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My Best Frend Joe

Author: Tailspinner
Publish Date : Oct 31, 2008
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I wrapped both hands round his fat cock and pumped the foreskin down and up over the big purplish dome, the tear shaped opening leaked and my pumping smeared the liquid lubing the tip. I leant over and took the big shiny head between my lips.

* * * * * * *

My best friend growing up was Joe, he lived two doors down from me, he was one month and 2 days older than me. When we were 5 years old Joe pulled my shorts and underwear down when we were playing in our cubby den, he touched my tiny cock which swelled, he held it for a minute then he pushed his own shorts and underwear down, his cock was stiff but not as long as mine, he asked me to touch it which I did. After a minute we both pulled our clothes back up and continued playing cowboys.

We never spoke of it again for the next 10 years, I knew I was different from Joe, I never fancied any of the girls in our classes, while Joe had been on dates with around half of them. I would get the catalogue and open it at the lingerie section not to see the women but the beautiful delicate fabrics, imagining wearing them gave me an erection, I knew I was gay, but at that time I did nothing about it. Joe on the other hand was all male, he came over after he lost his virginity when he was 18 to Heather, the school bike, she let anyone have her, I think she must have been a nymphomaniac. He told me every detail, from the start to the finish, as he told me he was sporting a sizable erection. That night I masturbated thinking about Joe's cock in my hand mouth and ass, I erupted spraying my cum over my taut body, I scooped the thick creamy cum off my torso and chest, sucking it off my fingers, then falling asleep, hoping to dream about swallowing a load from Joe's cock.

Our parents were church goers and insisted that we attended the Boys Brigade every week, so at 18 we were sent camping with the Boys Brigade. Joe and me were allocated the tent at the edge of the field, that night after we turned in. Joe began recounting the story of our cubby den and the day we showed each other our cocks. As we talked in a whisper, my cock began to stir, Joe asked me if I had enjoyed exposing myself. I told him that was not how it went down and that it was him that pulled my shorts and underwear down. Joe denied it, and got a little aggressive, he climbed astride my body as I wrestled back Joe grabbed my wrists and force my arms above my head, he leaned along my prone body, I felt his breath on my face, as he took both my wrists in one hand freeing the other, he reached behind and touched my erect cock through my sleep shorts. Hey, John feels like you're a little excited, he pushed his hand under the waistband of my shorts and his hot hand touched my swollen cock, I sucked in my stomach, Joe was getting off teasing me as I felt his cock bulging against my stomach as he leant down and his lips touched mine. He pressed his lips harder against mine I opened my lips and Joe pushed his tongue between my lips. He released my hands, pushed upright, he moved down slightly to sit directly upon my stiff hard cock, he ground his hips. I had never had sex with anyone either a woman or a man, my sex life was all fantasy, played out as I masturbated and jammed a lot of different objects into my asshole.

Joe asked if I wanted to see his cock, my mouth went dry and I nodded. Joe climbed off me and laid back on his sleeping bag, he wore shorts and t-shirt, the bulge in his shorts was so enticing. I moved over to him and tentatively reached out to touch him, I half expected him to stop me and tell me to fuck off, but it did not happen and I touched his bulge, I could feel the heat emanating from his cock. I pressed the hardness with my hand I began stroking his cock over his shorts.

Joe laid back watching my face as I felt him, 'Take my shorts off', he spoke in a hushed tone.

I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of his blue shorts and pulled them down over his tight bum, his cock sprang free from the confines of his shorts, the seeping fluid arched up and hit my face, as I yanked the shorts all the way off. I sat staring at the big long thick cock framed by a thick mane of black hair and his balls hung down between his muscular lithe legs. It was a magnificent sight to see.

Joe, broke the silence, 'Perhaps you should suck on it', he grinned as he spoke.

I wrapped both hands round his fat cock and pumped the foreskin down and up over the big purplish dome, the tear shaped opening leaked and my pumping smeared the liquid lubing the tip. I leant over and took the big shiny head between my lips. Being a complete virgin, I was not sure about how to suck on a cock, Joe placed his hands on my head and pressed me down onto his cock, he pulled and pushed my head on his cock, occasionally warning me about my teeth scraping on his cock, I gasped for breath, but soon I began to fuck my mouth on his cock on my own, taking it out and licking his length while filling my lungs before taking him deep into my mouth and pumping it with one hand as I played with his balls with the other.

Suddenly Joe jabbed his cock into my mouth by pressing my head. He stiffened and hot cum filled my mouth. I held is cum in my mouth until he finished cumming, then swallowed, feeling the gloopy white cum slipping over my throat, it felt wonderful, it was then I became aware of my own erection I was looking forward to having my cock sucked by my best friend, I turned to Joe, but he refused, saying he wasn't gay. I moved to my sleeping bag and began masturbating, then I felt Joe's hand wrapping round my cock and his breath on the wet exposed tip, he licked all around the big head before licking the whole length of my hard cock and on down to lick my ball sac, even sucking one into his mouth, before licking back up to the tip.

This time he took my entire length into his mouth, his tongue flicked on the underside, he pulled my cock from his mouth and said, 'You didn't think I would leave you to take care of this wonderful long cock, that's what best friends are for'.

He swallowed my cock pumping his head as he tried to suck my balls through my cock, as he worked my cock with his hand until I spurted my cum into his open mouth. He kissed me and shared my cum with me, it was the most erotic thing I had ever done up until then. After we lay on my sleeping bag arms and legs entwined as we kissed long and deep for some time Joe crawled over to his own sleeping bag, as we need from previous camps the officers did regular tent checks to make sure no-one had snuck over to the girls camp site 100 yards down the road. I fell into a satisfied deep sleep and dreamt about Joe and his hard cock.

I was woken a little later, by Joe rubbing his cock over my mouth, 'Hey sweet thing give me another blowjob', he smiled as he said it.

I was happy that he wanted me so soon, despite losing sleep, but I was in love with him, so I opened my mouth and he leant over me and slipped his cock into my mouth, I closed my lips round the thick shaft, sucking as he pumped his hips driving it in and out.

After a couple of minutes he stopped and told me to take my shorts off and turn over, he wanted my asshole. I did as he asked and shoved my pillow under my hips an spread my legs, Joe positioned myself between my legs, he told me to spread my cheeks, I pulled my cheeks open as Joe spat on my asshole, rubbing the wetness before rubbing his big headed cock over the shallow indent then pressed his cock past my outer ring the big head popped inside. He held it there for a couple of seconds before he started fucking my asshole. My ass was not as tight as it had been before I began sticking various objects up there when I masturbated which was daily, sometimes twice daily. Joe was a rough rider, he did not care if he was hurting me or not, only in his own satisfaction. He pulled his cock out of my ass before jamming it roughly back inside, he repeated this many times. Then he pulled my arms back and used them to force his cock as deep as he could, he stopped fucking me still embedded deep in my asshole, he jetted his cum into me, finally withdrawing he wiped his dirty cock on one of my socks and went back to his sleeping bag, leaving me awake my ass pulsing and his cum dribbling out. I wept into my pillow, I fell asleep naked below the waist on top of my sleeping bag.

In the morning, Joe woke and masturbated squirting his cum onto my face and hair, he then dressed and went to the ablutions block for a shower leaving me covered with his cum. The rest of the camping weekend was the same after we went to our tent. Joe and I have been secret lovers for over twenty years, he still dated stunning girls, but we have a special love, I am his personal plaything, it is a role I enjoy and look forward to continuing.

Joe would call and I go to him, wherever he is, or he would come round two or three times a week, oftener when he was between girlfriends.

Now at 38 I am still single, living on my own, sitting waiting for Joe to call. Joe is married with three children. Joe was in my bed the night before he got married to Lynne, I spent most of the night sucking his cock and he fucked my ass 30 minutes before he was due to say I do. When Lynne was pregnant and not wanting sex, Joe would come round to my house and use my mouth and ass, before depositing his cum in my mouth daily, either before or after work or during his lunch hour, until Lynne was ready to resume her wifely duties. He even got out of my bed when his last child was born, after receiving a call from the hospital.

Joe has developed a taste for risky sex with me. Last Christmas I was invited for dinner, as the family were in the kitchen, I was sucking Joe's cock on the stairs, he also has at least one mistress. Joe has an enormous sexual appetite and everything is on his terms. It is the only condition, and one I can live with as long as I can still see him and make love to him, after all he is my life.

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