Barnyard Buddies

Author: Anonymous
Published: Jul 15, 2008
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She stopped bouncing, and then started thrusting her hips forward. Friction coming between her pussy and the leather saddle. She started rubbing her pussy in circular motions on the bumpy trail, the hard saddle hitting her pussy with every turn in the road, like a busy hand.

"You going out for a hack (trail ride)" asked Jesse as she brushed her beautiful bay horse Abby. "I was thinking about it. I'll probably just take the way up through Dewey Valley, it's the shortest one. Minnies probably tired anyways." said Brie as she tacked up her small, yet stocky pony Minnie.

Jesse and Brie had known each other for 3 years, since the time they were both 15. They went to the same barn, where they each boarded their horses, Minnie and Abby. They were friends, and would sometimes take lessons together or go on trail rides together through the pastures. Jesse told Brie of how she would be taking Abby out on a trail ride on one of the rockier trails.

Jesse got the western style saddle down from the wooden saddle rack in the tack room and through it over the withers(shoulders) of Abby. Brie looked at Jesse after she turned around, she admired her long dark straight hair. Her pale creamy skin, and the faint freckles across her cheeks. Brie stared as jesse bent down to pick up a curry comb from one of the tack boxes. Her hips and round butt showed through her tight fitting breeches.

The light sweat stains on her back made her blouse see-through, she could see through the leopard print bra jesse was sporting. Jesse stood up from the box with the comb n hand. Brie turned her green eyes away and focused on securing her new english style saddle, which had suede right on the top of it where the crotch tended to be, it was made for real equestrians.

Brie grabbed her black velvet helmet, and fastened the chin strap under her chin and pulled the helmet over her strawberry-blonde, wavy hair. They both lead their horses out of the barn and mounted them. They walked to the opening of the gate and then rode out into the begining of each trail/path. Jesse waved good bye to Brie as she took off into a slow trot and turned right. Brie watched as her her ass moved up and down up and down. She felt a twang of shame and turned away. She broke into a faster trot, and made her way to the left.

45 minutes went by and Brie felt Minnie get slower and could feel her tiredness, so she halted the horse and got off to give her a rest. Minnie surprisingly layed down in the grass, where she somewhat blended in with the red mud lineing the ditch behind her.

Brie sat down feet away from her horse, and began to day dream about Jesse and the time when they both had to change together for a show in the same horse trailer, she remembered the lace g-string she had on, and the same exact leopard bra she had had on today.

All of the sudden Brie's thoughts halted when she heard a loud scream coming from the trail Jesse had been riding on. Brie sprung up from her position on the ground, and ran to a bush to see what the commotion was, in case there was someone dangerous that could harm her on the path where she heard screaming, she would keep quiet until she knew what was going on and just hide in the bush instead of running onto the path.

Brie knelt down into the bush, and saw someone coming up around the corner. She heard a low moan. Coming down the path was jesse on her horse, she was in a trot. A very fast trot. Then she picked up into a slow smooth canter. She stopped bouncing, and then started thrusting her hips forward. Friction coming between her pussy and the leather saddle. She started rubbing her pussy in circular motions on the bumpy trail, the hard saddle hitting her pussy with every turn in the road, like a busy hand. What was she doing Brie thought. Jesse reached under her shirt, reins in one hand, and started pinching what seemed to be her nipples. Bries eyes widened. She was startled she'd never seen anything like this before.

All of the sudden Jesse jumped off her horse. Oh crap,-Brie thought- she saw me! Instead of coming over to brie, she unzipped her boots, then her breeches. Her lace panties were exposed. jesse pulled off her panties. Brie stared longingly at her shaven pussy. It was beautiful, she thought. Brie was taken back, trying to fatham what might happen next. To her surprise, Jessie mounted the horse again... only backwards.

With her ass facing foward towards the horse head she lifted her ass off the saddle. She touched her pussy. Then in one moment she shoved the horn of the saddle down deep inside her pussy. A scream of pleasure, spurted out of her. She first moved up and down, then told the horse to start galloping. The bumpiness of the gallop pulled the horn in and out in and out. Jesse moaned with excitement.

Brie felt her panties getting awfully wet. she reached inside her panties and started slowly rubbing her clit back and forth. Then Jesse whipped back around staring straight at Brie. She knew she was there. Brie staggared backwards, removing her hand-if at all posible- from her pussy. Jesse walked slowly and seductively towards Brie. Oh god. - Brie thought- shes going to kill me!

Jesse and brie were staring straight at each other, only inches away. Jesse thrusted her arms forward and threw brie on the ground. "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry.." Said Brie. "shut up bitch." Said Jesse.


You heard me. Now let me help you with that.

Jesse ripped off Brie johnpurs, then her panties. Admiring her tan pussy.

What are you doing Jesse


Jesse bent down and smelled Brie;s sweet aroma.

I'll fuck you so hard. Let me make you feel good. I want to lick your fucking body bitch.

Without even responding, Brie flung forward and started frech kissing Jesse, they tore off each other clothing, then they started rubbing each other clits, and rolling around on the ground. They started sucking on each other nipples, until they were sore. Jesse told Brie to spread her legs as wide as they could go. She did. Then Jesse buried her face in Brie's pussy, sucking on Brie's throbbing clit. Brie returned the favor.

Brie and Jesse put they're pussies together and started rubbing them swiftly together, their moans were in sync.

At 1 pm, they went back to the barn.

They ended the night only to later join back again that night to play in the hay loft.

This time Jesse would bring a friend.

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