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Two male gender symbolsFree gay sex stories involving gay men and relationships with bears twinks chicks with dicks and trannies. Historically homosexuality was mentioned in many famous works of literature. The instances of same-sex affection and sexual interactions described in the Chinese classical novel Dream of the Red Chamber seem as familiar to observers in the present as do equivalent stories of romances between heterosexual people during the same period.

We have hundreds of XXX free erotic tales of gay sexual encounters and relationships listed below. These stories include gay love and romance, first time gay sex, and males first being aware of being gay and coming out of the closet. Read the hottest erotic gay stories including man on man erotic stories - twinks, bears, first timers, bisexual and tranny action, chicks with dicks and much more!

List of Gay (Male) Stories
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1 - Living the Dream - I took his cock in my mouth, real slow and deep. I wanted him to feel it, to have that heavenly sensation of a tight, willing mouth going down on your cock.
2 - Car Sex Fantasy Goes Wrong - Gay male has fantasy of being fucked over the hood of a car, but things don't go according to plan.
3 - Return to Ecstasy - I was so fascinated that I just watched it and before I knew it he was shooting his cum all over his stomach and chest.
4 - Cooked - He shoved his thick, hard meat past my lips and down my throat, without a lot of regard to my comfort.
5 - The Demon's Lovers - Chapter One - I took his penis in my mouth, not much of it, as I had a chance to drink more of his cum and was desperate for that chance.
6 - Reunited - Chuck Fisher buck naked and sucking my cock like a common whore, his cock hard as a railroad spike and standing straight up from his bush.
7 - The Illusionist - I am a not sure how or when but I realized that I was now laying back in the seat totally naked and my legs were spread playing with myself.
8 - Office Politics - My cock pulsed, and I slid it out just in time to send jets of pure, white cum streaming across his buff shoulders and the small of his back.
9 - Furlong Four Play - Part 2 - The lads test Uncle Rob's sense of smell by blindfolding him and giving him a few things to sniff....
10 - Furlong Four Play - Part 1 - Jake’s friend Marcus comes to visit the Furlong household and he quickly hits it off with Shane, Jake’s cousin from Australia.
11 - Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 3 - Jake joins Shane to watch his dad having sex with Guy, and his cousin suggests that they try it out for themselves alongside the two older men.
12 - Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 2 - Uncle Rob invites his friend Guy over to reassure Shane by demonstration that sex between men can be both intense and beautiful....
13 - Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 1 - Shane realises how much he likes the idea of sex with other guys but after playing around with his cousin Jake and Uncle Rob, he becomes worried about the practicalities of it.
14 - Air BNB - When Dave rents a room from a gay couple to save money on a hotel, he gets a surprise in the morning after he knocks on their bedroom door.
15 - Further into the Furlongs - Chapter 2 - Shane and his cousin get each other excited so they can snapchat pictures of their boners to Uncle Rob.
16 - Further into the Furlongs - Shane decides to spend a few more days with his cousin and uncle. That night, still jet-lagged and unable to sleep, he takes a trip to the bathroom and is intrigued by sounds coming from along the corridor.
17 - What Happened in Harvey's Room - Part 2 - Sloppy Seconds - After the circle jerk, Harvey shows Grant how much fun sex can be when it's just the guys who are doing it....
18 - Meat Lovers - I held on to my cock and stroked while he banged me, his thrusts getting wilder and rougher, slamming his pelvis so hard against me that it hurt..
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