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Wife Required Me to Be Her Pussy for Her Black Lovers


Author: PeterPaul5930
Published: 10-Nov-17 Revised/Updated 15-Nov-17

I became impotent and my wife offered her pussy to men with hard cocks and demanded that I be her back up cunt...

* * * * * * *

My wife, long legged 5 inch heel wearing stunningly hot babe (never ever took her heels off when sucking cock or being fucked) responded to my lack of a hard on by seeking out men to provide her with the fucking she had to have, as well as the cocks she loved to suck.

We had had a sexual relationship with a black man (our first) during which she told me to suck his long black cock and pleasure his large scrotum containing the largest balls I had ever seen after he had fucked her to provide him with non stop sex.

I did as she demanded and soon found that I loved debasing my self pleasuring her black lover. She also offered me her cum filled cunt to eat out after each time he fucked her. I loved sucking her cunt and found the very first time that I loved the taste of her lovers cum. She told me that she found sucking and offering her pussy to a black man was so much hotter and nastier than sex with white me that she was going to be a black mans or, she said, ideally black men in generals eager white piece of ass, preferably in a way that allowed her to choose a black man in a bar or else where in front of a bar full of angry and disapproving as well as jealous white men. She added that my roll would, do to my loss of my ability to fuck her myself, be to be her assistant pussy and to suck and please her black lover when he was not ramming his black cock into what I knew to be the tightest pussy ever.

She added of course, and of course you will faithfully eat out my nigger cum filled snatch when I squat over your mouth and smile at my lover as he watches you eagerly lick and suck his hot cum from my cunt. I plan to tell my black lover, as you are debasing your self with your tongue in my cunt that you not only love the taste of cum, but insist that I never offer my pussy to any man for sloppy seconds. He has told me that if I were to host(or in truth be the hostess to a gang bang he would insist on eating out my cunt after each fucking.)

That is so sweet, it makes me want a gang bang not just for the joy of being fucked 10 or more times in a row, but to enjoy his pussy eating, best of all his doing so before a long line of black men waiting their turn to ram their hard black cocks into my tight little white pussy. I insist that I make it clear to all the men that you are my lover, I must french kiss you while you grope my cunt, and I must squat balancing on my heels befor you and suck your cock ( I require that your hands on the back of my head while I suck your perfect black cock.

I want the men to see that you are my lover, and I am only offering my cunt to them with your approval) I hope that you will want to fuck me again. If you do all you need do is indicate that to me and I will have my husband (he would be not only the only white man in the room, but I hope would have so much cum in his mouth it would be dripping onto his chin and turning his beard into a really nasty cum filled example of the cum loving slut I have so fucking easily turned him in to.) Trust me, the sluttier I behave the more he loves it.

In the near future I intend to invite black men to teach him how to become a truly committed black cock slut by inviting several of my black lovers to give him the ultimate pussy experience by taking turns fucking him in the ass. I suspect that even after I have him coat their cocks with anal lube, it will hurt him, but he needs to learn that giving horny men(thank god that in this case the men will have black cocks.)

His ass as his fuck me oh sweet jesus fuck me please fuck me. Ram your big black cock in my virgin as and teach me how to be the nasty white slut we know I want to be. Fuck me in the way we all know I deserve to be fucked. We all know that I am a degenerate white man white man who is so perverted that I yearn to be fucked in my ass by horny black cocks in front of a number of black men enjoying watching me learn how to be the shameless slut both my black cock loving wife and every black man in the room loves to watch.

Not having a hardon has required that my wife find men with hard cocks, and it is a real bonus that she chose to offer her tight little white pussy only to black men. I am well aware that she truly wants me to emulate her by being the best pussy I can, and I want desperately to both make her proud, as well as to learn how to the very best white male pussy eager to please and provide my black lovers with the best fucking I can, and when offered the chance, I want to suck your cocks with so much enthusiasm that you men will cum in my mouth and want to come back to me again and again.

I have a fantasy in which I am asleep in my bed and one of our black guests gets in bed with me(my guess is that my wife is still down stairs being fucked by the black men she had invited to our house so she could be the most eager to please black cock hostess ever. Most hostess limit them selves to serving drinks to her guests, while becca, on the other hand takes her duties as hostess much more seriously and is well aware that a hostess dressed in heels and a sheer nightgown who really wants to be the best pussy( I meant hostess) in any knows that her guests really want more than just drinks, they want the hot white chick to squat between their legs and suck their cocks until they shoot their hot load of cum into mouth.

In any case, returning to my bedroom upstairs I find my self being awakened as a cock(rock hard) is very slowly being shoved into my mouth. I of course began both licking and sucking this(as if I gave a big rats ass)strangers cock and after several minutes he shot his load down my throat. He said in a whisper (would you like me to send a few other men to join you? I said, if you think I might be able to please them, yes I will be flattered and pleased. He slapped both cheeks of my ass with his hand violently, of course you will you slutty white black lover.

Just because I let you suck my my cock and offered your ass to me to fuck does not begin to alter the fact that you are a degenerate disgusting white man who wants to be the white pussy who , like your slutty cunt of a wife delights in sucking and being fucked by black men. As he stood up he said"of course I will tell the other men that you will suck any black cock in your bed." You are such a cunt. You sucked my cock with out a clue to who I was" I blurted out to him, I did not give a big rats ass who you were.

You were just one of many black cocks, it mattered not to me who in the fuck you were. I cared only about your hard cock in my mouth. Do not flatter yourself.~ A hard and horny cock is all I care about. Why would I give a shit what man it is? I am not eager to make friends. Like my wife I just want the hard black cock. You must know that there are tens of thousands of black men from who will eagerly join us any where any time for sex. We intend to invite as many men as my wife wants to fuck her on any given night, and I guess there is a chance that one of us might find a man we wished to see again, but we are not looking for love nor a relationship.

Just horny black for one night at a time. If we happen upon a man we both find to be so sexy and hot we will invite him to our house for sex, and to beccas gang bangs if he wants to attend. We will chose her gang bangers from a different place in a day or two. There are no shortage of black men eager to be among the men she invites to be one of the many men she choses to fuck her . Often a number of men in her gang bang want to fuck her a second time. She feels that it would rude to turn them down. They have get at the end of the line, and more often the you might think, if she has invited 20 men, there are often at least 8 or 10 men who want to fuck her a second time.on at least one occasion 16 of the men wanted to fuck her a second time.

Becca was flattered, and of course not only felt duty bound to spread her legs for them a second time but was very flattered. She ended up being fucked by 20 men 36 times. While her pussy lips were raw and hurt she did not care. I licked her raw pussy lips every 15 minutes to try to make her feel better, and we both enjoyed my licking her badly chaffed pussy lips. She told me she had enjoyed being fucked 36 times in 2 or 3 hours that her raw pussy was well worth the pleasure. She added that the only down side was that she would(or felt she should wait for her pussy to heal before hostessing her next gang bang.)She added"if I find I can not wait for my pussy to heal, I can host a gang bang with a raw pussy." The pleasure will out way the pain, and if it does not I would prefer being gang fucked with a raw pussy than not being fucked 20 or more times.

If I end up with my pussy lips bleeding I will be fine with that. How many women can say that they were fucked by so many men that they ended up with blood running down their thighs? Has it occurred to you that when you invite 5 or 6 black men to take turns fucking you in you ass (one or two of whom might well be really thick, and we both know that one or two or even more of your black studs might well want you to offer seconds as happens with me. It is flattering, and I know that you just like me would never say no. I know that your gang bang sat night in the city you bbd has, as you asked him to, invited 2 black men and 2 straight white me as well.

If they only fuck you once each that will be 5 fucks . In truth my bbd declares to the other men that I am his white pussy, he fucks me first, and when the other men have all fucked me he once again makes it quite clear that while he has allowed me to be the slutty white cunt that he has allowed me to be he always fucks me violently again to make it clear I think, to them that as much as they might like to invite me to visit them, or invite one or more to visit me for the purpose of fucking me because they enjoyed fucking me at the gang bang he will not permit that at all.

It is clearly important to him that I know (and I do know,and am flattered that I am that important to him.) I worked up the courage recently to ask him if I was typical of the other white men he fucked? He said no, I differed from the others because I clearly enjoyed deep throating his as well as I made it clear to him when he fucked my ass that it was really a big deal for me and I differed from the other white men he serviced in that regard, I blurted out"is my ass tight enough?" Your ass is just fine." I was please by his response.

I must tell you more about my gang bang sat night in the city. In addition to my bbd, I have ask for 2 black,one of whom asked for, a black man not circumcised . I have never seen that in real life,once in a while in porn. I really want to suck his cock because I want to see it up close and suck it in order to find out what it is like. Mybbd told me that in addition to that, his cock is really big. I have never been fucked by "really big" and while I want to be, I am more than a little afraid that my ass may not be ready for really big. My wife handled both really long and thick as well as her first black cock, which while slender, was 11 inches long. The longest cock I had ever seen. He fucked becca for 20 minutes at a time, ramming that 11 fucking inch black into her pussy.

He always fucked her in the missionary position with his legs widely spread. I lay, naked on the floor between his black legs and was able to briefly lick and or suck his huge black every time he pulled his cock almost out of beccas pussy. He often fucked her for 20 minutes at a time which gave me a lot of time to pleasure his balls while he fucked her. In ancase I have no choice but to, after sucking his cock but to offer him my white ass to fuck.(What kind of white pretend pussy would I be if I told,in front of all the men waiting to fuck me oh your cock is so big I am afraid you will either ruin my tight little white ass or I will find that being fucked by your huge cock will feel so fucking good that no other mans cock will please me.

Clearly I will say nothing and a fear that I will like it so much I dare tell any of the men that.but wait, there is more. I am well aware that men who choose to suck cocks and be fucked in the ass are held in very low regard by most men. When I had my first chance to be a mans pussy it happened to be a black man. I was more than delighted. The stigma of being a cock sucker and oh please shove your cock in my ass and fuck me like the pussy I want to be had the effect of allowing me to lower my self to the most degrading for of sex, not just sucking cock but kneeling on the floor taking a black cock into my mouth followed be being told to get on my knees and elbows and spread my leg so widely it hurt, followed at once by the most violent ass fucking.

Every thrust hit a part of me that hurt like a mother fucker. I cried out every time he bottomed out but I was not about to beg him to stop. I had to emulate my late wife who handled huge cocks and extra long cocks. He finally shot his cum into my ass, and when pulled his ,frankly delightfully thick cock , out of my ass, I was amazed to realize how fucking good I felt. I went from my knees to flat on the floor, while my legs had hurt spread as far apart as he demanded, I found I really having my legs as far apart as when he was fucking me.

I lay flat on my belly, eyes closed, my g-string pulled aside as it had been while he fucked me, I pulled my pleated pole dancer skirt down enough to cover most of the cheeks of my ass(I chose to not pull it down to cover my ass cheeks,i wanted to expose about one third of my ass cheeks just because it felt sexy. When my very macho black stud returned knelt down beside me and told me in a tone of voice that really got my attention. You nasty cunt, you need to be punished for offering you little white ass to a black man.

Reach down with both hands and pull your slutty little "fuck me please, lift my slutty way to short skirt up and ram your rock hard big black cock in my tight little pretend snatch and give me the fucking I both need and deserve. I know that having chosen to suck a black cock and eagerly spread my legs to give the black man easy and truly slutty access to my eager to be fucked ass was the behavior of I shameless nigger loving snatch. I had , as ordered reached down with both hands and pulled my little skirt up to my waste.

I am going to punish you for being the black cock loving cunt you are. With that slapped my left ass cheek with the flat of his hand . Proceeded to spank my ass cheeks repeatedly. Each slap caused my butt cheeks to lift up 2 inches or so. It really hurt but I did not care. Your ass cheeks keep lifting. You clearly want to get on your knees with your ass in the air. Now. I lifted my ass, knelt on my knees. He kept slapping my but cheeks. Spread your fucking legs, you clearly need another fucking by my black cock to punish you for choosing to not just be a degenerate faggot, but to deliberately decide you wanted to be the white cocksucker and offer your white ass only to black men. With that he rammed his cock into my ass again.

While god knows it really hurt, I was flattered and pleased. He both saw me as a degenerate because I had chosen to be a pussy only for black men, while also determined to take full advantage or a white man deep throating his cock and and eager to use my ass as my pussy to please the horny black men. I had asked my bbd about inviting 2 white me to my gang bang. I knew that the white men would see me as a nigger loving faggot and I thought that I would get off on their disapproval.

My bbd told me that I must let them fuck me . I told him I had never been fucked by a white man, I had deliberately chosen to suck and be fucked only by black men. What do you think, bbd? I think you like being fucked period. You owe it to the white men to offer your as to both of them. I had to agree. So my g.b. Would consist of my bbd first, the man with the large and remarkable penis head, the other black man, and the two white men. Unless one of the men who had already fucked me want seconds (which I could only pray would occur, my bbd would again prove that I was his white cunt by fucking me a second time.

Total, 3 black fuckers 2 white fuckers, then my black bbd a second time. Bottom line, fucked 6 times (unless I were to have the great fortune of 1 or more of the men wanting seconds.)

I wondered is I would be able to feel all that cum in my ass? I could go into the bathroom and use that squeeze ball to suck the cum out of my ass to taste after they left. I might be able to suck one of the men long enough for him to cum in my mouth.

I am really looking forward to sat. Night. Cocks to be sucked, my ass to be fucked 6 or more times. Photos to remember it all by.

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