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The Squealer

Two gay males kissing

Publish Date : Aug 14, 2008
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I was in an Adult Book Store the other day and I saw one of those, well what I call, 'Tube-Wankers'.

* * * * * * *

I was in an Adult Book Store the other day and I saw one of those, well what I call, 'Tube-Wankers'.

You know, a cylinder with kind of a fleshy coating inside it.

The clerk saw me staring at it and asked me if I wanted to 'check it out'.

I nodded kind of shyly and he laughed softly and said; "It's cool man, a lot of guys buy these - they're really good for jerkin' off".

He reached into the glass case and put it on top of the counter.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching, and realized that I was the only customer there.

He laughed again and said; "Relax man, it's all good". "If you're that sensitive, just keep it put away and no one has to ever know".

He picked it up and handed it to me saying; "Put your finger inside it and see how good it feels".

It was about 8" long but only about an inch across.

When I put my hand all the way around it, I told the clerk that it seemed really small.

He said that it stretches out to what ever size you need and chuckled; "One size fits all" - "And the snugger the better!"

I raised my other hand and stuck out my index finger but it didn't have an opening,

just something that kind of looked like the end of a bulb.

The clerk softly said; "Turn it over."

Now on top of being self conscious and nervous, I was starting to feel a little dumb.

But all of that quickly faded away when I found out how sensational it felt inside.

I gasped out a soft 'Wow', and the clerk replied; "Yeah, pretty terrific huh" - "Wait till you feel it on your cock!"

I then asked him if I'll need to use some lubricant, with it stretching so tight over my cock and all.

He told me that it would be up to me and if I thought so for me to use just a little "KY jelly"

and then he went on to say again to use just a little and that it was better than a lotion because it mixed well with Cum.

I really didn't understand what he meant by that at the time, so I just went on and asked him another question.

I pointed at a ridge that was just below the oval bulb at the other end and, (trying to be a little funny), I asked;

"Is this there to keep your hand from slipping off"

He smiled a little and replied; "Yeah, I suppose it could serve that purpose."

I smiled back and pointed to the bulb and asked; "And this"

He said; "Well, that's where your Cum goes".

And then he quickly went on to say; "But that's also one of the added features of this unit".

I turned that end back toward my face and looked directly at the end of the bulb.

He said; "That's the closed position",

"When you want to clean it, you just squeeze the bulb and that will cause it to pop open so you can rinse it out with some water".

Trying to be funny again, I said; "I guess you have to be careful not to squeeze it too soon, like while you're getting all excited - huh"

He smiled and said; "Well if you're into 'facials' you might want to".

That made me feel really embarrassed because there was one time that I had bent over near the tip of my cock while getting off

and got a real thrill out of feeling a stream of my Cum splash onto my cheek.

I tried to think of something really fast to say so I kind of blurted out; "What did you mean, One of the added features" "Is there more"

He nodded, and said; "Oh yeah", and he reached back into the glass case and brought up what looked like a 10" dildo.

I was amazed at how much it looked like a real cock.

It was a realistic flesh color and it had some slightly darker veins stretch up the shaft that eventually blended into a smooth,

uncircumcised, lightly purple rimmed cock head, complete with a slit at the tip.

I put the 'sleeve' back on top of the counter and looked at this 'cock' that he was holding.

I was happy that he just handed it to me because I really didn't want to ask him for it.

I had never handled anything like this before and I found that I was fascinated by it.

It was soft and just a little spongy, but very firm.

The shaft was arced a bit and I could bend it straight but when I let up, it went right back to the way it was.

I felt my face flush a little when that gave me a sense (imagining it was real) of how strong it was.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed again, I tried to make another attempt at humor and asked; "And this 'feature' is for your Butt-hole"

When he just blinked back at me,

I went on with; "Okay, I'm supposed to, Ah, use this to do my ass while I'm stroking my cock with that sleeve"

He tilted his head and said; "Well, you could use it for that if you wanted to, but that's not what it's really for."

I replied; "Okay, I give, what's up with this"

He said; 'It's an attachment." "It turns the 'sleeve', as you call it, into an 'Auto-Erotic device'."

When I looked down at it and looked back up at him with some confusion, He put the 'sleeve' back into my other hand and said;

"You push the back-end of the 'attachment' over the bulb of the sleeve until it stretches out over the rim and locks into place."

He then put his hands over mine and helped me push the two pieces together.

After I felt them 'snap' together,

he said; "It's an 'extension'." - "It makes the whole thing long enough for guys to simulate sucking themselves off."

I suddenly got it, and the idea made my head swim.

Trying to mask my obvious interest and rising excitement, I quickly asked; "Okay, anything else" - "Any other 'features'"

He smiled with a kind of knowing grin, slid my hand over the lump where the two parts were joined together and said;

"When you squeeze here, it collapses the bulb and causes your Cum to race up through the shaft and shoot out into your mouth."

He removed his hand when he felt mine tremble and then just simply asked; "You want to buy it"

Without hesitation or further thought, I found my self nodding Yes.

In what seemed like a brief instant, he then took it from me, uncoupled it, put it back into its box, rang it up, and bagged it.

I was just about out the door when he said; "Oh, one last thing."

I turned curiously and he said; "You might want to consider using this out of 'ear-shot' of others."

When he saw that I didn't get what he was trying to say, he went on with; "Out of hearing range of everyone."

When he saw me still not getting it, he smiled and said; "It makes most guys Squeal out their nose - Pretty Loudly."

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