Girls Night Out

Published: Feb 12, 2008
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She bent over and started lapping at my clit. It was amazing. We were all using each other to get off.

The four of us girls gathered last Friday night to watch a movie. We had rented a chick flick and popped popcorn. Half way thru the cheesy movie we decided to have some fun...It was myself, H, S and J.

We clicked around the remote until we found some pay per view porn. We were giggling at the first feature's cheesy plot and lines when it ended and the second feature came on. We giggled nervously as the scene opened. This flick didn't waste anytime with plot or stupid dialogue as the first scene opened with a girl getting eaten out by another girl while sucking off a guy. We joked around about how fun it looked to suck a guy with that big of a dick off. We watched as he fucked them both in all kinds of ways! It was hot to watch. After the first bit ended, the movie moved to all kinds of girl on girl action... and we fell silent. I noted the lack of conversation and looked around the darkened room. Even with only the light of the big screen, I could make out that all the other girls were rubbing their pussies under blankets or pillows and stifling their moans. I slipped my own hand in my shorts and rubbed. I was wet.

Silently, H moved off the couch in front of J and J stood and pulled her shorts off and panties too... and sat down and spread her legs apart. H dove in and J moaned. J has really big tits and pulled her shirt up so S and I could see them. S moved over to suck them, stripping on her way to J. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. S latched on to J's left one and J motioned to me to get the right one.

Her motion was squeezing her fat tit and licking its top while looking at me. I was so fucking hot to suck it. I moved to latch on... S and I slurped fat tits while H sucked her pussy. J was moaning and telling us how good she felt... H was slurping away and making her cum. After J came, she said it was time to switch places. Since she got such a good eating, she wanted to reciprocate to H. H laid down while J laid on top of her... S and I just watched while J kissed her and started working her way down.

She was sucking H's tiny titties while humping her the whole time. It was amazing to watch her fuck H. She slipped her hand down into H's pussy and fingered he with 3 fingers like she was fucking her with a cock.

H was coming hard. J stopped humping and fingering and slid to eat pussy. She told S to get on top of H's face and ride it. She did. H ate S's shaved tiny cunt out furiously while getting her own. I was sitting on the couch spread open rubbing my pussy in front of S while she rode H.

She bent over and started lapping at my clit. It was amazing. We were all using each other to get off. After H got eaten, she knelt behind S and licked her asshole while S ate J out. My turn to eat J out came after I got to suck her fat tits while H and S scissor fucked. I was watching S fuck H with a fat candle off the end table while H spread her ass cheeks to have her hole fingered while her pussy was full.

J was holding my head in her pussy yelling at me to eat it and make her come. I obliged. She flipped me over and we scissor fucked next to H and S. It was hot. After hours we collapsed and made a date for movie night each Friday.

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