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Jack and Kyle - Part 3

Publish Date : Jan 8, 2009
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Kyle groaned and started to jerk his cock faster, spreading his legs apart on the bed. He imagined pushing Jack's slender body across the edge of the bed and ramming his hard cock up his virgin ass and fucking him hard and deep until Jack was screaming in pleasure.

* * * * * * *

As Max awoke he rolled over to check if Kyle was still asleep. He slid out of bed silently and started to gather up his clothes. The jeans he had worn the previous day were lying on the floor along with his boxer shorts. Max tugged both of them on and cursed under his breath when he couldn't find his jacket. The room was still dark so Max picked up the first t-shirt he found lying on the floor and pulled it over his head. He cast a backward glance at Kyle who was still fast asleep, the duvet tangled around his long legs. The door was already open a crack and Max left the bedroom trying to make as little noise as possible. He let himself out of the front door and it shut behind him with a soft click.

The sound of the shower running in the bathroom woke Kyle up and he rubbed at his eyes sleepily. He yawned and sank back onto the pillows closing his eyes again. But the noise of the water was enough to stop him from dropping off again. He sighed heavily when he noticed the empty space in the bed beside him. That was just typical of Max, leaving without as much as a second thought. He threw back the duvet and grabbed a pair of black pyjama bottoms that were thrown carelessly over the back of a chair. Pulling them on he wandered through to the kitchen. He switched on the kettle and leant back against the counter top as he debated what he should do about Max. Yeah, he was pretty sure he was in love with him, he was fun to be with, he could be more loving than anybody else realised and of course, he was a great fuck. But did that make a good relationship Max was unpredictable and his moods changed easily, he could be the perfect boyfriend and then suddenly turn into a major twat.

Kyle's train of thought was broken by the click of the kettle that indicated the water was boiled. He reached up and grabbed a mug from the shelf then heaped a teaspoon of instant coffee into it before filling it to the brim with hot water. He grabbed a spoon and stirred the contents of the mug. His thoughts returned to his boyfriend. Nobody else knew the Max he knew, everybody else just saw the cocky exterior but Kyle got to see beneath that to the caring guy that he loved so much. But he knew very well that Max hadn't always been faithful to him. In the five months they had been together Kyle was aware of three other people Max had been with. Each time, Max apologised, told Kyle how much he was in love with him and that it wouldn't happen again. And each time Kyle believed him and took him back. That wasn't really the type of guy Kyle was, he wouldn't take shit from anybody but when he got into a relationship he tended to jump in both feet first and with his eyes shut.

Kyle had come out as bisexual when he was thirteen years old. His parents and friends had been fine with it and it seemed as though they had expected it. All his life Kyle had been desired by both boys and girls and usually that desire was returned.

"Morning." Jack muttered as he joined Kyle in the kitchen. He was already showered and dressed in dark blue tight fitting jeans and an equally tight light blue t-shirt. His coal black hair was swept to one side and still slightly damp. Kyle could smell the familiar scent of his shampoo mingled with shower gel.

"Morning baby." Kyle smiled at him and pulled Jack into his arms for a hug. He rested his cheek against the top of Jack's head and closed his eyes with a soft sigh.

Jack loosely wrapped his arms around his best friend's waist and hugged him back. Jack had faintly heard the argument between Max and Kyle last night and he had heard what he assumed was the making up session even louder. He had lain awake unable to sleep, completely consumed with jealousy. Of course he wanted Kyle to be happy but he thought Kyle deserved better than Max. Jack's annoyance melted away as Kyle held onto him and he could feel the warmth of Kyle's bare chest against him and he relaxed in Kyle's arms.

With a sigh Kyle let go of Jack and smiled slightly at him. "Sorry for last night, Max was pissed with me for some fucking stupid reason..." He shook his head to show his annoyance.

"Was he It didn't sound that way." Jack forced a laugh and tried to make his tone as light hearted as possible.

Kyle shrugged and met Jack's eyes. God, he hadn't realised how blue they were before. Mentally, Kyle shook himself. Why was he starting to think about Jack like that "Yeah, he was just being an arse. And he just fucked off before I woke up." He shrugged to try and show that he didn't really care.

"Awh..." Jack sighed and pouted, sitting down cross legged on the kitchen floor holding his mug of tea. Kyle giggled and sat down in front of Jack, leaning back against him with his head resting on Jack's shoulder making his slender neck totally exposed. Jack put his mug down on the floor and leant against the counter. Still holding his full mug of coffee Kyle sighed and closed his eyes, his body relaxing against Jack.

Jack put his arms around Kyle's waist and shifted to get himself into a more comfortable position. He glanced down at his best friend and immediately felt a rush of love for him. Kyle was so much more caring and vulnerable than anybody else gave him credit for but Jack knew what a sweetheart he really was. They weren't the most likely pair of friends as Kyle was so much more brash and outgoing than Jack but despite that they were unbelievably close and neither one wanted to be without the other.

A sudden impulse grasped Jack and he lightly brushed his lips across Kyle's delicious smelling neck. Kyle whimpered as Jack's unexpected kiss caught him off guard and sent a shiver right down his spine.

"Fuck. S-sorry Kye, I... I dunno what I'm doing. I shouldn't have..." Jack's words tumbled out in a rush and his cheeks flushed a light pink. He scolded himself for being so stupid, why the hell did he just do that!

Kyle tilted his head to look up at Jack. He opened his mouth to reply but Jack was already getting to his feet. "Sorry," he repeated, "I better go, work, y'know... I'll see you later." And with that he dashed out of the flat, forgetting his jacket and his keys in his haste.

Kyle got up and returned to his bedroom, lying down as he replayed what had just happened in his mind. Jack had kissed him. Kyle didn't realise his best friend felt that way about him and he was even more surprised to find that he was feeling the same way. Even though Jack's lips had barely touched his neck Kyle's body had tingled all over from the contact. He could feel his cock hardening just thinking about it.

Kyle knew full well that Jack was a virgin, he said he didn't want to throw that away with somebody who meant nothing to him and Kyle understood that. But somehow the thought that Jack had never been with anybody else was a turn on for Kyle. He was becoming even stiffer imagining how it would feel to kiss Jack's lips, run his hands through his soft hair and slowly peel all the clothing from that model perfect body.

His rock hard dick was leaking pre-cum now and he tugged off his pyjama bottoms, tossing them onto the floor. He grasped his thick cock and started to jerk himself, rubbing his thumb over the head which made his legs tremble. He shut his eyes, imagining how good it would feel to have Jack's lips wrapped around his cock and his hot, wet mouth sliding up and down his pole. Kyle groaned and started to jerk his cock faster, spreading his legs apart on the bed. He imagined pushing Jack's slender body across the edge of the bed and ramming his hard cock up his virgin ass and fucking him hard and deep until Jack was screaming in pleasure. The fantasy was enough to push him over the edge and cum spurted from the end of Kyle's cock and he moaned loudly in relief. His heavy breathing subsided and he opened his eyes after a moment.

He felt confused now. He didn't understand what he was feeling for Jack, he already knew he loved him but it hadn't occurred to him that he loved him as more than just his best friend...

To be continued...

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