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Jack and Kyle - Part 1

Author: Jake Rellin
Publish Date : Oct 18, 2008
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Max grabbed Kyle by his waist and bent him over the edge of the bed. He stood behind Kyle and ran a finger down his crack between those two perfect ass cheeks. "Don't fucking make me wait anymore Max!" Kyle hissed, he couldn't stand this much longer, he needed Max to fuck him.

* * * * * * *

Jack Watkins cast a glance at the other people in the lift but he didn't speak to anyone. He looked down at the floor, fiddling with his keys as he waited till the lift reached his floor. He may not have been watching anybody else, but everybody was always watching him. Jack was model-gorgeous. He wasn't extremely tall, about 5'8", but his jet black hair, flawless skin and incredible blue eyes attracted more than enough attention from both girls and guys. But at 18 years old, Jack was still a virgin which most people seemed to find hard to believe. He had known from the age of sixteen that he was gay, he just found himself more attracted to men than women. Other people's opinions of him didn't bother him and he had no problem in telling anybody he was gay.

Jack smiled as he put his key in the lock to open the door to his flat. He could already hear the music blasting out, hell, the people three floors down could probably hear it. He frowned slightly, heavy rock music wasn't really his sort of thing but it did mean that Kyle was home. Kyle Green was Jack's best friend. They had only met a few years previously when they were both aged seventeen, but they had been firm friends from the start. Two years on and the pair were unbelievably close, there was nothing that could tear their friendship apart. They shared a flat, admittedly it wasn't a great one it was a place of their own nonetheless. Jack was originally from Wales but he'd moved away for college and ended up drooping out in favour of a job as a photographer. Kyle had moved from London when he turned 17, but he had always seemed unwilling to talk about why he had left on his own.

"Kyle" Jack had to yell to try and make himself heard over the music. "Kyle" He shouted again when he received no answer. Jack grinned to himself and shook his head. His best friend was going to make himself deaf someday if he didn't tone down the music. Jack wandered through to Kyle's bedroom and pushed open the door. His best friend was sprawled across the bed, the covers tangled around his legs. Jack bit his lip slightly, pulling off his shirt and looking around for a clean one to put on. He didn't like wearing the clothes he'd been at work in all day.

A pair of tight black jeans encased Kyle's long muscled legs and hugged his slim hips. He wasn't wearing a t-shirt, showing off his impressive body. A small silver ring pierced his right nipple and he had several tattoos. Kyle moaned softly in his sleep and shifted a little. He turned his head and his longish black hair fell back from his face, revealing his perfectly defined features, full lips and cheekbones that could have cut glass.

"Mhmm.." Kyle mumbled, his perfect lips curving into a smile. Jack gently stroked his friends' cheek and Kyle's eyelids flickered open, he had such beautiful eyes, they were such a deep brown that they were almost black

He smiled sleepily and stretched his arms above his head, arching his back. "Hi baby, work okay" Jack couldn't help smiling when Kyle called him baby, he loved being called baby. But Kyle and Jack were just friends. They were close friends, as close as they could possibly be, but still just friends. Jack nodded. "Yeah, fine. What did you do all day" Kyle shrugged and rolled his kohl-outlined eyes. "College. Same shit, different day."

Kyle sat up and covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned. Jack looked up at him. "Did you see Max today" He asked casually. Max was Kyle's boyfriend. They were constantly fighting and making up but despite the arguments and the cheating, the pair really did seem to love each other. It hurt Jack, he had known since he met Kyle that he felt a lot more for him than just friendship but there always seemed to be something in the way that stopped him from telling Kyle how he really felt. Besides, Jack figured that Kyle wouldn't be interested in him. After all Kyle wasn't exactly angelic. He had had a large number of ex girlfriends and boyfriends and there were always plenty more that wanted him and Jack didn't want to just be one in a long line, he cared about Kyle too much.

"No, he'll be over here later though." Kyle replied, smiling again. He looked up at Jack and pouted. "Hey, don't I get a hug or anything" Jack laughed softly and leant over to give his friend a hug. Kye smiled cheekily and grabbed Jack around his waist and pulled him down on the bed too, snuggling up beside him. Jack bit down on his lip, he didn't want Kyle to realise how good it felt to have him so close. Kyle closed his eyes again as he laid his head on Jack's chest. Jack could feel Kyle's long eyelashes flicker against his bare skin and he could feel himself getting hard. Jack leant back against the wall, forcing himself not to think about what he wanted right now. He desperately wanted to pull Kyle to him and kiss those perfect lips, he wanted to feel his best friend's silky smooth skin pressed against his..

"Jack" Kyle's voice interrupted his train of thought, which was probably for the best. "Yeah" He answered. "I love you, y'know." Kyle mumbled. Jack could feel Kyle's lips brush against his chest as he spoke. The sensation was just too much and Jack sat up quickly, forcing himself to stand up from the bed. "Love you too." He replied quickly. "You okay" Kyle asked, looking at Jack with concern. "Sure, I'm fine, yeah." Jack muttered, not meeting Kyle's gaze. "So are you going out tonight or what" He asked, still not looking right into Kyle's eyes.

Kyle smirked and winked playfully. "I think we'll be staying in, if you get my drift." He laughed softly and sat up swinging his legs off the side of the bed. The CD reached the end of its final track and stopped playing, making the flat seem a lot quieter, emptier. A knock at the door broke the silence and Kyle grinned because he knew who it would be, then got up to answer it.

Before he reached the door Kyle's boyfriend shouted from the other side, "Kyle, should I just stand out here or are you gonna let me in anytime soon" Kyle unlocked the door and pulled it open. Max smiled at him and gently pushed Kyle against the wall, leaning in to kiss his lips lightly, "Hello you," he murmured.

Max was slightly taller than Kyle, with a well worked out body and lightly tanned skin. His hair was naturally dark brown, which he frequently dyed all sorts of colours, Max was not the usually type to blend in and today was no exception. His glossy hair was streaked with a bright pink that seemed to make his slate grey eyes stand out even more. He wore a loose pair of faded and ripped jeans slung low on his hips and a grey zip up hooded sweatshirt. As far as Kyle could tell, he wasn't wearing a shirt.

He slid his arms around Kyle's waist and kept him pressed against the wall as he deepened his kiss, stroking the tip of his tongue across Kyle's lower lip. Kyle parted his lips willingly and he moaned as he felt his boyfriend's tongue slip into his mouth. Max smirked, he knew exactly how Kyle wanted to be kissed and didn't hesitate in giving him what he needed. His tongue slowly rubbed against Kyle's and he teasingly bit his lip. A shiver ran down Kyle's spine and he pressed his body closer to Max's, his skin was beginning to tingle with anticipation.

Neither of them noticed as Jack passed them in the hallway and left the flat, closing the door behind him.

Suddenly Max pulled away and stepped back from him and smiled his cheeky smile. "So what do you want to do tonight then" He asked innocently, turning to walk into the living room. Kyle didn't reply straight away, he was still stood against the wall exactly where had had been a moment ago. He followed Max and stood in front of him, looking up into his eyes. "You know damn well what I want to do." He said softly, watching Max's reaction. "No, why don't you tell me babe" Max asked even though he knew what Kyle meant. "I've been thinking about you all day, I didn't see you at all yesterday, I'm so fucking horny and right now all I can think about is getting you in that bedroom and fucking your brains out." Kyle replied calmly, he didn't smile or blush and just simply said what he was thinking.

Hearing Kyle talk that way was an immediate turn on for Max and he grabbed Kyle's hand, tugging him through to the bedroom. Max leant in to kiss his neck, gently kissing from the hollow of his throat up to his jaw line. Kyle whimpered and his fingers shook as he fumbled with the zip on his boyfriend's jacket. After a moment or so he successfully pulled the zip down and slid the jacket off Max's shoulders. He stroked his hands down his arms, admiring the muscles he could feel underneath his skin.

Once again, Max pushed Kyle against the wall and he deftly unbuckled Kyle's belt with one hand. A moan escaped Kyle's lips and his breathing became faster, he needed Max, badly. The denim of his tight jeans felt painful against his hard on. Max's lips left Kyle's neck and he looked up. "What do you want baby" He asked softly, his lips barely more than an inch from Kyle's. Kyle mumbled something incoherently and Max raised an eyebrow, his fingers playing with Kyle's pierced nipple. "I said, I want you to suck me." Kyle spoke louder this time but Max shook his head, still looking at Kyle enquiringly. "I want your hot, wet lips sliding up and down my cock... Fucking hell Max, I'm so hard and I really need this, please..." Kyle's voice tailed off and he looked at his boyfriend pleadingly. Max said nothing and he knelt down, tugging down Kyle's tight jeans. He smiled as he realised Kyle wasn't wearing any underwear. Kyle bit down on his lip and he leant back against the wall to keep his body from trembling with anticipation. Max closed his eyes for a second, Kyle's scent was so good it made him feel light headed. "Max please..." Kyle whispered, he couldn't stand waiting any longer. Max loved it when Kyle begged for him and it made his own cock even harder. He slowly licked the head of Kyle's cock. Hearing his boyfriend groan in pleasure made Max feel even more desire for him and he slowly began to suck the head, running the rough of his tongue across it. After a minute or so Max slid his warm, wet lips down Kyle's entire thick 8 inches and took him deep into his throat. Kyle cried out in fierce ecstasy, Max was so good at sucking cock and never failed to make Kyle cum. Max continued to slide his lips up and down Kyle's throbbing shaft. "Max, I'm gonna cum..." Kyle groaned. He placed his hands on Max's shoulders, gripping tighter as the pleasure became even more intense.

Max pulled away from Kyle, kicking off his own jeans until he was naked too. "Max, no, you can't stop!" Kyle protested, he was still so close and he felt helpless as Max stopped sucking him. "I can do whatever I like..." Max said flatly, he loved to tease Kyle, it made him even hotter for him. "Fuck me, I want to feel your big hard cock in my ass, please baby, just don't leave me like this..." Kyle said breathlessly.

At the same time, Jack put his key in the lock, entering the flat again. He walked past Kyle's bedroom, towards the bedroom. He paused as he heard Kyle's voice. He clenched his fists, hating it that some other boy could make his best friend scream in pleasure like that. Jack slammed the bathroom door furiously, switching the shower on and tugging off his clothes.

Max grabbed Kyle by his waist and bent him over the edge of the bed. He stood behind Kyle and ran a finger down his crack between those two perfect ass cheeks. "Don't fucking make me wait anymore Max!" Kyle hissed, he couldn't stand this much longer, he needed Max to fuck him. Max shoved all of his 9 hard inches straight into Kyle's hot, tight ass. Kyle screamed out, pain ripping through him and he clenched the bed sheets in his fists. But Max didn't slow down one bit, he thrust deeper inside Kyle, fucking him as hard and fast as he could. "God Kyle, your ass is so goddam tight!" Max grunted. Kyle couldn't reply, his mouth dropped open and he gasped at the feeling of Max filling him and plunging his cock in and out of his hole. "Ohhh fuck, I can't take this much more, I'm about to cum baby." Kyle panted. Max leant forward as he continued to thrust deep inside Kyle and kissed the back of his neck. The gentleness of the kiss compared with the incredible fucking Max was giving him tipped Kyle over the edge and he cried out as he came hard. Max joined him moments after, his hot jet of cum splurging deep inside Kyle's ass so hard that Kyle's entire body trembled.

Max rolled off Kyle, lying back on the bed. He pulled Kyle into his arms and kissed his lips softly. "You are honestly the best fuck I've ever had Kye." Max murmured against his boyfriend's lips. Kyle grinned and traced his fingertips over Max's chest. "Maxxie" He asked playfully. "What" Max asked a little warily. "Well, I was wondering... What's your ultimate fantasy" Max laughed softly. "What do you want to know that for sweetheart" He raised an eyebrow as he watched Kyle.

To be continued...

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