The Window Ch 3

Published: Jan 24, 2009
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Desiree was snapping away as I got to my knees and started working on the tire. She opened the back door next to the rear tire I was changing and sat in the car with her legs hanging out of the car. This woman not only has heavenly boobs to admire but the longest sexiest legs ever I thought.


Beep, beep, beep...Oh man...this sucks I thought as I rolled over and saw a text from Desiree that it was time for me to pick her up. I slowly removed my warm body from beneath the covers and got dressed while Michelle snored away. In the interim, I text Desiree I'd be there in about 15 minutes or so. As I walked into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth it dawned on me the other 2 ladies were still awake. Holy shit I thought...these two were definitely running on some energizers.

I quietly walked down the stairs, grabbed a sweatshirt and put it on while I exited the house. It was still dark outside and sunrise was maybe in about another hour or so. The temperature was a little brisk and all I could smell was the rain lingering in the air from the night before. I got into the truck, turned it on, and slowly coasted down the long stretch of rocky driveway. I lit up a joint figuring this would calm my nerves before I see Desiree because she was one of those women I had a problem looking in the eyes when speaking to her.

As I continued driving I noticed 2 moose fucking like there's no tomorrow off the side of the road in a bog. "Money shot," I spoke aloud. I reached in the back seat to locate my camera and what else, I forgot it. Beep, beep, beep. I opened the phone and there's a text from Desiree that says I'm waiting with a smiley face. I responded I'm on my way and asked if she could bring her camera because I forgot mine. I then slowly inhaled the joint then exhaled and while doing so I wondered if anyone else found nature to be as beautiful as I do.

I turned the radio off and pulled up to where Desiree and Brian were staying. Desiree was already waiting outside smoking a cigarette while staring up at the sky. I stopped the truck alongside her, rolled the window down, and said, "Get in Lady." She jumped in and shut the door, rolled her window down and took the last drag of her butt before ducking it out in the ashtray. "How was your night," she asked. I passed her the joint and laughed and said it was good probably better than yours. She slapped my leg and said, "You got that right, and hopefully today will be better for me."

I started driving, we had about a half hour or so until we arrived to her car. As we drove she reached over and turned the radio on. Unfortunately the only station we could get in was the weather. Even though it was going to be relatively warm out it's not something you want to hear playing continuously in the wee hours of the morning. "What's in the CD player," she asked as she hit the button. "I'm not too sure," I said. With that starts the song "Drive" by Melissa Ferrick. Just what I needed, that song in itself is a turn on and now I have to sit next to her listening to not fair I thought.

"I'll hold you up and drive you all night I'll hold you up and drive you baby 'till you feel the daylight," sings not only Melissa but Desiree as well. "So true Desiree laughs and says." My face yet again started turning multiple shades of red with a quickness. "Damn," I said aloud. "What's wrong are you saying that because you're blushing," she amusingly stated then started moving her body all seductively along with the words.

This girl is killing me I thought as my heart started rapidly beating.

Trying to completely avoid seeing her while she sang and moved all about slowly feeling the music I grabbed for my pack of cigarettes. Sure enough my nerves got the best of me and I dropped them on the floor by her feet. Desiree laughed and said, "Would you like for me to pick that up." Still without making eye contact however cracking a smile, I responded, "Please."

She slowly bent forward and reached for the cigarettes while her voluptuous breasts rest against her thighs. I slightly turned my head to the right to look for my lighter but was a little distracted and couldn't help but to admire her position. Sure enough she caught me staring and actually asked what was going through my mind. Oh what the fuck, I just got bagged, I thought. Without any hesitation I said, "Um, um..going through my mind, yeah I need a cigarette, that's what was going through my mind,"

Desiree opened the pack, took a cigarette out then held it between her lips. She turned to me and said, "How about I light one for you." Before I could even respond she lit the cigarette, inhaled, then slowly exhaled rings from her mouth then said, "Here ya go," while leaning her body close to me resting her breasts on my right arm then putting the cigarette in my mouth. "And by the way, you're a horrible liar, you weren't thinking of wanting a cigarette," then she moved her breasts further into my arm before sitting back in her seat.

"Oh look, there's Brian's car," I said aloud, while in my mind I thought, I hope this distracts that conversation. I parked behind Brian's car and put on the hazards to the truck. Before getting out of the truck I observed in the sky such a beautiful sunrise developing over the mountaintops. "Quick, can I borrow your camera," I asked. She said, "Definitely, and I want lots of pictures," as we both exited the vehicle.

Click, click, click, I snapped away at the sunrise. "Come here and take a pic with me of the sunrise in the background girl," I said, as I pulled her close to me with my right arm and wrapped it around her skinny waist. She leaned her body back to only get closer to mine, raised her right arm then ran her fingers through my hair. "Love it," she said then palmed the back of my head with her hand and pushed my head so close we were cheek to cheek.

We must have taken at least 30 pictures and as each one was taken the poses became somewhat entertaining. The first 5 pics were cheek to cheek which somehow evolved into the next 5 pics posing with our tongues stretched out playfully touching each other's tip of the tongue. "Now why do you have to tease a shy girl like me," I said to her. So the next 10 pics she decided to move us over to Brian's car. She took the camera from me and said, "I'm going to take pictures of you changing the tire so Brian can learn." She laughed and reached for the keys and unlocked the trunk. I pulled out the tire and whatever else was needed and placed it next to the tire to be changed.

Desiree was snapping away as I got to my knees and started working on the tire. She opened the back door next to the rear tire I was changing and sat in the car with her legs hanging out of the car. This woman not only has heavenly boobs to admire but the longest sexiest legs ever I thought. Click, click. Finally, the tire is off. "1 down, 1 to go," I said. I got up from my knees and walked around a little to get the blood flowing in my legs.

A minute or so later, Desiree, got out of the car and walked to the trunk and opened it. She then walked over to the tire and attempted to pick it up to throw it in the trunk. When I say attempted I mean only 1 finger touched the tire. Princess, I thought to myself and laughed aloud. "Leave it alone, I'll take it," as I could finally feel my legs enough to walk over to her. As I bent down to grab the tire she bent down in front of me and leaned forward inches from my face and asked if I needed help. I responded, "No, but can I ask you something."

Out of nowhere and I mean nowhere, I leaned forward and whispered, "Can I have a kiss." "Holy hell, what did I just do," I thought. I immediately froze up closed my eyes and braced myself for the biggest slap ever. I waited for what seemed to be minutes but in reality was seconds then felt her tongue licking my lips. "Is this for real," I thought while rolling the tire out from between us. As she continued teasing me with her tongue we stood up then began to kiss. Click, click, click, and that's what the last 10 pictures consisted of.

Beep, beep, beep. I opened my phone to see a text from Michelle. She was wondering how we were doing. I text her back saying the tire was off and I was putting the spare on now. I walked over to the tire and rolled it to the car. In the meantime Desiree lit up a joint and asked if I wanted to smoke. "Surely so," I said. I took a couple of hits then passed it back. "The tire is changed my friend," I said, then I stood up, walked over to the rear of the car and threw everything back in the trunk. I asked her if she was ready to follow me and she responded, "Show me the way," kissed me on my cheeck and went into her car.

I walked over to the Pathfinder and thought..I'm going to have her follow me to Bear Pond. I started the truck and noticed Desiree getting out of the car and walking towards me. I rolled the window down and asked her what was wrong. She yelled, "The fucking car won't start now, the battery is dead, ugh I hate men." With that her text goes off and it's Brian asking if she was on her way back yet. She text him back, the tire was fixed but the battery is dead. "Now what do we do," Desiree said.. I hugged her and said "Get in the car I'm going to take you for a ride." To be continued....

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