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Metrosexual Apartment

Author: Stoneypoint
Publish Date : Jan 6, 2008
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His eyes were hungry. I saw that in them; I've seen the look a few times in the past with other guys. It only made me more ravenous for the awesome charismatic white hunk who liked me for me... I'm pretty sure. I'd let him into my bedroom to watch me change if I was that confident, but I wasn't. I wasn't ready for that yet. I wasn't sure what I was ready for, but I knew I was ready for a relationship with Chad.

* * * * * * *

He kept staring my way while I or we waited for our job interviews. The interview seemed to last only 10 minutes which didn't thrill me too much. Even he looked like he was nervous as he fidgeted the same way I was fidgeting. But he would watch me and he would smile at me too.

The reason I didn't like it was it was a job interview. I was trying to focus. I was trying to be serious about the possible job and when I looked at him he did too, but when he looked at me he would smile nonchalantly... too nonchalantly for my tastes. Already nervous I didn't need the guy looking at me so casually. He wasn't helping my train of thought.

Plus he was white, which shouldn't be an issue, but seeing as I'm a black female who is well how should I put this 'Fluffy' is a good word I guess. It's how I'd describe myself it if I was online, but I wasn't... I was preparing for an interview.

"Good luck" he says to me as I stood up to interview. He was smiling at me; he had all the charm in the world.

"What the heck" I asked myself as I disappeared around the corner. "Way to throw off my concentration" I told myself.

The problem was he was good looking; really good looking. He didn't seem like he should be applying for an administrative assistant's role. I wondered at first "Is he gay or something He wasn't a flamer. I figured that out. So why was he applying

10 minutes later I walked out. Smiling he asked me how it went. I said fine but with a nervous smile. He goes in and I left to go and wait for my bus. It would come in about 15 or so minutes.

"Hey... hi" I hear a guy say to me. I turn and there's that charismatic dreamy smile. "Tough interview huh" he asked me.

"Ohhh shit" I first thought. "Not you again" I said to myself. But my heart was racing. He had an incredible smile, nice eyes and I'm thinking to myself why is this guy being so friendly towards me I'm hot all over. I actually want to stand close by him. I want to stand so close to him I can feel him breath and feel his body heat. He has a nice shirt on and really great slacks on too.

Me well I'm in a dress but to me it's a beater. I could have gone to some cheap store and bought something nice or even Goodwill, washed it and pressed it to look marginally better. I didn't and I'm wondering now if that mattered to him anyways.

Our bus comes but it is packed to the hilt! Hardly an available seat on the bus except the very back. That back one is always the worst because for whatever reason you smell the exhaust and it is horrible. Coincidentally we had to take it or stand up. WE preferred to sit so we sat together.

He made small talk, I answered in brief concise responses and he carried the conversation. He was interesting and I enjoyed his questions. We rode across town. I was heading to my part time job. I asked him where he was headed. He said home so I asked him where he lived. He lived two blocks from where I worked. He asked what store and I told him.

"Ohhhhh really" he says surprisingly. "I used to shop there all the time."

"The guy has to be a flamer" I thought "or he's just a metrosexual. Yeah that's gotta be it. He's a metrosexual."

"You shopped there" I asked in an astounded voice.

"Sure did" he told me.

He told me he loved the place and I asked why he didn't still shop there. He said for a couple of reasons. Oddly enough he told me anyone who wanted advice came to him on what they should decide on as far as jewelry was concerned and his male friends started thinking he was a flamer.

I started laughing and this serious tone came over him. He asked me why I was laughing and I apologized without telling him why. But he persisted on knowing why and the bus came to a stop and we got off. As we did we started to say goodbye but headed in the same general direction so he pestered me why I laughed so I told him.

"I thought you were gay too but then I realized you couldn't be" and I told him why and I told the guy I figured he was simply a metrosexual and that was it.

He stopped dead in his tracks so I did too. He looked at me with a straight face and I didn't know what to do. Suddenly his all encompassing charismatic smile overwhelmed me and my heart. He smiled and I felt like melting; I wanted to melt in the guys' arms. Don't get me wrong. I've never had a relationship with any white guy in my life. I've never had a relationship with a skinny guy in my life, but this guy could care less I thought. He immediately noticed things about me he must have liked because he told me something I absolutely loved about him.

"Wow you are really one cool girl. What I mean to say is I like you and don't tell me what it is but a guy like me could easily fall for you." I melted and felt my knees buckling and then he says. "I'm Chad Corbel; what's your name"

My hands always get sweaty when I'm nervous unfortunately. He had stuck his hand out to shake mine. I didn't want to shake it but I knew it was the right thing to do so I stuck mine out and we shook hands. It was wild! His hand was moist; it was really moist like he was also nervous.

"Sorry... I guess I'm a little nervous suddenly" he tells me.

We walked towards the mall and he engaged me in what I did at the store I worked at and he told me how and what he loved so much about the merchandise until they switched merchandisers. That quickly began boring me because all I wanted to do was smell him, talk about me, talk about him and walk against his body.

I was smitten with the guy. I was fascinated by him. We entered the mall. We walked through it. He told me he always cut through so he could see what was selling and what was on sale especially some of the more fashionable stuff. He supported my first theory that he was a flamer but he was not.

I had to turn down another wing to go to my job and he walked with me. Just before we got to the store he stops, writes down his cell number and email and says "Hey if you ever have any interest and wanna hook up sometime... I know this is weird and all but honestly I'd love hanging out if that's cool."

I was excited as hell. I felt like lunging at the guy to see how well he kissed for starters. I felt like saying something to him to let him know I am kind of crazy for him, but I thought he can't feel this way about a black girl with some 'fluff' to her frame. I mean I wasn't fat by any stretch, but I did have a disproportionate sized butt in comparison to the rest of my body. I am a little chubby and I have a bigger ass then I care to admit. I wondered if that meant anything to him personally, but he never indicated that it did.

I thought about his offer all the time. I was afraid to take him up on it because I really didn't think he meant what he said. I wanted to call him. I wanted to go to a movie with him. I wanted have lunch with him even though I only got 30 minutes for a lunch. I felt like calling him, saying hi and seeing what he was doing.

I didn't and strangely enough he began showing up in the store I worked at. He said some friends started asking him about certain jewelry they looked at and eventually to prove it he'd show up with these girls or an occasional guy and tell him his opinion on the piece. He was good for business. We even talked about asking him to work there.

I didn't want him to. I liked the mystery about him and soon after those visits he'd come by himself, wait outside the store and I wondered "Is the guy working Does he have a job God I wish I could call off sick and figure out a way to spend the day with him. Why is he leading me on like this Is he leading me on Am I fooling myself Is he interested in me or just bored and needs something to do" I didn't know but I intended to find out.

"Hiya Caryn! How's it going Wanna have lunch with me"

"Huh what" I exclaimed. "You... you wanna have lunch with... with me"

"Yeah why wouldn't I I mean can't ya tell I'm crazy about you God if you only knew..."

I went haywire. I wanted to look like a fool. I wanted to behave so irrationally that I could care less. I was ablaze with irrational thought. I could have told him "Let's skip lunch... do ya have any desire whatsoever to jump in bed with me Chad. I mean I've felt this way since..."

"Hey let's do something fun tonight or maybe you don't like me like that. Ummm sorry I guess I'm overstepping my..."

"Noo ohh no not at all" I told him "like sure I'd love to. What did you have in mind" I asked eagerly.

He already knew what time I got off. He knew I had to take a bus to get home so I could change. He knew that it be a good hour before I was ready and he suggested he pick me up, take me wherever I lived and he'd wait while I changed.

His eyes were hungry. I saw that in them; I've seen the look a few times in the past with other guys. It only made me more ravenous for the awesome charismatic white hunk who liked me for me... I'm pretty sure. I'd let him into my bedroom to watch me change if I was that confident, but I wasn't. I wasn't ready for that yet. I wasn't sure what I was ready for, but I knew I was ready for a relationship with Chad.

"I'll be back in three hours to pick you up" he said.

"Uhhh ummm well okay... alright I guess" I told him with some hesitation. He immediately saw that I was hesitant about our plan and asked why I was hesitant. I told him why.

"Ohhh yeah I guess that might be a problem. I didn't think about that" he said snickering. "Yep parents can get that way about whites and blacks seeing each other. Hey I gotta an idea. What do you say we just keep this date on the up and up... you know... a non-sexual date Is that cool with you I mean I'd prefer it otherwise, but then I don't wan to not be able to go out with you if there's a next time okay"

"Ohhhh god talk about making me horny" I told myself. I gazed into his eyes. I had a perpetual smile on my face. I wanted to smother him with kisses right there in the center of the food lounge. I was hot. I was turned on. I could feel myself between my thighs surging excitedly! I had three hours to go and couldn't let his presence be a distraction to me for three whole hours.

"Chad umm please leave" I said curtly. "Umm you staying around any more is going to make me do things I'm going to regret later on tonight" I went on to say. "I mean it Chad... I'm not thinking right and ohhhhhh god....." Is all I was able to say at that point.

He smiled, I melted and he touched my hand and looked me in the face. His charming smile made for a very long afternoon and I was incapable of thinking clearly. My boss... she figured it out. She knew it was due to a man she just didn't know who... yet.

He picked me up outside the mall, drove me across town and I went in to change. My mom wanted to know who I was going out with and I told her "Just a guy" but wouldn't say who specifically. I wasn't going there but thankfully at least my daddy wasn't home. He would have given me all hell if he knew it was a white guy.

I felt special and as I walked to the car I wore a particular dress I never wear. One which I hold out for extraordinary occasions such as this date with Chad, I looked great in it and Chad thought so too. When I came out of the house he was watching and waiting.

The dress was a nice print, highlighted the finer points of my chubby frame but you should have seen Chad's face especially his eyes when I came down the steps of the porch. They rocketed from there sockets! I always thought he was a guy who maintained himself but not when I walked to the car.

"What... what" I asked. "Come on you don't like me or this... which is it" I asked him.

"Uhhh nooooo no way" he told me. "Uhhhh like you look uhhh hot Caryn! I mean really, really hot in that!"

I was turned on in a big way after Chad said that. I quivered all over! I started trembling! It showed too. I looked at Chad. He was acting oddly. He was shaking and fidgeting. He glanced at me quickly but turned away. I turned away. We hadn't even pulled away from the curb yet. I looked back at the house. I saw my mom watching from the window. Then she started to come out of the house. I told him to pull away. I watched my mom walk faster and faster. Chad pulled away. We were down the street. I told him to turn down another street. I told him to pull into the park. He pulled in. I was silent. Chad didn't say anything either.

I looked at him. He looked awesome. He wore a nice collared shirt and nice jeans. He looked hot too! I was even more turned on. I wanted Chad. I wanted him badly. I couldn't believe how wild and crazy I felt all over. My body was in turmoil. I could have taken my dress off on the spot. I could have done the same with his clothes. I felt like telling him he looked awesome too then I smelled it. I smelled the aroma! He wore an aftershave or something and it made me start to lose control.

No I didn't attack him. No he didn't attack me. I felt like I was ready to climax on the spot. I was beginning to moisten inside myself. I was about to lose control. I wanted Chad to do things to me I've never had or let a guy do to me in my life. I no longer cared what my morals were. I no longer cared if he had morals. I didn't care about anything but seeing him naked, letting Chad see me partially undressed and I didn't care what he had in mind... I felt like doing anything... anything he cared to do with me! This body was for the new man of my dreams.

I could feel myself shaking and quivering. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He was looking down, but he fidgeted frequently. I wondered why he was doing it. We still didn't speak. My breathing felt rushed. I felt like I had to calm myself somehow.

I felt I needed to calm down. We hadn't even made it to dinner. We had reservations he told me. We had 15 minutes to get there. I could care less about dinner. He looked at his watch. He looked at me and smiled. It wasn't the same smile I was familiar with. That one wasn't anywhere to be found.

"I... I think we'd better get... umm we'd better get going" he said softly.

I looked up but not at him and replied "Yeah I guess so." Then my cell rang. It was my mom. I hesitated to answer it. I didn't; not the first time. I didn't answer it the second time either. She called again. I answered it.

"You be careful with that boy. I don't like you going out with a white boy. You know that" she said.

I said I did. I didn't say anything else like "He's a nice guy mom." She would have put up an argument wither way. I didn't want to argue. "By mom... I'll be home early mom."

"You will" He joked. He turned and smiled. Chad winked and we laughed. We held hands the whole way there but Chad and I knew. Yes we did. He and I knew what we really wanted. We wanted what we couldn't have or thought we shouldn't have.

Chad and I knew that we wanted all out, unbridled sex with one another! We didn't care how it unfolded we just wanted that as the end result! All we knew was we wanted something we weren't able or possibly allowed to have. But some day and some way we were going to introduce it into our relationship. How and when was the only question.

Nervous at dinner I started feeling more comfortable and relaxed too. He was great company and I felt like I could lay in his arms all night long. I felt like we could kiss and I could tell him everything I desired.

I desired his hands touching my soft flabby body. Yes I desired his hands to slowly remove my dress and as he did I yearned for him to caress my big loveable shoulders, kiss them as he gradually removed the dress off me and then stop to stroke my tits with or without my bra on.

I imagined us together with my eyes closed, picturing him smiling and saying sweet nothings in my ear as he rubbed me all over my desirable body.

While I thought this at dinner I started getting horny again. I wanted Chad more then ever and knew the restaurant was the wrong place, but I felt a great need and did something I probably shouldn't have done.

I lifted up my leg underneath the table. I thought I was doing it inconspicuously. His head popped up when he felt the tip of my shoe running inside his leg close to his crotch.

I looked at him and smiled. I hoped it was okay. I even winked when he looked at me with shock. I smiled even more. He finally smiled, but when he did he gave me a very charismatic grin. Whooaa did he melt me all over, but he needed to go to the bathroom. He didn't say why.

The hostess walked over and smiled. She told me several people noticed me doing what I did. I was utterly embarrassed. She smiled and said under her breath "I do that all the time. You're just at the wrong table for it." I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or what. "It's cool" she said. Do it again, but I'll move you two over to another table when he comes back."

Chad came back smiling but not letting me know why. I was clueless and we were moved to another booth. Meanwhile I fed my yearning for a little playtime while he swatted away my tiny foot. I'd giggle and he'd wink and we had our dinner. We had a nice time. But not "nice" enough as far as we were both concerned. Taking me home we held hands... it was nice up until I got out of the car and went inside

Two weeks passed and we didn't get a chance to see the other. I was dying to see him. I needed to be with him. I yearned to be with Chad every possible way. I spent hours quietly in my room at night not letting mom or dad disturb me. I ached for Chad to come around every day, but he couldn't. He picked up extra work. He got busier then he ever expected. I yearned for his presence more each day. I grew frustrated and called off work too often. My boss called me in. She didn't reprimand me but she was stern about me taking off work.

"Personal matters are personal matters. They can't interfere with work. You have personal issues... figure out a release Caryn. I don't want to talk about this again!" As I left work that afternoon she came up to me. Her daughter who was two years younger then me was searching for a roommate. If I was inclined to move out of the house... certain personal matters could be resolved she hinted.

"Personal matters could be resolved" I thought. "Personal issues could be taken care of.... hmmm Chad and I could..." and my body went wild. I was burning up with potentially the worst ideas but possibly the greatest opportunities Chad and I could have together. Would he ever go for coming to my place... my new place to spend a day with me, a night with me or be together with me Would he go for us being intimate and passionate still My mind was ablaze with ideas. I was aching at the thought. How could I coerce him to consider coming over

I met with my boss' daughter. We hit it off. She was so cool. We had a lot in common. She was a lot like I was. She always wanted to go out partying. I always wanted to stay home and party with Chad or so I hoped my plan would pan out that way.

My cousins helped me move. My roomie furnished all the furniture. All I had to do was supply my own bed. That was it. Turned out she had a boyfriend over all the time... a different one over all the time.

I wasn't able to get Chad over. But come to find out Chad moved into his own place too. He never told me. I don't know why either. It never seemed odd that he didn't but I wondered in the back of my mind occasionally why he hadn't.

Finally I got a call from him. He apologized for not coming to see my new place. He apologized for not helping me move. He asked if he could see the place. I told him yeah of course, but he never came. He did ask if I'd come visit his place. I told him I did. I took a bus to his place. His place was twice what mine was. He lived all alone he told me. It looked like he did.

While getting the full tour I told him "Cool Beans... so what's your room look like" He showed me. He slept on the couch. I didn't get it. "Why are you sleeping on a couch when you have two rooms Chad"

He said he liked the comfort better. "You like what comfort better" I asked him. I grabbed him by the hand, pulled him down the hall and opened up the doors. There were boxes in each room. Piles of boxes filled both rooms. I looked at them and I turned to look at Chad. I asked him what all the boxes were for. He just looked at me. I was becoming suspicious.

"Is... there... somebody else" I asked. He shook his head no. I started to wonder again. "Is he a flamer" I felt like asking but didn't. He looked into my eyes. Chad wasn't smiling. "What's going on" I asked. I had to know. He did have roommates I suspected. I wondered if he did then who his roommates were. "Chad... do you have... a girlfriend cause if you do I don't wanna be in the middle of anything."

There were beds in both rooms. Each room had TV sets. The mystery to the boxes was about to be let out. I soon found out what was in them. "Caryn sit down on the bed" he told me. "Relax alright" he said. "I... I don't know if you'll like this or appreciate it but I'd like to show you something. I'm really passionate about this but it hasn't been a great success yet."

He told me the remote could be on the floor. I looked over and bent down to pick it up. When I sat up he was smiling. I asked him why he was smiling. He had a twinkle in his eye I've seen before but something was going on. I asked him why he was smiling at me like that. He sat down on the bed next to me and suddenly for no known reason I felt uncomfortable. All those time I wanted to be close to him like we were. All those times I felt like shredding my clothes, his clothes and pushing him to the ground, suddenly I wasn't able to. I was excited... yeah I sure was. I felt horny and I knew I wanted to get it on, but did I want to get it on with Chad in the bed No for some reason I wanted to abstain even though I wanted his naked body on top of mine! God did I ever but I also wanted to abstain from doing it with him too.

"Do you know how sexy you are" he asked flippantly.

"Caryn, do you know how sexy you really are Ever since we saw each other at that interview I have put off telling you that you are. I am so crazy about you... I mean I am so hungry about seeing you completely naked and want to show you my naked body too! I want us to do things which... ohhh shit Caryn I want to do stuff white men and black women shouldn't be doing I don't think, but then again I don't care what society says I can do with you or not. Do you feel that way Do you Caryn"

I looked at him. I recoiled as I thought about how much I knew I wanted what he suggested. I could rip his pants off without undoing his buckle or unzipping him. I could pull the shirt off his body with my teeth I was so horny. Figuratively speaking I bled for it. I yearned for the wildest sex he was willing to give to me.

And then as I sat looking at him I moved back on the bed, put my arms behind me as if to invite him into me but I dropped it. I dropped the remote on the floor. It landed on the floor so I turned and bent down to pick it up and when I did I felt the hardest slap on my jean covered ass I ever felt in my life.

Chad had slapped me playfully or so he thought and when he did I jumped! I jumped excitedly up in the air. I turned and his shirt was off. His pants were off and all he had on were some tight underwear and he had a huge bulge in them! It was huge!

I was gawking like a girl who never saw a man's bulge ever in my life! I started to sweat like I have never sweat before. My thighs sweat, my brow sweat, my back seemed to sweat and my hands began sweating. I was nervous and excited and I was horny and I wanted him to stop at nothing to lay me out and do me right!

I wanted him to pull everything off so he could love to his hearts and cocks desire!

"Go on feel it" he told me with his ever charming smile. "I want you to feel it as much as you desire" He told me. "You do want to don't you" he asked.

I shook my head yes as my eyes looked at it in awe. He was on his knees but straightened up. His chest was perfect. His stomach was perfect. Everything about him was stunning and I was moaning but I didn't moan out loud... no I did not.

My pussy moaned and my belly groaned, but I did not utter a sound until I said "Chad do you like my ass"

"Huh what did you ask"

I have no idea what I asked at first. Whatever came out of me was not a conscious thought. I asked him what he was talking about. He told me what I asked. I was embarrassed by the question.

He said "Yeah Caryn I love your thick brown ass. I love it so much I'd love to take off your clothes and get a piece of it... a bite out of it."

I was floored but I was turned on even more!

"I'd love to smash my face in your ass Caryn. It's so darn sexy Caryn; it really is" he said. I saw a wild look come over him. He looked crazed, but I was too. "I mean it's sexier then you will ever know so can I do that"

I ripped off my shirt, I ripped off my bra, I ripped off my jeans and I ripped off my underwear. I sat on that bed naked as the day I was born. All of my 180 pounds of chocolate brown flesh awaiting his charismatic soul to consume... so I turned over, stuck my big brown and round fat ass in the air for him to partake of.

I felt this wet sloppy long thing slide up over my jolly round ass and I cried out with exuberance when he licked my ass. I couldn't believe it! I whipped around, grabbed Chad's head and thrust it between my thighs. I smashed his face down into my deep red pussy forcing him to alleviate all of the heightened feelings I had so far, but I couldn't stop there. I had to go on. I had to have more. I wanted more then his mouth. I wanted that mouth on my belly, by boobs and everywhere along my chubby body!

I screamed out with delight and I held him closely. I held him tight against my fat body. I pulled off his underwear, grabbed hold of his cock and I put myself in a position so I suck out any and all contents within his hardened white bone.

I sucked him that hard that he begged for me to let go. I wasn't letting go until I brought him to his knees. I brought him down and it was good and once I did I got on my knees placed my fat cunt over his face and had the man eat me out for as long as I could stand it.

That day was so wild and so fun I knew I wanted more. I collapsed on top of him and initially I thought he wasn't able to breathe but what I didn't know was while on top of him Chad was fingering my cunt trying to get me to orgasm again.

I was so exhausted and hurt so much that I knew that day was well worth the wait but we had an awesome time. He said to me he loved my body and hoped I'd do it again.

"What do you think Chad' I told him with a wink.

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