Kathys First Woman - Lesbian Sex Story

Published: Oct 6, 2007
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My mind raced ahead, I again became nervous, what if I found I wasn't really bisexual, What if Louise took it too fast, what if... I dismissed these questions, I knew I could trust Louise, and the slight dampness I could feel between my legs at the prospect of having Louise introduce me to lesbian sex suggested to me I wouldn't find it a problem.

The train came to a stop at the station, butterflies floated in my stomach as I descended to the ground: another interview, another tour, another university. I looked up and down the crowded platform, I was supposed to meet someone who was to take me to the campus and give me a guided tour.

I made my way towards the exit and stood waiting, spotting a few others like myself, each being united with allotted guide.

'You must be Kathy, Hi there I'm Louise' a voice said behind me, I whirled round and found myself looking into the eyes of a young woman, I held her gaze for a second, trying to fathom the situation. Looking at her perfectly formed face I found myself wandering, as I had often recently, if I didn't have feelings deeper than just friendship for women.

'Yes,' I stammered, breaking off from her gaze, 'How do you know me' I asked, finding my tongue again.

'We were given a photo of the person we are to show around, one of the ones you enclosed in your application form, but yours doesn't look anything like you do now, you're so much more....' she broke off, realising she was talking to nearly a perfect stranger, 'Come on, lets take a bus to the campus'.

I followed her out of the station, my mind turning over her words again, wandering if she might have similar thoughts to my own. I studied her closely as we sat on the bus, making light conversation. She was a fraction shorter than me, 5'9", her blond hair cut just below shoulder length, her brown eyes, seeming to sparkle in the sunlight. Her skin was beautifully smooth, and similar to mine, a lightly tanned golden colour. We discussed the train journey, and all manner of other subjects, but my mind still returned to her look and words in the station.

We got off the bus and she showed me around the large open campus, I paid attention to the university, after all, this was what I had come here for, but I noticed her a couple of times looking at me with what I was sure was more than just casual interest, her eyes scanning my figure.

The extensive tour, ending sensibly in the canteen. We sat down with our lunch and I questioned her about the various facilities we had seen, She was just finishing her second year of a psychology course and I asked her about the course also. As I finished my meal I looked at her face once more, and again her eyes met mine, silently we duelled, each searching the other for information. This time I didn't break off, and the intensity of the moment became very strong, eventually Louise's eyes dropped, not admitting defeat, but acknowledging my presence, and equality.

I was sure now that she had an interest in me, I guessed that she had been with women before. Unlike myself, who coming from a conservative back ground had had to suppress any such feelings. But now I found myself being physically attracted to her, the elegance with which she moved, her tall slim figure, and her eyes, which challenged my own emerald coloured eyes with such a firey stare.

We sat in silence for a while, each wandering how to break the spell cast by the engagement of a few moments ago. Eventually Louise asked 'Are you in a relationship now'

Each of us now realised that the situation had now changed, that we were walking a path way off tours of universities. 'No, I split with my boy friend a couple of months ago, what about you' I replied, telling the truth.

'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, I'm in a similar position really, my last partner left me about four weeks ago.' I knew she was deliberately making the statement ambiguous, not revealing the sex of her partner, but now I had to know for sure, to save us both embarrassment if I was wrong.

'What was he like' I asked, again levelling my eyes at her face. 'Oh, he was a she' she said quietly, looking at my face, I didn't make any obvious reaction, it was what I had almost certainly expected, then I smiled.

'I know, you started me wandering on the station, and gave it away round the campus and here' I laughed, allowing the mood to lift a little, having got almost stifling.

'Have you ever had a girl friend' she asked, the conversation becoming more relaxed now.

'No,' I replied, 'But I have thought about it a lot, its awkward at home though.' This finally cleared the air, each letting the other know for sure. Louise didn't say anything in immediate reply, but I sensed her warmth extending towards me.

I felt myself heating up as my mind wandered from this public innocent situation towards a more private, intimate setting.

'What's the accommodation like here' I asked, my mouth speaking the words before I even thought them.

'Oh yeah, you haven't seen that yet have you,' she replied, her smile widening, 'How about we walk down to where I live, I'll show you around.' We both knew where this was leading, and I almost laughed at the pretence of it all.

'OK, but my interview is in just over two hours time.' I reminded her that I was here for a practical purpose too.

We got up and left the restaurant, and walked the one mile to Louise's block of student accommodation. My mind raced ahead, I again became nervous, what if I found I wasn't really bisexual, What if Louise took it too fast, what if... I dismissed these questions, I knew I could trust Louise, and the slight dampness I could feel between my legs at the prospect of having Louise introduce me to lesbian sex suggested to me I wouldn't find it a problem. Louise let us into her room and locked the door, I looked around, it was larger than other student rooms I had seen, her wall decorations caught my eye; they were mainly posters of girls. 'What do you think' she asked.

'It's very nice.' I answered. I wandered how we might let the situation develop further, I sensed Louise being very aware of my own inexperience and nervousness. In a very uncharacteristic burst of forwardness on my part I blurted out 'Louise, look, I dream about sleeping with a girl virtually every day at home. Please, at least...' at this point I ran out of words, and blushed crimson at my outburst. Afraid of what impression I might have given Louise.

Louise said nothing, but came and stood facing me, stroking my hair she said 'Kathy, I saw you on the station and I immediately felt something between us, I think you felt it too, but I don't want to rush you into anything, just tell me if you want to stop, I remember how I felt my first time too...'

With that she leaned forward and gently kissed me on my lips, cradling my head in her soft hands. I put my arms round her waist and pulled her close, feeling the warmth of her body as she pressed against mine. I let my tongue entwine with hers as she explored my mouth. I let my fingertips run up and down her back, tracing the length of her spine.

She let her mouth move down to my neck, I put my head to one side as I felt her nuzzle against my vulnerable throat, feeling her caress my smooth skin with her tongue and lips. She gently raised a knee between my legs, I felt the light pressure against my crotch, and slowly lowered myself against it, the smooth damp material of my panties rubbing between my skirt and my flowing delicate mound.

I brought my hands round to her front and undid the buttons down the front of her dress, it slipped off her shoulders and down her body, I lifted myself from her knee to allow it to drop to the floor, I caressed the smooth bare skin of her back again, and kissed her own neck as she undid my blouse, I let it slide off one arm at a time, never breaking contact with her, again I pressed my mouth against hers, and we both unclasped each others bras, though the were temporarily held in place as our breasts pressed against each other, then her hands moved down and unfastened my skirt, it dropped to the floor, revealing my sodden panties.

We released each other for a second and just admired one another, each standing in just our underwear, each knowing what the other was thinking. I moved to the bed and lay on it, completely relaxed, Louise moved to my side, and lowered her mouth to my stiffening nipples, gently sucking them between her lips. I moaned softly and gently stroked the back of Louise's head and neck as she teased my nipples, licking and sucking at them lightly.

Her tongue traced the contours of my firm breasts, then slowly worked down my smooth stomach, she looked up at me again, seeking my assurance, I nodded almost imperceptible and she continued her southward journey, finally reaching my glistening underwear, first she just licked me through the material, gently tasting my sweet juices, I sighed deeply as for the first time in my life, another woman's tongue approached my most private area.

Then I gently lifted my hips, allowing her to slide my panties down and off my legs, she gently parted my thighs, and moved between them, for a second just feasting her eyes on my succulent pussy. Then, she lowered herself towards me, I closed my eyes and put my head back as I felt the tip of Louise's tongue trace the length of my crack, I resisted the urge to clasp her head and press it hard into me, instead allowing her to continue at her own pace.

Her tongue circled my swollen clit, not touching it, but teasing it expertly, I pressed my hips upwards, but she continued to just lightly stroke me, investigating the folds of my pussy in minute detail. Finally she used her fingers, and spread me wide, looking deep inside me, before sweeping the area with her tongue, running over my exposed hole again and again with her mouth, before letting her tongue delve deeper.

She released my lips from her fingers, and moved one hand up to gently cup and play with my breasts again, my body writhed on the bed as waves of pleasure washed through me, induced Louise, my first female lover, continuing to lick me out.

Then she moved her attention to my clit, licking at it and sucking it between her lips, I arched my back as she tormented me, the burning sensation in my crotch growing stronger and stronger as she persisted in her loving assault on my most sensitive zone. I felt my juices streaming as she played with me, and using her free hand, she eased two fingers into me and leisurely let them glide in and out of my hot sex hole.

I lay on her bed, gazing around at her typical student room, my body still shaking from the massive climax that Louise had taken it to.

She lay beside me, her arm cradling my head, both our bodies bathed in sweat from my first ever experience of sex with another woman.

Slowly my breathing returned to normal, I turned her head to look at her, our eyes met once more, this time each of our gazes was softer, an understanding passed between us.

'Louise, I...' I was lost for words, but I think she knew what I meant to say. We lay entwined in each other for a few minutes, each taking pleasure in the others closeness. Then I gently disengaged from her, I looked at her naked body.

'Kathy, I don't want to rush you, I-I just know how nervous I was my first time with a woman' She looked up at me, I knew what she was saying, but as I gazed over her perfect form, I felt so comfortable, relaxed in her company.

'I don't think I have ever felt this way before,' I replied, my hand gently stroking her hair. I kissed her softly, tasting my own flavour on her lips, my hand slowly tracing down her body, feeling her firm breasts, her smooth skin. Louise shivered slightly as I brushed against her stiff nipples. I increased the firmness of my touch, gently squeezing them. My mouth moved down and kissed her neck, my fingers continued to gently tease her breasts, playing with each of them in turn.

'Oh Kathy,' she breathed, I sensed both our bodies becoming aroused again, I worked my tongue down to where my fingers where delicately playing with her, taking one of her nipples between my lips and sucking gently on it. My hands roamed further south, feeling her smooth midriff tense under my touch, her body trembled in anticipation as I approached her crotch.

I felt her stroking my hair as my tongue circled her breasts, and I lightly brushed over her slit, barely touching her. She cried out for more, parting her legs slightly. I slowly increased the pressure on her pussy, letting my fingers roam amongst her fleshy lips. I felt my fingers slowly becoming wet with her juices, the first time I had ever felt another woman's sex.

I probed for her clit, and was rewarded with a soft moan from her, I worked harder on her, grinding the palm of my hand against her glistening crotch, her body started to writhe on the bed, as the tension mounted within her. My mouth started to move down her body, leaving a wet trail of kisses over her stomach, for the first time, I inhaled the sweet musky scent of another woman. I removed my fingers, and with a moments nervousness, pressed my mouth against her mound, getting my initial taste of Louise's pussy.

Her taste was similar to my own, but at the same time subtly different. I probed her crack with my tongue, investigating her folds, she spread her legs further, and pressed her hips upwards. I used my finger tips to spread her lips wider apart, and traced the length of her pussy with the tip of my tongue.

'Oohhh, Christ Kathy, that's...' her words faded as my tongue reached her clit, I circled it gently, then licked lightly at it, her hips bucked as I continued teasing her. Then I returned my attention to her lower regions, and for the first time, snaked my tongue deep into her streaming sex hole. I felt her hands lace behind my head, and she gently pressed me harder to her, I probed deeper with my tongue, taking in her juices as they flowed from her.

'Deeper... Oh Kathy, c'mon, get into me,' she whispered softly.

I moved my mouth up again, enveloping her clit with my lips, and then slowly eased two fingers of my right hand into her waiting sex hole. I started to move them in and out, licking harder at her clit, staying with her as her body squirmed under me, increasing the tempo of my thrusts inside her, feeling her smooth walls yield to allow me inside her.

'Ohhh shit, I'm com....' her voice was cut off as her body arched upwards, her pussy tightened, clamping around my fingers. She cried out as electric pleasure tore through her, then finally collapsed on the intensiveness of everything that had happened.

I moved up and lay beside her hot body. We lay together in near silence for a while, each of us shaken by the intensity of everything that had happened. My own mind racing as it tried to make sense of the emotions running through me. Louise still recovering from a few minutes ago.

Eventually I turned to face her, 'Louise... god, I don't know what to say... I think I'm...'

'I know' she cut in, 'Me too... you seemed so...' she searched for the right word 'intense.'

I looked at her, realizing that time was ticking away, I had to be in an interview in little over half an hour, thinking that I might never see her again after today brought a stab of anxiety to me. 'Louise, I really want to spend more time with you, I want to know you better...' I said, getting up slowly.

'Give me your phone number at home, my vacation starts in a couple of weeks, perhaps I could come visit...' she looked up at me, 'Hey, you want a shower before your interview'

I thought of my parents at home, how they would react to Louise. But there was no denying how I felt now, before I could have just put it aside as teenage feelings, now it had become something deeper.

Catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror I saw that there was no way I could go into the interview as I was. 'Yeah, do you have a towel I can borrow' I asked, putting off making what may be one of the biggest decisions in my life so far...

Louise got off the bed, and handed me a huge towel, some soap and some shampoo, 'the showers just across the hall' she said. I wondered if she might join me, but secretly hoped she wouldn't, I needed a few minutes to gather my thoughts.

She unlocked the door and pointed out the bath room, she must have sensed that I needed some time to myself, as she made no attempt to follow me. In the shower I relaxed under the soothing massage of the hot water, turning over my actions and how I felt again and again in my mind, finally making a decision.

I returned to Louise's room, she had straightened out my clothes, and offered me a pair of her panties to wear, as mine were still very wet. As I started to get dressed I decided to bite the bullet.

'Louise, I really want you to come down and visit me, if you can arrange it' I said, slipping my skirt on.

Louise was sitting on the bed, dressed again 'Kathy, I know, I would love to... but what about your parents'

I felt genuine concern in her voice. 'I can handle it' I said simply, wishing it would be that straight forward. 'But it is gonna happen someday whatever, and I really want to see you again' I buttoned my blouse, and put my waistcoat back on again; looking in the mirror I was glad to see I looked presentable again.

I took a piece of paper and jotted my phone number on it, handing it to Louise before I could change my mind. 'Come on, I've got to be there in ten minutes' I said, changing the subject.

We walked in near silence up to the Psychology Department, arriving just in time for my interview. As we passed other potential candidates I wondered how many of them had just been introduced to a whole new realm of sex and relationships. She whispered good luck, as I my name was announced in the waiting room.

Throughout the interview, my mind kept drifting, but I managed to answer all the questions thrown at me, maintaining my composure. I was tempted to give a somewhat unexpected answer when they asked why I wanted to come to this particular university to study, but resisted the urge, and gave a more standard reply.

I left the interview, relieved, and Louise and I walked to the bus stop, each of us wishing that I didn't have a train to catch. We made small talk, afraid that if we drifted onto other subjects, my departure would become more difficult still. Finally we reached the station again; it seemed like an age ago when she had first approached me that morning. We turned to face each other once more, or eyes met, not dueling now, but caressing.

'Ring me,' I said, wishing I wasn't leaving.

She nodded, and pulled me to her, hugging me closely. For a second I felt slightly embarrassed, then cast it aside, and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tight, neither of us wanting to let go.

Eventually we released one another, and I climbed aboard the train. I found a seat, and gazed at her on the platform, my mind recording her beauty. Almost imperceptibly the train pulled away, I waved to her, and then tore my gaze away, knowing that she would do the same, neither of us wanting a lingering goodbye, each preferring to look forward, to when she would come to visit me.

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