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Big Red

Two gay males kissing

Author: Anon
Published: 16-Dec-04 Revised/Updated 02-Mar-13
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When I first plugged into the joys of trucker meat a year ago, I began hearing about Big Red. And since it was Nashville Eddy who showed this college kid what a driver of freight could throw at a hungry gobbler of dick, it was also he who first mentioned the name of this trucking legend. As the months passed and I heard other drivers mention the name of Big Red, he seemed more myth than reality. But I was to discover later just how real he was

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When I first plugged into the joys of trucker meat a year ago, I began hearing about Big Red. And since it was Nashville Eddy who showed this college kid what a driver of freight could throw at a hungry gobbler of dick, it was also he who first mentioned the name of this trucking legend. As the months passed and I heard other drivers mention the name of Big Red, he seemed more myth than reality. But I was to discover later just how real he was.

Nashville Eddy, and I met at a rest stop on I-85 near Montgomery, Alabama. It was two in the Morning. I was halfway drunk from too much beer and headed home from a wild weekend in Birmingham.

I was pissing out a six-pack of Bud at the urinal when this lanky, blond guy took his place beside me, yanking and tugging deep into his jeans. He pulled out a mass of glistening genitalia and continued to pull at them while pissing a stiff stream of golden water, until his pecker was standing at an ass-busting attention. "Whew!" he grinned, winking at me. "Riding my rig all night makes me just a little bit horny."

"You'd better let me get that fucker down before it explodes."

That's all it took to get us into the back of his huge truck. There was a mattress laid out, along with a big cooler of iced Bud, a stack of porno magazines, and all kinds of rubber toys╩╩. We stripped, and Eddy had barely stepped out of his jeans before I was burying my head between his thighs. His dick was a perfect sucking cock: long, slender, and curved slightly upwards. It slid easily into my mouth and down past my tonsils. Quickly, I had it throbbing for blast-off. Within minutes, he was shooting his load into my stomach. Even while I was drinking it, he whimpered, "Stay on that fucker. That's only the beginning, man."

Through that wild night, I milked his sex teat nonstop. swallowing what seemed like a quart of fresh Nashville cream. When he would shoot off, he would press his hands against my head, begging me to stay on it. When I wasn't sucking him, I would be sliding an enormous dildo into his hungry asshole. "Shove it deeper, man!" he moaned. "I can't feel nothing."

He seemed to really enjoy one rubber cock that was as thick as a loaf of salami. I was amazed how his butt-hole could stretch to that length since he was so thin. "Oh, man, now that's feeling good!"

Around dawn, he sank his prick up my ass. "You just gotta meet a friend of mine." he laughed softly. "Big Red. He's one helluva dude!"

I begged Eddy to tell me more, and he did. Big Red was a half- Cherokee Indian. He was a huge, powerful mutherfucker who passed along that area a few times a year in his big rig. He didn't ball much. He was very particular about the guys he did it with. They had to be blond, for one thing. He loved blonds. They had to be young, have no inhibitions love to deep throat, and have an ass starving for huge dick.

Eddy had been fucked by him a year before in the back of Big Red's truck. Afterwards, Eddy had to go to his doctor for asshole repairs. But it had left him stretched for bigger things.

"I've got to meet him." I said. I was blond, nineteen, and had trouble finding men I could deep throat. My ass was famous in Alabama for being able to handle anything short of a tree trunk. Eddy promised to line me up with his elusive friend.

Nashville Eddy and I got together almost every weekend after that, haunting the rest areas along the interstate. Eddy began lining me up with some of his trucking buddies. Soon, I was going from one truck to another all night long. They would be lined up, one behind the other in the parking lot of the rest stops. They were glad to see a real live cock gobbler whose ass was eager for a good time.

I liked these guys. I had been used to college boys who really didn't have too much imagination or experience compared to these rig- rolling studs. The orgies we had were fantastic. I loved getting gang- banged by a dozen hot, sexed-up bulls. Eddy would hold my legs wide open while I lay back on my back. Then he would encourage first one trucker and then another to come up and plug up my butt-hole. After my partner would finish, Eddy would use a towel to dry my crack up. "Okay, who's next" he would say.

Afterwards, the guys would line up, and I would go from one to another one sucking them dry. Several guys would get in line for a second or third time. They loved the way I ate their cock.

There was one particular trucker, Roy, a big, black dude with a cock like a crowbar that Eddy liked to see fuck me. "I want him to really open your ass up for Big Red. You think Roy's hung You ain't seen nothing until you see what a hung, fucking bull Big Red is."

One night Eddy called me up on the phone. Big Red had just driven into the rest stop. He wanted to meet me. Trembling with excitement, I promised Eddy I would be there in thirty minutes. I put on my briefest and tightest white shorts and a sleeveless blue tee shirt. My blond hair glowed and my golden tan looked luscious.

Eddy was waiting for me outside his truck. Smiling, he led me to another rig. This one was parked in a corner of the empty parking lot. Since it was dark, I could just make out a figure leaning against the rear of the vehicle, smoking a cigarette.

As I got nearer, I could see him better. Christ, he was a big mutherfucker. In the dusky twilight, I finally saw him close-up. His square face was that of a thug, a poet, a truck driver. A thick moustache did not hide the finely chiseled lips. Thinning black hair was slicked back into a small pony tail, and his blue flannel shirt was open halfway down his chest. He was hairy and sweaty.

He looked me over with an expert eye in just a quick glance. "How ya doin', good buddy" he said softly. Jerking his head to his truck, he added, "Come on. Let's have some fun." The back of his truck had been prepared for an encounter. Like most horny truckers, Big Red had a mattress laid out, a red light hanging down, a cooler of beer, and all kinds of sex toys.

"Take my clothes off." he said softly. He stood at well over six feet. I had to look up at him. His eyes were slits of green. I was nervous and fumbled with the buttons of his moist shirt. Clearly, Big Red found time to work out. His pectorals were huge, like swollen pillows of bronze. His nipples jutted out like pencil erasers, and his stomach was curved deep and sharply chiseled with muscles.

Eddy took his friend's shirt and neatly folded it. Next, I unbuckled my sex partner's belt buckle, pulled down the zipper, and tugged his pants down. Eddy helped me pull off the cowboy boots and then the jeans.

Big Red stood naked--except for a bulging, sweat-drenched jockstrap. With his hands on his hips, he waited for me to finish undressing him. I pulled down the strap. Out swung a cock that might have been a hand curled up in a fist. The foreskin was tied by a leather thong, and the glossy, olive toned cock curved out from a thick bush of black hair.

I started to grab for it, but Big Red backed away. "Be patient, kid," he smiled. "you'll have all the cock you want. But first, I gotta get it ready for you."

All around us were boxes of vegetables. Big Red picked up a long, green squash, and punched a small hole in the end. Eddy held the vegetable still while his friend lowered his hips over it. Astonished, I watched him push the tip of his tied cock into the opening.

Eddy chuckled at my surprised look. "He's just getting ready like he always does before a lot of heavy fuckin'." Big Red was digging away at the hold in the squash with his fucker. I saw it bend double and strain as he finally worked an inch into the squash, then another. Soon, he was fucking hard. Each time he plunged in and out, his ass would open and I saw a beautiful pink butt-hole. Finally, he plugged it up to the hilt. His huge balls touched the floor, and he pulled himself out. Now, lying on his back, he beckoned me to join him. His dick looked even more like a blown-up balloon sticking straight up. "That ain't hard yet. Just half full. Enough to get us going. Untie my foreskin." He said he hadn't washed his cock off in a month. The only time he untied the cord around his foreskin was when he took a piss. He hadn't pissed all day. "I'm, really hurting, man." he whispered, "but I wanted you to have it."

After I untied the thong, Eddy helped me slip the foreskin down until the head popped out. It was huge--an apple-sized tip ripe with unwashed juices and matter. The cock-slit was so taut from backed-up liquids that it was like a hungry mouth--wide and gaping.

"Start eating me," he whispered. "Don't be gentle now, pretend it's a chunk of steak. Don't worry about your teeth. It's a tough fucker." I bit into it, and it was a succulent wad of meat. My tongue dipped deep into the slit and suddenly out poured what tasted like a gallon of piss. I drank it all. Big Red was writhing and gasping, his stomach muscles pumping in and out. "Oh, Jesus H. Christ! That feels good!"

This man had a sex muscle I had never seen before. With both my fists clamped around the center of it, there were still many inches left exposed. I stretched my mouth muscles to their widest and began gobbling my way to heaven. He pushed his hips up gently, forcing more dick into my mouth until it hit my tonsils.

"You having trouble" he asked kindly. I nodded. Eddy came up from behind and raised my legs up in the air. Big Red put his hands on either side of my throat. Somehow, that relaxed my muscles and I could feel the enormous tube of male meat inching its way downward. Soon, my face was buried in his forest of pubic hair.

Now, my throat went wild, it began milking the swollen teat in steady motions. Red loved it. Sweat was dripping from his body. Eddy was naked, too, and he clamped metal pincers on his friends big titties. A long chain connected them.

My chin was cushioned by Red's swollen sac. I was squeezing and kneading his big balls like they were made of rubber. "Pull my chain," he whimpered.

I reached up and yanked at the chain which stretched his nipples out nearly an inch or more. Now I knew why they were so big and thick. As I was sucking and pulling on the tit chain, Eddy began his dick up my ass. I began eating Red's cock even more roughly--chewing on it, scratching it squeezing his balls as hard as I could. Red was going wild. He was twisting and groaning and whimpering. "Man, it's coming up. I'm gonna bust out a load. Wanna see it"

Without waiting for an answer, he began pulling his swollen pecker from out of my throat and mouth, By now, the tip had become a huge wad of swollen, red meat. He used his fists to begin whacking at it. Eddie and I watched, fascinated at this sight. Rarely have I seen a prick pounded as roughly as Red was whacking his. "Shit!" he yelped. "Here it blows!"

He held his peter like a runaway hose. It lobbed out thick streams of dick milk into the air. Even before it stopped pumping , Eddy had pulled and raised my legs over my head. "Okay, Red." he grinned. "bust his cherry."

Eddy spread my buns so my hole opened up. Big Red got on his knees and leaned over me. I felt the tip of his still dripping cock begin to work in. Eddy spread my cheeks even wider and pushed gobs of Vaseline jelly around the edges.

Big Red's arms were braced on either side of me. I reached up and grabbed his tit chain and began pulling on it as he inched in his bull dick. "Pull the fucking chain," he whispered. "Don't be gentle. Pull my fucking tits off. I want to plug up your ass and fuck your brains out."

I felt my hips spreading wider from the huge wad of meat moving in. Then, he began fucking me in steady, violent strokes. But I loved it and urged him to do it deeper. Eddy pushed Big Red's ass so he could penetrate deeper.

An hour later, he was busting out of his second big load. and I could feel his cream dripping out from my stretched, bruised asshole. But I wanted more. Big Red's ass-busting fuck had only tantalized me. He very eagerly fucked me again, even more violently, and when he finished, Eddy took over. While Eddy was working over my ass, I had my face buried in Big Red's groin. By now I had gotten the knack of how to eat his swollen wonder and this time, I managed to deep throat without any need of assistance from anyone.

While taking a beer break, I began beating Big Red's cock. He lay back, smiling, as I worked my fists over his cock. Eddy meanwhile, was twisting his buddy's loose sac around and around until it resembled a pink balloon. We were rewarded for our efforts by watching a fountain of cum blow upwards and settle down on the tops of our beer cans.

Toward dawn, Big Red had us tie his hands up to a pulley on the roof of the van. With another rope, we tied his feet wide apart so that he hung in mid-air, spread-eagled. He wanted us to bust open his ass. I found the biggest dildo I could from a box, and Eddy greased it up with Vaseline jelly. Together, we began working the end into Big Red's magnificent smooth butt. He moaned and cried and gibbered as his asshole stretched wider and wider from the arm-sized dildo. But he really loved every minute of it. We knew that when he suddenly shout out a load that splattered our faces.

Afterwards, Eddy and I had great fun applying ointment and soothing lotions all over the nicks and bites on Big Red's big sweating torso: from the tender nipples to the teeth marks on his prick and balls to the tender spots around his butt-hole.

I was so sexually satisfied that night that it wasn't until two nights later that I finally felt horny again. To my surprise, when I met Eddy in the parking lot at the rest area, he took me to a very familiar freight truck. Leaning against it was a huge, powerful figure. The square face with the green eyes lit up. "Hey, you ready for some fun"

We see each other about every month now. He doesn't say much, but Eddy tells me I'm the only one in Big Red's life. He's telling the truth. Big Red always keeps that leather thong tied around his foreskin.

He only removes it when he takes a piss. I know nobody else has had their mouth on that cock. All I've got to do to find out is to untie that thong, roll down the foreskin, and look at that cock head. It looks just like a prick tip that hasn't been washed in a month. And that's the way I want it.

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