are infatuated with. He told me you talk to the guy or suspects you chat with him online, which we both know is not true..." and Tom paused momentarily. "Are you feeling better tonight" he asked.

"I guess" she said lying to him. Knowing he was in her room drove her insane. She wished she could tell him what she wanted. She forgot everything that happened earlier in the day. She forgot everything that happened but she was heightened by his presence at the moment. "I feel okay I guess" she went on to say.

Tom stepped closer but only two more paces. She began to see him better. Tom was wearing pajama bottoms but he was not wearing a top at all. She could not see the signature definition of his ripped stomach or pecs, but she could see a silhouette of him. Her heart rate increased.

"Mrs. Harris... Clarinda has anyone besides Mr. Harris ever told you how really attractive you are mam" he asked. He waited for an answer; he didn't say a word.

"Tom thank you but is that an appropriate question" she asked. "I mean seeing as we are... well Thomas seeing as we are so different in..."

"I don't know if we're all that different Clarinda" he came back quickly.

"Noo noooo Thomas I don't mean different in that way; I mean different age wise."

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeah... yeah I suppose that could change a lot couldn't it I mean considering you're how old and I am as young as I am Nahhhh I don't think it does; does it"

He paused while staring her straight in the face but she could not tell if he was or not. She was bewildered by what he was getting at. "Nope not one bit Clarinda... not one bit" he exclaimed! "See I know something you don't realize I know. Crazy as this is going to sound it's really wild too. Tom stepped one step closer. She was able to see his face and upper body. Her breathing seemed rushed.

Lifting her hands up she asked him what he meant while running them through her hair. Pushing her hair back repeatedly he could hear her heaving excitedly. Her great bosoms surged forward from underneath her top. Tom saw her massive mounds lunging as she breathed heavily and quickly.

"It's so hot in here" she cried out. "Turn off the heat! Turn it off" she said in a weary tone as she heaved in and out. Tom's eyes fixated on her chest. He stepped closer by two steps. In the darkness she looked majestic. Her hands pushed her hair away from her face repeatedly.

Suddenly Clarinda screamed again! "It's too hot in here Tom; turn off the heat" and she ripped apart her pajama top exposing her enormous bosoms.

Immediately Tom focused on her colossal tits. He wanted to see how grand they were! He wanted to see how grand the circles around her nipples were! Tom wanted to know how large the woman's dark nipples were!

Tom's cock began sizzling! It tingled all over! It started to harden! He began to lose focus. He began to lose all rationalization. Tom had a plan. His plan started to fall apart. He couldn't get himself to take his eyes off her mammoth tits. They were beautiful! She was too! Tom was easily turned on by them and knowing he had a plan he wondered what happened to it all of a sudden.

Clarinda, as hot and aroused as she had become, wanted to know what he was talking about. She was excited and showed every indication she needed who she yearned for! Her thighs began burning up. She felt horribly uncomfortable suddenly! She craved something which would ease the inner discomfort she had begun to experience! Not realizing it, she began trickling slowly. She wasn't aware at all that she was oozing. Her heightened state caused her thighs to feel as if they were on fire!

Tom watched with aroused interest. Her hands left her hair, careened down over the colossal mounds and past her trim stomach until they met with her thighs. Once they came to rest on them she triggered a wondrous need to massage them. From the tips of her knees up to her hot engorged pussy she'd rub herself passionately. Around the crotch, her pajamas were wet. She never noticed, but she felt the fever and called out his name.

Stretching her hand out she called for him in the an angelic voice. Tom never heard her speak in that way before. "Thomas come here; come and sit by me. I must have you Thomas" she'd call out. "Here Thomas come here next to me, sit by my hot desirous body and I will... ohhh Thomas let me tell you something" and Tom stepped up to the bed.

With a fully loaded erection he was more then ready to take care of her. She started to say something but Tom cut her off. He started telling her word for word what she wrote about him that day in her blog. She was floored. Clarinda quieted down and looked into his eyes. She was speechless. She had no idea he knew.

"How... How did you know" she asked. He smiled and winked at her. She said "Thomas it is true! All of it is true! I do want you! I want to feel you inside me! I want your cock in my mouth! I want to know what it feels like to have you in my mouth and... And in me too Thomas! I want to please you sexually! Ohhhhh god Thomas" she cried out.

"Thomas please let me hold it. Let me hold your cock. Let me squeeze your manly thunder in my hands! Yes please let have it so I may place it here in my mouth! I will make you feel incredible! Ohhh yes I will make you feel incredible like you've never felt before" she bellowed.

He was floored by her words. He was stunned by her passion. He couldn't believe the woman was so ardent about having him. "How could this woman I've known almost all my life want me the way she just told me How could this woman that's married and black find me so desirable How could she truly desire a guy like me A guy who is white and as young as I am" he asked himself.

"Please, please let me do these things to you" she begged. "I will give you anything... anything you want in return Thomas! I mean that too" she pleaded.

Looking at her everywhere she continued to appear as a majestic wonder to him especially her enormous mounds which flashed themselves merrily towards his face. The idea of her moist hot thighs which desired his mouth between them while they terrorized her delicious pussy to the ends of the world convinced him this was the right thing to do!

"Okay alright" he said giving in. "Go on and take them off... I don't care; just do it! Let's get it over with but that's it... no more" he declared. "This is the only time I'm going to do this! This is crazy" he exclaimed. I know it is so let's get it over with" he said sharply shaking his head. He wanted it but he didn't, but she was too convincing.

She pulled him against her, pulled down his bottoms and looking at her in the face was his excited throbbing desirous cock. Tom was horny. He didn't tell her he was. Tom wanted her more then he let on. He was curious what it would be like to have sex with her. A mature, beautiful and black woman she eclipsed anything he fathomed. He was willing to put out as much as necessary to have a great evening of sexual fun and games.

Her mouth swallowed it whole. No gagging, she heard him enjoying what she was capable of as he groaned with incredible pleasure. Pulled against her face she sucked him hard and long! He stood in steadily in front of her as she maneuvered herself around him.

Moving it all along Tom didn't back. As soon as he could he cummed tremendously all over her mouth and face. He was loaded and it quickly dripped down her chin, over her chest and around her excited boobs.

Excited she pulled on him hard causing him to fall on the bed. "Now it's my turn" she demanded. "I want... no I need your mouth inside my horny pussy! So get underneath me! I'm gonna sit on your face baby and you are gonna eat me out all night long!

Tom was amazed how unbelievable it was to be force fed her sloppy hot cunt like he was. She was sweeter then sweet and hotter then hot! She was juicer then a prime piece of tenderloin he said to himself as he tongued and nibbled at her pussy lips, clit and deep hole. She'd move side to side as well as push down hard against his face and scream or shriek excitedly while her young landscaper fed her his tongue deeply for a solid hour of pleasure. Clarinda was allotted three to four orgasms during that period and was forever thankful to her young white male lover.

Exhausted she collapsed on top of him. Whispering in his ear that he was better then Mr. Harris ever was, she invited him back as often as he'd liked. She said she hoped he felt the same.

"Hell yes Clarinda... I never had any doubt you weren't awesome in the first place. It was me that I doubted. I didn't think I had enough talent to give you what you craved."

"Ooooooohh Thomas, Thomas ohhhhhhh I always knew you had it in you or I wouldn't have ever written any of that about you. You're wonderful you know and I'd let you have me anytime and anyway you want."

"Hey what about your umm... well never mind" he said.

"I wonder if your daughters might feel the same way as you do" he said to himself.

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