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My Bestfriend Nick

Author: biboyoftexas
Publish Date : Oct 12, 2008
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So i was standing there with my now hard dick sitting between his butt cheeks. i wanted to fuck him so bad right then and i was going to get what i wanted.

* * * * * * *

this is a story about how i met my bestfriend nick. i was working new job at one of the many state fairs we have in texas. it was only for about 18 days but it paid $1600 and seeing how my 18th brithday was also doing do fair i wanted the money for my own car.

when i frist him he asked me did i work for his uncle i repyled who is you uncle he said jim. and to that i said hell yea! so your part of the family nice to meet you sir. now i did that cause what i was going to say frist would have made me loose my job and i wanted that car.so we talk for a lil bet now nick is cute as fuck he was only 18 but looked to be 21. he latin about 5'7 cause im 5'9 and 150-160 lb. and he is a boxer so he has hella muscles. as we talked i told him he should ask his uncle jim for a job because i needed so more help "hehehe" and he did and now i had him all to myself.

the falling weekend he started and we hit it off on the last day of the fair it was so damn slow we played around most of the day tryingto stay awake. he sat in my lap and moved hips around for about 10sec. but having his hot hot muscler butt in my lap just made me hard as a rock now im about 8' and fat. you know they say about us black guys, lol well he got back up and was just resting with his head out the window. me just looking at his tight ass started to get me all wet. so i up to got trying to do something with my dick i said i was going to go for it. i told him i was going to lay on his back(but not that i was going to homp him) and he said ok its cool im real sleeply too.

so there i was laying on his back my dick is so hard and he say whats that umm what is that your dick whatever i don't know what you talking about just lay back down"hehehe" now im standing there with my dick right between his ass crack now im just moving up and down back and forward untill i see his dad coming fuck so i sit back down when he gos i go and jack off in the restroom but nick gave me his number and told me to come see him box the nexts day i say ok and i go

we would talk on the phone everyday he would tell him him a bedtime story before he would go to sleep. at frist i didnt understand it but found out from one of his friends tht he does that with girls he liked and he had alot of them but i was the only boy in his life and there was't a bitch that was bout to step to me." i grow up in the hood" ok now where ws i so we would to movies nd out to eat every weekend and when summer came you know i was about to be with him eveyday he my have had some girls bad that was all mines and i knew i was going to fuck him soon.

well the sleep over came right after i quit another joband really had some time to stay i said it was going to be just a day but i knew it ws goig to be 3 or 4 so he took e out to eat and to the movies like always then we whet to the mall for a bit when we got home we hd to play with he lil sister for a whale then everybody went to sleep as we looked at a lil tv and ate popcorn a hour or two later later we went to his room.

i told him i liked to sleep nudo but i would just keep my boxers on because it was only bed or so i said, lol well it was dark and i got back up to plug my phone in" and take off my boxers im so bad",lol we he had his back to me so i gave him my back to just untill i knew it was ok then i turned and got close to him i put my hand on his dick and rubed it damn i started to get hard i jack him off for a bit kissing him all over i put him on his back then got him naked too. i sucked his dick lick his balls and his ass tohis mom and dad was in the next room so he i had to mput my hand over his mouth a time or two he was so into it i could tell by his moans. he fuck my face it was so damn good then he said baby im about to cum he shot 4 or 5 shots of in my mouth and i lick up every drop

there was know way i was not going to fuck him now so i licked his dick hes balls and his ass then i put a finger going in and out then i told him he was my bitch and had to make me happy. he moaned yes im yours and i'll do what you want i ask if he wanted to make daddy happy and he moaned. yes yes i do i ut another finger in then one more then 1 more untill there was 4 i liked me being his big black daddy and he wanted more

i asked if he want me to fuck him like he fucks the girls he like and he moaned yes in my ear so i got my oil and told him i was going to make him pregnant i told him he was going to have my baby and he was going to take to pain and like it damn this had me and him both hott so i put some oil on my dick and in his ass. i said this is going to hurt like hell and if you scramed or get too loud im going to make it hurt more he said ok that when i knew he was all mine i told him to take a deep breath and hold it as i put my 8' fat head right up on his asshole i put 1 hand over his mouth and pushed it all in at one time damn! he jump and moved tears come from his eyes his ass got so tight around my dick i thougt i was going to cum i said relax as i helded him it all seem to be to much for him to take so i slaped him and said bicth re$ax after a min. or two he did

then i was fucking him with all i had it was as if we where jumping up in down in the bed i fuck him for like 45min. fast and hard he was so into it "i told him he was going to have my baby,lol" then i had to cum i went faster and faster i got all the way in him as if we where one the grabed his hips and held him close i filled him up with 7 or 8 shots of cum untill it started to drop out i told him to clean me up and we went to sleep it was like 4:27am

we did that for the next two days and every time i go stay we had a 3way with his friend jose but thats another story.

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