First Time Fucking Irene

Author: Sizzling Sarah
Published: Dec 30, 2008
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Apparently her girlfriend, had cheated on her with a guy she had just met, Irene caught them in the shower her girlfriend was giving him head. He spotted Irene and grinned as he pushed his cock deeper into her girlfriends mouth. Irene ran out of the flat and eventually ended up in the library where she found and recognised Liz. When I heard her tale, I offered to go with her to confront the bitch, but she said she never wanted to see her ever again.

Girls Studying

Liz and myself went to the library, we were determined to get some solid studying done, without distractions of television, telephone or computer. We picked a table right at the rear of the library, there was not many people round so we got down to the serious studying. No sooner had we opened our books than two guys came up and attempted to pick us up. Liz gave them her famous frosty stare and they backed of muttering about us being 'lesbians'.

Once they were gone we spent the next 3 hours studying (honestly), I felt hungry and I went off to get some food and drinks which were officially not allowed on the premises. I was gone about 20 minutes and when I got back Liz was sitting chatting to a brunette girl, when I got up close I recognised her as a student in one of our classes, 'Irene', she was upset and Liz was listening as she unburdened herself.

Apparently her girlfriend, had cheated on her with a guy she had just met, Irene caught them in the shower her girlfriend was giving him head. He spotted Irene and grinned as he pushed his cock deeper into her girlfriends mouth. Irene ran out of the flat and eventually ended up in the library where she found and recognised Liz. When I heard her tale, I offered to go with her to confront the bitch, but she said she never wanted to see her ever again.

We packed up our books and took Irene back to my house, and got the vodka out, just to settle her nerves, she drank heavily and we put her to bed. She'd wake in the morning with a sore head and her girlfriend either forgiven or kicked permanently into touch.

We went to bed, Liz lay on her side, I spooned behind her and my hand pressed against her flat belly as I nibbled and licked her neck, she wriggled her sweet ass against me as my hand move south to feel her soft feminine lips and her distinctive clit which grew under my fingers as I rubbed over the hard nub. She shifted and allowed me access to the moistening soft lips which puffed as she responded to my touch, my fingers spread the nectar which emanated from her hot shaven pussy, she turned her head till her lips met mine and our tongues lapped against each other till her tongue pushed mine back into my mouth then hers invaded and I suckled on it. I moved till I lay on top of her my body pressing as my leg pushed between hers.

I raised myself off her and she settled on her back on the bed her legs spreading and both mine between hers, I took her hands and lifted them above her head and held them against the headboard she gripped the railing and I kissed her face, as my hands mashed her lovely boobs, her nipples filled with blood stiffening them as I worked them with my fingers and then my lips and tongue. I traced my fingers down her side to her hips and move south west between our bodies to locate her by now soaked pussy as I bit and pulled the turgid nipples in turn.

After a few more minutes teasing her nipples my whole body moved south as my tongue left a wet trail over her hot smooth body, she lifted her hips off the bed as I slide down on to the bed my boobs pressing against her hard pink clit. My hard nipple against her clit she moaned as my finger nail scraped over her pulsing anus, I could smell her arousal and by now I wanted to taste her, so I settled down and opened her hot wet pink pussy lips, my mouth inches from her nectar, God I love the way she jumps the first moment my tongue or lips touches her pussy, yes there it was, the soft touch my tongue soft flat long lick from the perineum to the hardness of her clit.

I sucked her pussy lips between my lips sucking and pulling on the sweet puffiness, her hands moved to my hair she bunched it in the fist and pressed my face hard against her, my tongue wriggled inside her pussy, my nose squashed on her clit, she bucked against my face as she wanted to cum so badly and quickly. I knew tonight would be a long pleasurable passionate night. Liz, rewarded my tongue play with a flush of girl cum which filled my mouth. I moved quickly upwards to give my sweet lover a taste of her cum and dribbled it into her open eager mouth, my knee remained in contact with her bubbling wet pussy, grinding on the soft yielding puffy lips. Liz rolled me over and loomed over me I opened my slutty mouth and she fed me her cum, letting it dribble into my mouth and then she sealed her lips to mine as we frenched sharing the tangy sweet girl cum.

Finally she broke the kiss I gasped for air my head spinning as she bit my shoulder leaving her teeth marks, my wild cat was very randy and now I was her prey. She knelt between my thighs keeping me open for her exploring fingers, she teased my mercilessly flirting light touches causing my whole body to quiver. She was letting me know she was in charge, her soft silky hair tickled and tormented me, she slapped my left boob, Smaaack, pain and ecstasy her hand print rose on my tender boob she took her finger nail and scratched over the area, then she kissed and licked.

Liz wrapped her arms round my waist and knelt upright she pulled me up against her my pussy level with her hot mouth, my arms braced me as she attacked my soft fleshy pussy sucking licking as she pulled my pussy wide she started to tongue fuck me. My body responding to my rising orgasm my throat flushed, my head throbbed as my own orgasm rumbled through my body.

As my head moved I caught a movement reflected in the mirror, focusing I saw Irene watching through the half open door her hand was moving inside her panties, seeing her masturbating while watching us brought my orgasm to an explosive end, my pussy pulsed and I rewarded Liz with a cum shower, I lost full control my body sagged, I was totally drained. I glanced round at the mirror but Irene was gone.

Liz got up and started the shower returning she helped me through and under the shower, we let the hot water rinse the sheen of sweat and cum from our bodies. Then I faced her and took her face in my hands and tenderly kissed her lips, as my leg moved between hers, she ground her clit against it. I kissed down her throat before moving to her stiff peaked nipples, first one then the other, suckling on each, nipping and pulling as Liz humped against my wet leg. After several more minutes I spin her round, she braced herself against the wall and spread her legs pushing her delish ass out, I knelt pulling her butt cheeks open wide I lapped at her anal bud my tongue alternating from flat soft to round hard, my fingers pulled her ass open and my tongue pushed as far as possible into her, she moaned and begged me to go deeper, so a finger replace my tongue which I dipped lower and lapped over her sweet pussy lips, she dropped a hand down and she drummed one finger on her own clit and slide 2 fingers deep into her pussy as I sucked on the flesh lips and fingered her anal opening, she was being driven to her second massive orgasm of the night, it swept through her, her knees gave and I held her slowly sinking to the shower floor, where we kissed and hugged each other till Liz recovered enough to stand and I switched off the water I took a large fluffy towel and dried her off, I led her into the bedroom and put her into bed and I quickly dried off and joined her I wrapped myself round her feeling her breathing slow as she fell asleep in my arms, only then did I let myself sleep, satiated but with a plan for the morning with our guest Irene.

I woke, Liz had already got up and I could hear her in the kitchen, I went into the toilet brushed my teeth and wandered down to the spare room to check on Irene, but she was not there the bed was made, so I went downstairs naked and into the kitchen, calling out as I went, on opening the kitchen door Irene was sitting at the breakfast bar, as Liz was cooking bacon, she turned saw me and smiled, then Irene glanced round her eyes opened like saucers and her face flushed, Liz meantime just smiled, she knew what was coming.

I said, "Hello", and walked over to the fridge opening the door my back to Irene, I bent over allowing Irene an unrestricted view of my pussy and ass. Liz smiled and when I straightened I walked over and wrapped my arms round her shoulders and kissed her deeply, she played along and dropped her hands to my bottom and grabbed a handful of ass cheek and pulled me closer to her, our tongues working inside each others mouths first Liz's then her tongue invading my mouth. When we broke the kiss Irene was squirming on the chair.

I walked over and sat beside her facing her, I asked her, if she had slept well.

She said, she had woken once or twice.

She was trying not to look at my boobs or lower, where I sat with my legs open my pink pussy lips were puffy and she could see the dew gathering at my entrance. My hand moved over and I absently played with my open wet pussy, while chatting, I could see her face flushed and her body squirming as she was getting turned on despite her best efforts, her eyes gazed between my legs as I inserted a finger into my wet pussy withdrawing it and re-inserting it over and over.

Judging the time was right I lent over and closed my lips on hers, my tongue pressed against her closed lips flicking left and right till she allowed her lips to open slightly and then my tongue slid into her sweet mouth I could taste the sugar from her tea, as my hand cupped her breast over her jumper, I squeezed and she responded positively.

On seeing this Liz walked over and moving behind her she bent and kissed Irene's neck. I broke the kiss and reached for the waist of the jumper I lifted it up Liz stopped allowing me to remove it completely, Liz unhooked Irene's bra freeing her boobs, which I attacked my lips clamped on the semi stiff nipple my tongue flicking over the tip soon had the nipple standing proud and erect, as Liz re-initiated her attack on her neck. Irene threw back he head and gave in to our two prong attack.

We continued for a few more minutes and when Irene's hand found my wet slit, I moved into the second phase, I moved the things on the breakfast bar aside and stood Irene up and pressed her over the breakfast bar and Liz unzipped Irene's skirt and pulled her tights and panties down to her knees, she knelt and spreading her ass she moved forward and lapped at the poor girls wet pussy while sliding her finger deep into her.

While she was doing that I sat on the breakfast bar, she gently spread my legs and kissed my naked pubic mound. She nuzzled around for a few minutes, spending time with the different parts of my pussy. My breathing quickens, and Irene was certainly enjoying herself too.

By now I was highly aroused, wiggling around, as well Irene spread my labia and gently kissed and tongued my clit. She held my clit hood back as she licked and lapped on my highly sensitive clit. She licked the entire area, my pussy opening, perineum, inner labia and clitoris.

She had obviously done this before. She wrapped her arms around my hips, cupping my ass, while working on my clit. She licked with firm pressure using the tip of her tongue in a circular motion. She inserted her tongue into my pussy varying the speed, pressure and intensity.

Liz was working on Irene all the time, sucking and licking fingering and tonguing her ass wriggling as she felt her own orgasm building, then it struck me the little bitch was trying to get me off before she came herself. There was no way I would allow that to happen I wanted to be in control, so with a tremendous effort I took Irene's head and pulled her up, till she was face to face with me and I kissed her I could taste my own essence on her tongue.

Liz followed Irene up. She was now kneeling on the breakfast bar her ass in the air giving Liz more room for manoeuvring. My darling was giving this vixen three fingers fast and deep and alternating licking and biting her inner thighs while thumbing her stiff clit. As I played with her nipples kissing and biting each in turn, I felt Irene shiver and tremble as her orgasm exploded she bit her lip trying to stifle a scream, which would not be stifled, and she let out a long low growl as she bucked on Liz's expert tongue. I slid off the breakfast bar and Irene collapsed over it, I took Liz into my arms and kissed her tasting Irene's pussy, savouring the kiss and the taste I turned and licked the hot sticky liquid seeping from Irene's dark pigmented outer lips which contrasted with her hot pink clit, my tongue swept over the now sensitive nub causing Irene to jump and moan loudly.

Liz decided it was time we put this vixen to bed, this time we put her in our king sized bed and we climbed in one on each side, we talked and stroked Irene's breasts admitted she had had a long term relationship with her best friend Wendy, before she moved to college and got involved with her bi-sexual now ex-girlfriend.

Ah I said on that note girl I think you have something to finish as I pushed her down under the sheet as I spread my legs wide. Liz moved over my head and lowered her dripping wet pussy to my eager darting tongue, mmmmm Liz had worked hard now was her reward yummmmmmmmmmy.

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