First Lesbian Experience - What Do I Tell My Brother

Author: Philippa
Published: Jan 11, 2014
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She began my kissing and licking up the insides of my legs, from my ankles to my lips, then down to my knees and up again, I wanted her mouth inside my lips so badly.

Those of you who read my account of how my brother and I became lovers when we were teenagers and eventually became partners will know that each of us had been the other's first, that we chose to live together secretly as sexual partners, that our parents knew and, if reluctantly, and accepted us as lovers. We didn't want sex with anyone else and for more than a decade we remained loyal to each other.

I was the person who moved outside our relationship. I allowed myself to be seduced.

I had never been with another person. As a teenager I had wondered what sex with others would be like, I looked at boys in the pool and tried to imagine what they looked like naked and how big their penises were, but that was all. The only cock that I had touched or sucked and had in me was my brother's.

After we left University and settled into employment our lives assumed a regular pattern. We earned money, our parents visited us, we visited them, but we had no other social contact with others outside our family. It was a constrained but eminently satisfactory time for us. We made love often and were happy with our respective roles, with me the dominant partner, with David as a happy and fulfilled submissive. The sex we had was everything we needed. David did what I asked and became a highly skilled if slightly shy lover, he understood my needs perfectly.

I work as a systems analyst in an IT company, it's a satisfying job with good career prospects that saw me quickly promoted. The money is excellent and, combined with David's income we have been able to live a very comfortable life. Another advantage of my job is that I essentially work alone, I have my own office, meeting other members of the team for discussions and planning sessions as needed. My colleagues are split about 60/40 men/women. I have nothing to do with them socially, this hasn't raised eyebrows as the people who work in IT are often solitaries, eccentricity and antisocial behaviours are taken as par for the course, if you have an office full of eccentrics, what's one more There was never any reason for anyone from work to come to our home.

That changed in ways that I couldn't have anticipated at the time, though, with hindsight, I doubt that knowing what I know now I would have changed anything.

I had only seen one girl naked when I was a teen. We were in middle school and she came to my house one day after school, she didn't have a pool and we did, she wanted to swim. I saw her naked as we changed into our bikinis in my room. We were almost fourteen, small breasts, slender, androgynous and some hair between our legs. She saw me looking at her pubes and asked if I'd ever seen a girl before. I shook my head, had she Once, she said. Could we look at each other's Sure, why not I thought. I wanted to. She lay on my bed and opened her legs. Her slit was longer than mine and her inner lips protruded beyond her big lips. She had a little clump of pubic hair at the top and then running down the sides of her slit. I wanted to have a look inside, but I was too shy to ask her to open it so I could see.

I lay down. It was my turn. I was quite nervous but also very aroused, I knew enough about my body to understand what being wet down there meant. I opened my legs wide. She looked at me intently and then touched me, moving my lips apart so she could see in. I wanted to ask her to let me see but couldn't get the words out. We got dressed and swam, she went home, she never came back and even though I saw her at school every day we grew apart and I didn't have another chance to try to see inside hers again. That was the extent of my girl/girl experience.

My relationship with my colleagues could probably be best described as reserved and formal, we chat over coffee, our non-work lives were touched on, they knew that I lived with my brother. We had talked about the best way to maintain our secret and it seemed that a bald statement that we were siblings and that we shared accommodation was the safest explanation. I went to the office Christmas parties, but nothing else. No-one suggested that they should visit us, I never gave anyone any hint that they might be welcome.

After I had been there nearly three years a new woman was employed. She was as tall as I was, slight, small breasted, with long black hair that was parted in the middle and square cut across her back about six inches below her shoulders. It was a hairstyle that was straight out of the Kennedy era, it was so shiny black that from the back she could have been Asian, I looked surreptitiously at her eyes and cheekbones, but if she did have Asian ancestry it was long ago. We communicated well and began to work more closely, spending time in each other's offices. She didn't ask about my personal life, I offered nothing and didn't ask about hers.

One morning she was standing behind me looking over my shoulder at one of my screens and she put her hand on my shoulder. I was acutely aware of her touch and confused by the intensity of the feeling it caused. After that first contact she almost always stood with a hand on my shoulder and then, one afternoon, she played with the hairs on the back of my neck. It's so cliched to say that someone's touch was like an electric shock, but as she ran her fingers through my hair I stopped thinking about the problem we were trying to solve, I could only think about what she was doing and how much I wanted her to keep doing it. I was very wet. The next time I was in her office I did the same thing. I played with the back of her neck, but she wasn't reticent, she looked back up at me and smiled, I really like you, I thought you'd never touch me. I was frozen in a mixture of confusion, fear and aching desire. And as wet as I have ever been in my life. Buy you a drink after work I was afraid if I spoke my voice would quaver. I nodded. Where A bar near where I live. We can walk there easily.

It was quiet and dark, we sat in a corner well out of the way, I hadn't heard anyone from work mention it, but I was afraid of an unexpected encounter. I drank gin and tonic, she drank vodka and orange. After her second drink Jayne looked at me steadily and said very quietly, do you have sex with girls I was astonished by her bluntness. I never have. Would you like to with me Yes. Now Yes. I don't know what to do. I'll show you.

Her home was like her. Minimalist, very tidy, a wall full of books, polished wooden floors, some prints on the walls. Her bedroom was the antithesis of that I shared with David, spare, everything in its place, not a speck of dust. We stood and looked at each other, then she came closer and taking my head in her hands she kissed me delicately, just her lips gently on mine. Then she moved back a little and smiled slightly, now you kiss me. I did exactly what she had just done. She kissed me again, I've wanted this for the longest time, did you know Yes, I thought so, but I didn't know what to do. Nothing will happen that you don't want, if you want me to stop I will. I nodded. But you will have to start talking to me. Another smile. I will. Promise I nodded. This time she laughed out loud. She kissed me again and held me to her, her tongue running delicately between my lips. We stood like that for a long time, our tongues just brushing each other's lips. I so badly wanted her, but would she like what I did, I had fucked many hundreds of times with my brother but I was a virgin with another woman. I whispered my doubts, she ran her hands through my hair, I'll show you everything you need to know. And so it began.

I'm going to undress you. I stood while she undid buttons and my zipper, she undressed me with the same delicacy with which she had kissed me. I stood naked and regarded her. Now you undress me. It was extraordinary how different her body was from David's, softer, curved, feminine, none of the male tautness, receptive. Would you like me to shower She smiled again, no, I want you right now, I want to smell and taste you for the first time just as you are. I think I'll smell of pee down there. I know, I want to smell and taste it, just what your pussy is, I want that. Pussy. Not cunt. OK. I need to pee first. Don't wash, just wipe.

In her bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. This was totally outside my experience. Should I ring David and lie I made no decision one way or the other. It was too late to stop, anyway I didn't want to. What would I say when I got home. I had no idea. I peed and went back to Jayne. Do you need to ring anyone I don't know what to tell him. You can be working back, that won't be unusual. I rang David and lied. Are you OK You sound worried. There's a problem that's worrying me is all. As I spoke to David Jayne sat on the edge of her bed and listened. Sorry you had to lie. It's OK, I wanted to, it was my decision, how else can I be here

She took my hand and gently pulled me to her, her mouth level with my nipples. She moved across her bed. Lie on your tummy. Her fingers tips barely touched my skin and she ran them up and down my back and bottom. I parted my legs so she knew I wanted her to touch me there. Dear God, I wanted her fingers in there so much. Down my legs, up the insides of my thighs, tantalisingly across the backs of my knees, back down and up the sides of my thighs, closer and closer each time. I opened my legs farther, right open. She had to know. Of course she knew. Roll over for me.

She bent and took a nipple in her lips, pressing gently with her lips, sucking, rolling her tongue around it as her fingers caressed high and higher up the inside of my legs. Then, finally, she was there, a finger each side of my lips, right where the tops of my legs met the outside of my lips. And then the tip of her middle finger running up and down the very outside of my slit. I spread my legs even wider and pushed up against her finger. It played around my opening and then slid back up to my clit. I was in paradise. Her finger slipped into my opening and made tiny thrusting movements, My pelvis followed her motion, trying to get more of her into me. I heard myself making noises, they seemed to be coming from someone else. Jayne moved from my breasts to my mouth, now I want you to do the same for me. I will, but let me cum first We'll both cum, there's plenty of time. Now it's my turn. Her skin was soft and silken, another cliche I know, but there is no other way to describe it. When you touch my pussy just the tips of your fingers on my inside lips, so you can barely feel me as you do it. I nodded. I wanted her lips in my mouth, I wanted to taste her, to compare her to what I taste like when I lick my fingers after I cum.

She moved her hips a lot more than I had, I'd been too shy then, but I knew that next time I would move more and be more vocal as well. I was vocal with David and I had to be with Jayne. My middle finger slid up and down the inside of her pussy, circled her clit, it was hard, her lips swollen. Then back down to her opening, in to one knuckle, moving in and out just as she'd done for me. As she got more and more turned on her inside lips became larger and firmer. She pulled me up to her face, I want to suck you now. I lay on my back. Come over to the side of the bed so I can kneel on the floor.

She began my kissing and licking up the insides of my legs, from my ankles to my lips, then down to my knees and up again, I wanted her mouth inside my lips so badly. I put my hands on her head to pull her mouth onto me, she pulled back and looked up at me and smiled. For us there can only be one first time, just go with it, I'll make it wonderful. OK. That was when she kissed the inside, I pushed my hips up so she as much of me into her mouth as she wanted, pulling my knees up to my chest and holding them wide open. Then her tongue slid up and down, gliding over my clit, then down to my opening. Her mouth was very different from David's, her sucking and kissing was softer, there were no whisker bristles on her top lip and chin. She was slower, more delicate, more considered, feminine as opposed to the firmer, less subtle things that David did for me. She was building my arousal. I was lying with my head propped up on a pillow, so I could watch whatever I could see. She raised her head and caught my eye, you taste so good, thought you would. I'm going to make you cum now, and then I'll teach you how to give good head. Two, then three fingers in my vagina, working them in and out, twisting them like a corkscrew and they went in and out, my clit held between her front teeth, her tongue flicking back and forth over it. Another finger slipped into my anus. I heard myself moaning again. Let go, let it happen, this is going to be huge. I could feel myself building and building to an orgasm. And then everything when blank as the orgasm possessed me, my hips bucking against her face, my hands crushing her face into my cunt, the same voice screaming don't stop, don't fucking stop. She didn't. I came three or four times, not sure how many, but it was the best sex I've ever had. She came up and kissed me, lick me clean. I couldn't taste pee. All I could taste was my cunt.

I looked at her little clock beside the bed. It was 9.30, we'd been having sex for two hours. I should be getting home, but I wasn't going anywhere until I'd gone down on her. Explaining to David was a problem I'd have to deal with later.

When I'd got my breath back I lay in her arms and looked into her eyes. What did this mean What did this change Did anything change Did everything change We didn't speak. I started to cry, Jayne held me and kissed my tears. You're worried about this. Very. Nothing has to change, this is between us. I want to give you what you just gave me. You can do anything you want to me, don't hurry. I lay with her not speaking. What are you thinking Thinking, feeling, wanting, I'm so confused on one level, certain on another, unsure, excited, I'm not used to these emotions. Just go with it, follow your heart, don't try to over-think us. This is our first time. Have you done this much before Had my first when I was 12. Ever been with a boy A few, but I only did it with them because I was curious and didn't wanted to be outed as a lesbian back then, too young for that stuff. I saw inside a pussy once when I was like 13 or so. Do anything else No, if you mean with her I was too shy, but I really wanted to see inside hers. Are you bi I don't know, haven't thought about it before. I think you might be. She smiled, we have so much to talk about.

I let my hand rest on her pussy, she opened her legs wider and sighed, crinkling her eyes in pleasure, like a teenage girl in the delights of first love. I really want you to go down on me very soon. I ran my finger up and down her slit, gently, so that I could only just feel her. She spread her legs as wide as they could go. That's so good, you know just what to do. You told me what to do. Shhh. My fingers were very wet. I put them up to my nose and smelled them. She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. Nice Very. I put them into my mouth and sucked them, she didn't taste the same as me, she was muskier. She moved over to the side of her bed, her knees pulled up and spread, the way mine had been. I kissed the insides of her legs, trailed my fingertips up and down, resisted the urge to press my face hard against her slit.

Her hips moving slightly, then she took my head in her hands and drew me to her. I opened her lips and gazed into her. Inside she was pink, her inner lips slightly ruffled, flared at the top. I smelled her before I put my mouth on her. Her clit was bigger than mine, longer and thicker, and with its hood eased back it was like the end of my little finger. My tongue slipped over and around it, she sighed and her body relaxed under my mouth. That's exactly right, no-one sucks pussy like another woman, no-one. My tongue slipped into her opening, then down over her perineum and lightly over her ass hole. She moved my head back up to her pussy. I love that, but now I want to cum.

Her orgasms were explosive, that's all that can be said, over and over, continuous, convulsive and compelling. I was amazed and elated. I had done that for her. Not only could I do it for her, she wanted me to do it. We lay silently. Sure beats lines of code. A wry smile. Do you want to do this again I nodded. I want to do this again, but only with you. Me, too. It was midnight and the problem of David and what to tell him, or not what to tell him, remained. What do I tell her about David Do I even tell her anything Everything had changed.

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