Perfect Piercing

Published: Aug 12, 2008
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It was my 20th birthday and I decided to buy my own self a present. It was something that I had given lots of thought too and with the influence of my fuck buddy, Brian. I decided to do it.

It was my 20th birthday and I decided to buy my own self a present. It was something that I had given lots of thought too and with the influence of my fuck buddy, Brian. I decided to do it. You see this summer I had found came to relize that I also liked girls. I had only one girl on girl. But I liked it. I also liked the cock . So therefore I'm BI. Anyways this birthday present to myself was a piercing. I love pain, and have numerous tattoos and piercing. But I'm very classy and no one ever excpect me to do this.

I walked into the tattoo shop just before closing, alone. I went in and it seemed empty so I turned to walk out and as I was approaching the door I heard a very sexy woman's voice come from behind me, "Can I help You" It startled me so I whipped my body around to see a very slim, black hair, green eyes, huge tit girl. She wasn't much older than me. She was beautiful. So i replied, " I was looking to get my Clit pierced but it looks like you are closing so i'll come back." She smiled and bit her bottom lip and said, "I'll be glad to do it." She took my hand and led me to the back of the shop...I dropped my pants and panties and spread my legs wide. But at this point my pussy is dripping wet just from looking at her. She left the room and came back and introduced herself. She said her name was Natalie.

She took one look at my throbbing pussy and said, " i know this is wierd but are you into girls" and i replied, " Both and I think that you are Beautiful." The next thing I knew she was on top of me, kissing me. She then ripped off my shirt and started sucking and biting my nipples. My pussy throbbing, I take her shirt off and start nursing her beautiful perfect tits. She moved down my body kissing. She stopped right at my pussy. And began to kiss me just above it. My pussy started throbbing wanting her to touch it. She finally moved down to my wet, shaved, throbbing pussy with her mouth. She started sucking my clit and going around it with her tounge. Then She stuck 2 fingers in me while still eating me out. I started moaning and telling her harder and guide her head to the right spots with my hand. She hit the spot alright. I came into her mouth and she sucked all my juices up like nothing i've ever seen before.

She came up and I kissed her tasting myself in her mouth. I pulled her bottoms off and just went right to it. I touched her clit with my tounge ever so gently and I saw her tighten. And her pussy started throbbing and was dripping wet. I stuck 3 fingers in her and felt her pussy tighten around them. And she let out a scream. I began sucking her clit and fingering her hole until she came. She came right in my mouth and it taste so sweet. I gulped it down and came up and kissed her. And told her I had to go. She asked if I would be back tomorrow for my "piercing" and I told her yes. She told me she would have something for us.

The next night I returned at the same time. Wearing crouchless panties, a skirt, no bra, a fishnet top, with a jacket over it. I walked to the back and she lay there naked. With a 2 sided dildo up in her tight pussy. I looked and she pulled me over. I put the other end in my wet pussy and we went at it. Fucking like never before. She was amazing. Needless to say, I eventually got that clit piercing. It adds more excitment to everything. And I still go to the tattoo shop everyweeked. Except now i'm bringing my boyfriend, Brian along.

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