Sensory Perception

Author: Cassie
Published: Dec 20, 2006
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let me put this blindfold over your eyes so your senses take over and you can really feel everything I do to your body! ......hear, smell, feel, and yes with your mind watch me devour your body....ummmm! wonderful you make me feel....the waves are still over powering my entire body. Here, put let me put this blindfold over your eyes so your senses take over and you can really feel everything I do to your body! I'm going to put these silk cuffs from both your hands and feet to the posts of the bed so that you are totally vulnerable to me, the only thing you can do is writhe and squirm as I take control of your helpless with your arms and legs spread wide open......hear, smell, feel, and yes with your mind watch me devour your body....ummmm! Let me start with your neck.

My tongue starting from your collar bone, slowly lapping up your taste. I am now above your head with my legs spread as I run my tongue over your breasts, first circles, then slow passes back and forth, taunting and teasing your nipples, with little soft gently nips with my teeth, pulling your nipples into my mouth, sucking and tugging while watching your body quiver and hearing your moans muffled by the gag over your mouth, could not chance knowing how loud you will scream from the ecstasy you are about to feel none other to compare. Slowly I'm working my tongue down to your navel, lapping your salty wetness caused from me driving you wild! My pussy is now centered just above your face, the sweet aroma is all you can have, until I decide to give you a taste, but not yet my lover, all in good time. I've moved my mound up to your chin, fucking it so gently, watching you cum. My lips are now spreading your lips below, sucking up your clit, and moving my tongue all around.

I slip my nose down the crack or your sweet ass, with my chin now moving in sync. Your juices are flowing you're soaking the bed, I insert one finger each to both of your holes! Your excited screams are turning me on, I'm so glad their muffled, I don't want to share with anyone close enough that they might hear! Now promise me babe, try not to scream, cause I'm gonna remove the gag across your face, so I can now let your tongue fuck me, while I'm making you cream. No, I'm in control, you better slow down, or I'll remove my pussy and you'll not get to taste....ummm...much better my dear, lick me real slow, copy my movements that my tongue does to you, and we will soon cum together..............Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! we both scream. Not really caring who might be near!!! I remove my pussy, even thou you say no!

But I'm still not finished with the plans I have in store for you! I get off the bed, you hear me open a drawer, I'm really going to fuck you, with the strap on I wear, but what you don't realize is that it is a double cock with a vibrator attached, so I begin pouring the lube onto both heads, then I lay myself on top of you and begin to move, My tits are rubbing your pussy, and moving on up, until they are touching your tits, let the fucking begin, I have to stop for just a moment, You see it is time for you to turn on over, stuffing three pillows under your tummy, scooting them lower, so your hip are up high, the sight drives me wild so my tongue begins to lick your pussy first then on up to your ass! I slide on a pair of latex gloves, so when my fingers start massaging your anus, to open it up, my fingernails won't hurt you, when I begin to go in. I take my index finger, and slowly rub it around your star, gentle pressure slowly going in, your body starts shaking your hips moving up and down you're telling me please stop teasing and fuck you right I ask you must I gag you again I slowly enter your tight ass hole, pulling and pushing my finger over and over again! While I am fucking your ass with my finger, I decide to run my tongue down to your pussy so it doesn't feel deprived! You quiver, and shiver and can't stop your body from meeting up with both my finger and tongue....that's when I know your ready to take the cocks that I'm wearing so I can fuck you so good you will never forget for the rest of your life, the ecstasy you're feeling, from a night with me making love to you.

Slowly I enter first your ass with the small cock, waiting to make sure it causes you no pain, and when I can move faster, and you beg for more, that's when I know I can enter your pussy to fill both your holes....again you moan and shiver and scream please stop, I can't take any more....of you sending my body out of this realm!!!! I have never felt an orgasm like yours, and when I say felt I meant what I said, I too orgasmed from hearing you cum! How do you feel baby!!

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