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GayLess Gay Conversion Therapy Clinic


Author: TomTom
Contact: datingandchat@gmail.com
Published: 01-Sep-17 Revised/Updated 24-Oct-17

Sent to report on a Conversion Therapy Clinic for perverted gays and lesbians a reporter discovers far more than he bargained for...

* * * * * * *

The clinic looked unimpressive from the outside, a brown brick rather drab looking structure with blinds drawn in most of the three stories of windows. However, apparently this is where some amazing work was being carried out on gay conversion techniques and promising results that my editor had sent me to report on.

Walking up the four short steps and entering the building through a large single glass door with gold lettering saying; GayLess Gay Conversion Therapy Clinic I was greeted by a very attractive tall blond woman with large breasts, and legs that disappeared up into a very short plaid skirt.

"Hi, you must be Steve, I'm Jenny, Jenny Vardy," the goddess of sex exclaimed holding out a hand that was just as attractive as the rest of the parts of her I could see. I somehow managed to return the greeting without tripping over my tongue, or my eyeballs popping clean out of my skull and ricocheting off her ample chest.

She with the big boobies opened a nearby door and ushered me into a vacant office.

"Here at GayLess Therapy we use highly effective treatment methods to convert sexually perverted lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders - LGBT's, or what we call the lettered species, back to normal straight citizens," laughed Jenny, as she gestured towards a chair and sat behind her desk. "While some clinics also use physical treatments like aversive conditioning, our techniques include a variety of behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, and other practices that change and reduce same-sex attraction and normalize gender identity."

"And gay conversion therapy is legal?" I asked.

"Yes, of course it's legal. There have been attempts by snowflake liberals to ban gay-to-straight conversion therapy however, that of course violates a licensed therapist's obligation to respect their clients rights to make their own decisions in their life. All people, of course, are born heterosexual, but some heterosexuals can end up with a homosexual problem later in life due to early childhood trauma."

"And what are some of the techniques used in conversion?" I asked.

"In the past, techniques used in gay conversion therapy often included ice pick lobotomies and chemical castration with hormonal treatment, luckily today we are not that barbaric," Jenny laughed. "Though there are some clinics that advocate prayer as a cure for homosexuality. Prayer! How can anyone imagine that utter bullshit working in this day and age," Jenny stated, shaking her head at the absurdity of religion being good for anything outside of using bible pages as emergency toilet paper to wipe your ass.

"Interesting, did you know the bible is also known as the goat herders guide to the galaxy, as it was apparently written by primitive iron age goat herders who didn't even know where the sun went at night!" I replied. "Tell me, what are your success rates in changing these poor gay devils to normal heterosexual beings?" I asked, glad to get the nasty taste of religious bullshit out of my mouth.

"Oh, excellent, we have a 99% success rate in normalizing them," Jenny smiled. "And, as we all know, those involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle are stuck in personal bondage, despair and enslavement, the gays are literally barbarians who need to be converted back to heterosexual, not only for their own sake but the sake of normal humans who are unfortunate enough to come across one of these wretched beings. You see, when they initially come here they are lost, perverted souls rejected by society. But, when they leave they are so relieved to be normal human beings, able to marry and start real families instead of having to endure fake gay weddings, adopted kids, the stigma of severe mental illness, and of course the constant shame of being gay - Not to mention no more hanging around public toilets seeking other disgusting creatures for homo sex!"

I nodded in agreement, picturing in my head some of the forlorn looking same-sex pretend gay wedding pictures I had seen in dirty underground smut magazines, and sleazy homosexuals loitering near public facilities seeking sex with other degenerate souls.

Jenny leaned towards me across the desk and said incredulously, "Did you know in the past homosexuality was VOTED not to be a mental disorder despite being listed as a mental illness in DSM-II? Thats the official manual for mental illnesses." she added.

I shook my head intrigued with her words.

"The three great pioneers of psychoanalysis, Freud, Yung and Adler all saw homosexuality as a mental illness and the entire development of psychoanalytic research continued until around 1973 when the gays started to come out of the closet and began to feel empowered both politically and socially. The medical directorate became quite uncomfortable with the uppity stance of gay activists and voted to remove homosexuality from the mental illnesses list by a vote of 13 to 0, with 2 abstentions, and homosexuality was no longer listed in the 1974, 7th edition of DSM-II. So, there you have it, the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was NOT because of some scientific breakthrough or study, it was simply because the gays and lesbians started to create a fuss! So, all the gays with this serious mental illness were suddenly and miraculously 'cured' overnight – all by a simple vote! How crazy was that?" Jenny asked with an incredulous look on her face. "Luckily, in 2016 the ruling was overturned by the world courts and homosexuality was once again re-listed as a major mental illness, and rightly so." Jenny added.

I shook my head again in amazement wondering what type of people could even begin to think the perversions of homosexuality was by any means normal behavior for human beings. They are freaks, mutations from when mother nature got it wrong occasionally, everyone knows that.

"Would you like to see our gay conversion therapy sessions in action - and perhaps join in the final stage testing?" Jenny asked, with a sly grin on her oh so kissable face.

"Sure," I replied, wondering to myself exactly what the final testing involved.

"Follow me then," sexy legs with the big bazookas said as she led me down the corridor towards a door on the left. She opened the door and as I entered I found myself in a long room with half a dozen or so one way mirrors, like you see in cop show interviews, on two walls.

Through the window I could see a naked gay man laying on a basic bed structure, wires led from a console near the bed and clamped on to his scrotum.

"This 25 year old gay faggot male is about to undergo his first therapy session," Jenny said, "Now watch this."

As I peered through the glass a white coated doctor wearing glasses approached the console and pushed a button. Above the patients bed a large video of a man having anal sex with another male was projected on the ceiling. The penis of the male butt fucking his partner was covered in fresh shit. Shit also oozed from the anus of the man on the receiving end and ran down his legs in long brown streaks. Each time the penis was thrust into his ass liquidfied shit would splatter in droplets over his ass cheeks - some even reaching the floor where it became scuffed streaks from Mr butt fuckers shuffling feet. The sight nearly made me throw up, and, though it was only a video, I was sure I could smell the stench of feces permeating right through the wall.

Trying not to gag at the filthy scene before me, I thought how the fuck can faggots call this sex? It's the most disgusting depraved act I have ever witnessed. No wonder these queers are so desperate to be cured of this gay infliction!

Through the speaker system I could hear the doctor say, "Is this what you like you filthy faggot pervert? Does a shit covered cock fucking your fag ass feel good, you sick disgusting freak of nature?" The man on the bed muttered something I couldn't quite distinguish, but obviously it was the wrong answer for the doctor pressed another button on the display panel causing the man to scream in pain and shit to squirt from his butt hole as 20,000 volts of electricity shot through his ball sack.

"He'll learn soon," Jenny said, as she noticed my reaction, which was caused more by my balls trying to hide in my stomach than from what I was seeing. "Another 15 to 20 more shocks and he will hate even the thought of filthy shit covered cocks, balls, and hairy male butt holes. For example, this patient over here is on his last course of treatment," Jenny said as we sidled up to the next observation window.

I observed a male laying on a bed with a huge erection. Projected above his head was an image of a sexy naked woman with her legs spread so far apart you could just about see what she had had for breakfast. Another white coated doctor was administering an intravenous injection into a vein on his arm.

Jenny explained, "The injection contains an non-addictive drug, when the patient reacts favorably in a sexual way towards the opposite sex they are rewarded with a pleasant sensation. As you can see by the size of his fully erect penis, therapy has definitely worked for him! So much so that I think he will be my test subject a little later," Jenny said, looking slightly flushed that she had spoken that last part out loud.

"Now I'll show you how we treat the lesbian dykes," Jenny uttered still looking flushed in the face - and no doubt wet in the knickers, I suspected.

Turning to another observation window on the opposite wall I could see a hairy naked woman, complete with moustache, laying on a similar looking bed, this time electrodes were attached to both her large pink nipples and another ran up inside her bushy unshaven cunt.

"In the majority of lesbian couples there is usually the dominant "man" or "bull dyke", this is the one that looks like a cross between a lumberjack and a sasquatch, complete with body hair! And, have you ever noticed how the majority of man hating dykes try there hardest to not only look like a man, but use male phallic sex toys in their slop buckets to compensate for a real male penis in their depraved sex acts? Weird eh? No wonder being homosexual is classed as a mental disorder!"

Before I could answer Jenny Turned a volume knob next to the speaker on the wall where I heard the doctor exclaim to her, "So you like licking pussy do you, you fucking filthy cunt licking dyke cunt." Zap! the woman's body spasmed as electricity surged through her genitals, causing her to heave against the wrist and ankle straps securing her to the bed. "Filthy dyke, you know what diseases a woman can get from licking another womans hole you stupid lesbian cunt?" the doctor was certainly earning his pay with this one I thought.

"And this is the start of the dykes first treatment?" I asked, mainly to help prevent the growing erection I was getting.

"Yes, but in a few days the smell, even the sight, of another woman's pussy will make her feel sick to her stomach. The conversion therapy techniques applied here work so well we can flush the gay perversions completely from their brains, after all being LGBT is considered a very serious mental illness, and we treat it as such," Jenny stated. "And through this window you can see just how well our gay cure works on former dykes."

Oh fuck! This time I couldn't prevent my cock from wanting to push its way out of my pants. A naked woman was lying on her back on another bed, above her head was projected a male sporting a huge erection, but that wasn't what had turned me on, the womans right hand was between her legs rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself with the other hand. Her ass was ached up off the bed as she gave her pussy a real work out. I don't think I have ever seen anything as sexy before.

Well now you've seen our therapy in action exclaimed Jenny as she glanced at the bulge in my pants, "And it certainly looks like you are fully normal and don't require conversion therapy," she snickered.

"Uh, no", I managed to utter before Jenny spoke again.

"So, as I told you there is a final testing procedure that all our nearly normalized patients have to pass before they are considered cured from gay perversion."

"Uh huh."

"Follow me then."

Jenny led the way down to the far end of the room, the sight of her tight butt in her short dress making me semi-hard again.

Entering another room, Jenny turned and shut the door, locking it in the process. On the floor were 2 large mattresses about 10 feet apart. "Now remember," she said, "this will be pretty intense, these people have never had heterosexual sex before."

"So, uh, are we just going to stand here and watch them fuck?" I asked naively, but I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't turn me on immensely.

"No silly, we are going to fuck, as you say, them. That way we can be sure they are not faking it. Now strip off all your clothes and lay down on a mattress."

Well, I had always considered my reporter job a little boring, but, holy snapping duck shit, I would never think that again, I thought as I peeled off my clothes faster than a man on fire. I was about to have sex with a virgin ex-dyke. Wait? Did Jenny say "we" are going to fuck them? I glanced over at her just in time to see her panties drift to the floor like a feather, shortly followed by that short skirt that had been tormenting my manhood for the past hour or so. Reaching behind her she unclasped her bra and let the puppies swing free. Fuck, I swear to god I nearly blew my load then and there.

Shyly she glanced over at me, her eyes dropping to my enormous swollen cock that was pulsing up and down on its own. "Whoa, slow down there cowboy," she exclaimed, "you have a job to do."

Pressing a button on the wall she spoke into a recessed 2 way speaker, "Send in Female-438 and Male-823." My eyes followed her lithe naked body as she walked to the other mattress and lay on it, her breasts heaving up and down slightly.

"Now, while we are fucking them I also want you to pay attention to your partner. If you see her looking at me too often, or in a sexual way, tell me immediately, as it means she still lusts after women and she will need to repeat the treatment.

"Okay," I answered speaking to the bald raised mound with a slit down the middle between her legs. She rolled her eyes at me with the beginning of a smirk on her face just as a side door opened, and in walked the man I had seen near the end of treatment that Jenny seemed to admire, and a woman I hadn't seen before. Both were as naked as we were.

"Come in," Jenny told them as she gestured for the woman to go to me and reached out for the man to join her on the mattress. Lucky prick I thought to myself, then I looked at the woman who was lowering herself on to my mattress and thought wow, this one is a real looker too.

Glancing over at Jenny I saw the randy stallion embracing her already had a massive hardon. He certainly wasn't wasting any time, his hands were on her tits, between her legs, in her mouth, in his mouth, this wasn't a man it was a friggen octopus I remember thinking.

My thoughts were interrupted as a hand wrapped itself around my cock and started jerking it so hard I thought my knob would come flying off. Steady! I told her, It's not a plastic dildo like you and your dyke mates used to use. "Sorry," came the reply in a sexy voice, "I haven't experienced a man before."

"It's ok," I replied, then kissed her hard on the mouth, my hands cupping her tits and tweaking her nipples, making them as hard as little pebbles.

"Mmmmm'" she moaned as I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it. I couldn't hold out much longer so I flipped her onto her back and with one almighty thrust I impaled her with my cock. "MMM mmm mm," she groaned as my thrusts became faster and faster.

Glancing over her shoulder I could see Mr Stud Muffin ball deep in prime grade A Jenny pussy. Her moans were filling the air and turning me on even more. "Fuck my ass," I heard Jenny tell him.

He replied, "no way, I've been fucking guys asses all my life, no more getting my cock covered in shit, from now on all I want is female cunt." I heard him let out a huge sigh as he exploded inside her.

Well, THIS one has never had a real cock up HER ass I thought, and without further ado I rolled her onto her stomach, spread her legs with my knees, and holding my cock in one hand guided it into her asshole. Well, this must have been the best thing for her since sliced bread. She pushed her butt into the air allowing me to fuck her ass hard and deep. At the same time she was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow, her ass tightened as she experienced her first orgasm with a man. Not being able to hold back any longer, I suddenly started cumming in her ass. Spurt after spurt deep inside her.

I guess you have another couple of happily converted clients, I said to Jenny as we got back into our clothes.

"We most certainly do," Jenny said, "Uh, would you like to take me out to dinner so we can clear up any other uh, queries you may have?"

"Sure thing, I replied," and by the feel of it, my cock also agreed with the proposal.

"Pick me up at 8:00?" Jenny asked as we left the room glancing back at Female-438 and Male-823 already fucking each other senseless like two rabbits in heat...

* * * * *

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