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Author: Anon
Published: Aug 26, 2007
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I told her yes, I'd just lick her. so after dissuading her fears, she lifted my shirt and I pulled out my big tit. she was amazed at the size of my nipple and immediately latched on, sucking away. I was so hot... I love to have my tits nursed on- it feels so good and often I orgasm from that alone.

I have known H for a long time... we've been friends for the last 5 yrs. she's a hot brunette- muscular and lithe with shoulder length hair and small breasts compared to my 36cs. she is pretty complimentary to my curvy body- her's a little more straight and flat... her dark hair to my blonde. As long as I have known her, she's been obsessed with my breasts- seeing and touching them. she will ask to touch them and i tell her she can. she touches them and looks at them.... we even shared a fantasy of having her suck on them once. I told her that if she did, i would eat her pussy. h is pretty bi curious and is obsessed with the thought of women eating women. this side of her usually comes out after a few beers.... Last night we were at my house drinking a few late into the evening. she was wearing short shorts and a white tank top. I was wearing just regular shorts and a t shirt. sitting on the couch we're talking about sex with our spouses when she asks if she can suck my titty. I said sure.... you know you want to anyway and if you suck my tits, I'll eat your pussy. her eyes got wide--- really you'll only eat it right... we don't have to fuck i think she's afraid of admitting that she would really enjoy that too from a woman. I told her yes, I'd just lick her. so after dissuading her fears, she lifted my shirt and I pulled out my big tit. she was amazed at the size of my nipple and immediately latched on, sucking away. i was so hot... i love to have my tits nursed on- it feels so good and often i orgasm from that alone. she was sucking away and rubbing the other one and i was encouraging her the whole time to keep sucking like a good girl. i love to dominate women and i saw this as a perfect opportunity to get that out with H. she was sucking away and moved to the other one while reaching to twist the first. I told her I liked that and she moved into position to sitting on my lap- we're on my couch. she starts grinding her shorts covered pussy against mine while sucking and slurping my fat titties. She was saying omg, i can't get enough of your nipples as she sucked hard. I was soaking wet. I unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them off her ass, down around her thighs as she was grinding. i was startled to find a totally shaved pussy. I told her if she was ready to get hers now, i'd live up to my end of the bargain. she said she was ready and moved up my body towards my mouth- but pausing to rub that pussy on each my tits.... which told me she was really ready to go. she mounted my face and i started eating her while she hovered above me shaking and moaning. she had lifted her tank top and was rubbing her small breasts and moaning oh yeah.... oh yeah as I slurped. she was loving the eating she was getting.... and i wanted it to go to another I slipped a finger inside her as she was riding my face. she SCREAMED omg and was startled.... she pulled her pussy away. She said, we agreed no penetration. I said, you're right but did you like it She said oh yeah..... I did. I said that it would feel really good if she let me do some more. She was unsure but told me ok. I pushed her ass on the floor and knealt before her pussy- spreading her legs. i started licking as she moaned- unsure if she really wanted to finish this way. I told her to be quiet- she got to suck my titties so i was going to have her pussy. I licked it hard and slid my fingers in... she moaned and bucked against my hand. I looked at her while she was cumming and told her she liked it- she was moaning oh no....i can't let you fuck me. I was fingering her with more fingers- her pussy was so tight. She was saying omg and pushing away. Her body was quaking with delight as she fell back on to the floor. I slid down to start sucking her clit again but she really was unsure....she stopped me and asked me if i was goign to fuck her again with my hand and i said, oh yeah... she said ... that's ok but did you have somehing bigger to put in me I looked startled- b/c she had wanted no penetration even with my fingers. she looked hot-- hair disheveled and hornily looking at me.... i went and got the strap on i had kept for times like this. I put it on and her eyes got wide. i licked her a little to get her wet and she was moaning nervously when i pushed her legs back and positioned myself to enter her... she was moaning no no.... i told her that she was going to get it and to hush.... i shoved it her tight little pussy and she screamed. I said... oh you like that she moaned.... yes, yes... I said, you like sucking my titties she said yes...... I was on top of her riding her with her legs spread far apart... she was screaming for it... I said you like sucking dick she screamed yes... so i pulled the cock of my strap on out and shoved it in her mouth. she hungrily sucked it and I put it back in her pussy. I fucked her tight hole till she screamed for more and came hard. Panting she lay back on the floor exhausted. I took off the strap on and moved up her body to suck her little tits and get my pussy eaten, She was startled at that but knew i was in charge... she responded with an amazing tonguing. After we ate each other out again.... we took a hot shower. Cleaning each other, we explored each others bodies, and sucked each others nipples like crazy. I also introduced her to some amazing asshole play- I lubed up my hand and got my middle finger up her asshole. Wide eyed, she bent a little as I fingered her ass. She asked me if I would fuck her there with something bigger... I said in due time.....

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