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Sperm Bank for Black Men

Author: White Boy Toy
Publish Date : Aug 14, 2008
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I loved black cock, lots of black cock! I could never get enough. And my reward was a mouthful of cum. Gangbangs were my specialty. The more the merrier...

* * * * * * *

I'll never forget the first time Mr. Turner took me to the adult bookstore. I was his "bitch" and was totally at his command. He kept telling me he was gonna have every black man in town fuck me and cum in my mouth. He had put the word out about me so that when we got there the movie area was packed with black men. I was very apprehensive while also very excited. I couldn't wait to wrap my mouth around some black cock. Mr. Turner led me around on a leash attached to a dog collar. Some of the guys grabbed my ass as I walked by. Most made comments about how they were gonna fuck me bowlegged. We went into a large booth with a love seat. Mr. Turner ordered me to "get naked slut". Quickly I obeyed and tossed my clothes in a corner. There were many eyes watching through peek holes all over the booth. It was obvious I would be putting on a show for those waiting their turn. "Are you ready slut" Mr. Turner asked. "Yes sir." I replied obediently. Hell yes I thought to myself! I couldn't wait to start fucking and sucking all those cocks. "They all know to cum in your mouth so we don't have to worry about sloppy seconds. You like drinking cum from a black dick, don't you white boy" He spoke loudly so the "audience" could hear. "Yes sir, I love it sir!" I replied eagerly. As he left the first guy quickly walked in the booth. I was sitting on the sofa as he walked up and whipped out his semi-erect cock. I took it in my mouth and it hardened with in seconds. I savored the taste of a hard 8" black cock. After a couple of minutes of serious sucking he was ready to fuck me. "Get on your knees bitch!" he ordered as he positioned me kneeling over one arm rest. "Rub some spit on your asshole white boy!" I did as he ordered while he put some spit on the head of his cock. He immediately shoved his whole cock deep inside me. I groaned as the audience responded also. "Fuck that white ass!" one person exclaimed. "Yeah! That's it... pound that ass!" another said. "How's that feel slut" he asked. "That feels great sir," I replied honestly. He began to ram it to me in a good steady pace. All the while he really got into talking dirty, which is a big turn on to me. "Your ass feels real good slut. Yeah...ooooh... ride that cock white boy!" Soon he was ready to cum. As he pulled out of my ass he ordered me to turn around. He shoved his throbbing cock in my mouth. "Here it cums slut... drink my cum white boy!" he ordered. Large gobs of cum shot in my mouth. Again and again he unloaded a huge mouthful of cum. I greedily swallowed every drop. Then I licked his cock for any drops I may of missed. I wanted it all... every drop of cum from every man there! The next guy walked in with a big grin on his face. "I just talked with Mr. Turner," he explained. "It seems you're such a big slut you deserve a good spanking! What do you think white boy" It sure didn't take long for Mr. Turner to let my weakness be known to everyone. "Oooh... yes sir!" I answered. "I really deserve a serious spanking!" God how I loved to be spanked. I laid across his lap quickly. WHACK! He smacked my ass good and hard. The audience erupted into words of encouragement. "Yeah, spank that white slut!" yelled one man. "Show that white boy who's boss!" another called out. After about a dozen hard smacks the guy asked, "Does it hurt bitch Do you want me to stop" "It really hurts sir!" I replied meekly. "May I please have some more sir!" I begged. "Ha!" he laughed. "You really dig this. Well good! So do I white boy." He continued to spank me even harder. He brought tears to my eyes as he smacked first one ass cheek then the other. After several minutes of this he stopped. Pushing me off his lap he ordered, "Now suck my black dick slut!" I took his cock in my mouth and sucked like crazy. I moaned while running my tongue over the head of his hard cock. "You're nothing but a black dick sucking, cum drinking white boy! All you white boys like giving it up to a real man... a black man!" He was right, T was in "slut heaven". I could never get enough black cock. "Get up here bitch and ride my cock. You know you want it, don't you white boy" he taunted. "Yes sir," I replied. "I want your hard black cock in my ass... I need it so bad!" I impaled myself on his cock. I rode him in long steady strokes. God this felt so good. Having others watch me ride a black man was a turn on too. Especially knowing the watchers would all get their turn fucking me. Soon he told me he was getting close. In one swift motion I hopped off his cock and got on my knees. I took the cock in my mouth and pumped up and down furiously. "Here it cums slut. Yeah... drink it white boy!" he ordered. And I drank it down. Eagerly slurping down every drop. It tasted so good.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 1 had had just began my gangbang with black men at an adult bookstore. The second man had just finished when in walks number 3. The biggest black man I've ever seen in my life!

As the next guy came in the booth I was impressed by his very large size. He had to duck just going through the doorway. Wow! My heart began to race as I noticed the large bulge in his pants. Really big cocks get me hot! When he whipped out his cock I gasped in shock. It was huge! Every bit as long as Mr. Turner's 12" cock. It was so fat, and it tapered out at the base to at least the width of a beer can. He sat on the sofa while I knelt between his legs. I couldn't take my eyes off his large horse cock. "Most white sluts like you wimp out when it comes to fucking my cock. How about you slut, are you gonna wimp out" "No way sir," I answered. "I love a huge black cock stretching my asshole!" "We'll see," he said with a smile. "Start sucking boy! Get my dick good and hard so I can fuck you." He sure didn't have to tell me twice. I managed to to cram the head of his fat cock in my mouth. Even that was a stretch. I ran my tongue wantonly around his cockhead. I just couldn't believe my luck. My own cock was rock hard. I slowly worked my way down his shaft to his balls. One at a time I took each ball in my mouth. I sucked and licked each ball thoroughly. He moaned in appreciation... "Ooooh yes... that's real good slut." His cock was hard now and I was hot! "Okay white boy," he said as he put a little KY on his cock. "Let's see how good you really are. Climb up here on my dick. Show me what you can do." Gladly I climbed up on his lap and guided his massive black cock to my asshole. Slowly I slid down his cock. Every inch opened me up more and more. I loved it! I couldn't get enough. I reached back with each hand and spread my ass cheeks so I could get every inch. "Yeah... that's it white boy! You got it all slut! I'll be damned. Not many white boys could take it all. Your ass feels real good," he moaned. "How do you like it slut" "I love it sir!" I replied. "Your black dick is stretching my asshole to the max!" I began to ride him in long slow strokes. He filled me up so good. The feeling was unbelievable! I loved it! After a few minutes he was ready to take control. "Okay bitch, I'm ready to get down to some serious fucking. Lay down on your belly." In a flash I laid down as he spread my ass cheeks and rammed his huge black cock deep inside me. "Ooooh... yes... that's soooo good," he moaned. He laid down on top of me and I was impaled with 12 inches of hard thick black cock. He began pounding away at my ass. "How's that feel white boy" he whispered in my ear. "I love it sir... Fuck me!" I answered. I was so hot I couldn't believe it. I began to thurst back with each of his strokes. I felt an orgasm building inside me. "I bet you'd like some more of my dick when this is finished and you have some free time" he whispered. "Oooh yes sir," I whispered back. "I could go for a whole lot more of you!" "I live upstairs, I own this bookstore. Come by any night after 7:00 PM." All this time he kept pounding my ass. I was grinding on his fat cock. Finally I reached my peak! I began to thrash about as I came into a rag I held over my cock. His cock kept ramming my ass, I was in heaven! "Ooooh... sir, I just came from you fucking me," I said with a big smile. "That's good slut," he replied. "You cum just like a bitch. A big black dick really tuns you on like all white sluts! You're gonna get a lot of black cock tonight. There's more than 50 guys signed up to fuck you. And most of those will come back for seconds! Right now you can turn around and put a lip lock on my big dick. I'm ready to shoot one hell of a load in your mouth!" I grabbed his cock and held it at my open mouth. He shot a huge load of cum in my mouth. I had to swallow several times to get every drop. I loved it and I licked his cock clean. "That was real good white boy," he complimented. "We need to pick up the pace a little. I'll start sending in two at a time. If you keep your mouth and ass going at the same time you'll get twice as many cocks, okay" "Hell yes sir!" I answered. This kept getting better all the time. I was hot to trot and they just turned up the heat!

Chapter 3

My pimp has taken me to the local adult bookstore in the black part of town. Here I am to suck and fuck every black who wants me. The place is packed with black men waiting their turn at my white boy ass!

The next man walked in the booth and positioned me bent over the end of the sofa. He sat on the sofa with his cock out so I could suck him. Another black guy came in and squeezed my ass hard. He smacked my ass several times in a playful way. In no time he pushed his hard black dick deep inside me. Meanwhile at the other end I had my mouth full of cock. I really enjoyed getting it at both ends. In a matter of minutes the man fucking me was ready to cum. So the two men traded ends. One black cock cumming in my mouth while another was fucking my ass. "Mmmmmm....!" I moaned in delight as I swallowed another hot load of cum. This was great! As one black man left another took his place. This went on for hours. I lost track of how many loads of cum I swallowed. I just knew I didn't want to stop. Drinking all that cum was great! Every 4 or 5 minutes another black man was shooting his load in my mouth. Finally Mr. Turner walked in smiling.

"Well you've done real good slut. You've already swallowed the cum of 62 brothers. It's now 3:00 AM and the front doors are locked to the public until noon. All the guys coming back for seconds will use the back door. Since this is now a private party we can burn a doobie now." He fired one up and handed it to me. Here's some Thai stick... it'll really get you going!" Then he gave me a black beauty speeder. It slid easily down my well lubricated throat. "Between those two party favors you should be good for another 8 hours. Do ya need anything else before we start seconds"

"Yes sir," I replied meekly. "I've been such a big slut tonight I should be spanked again." I was so hot another spanking would be great. "You're right slut," he admitted. "You can finish that doobie while you lay across my lap."

So I assumed my favorite position across his lap. I finished smoking my doobie while Mr. Turner spanked my ass good and hard. He was good at it! With each whack he moved his hand to the other ass cheek. Making my white ass good and red all over. Plus he liked to talk dirty. That always turned me on even more!

"You really get off being dominated by a black man," he stated firmly. "I know your ass must be sore as hell. It's bright red all over. That's enough of that for now." He pushed me off his lap. I was totally wasted from the Thai stick. I was ready for lots more black cock! "Have fun guys," he said as he left. The first two black men came in and fun time began again! One in my ass and the other in my mouth. Soon they each shot their loads and left. In walked Mr. D., the owner of the bookstore as well as owner of the biggest black cock I've ever had the pleasure of fucking and sucking.

"Are you ready for me again bitch" he asked. "Ooooh yes sir!" I answered eagerly. "Your fat black cock really turns me on!"

"I've been hearing a lot of good comments about you. Your obvious enthusiasm and passion for black men has everyone wanting more." He stood in front of me as he rubbed his fat cock all over my face. With my tongue hanging out he crammed the head in my mouth. "Yeah... work it white boy! Suck my black dick!"

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