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Author: Emily G.
Published: Mar 3, 2014
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She kissed my again tasting her pussy-juice on my lips before she moved down to clumsily slurp on my big tits.

I lived in a flat with 4 other girls in my first year at university and more often than not, 3 of the girls would go out on a Friday night leaving me and Abby in alone. Abby was 19 with long legs and lovely dark brown hair that tumbled past her shoulders. I used to fantasise about her walking into my bedroom in only stockings and suspenders with some tiny see-through panties on, begging me to eat her delicious pussy. One night, I got my wish.

The three other girls had gone out and I was in my room. I had put on my favourite naughty lingerie set - a red and black lace babydoll from ann summers with matching G-string- like I always did when I was about to settle in for an evening pleasurng myself. As I lay back with one hand stroking my large 30DD breasts and the other on my pink vibrator I imagined Abby with her legs spread, fondling her small, pointed breasts and looking at me with passion in her eyes. I slipped my thing to one side and ran the vibrator up and down my wet slit slowly, wishing that it was her soft tongue when I heard my bedroom door open just the smallest amount. At first I didn't look up but continued to stroke my pussy but then I opened my eyes to see Abby standing in a baggy grey t-shirt and black lace panties biting her lip and stroking her inner thigh watching me.

I immediately sat up and smiled at her, "come here" I whispered. I knew then that tonight was the night I would fuck this beautiful babe senseless. She walked over to the bed and stood awkwardly for a while before saying "I think about you a lot, but I've never done this before... with another girl". I stood beside her and told her not to worry, I'd show her.

I placed my hands on her slim hips and pulled her towards me, my lips touched hers softly and I felt a sigh escape her. She parted her full pink lips slowly and I began to move my tongue against hers, licking her lips gently and occasionally nibbling on them. I let my hands wander up her t-shirt and onto her tits, as I did she put her hands on my plump butt cheeks and gently squeezed them, the girl was learning fast. I tugged her top off and admired the small pointed breasts for a moment before I started to suck on one of her hard nipples, she moaned gently and I could feel my already dripping wet pussy throbbing. I sat her down on the bed an crouched down between her legs, holding her thighs apart. I could see how wet she was, she was seeping through her panties. I decided to tease her, slowly kissing her thigh and running my finger as softly as I could over her wet panties. I looked up at her as she said "please, I want you to lick me". I did as I was told, pulling her knickers to one side, the scent of her sweet girl-juice filled my nostrils as I licked her puffy lips. She moaned while I let my mouth wander over her, lapping up her delicious wetness. I sucked on her clit and she pushed my head deeper into her mound, she was going crazy. I slipped one finger into her hole and kept licking her clit as I frigged her. Her moaning got louder and I was glad none of the other girls were in to hear us. Abby pulled herself away from me and beckoned me to the bed. I lay back and spread my thick thighs for her. She kissed my again, tasting her pussy-juice on my lips before she moved down to clumsily slurp on my big tits. My whole body felt electric and she kissed down my body to my wet pussy. She pulled off my thong and pushed my legs wide apart before licking my pussy, so eager to please me. She kept licking me, every so often nibbling on my clit. She pushed two fingers into my hole and fucked me good with them. I could feel the orgams building up inside me, I moaned louder and louder saying "oh, Abby yeah, fuck me like that baby, oh!". I almost screamed as I felt myself cum, murmuring "I'm cuuuummiiiing". Abby lifted her face out of my cunt and I could see the wetness on her lips. I licked the juice off of her lips and her fingers, loving the taste of me on her.

I looked into Abby's big dark eyes and told her "now it's your turn". I guided her over to the desk and bent her over it, her ass sticking up in the air. She was so wet it was all over her thighs, I knew she was desperate for a good, hard fuck. I lifted the vibrator from the bed and teased her slit with the 8 inch shaft before switching it on and rubbing her clit with it. She moaned and asked me to put it in her, I obliged turning the setting up and easing the dildo into her pussy. I started to fuck her gently, then faster and harder. I stood behind her, grabbing one of her tits and pulling on the nipple. "you like that" I asked her "you like my big pink cock in your hole". "yes" she moaned and I began to fuck her harder, listening to her groand and the sound of her wetness against the vibrator. I felt her shake as she reached climax, calling my name over and over. It was the best sound I've ever heard. As I pulled the cock out of her pussy a small squirt of juice hit my thigh. "well, you're a dirty girl aren't you" I said. Abby slumped across to the bed and I came over and gently kissed her before we snuggled up together, both filled with the promise of next Friday night.

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