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He Fills Me Up

Author: John
Publish Date : Jul 11, 2008
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I mean, I have always had this attraction but it never materialized. Such as this nice evening has tonight. I do feel it strongly now, do you Yes I do and I just need to relax for it is forthcoming. So some would ask us right now, is he gay Maybe I would choke or stumble for a bit, or get sweaty palms.

* * * * * * *

He... It's tough to say, I mean only he knows what it's like right Obviously it can't be easy but sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves, we need to do some serious sole searching. If in fact, if it were true than he has to live with himself, it is his life and his business, not yours. So why does he do it then, shouldn't he be able to talk about it in an open discussion or assemble in a support group. It is an emotional and physical strain on him from day to day. Realistically an educated man such as he can embrace others with his manner. Ok come hither...lets eat and we will chat about him later.

Oh that sounds delicious a hot dog, chips and refreshing cream soda...doesn't it now Let's g'head on in and indulge! Yes my friend, can I get two with everything, salt and vinegar chips and a Stewart's cream soda please By the way everything consists of a Heinz dill pickle, mustard and onion, absolutely fantabulous! Oh, and the same for him as well, he needs a hotdog or two as well.

You know it's interesting how food and company cooberate together, it is quite interesting wouldn't you say Let's sit down on the bench outside. This little mom and pop stand has so much nostalgia around it, a typical urban setting with lots of old red brick structures, Victorian homes, and such. The entire east side is riddled with greasy spoons, quaint theatres, unique museums, and old churches...ah, a perfect setting for the art buff if you will.

Hopping on the north tube and head up town to the Alisher tea house on 21st Street. Um...cheese What kind are you speaking of Oh well I prefer super stinky cheese that embellishes a deviously robust flavor. If you can imagine, when your at a party or have some guest's over. A wonderful cheese plate brings out the chat and flavor to the whole crowd.

Then of course, complimented, with a glass of Merlot. Oh no...it definitely has a kick to it, you can smell it all the way across the room, but it's delicious. Excuse me waiter, oh your name is Devon Pleased to meet you...May I order a hot cup of breakfast tea with honey and fresh lemon please Why of course you may, thank you.

Uh...him He wears fashionably tight stretchy jeans to I see, well I am not the only one then after all. He has a fab-physique and fills the jeans nicely in all the right places. Hmm...they look to be a medium body mid night blue stretch neatly hugging his behind. He approaches me from the rear with my tea; I feel his body heat as he does mine. Shall we call it a chemical reaction or not Who's to say, I don't know, maybe its pheromones. He asks me, would I join him for a glass of wine when he gets off I am amazed, in shock, and above all else nervous to the point I am speechless.

So what the heck, lets go to the Port House and have a few glasses of wine and some brie cheese, oh my...that sounds fabulous! I get off in an hour. Ok, will do, I will wait for you at the library across the street.

He has asked me to hang out with him, isn't that cool, well to me it is; my goodness. He is just like me right Of course he is, perhaps we two were related in a past life! Very funny but we are very much alike, perhaps we share similar interests.

Are you ready to go Heck yeah...after tonight I need to wind down and relax, oh yeah me too. Our meeting was certainly very coincidental in a way, no pun intended. Well I looked at you and saw myself right on down to the tight jeans...teehee, aren't we hideous when we're bored, oh I get so silly. I saw you in myself to, we both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and thin athletic builds. Finally we are both handsome devils wouldn't you agree my lad But of course; now let us henceforth, the Port House is right there.

It's quaint and full of classic euro-style but yet a slight eclectic touch as well. Yes sir, a table for two please...sure, a booth would be fine. He and I sit down next to each other and admire the beautiful setting. Have you worked there very long About 3 years now...I am a performing artist; I write for literary journals and do some independent photography when I'm not waiting tables. Not too mention we wouldn't have met had I not worked there. Yes very true in a sense I suppose.

So how about you Well...let's see, I am a danseur and a playwright. My true desires are performing in a ballet and modern dance epics of sorts. I have been dancing for ten years now and have done several performances within the various theatre company confines.

Thank you, that looks very good! Merlot, strawberries, concord grapes and brie cheese; mmm...delicioso! The smells are electrifying aren't they Heck yeah!

I've thought about it but never did, what do you mean Well I have always wanted to, but I could never come to grips with myself. Maybe because of my family and how they would react toward me. What do you think Just be yourself and be real and life flow along like mid summer's night dream.

I mean, I have always had this attraction but it never materialized. Such as this nice evening has tonight. I do feel it strongly now, do you Yes I do and I just need to relax for it is forthcoming. So some would ask us right now, is he gay Maybe I would choke or stumble for a bit, or get sweaty palms. When, from deep within, answers go back and forth, they are of the closeted mind. By no means is this abnormal, it is all too common. I can talk to him though, there is no bias here. Many men in the company are the same way, as some are not. However, they are their own person and they just don't care what others think. Why should he then He will have a whole lot of weight lifted from his shoulders, if nothing else be at peace with himself, would you not concur

Thank you Devon for the great company this evening, it was great to meet, but I must head home. I have a rehearsal in the morning. Yes, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. As it is mine too, may we meet again, but of course. Let's ride the train together, since we are in the same neighborhood.

There it is, the south tube. People are so interesting to watch aren't they You see everyone from suit and ties to drag queens. They all have a place in society. In the end we all are just taking space, no one more important than another. Judgment is upon us from our peers and strangers alike, thought they are just as weird as we are.

Well this is home and he has gone to his. I really felt close to him, like I had known him for years. I felt an attraction toward him that was magical in a sense. He was compassionate, handsome, and very articulate. His company was the best I've been in quite some time, would you not agree Of course, who would argue that Not I.

The question at hand is will we meet again I would hope so, friendships like this never require much rekindling.

I am not worrying my head anymore, I'm going to bed!

Hmm...mauve top and burgundy tights and shoes for today's rehearsal would be appropriate. This morning we are performing a ballet of the classic Greek epic Hesiod.

He was and unannounced anthropologist who loved nature and supported his family by means of agriculture. To be the lead in this dance was a dream come true to me. Leaping and sometimes soaring across the curtain gives me the feeling of acceptance and a sense of great pride, which is untouched by anything else I do. The smiles of my fellow danseurs as they look at me and the tapping and coaching of the director give me feelings of a great day with every move I take.

Oh, it's an email from Devon, he wants to meet for tea and a donut after work tonight. Hey...how are you doing Wonderful and you I am ecstatic they we can meet again and at your place, Devon. The pleasure is mine as well, why thank you my friend. Today...I was rehearsing for Hesiod, how about you I was rehearsing A West side Story to be performed at Dukes next week. Neat, are you excited about your role Very much so, I love to sing and perform. Hence, I will not have to wait on tables anymore, thank goodness!

He keeps me warm now, as the cold of night sets upon us. You can hear the radiators crackling as the oil runs through them. His soft touch and warm breath are peaceful and serene. He tickles my ear lobe with his soft moist tongue and with a unique passion, he courts my hind quarters. He fills me with all he's got and it is like an internal body massage. I now feel the weight come off my shoulders that I have held so long. He is gentle with me, caring, and most of all a great friend. He has shed a new light on me, and will forever be lovers to which we owe an evening out that was the catalyst of our friendship.

These are significant times in ones life and secretive, as they may be, they're real to each. He is fabulous, divine, and fine. He has en everlasting shine on life and those who surround him. Those within his circle each add something to the friendships they encompass with each other. Friends for now and a lifetime to come, something one can never take away.

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