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Jack and Kyle - Part 6

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Published: 17-Oct-09 Revised/Updated 06-Nov-09
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"Max, we're in public you know..." Kyle muttered, pushing Max's hand away. "So what" Max shrugged and kissed him again, harder this time. He pulled away slightly and his lips slid to Kyle's ear. "I'm so horny right now and I'm desperate to fuck you," he murmured hotly, smirking as he rubbed his hand between Kyle's legs, feeling how hard he was...

* * * * * * *

The light streaming through the windows woke Kyle and he turned over, realising that Jack was no longer lying beside him. Kyle stretched his arms above his head and arched his back, still feeling sleepy. He smiled to himself as he thought about the night before; it had been better than he'd imagined it. Just kissing Jack made his heart pound twice as fast, the softness of his lips, the silky feel of his hair and the way he looked at him with such undisguised emotion. Kyle's smiled widened and he swung his legs out of bed, running a hand through his tousled dark hair. He wasn't one for early mornings but the thought of seeing Jack was enough to wake him up completely.

"Jack" He called out as he walked through to the kitchen, switching on the kettle. "Jack" Kyle shouted again. There was no reply but a quick glance at the clock told Kyle that Jack would already have left for work, and if he didn't hurry he was going to be late for college, again. "Fuck," he muttered under his breath. It barely took Kyle five minutes to throw on some clothes and hunt down his mobile and his keys before dashing out of the door.

The bell rang at 12:30pm, signalling the end of class. Kyle shoved his books into his bag and slung it over his shoulder, quickly making his way towards the classroom door and out into the hallway. He pulled his phone out of his pocket when he felt it vibrate and flipped it open. He had one new message from Jack, 'Coming by work to see me X' Kyle smiled and closed his phone again, feeling that now-familiar excitement at the thought of seeing Jack. "Kyle, wait up!" He turned around to see who had shouted him and he spotted Hayley shoving her way through the other students to reach him.

"Hey," Kyle grinned and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Are you okay"Kyle asked. Hayley flicked her shoulder length red hair back and pulled a face at him.

"No, I've got economics after lunch." She sighed and rolled her eyes expressively. "Any chance of getting a look at you essay"

Kyle laughed and pulled a file out of his bag and handed it to her. "Sure, just don't copy it word for word yeah"

Hayley nodded and reached up to ruffle Kyle's hair. "Course. Thanks Kye, you're a lifesaver!" She grinned and turned away, walking back down the corridor. Kyle watched her for a moment before heading towards the college entrance. He and Hayley were good friends and it surprised him that he had never wanted it to be anything more and neither had she. Undoubtedly she was good looking, fun, had a great sense of humour and was just the sort Kyle normally went for, but the chemistry just wasn't there.

Kyle bit his lip impatiently as he waited behind the crowd of people leaving through the same doors at the front of the college. He felt someone shove into him from behind and he automatically put his hand on the shoulder of the person in front of him to steady himself. The boy turned around and Kyle pulled his hand back. "Sorry," he shrugged, gesturing at the crowd behind him. He recognised the guy, they weren't in the same class but everybody knew Liam. Captain of the football team, dated the hottest girls in college and of course he was hot himself. Liam had dark blond hair streaked with lighter blond highlights, piercing green eyes that stood out even more because of his golden tan and a fantastic body that any girl would want, and plenty of guys wanted it too.

"No worries man, this is fucking ridiculous, someone's gonna get trampled on if they don't watch out." Liam smiled a half-smile and they finally managed o get out of the door and into the courtyard. Kyle smiled back and winked cheekily at Liam. Liam frowned slightly in confusion which made Kyle chuckle as he walked away, he was aware Liam was straight but that didn't mean flirting with him wasn't fun.

It didn't take Kyle long to reach the agency where Jack worked and he parked his car just down the street. He got out and slammed the door behind him, walking towards the entrance. He spotted Jack and was about to call out to him until he realised Jack was speaking to someone but he wasn't close enough to hear. The other guy was tall with light brown hair. From what Kyle could see he was very attractive, he was probably a model.

Jack smiled slightly at Josh and shrugged his shoulders. They'd been talking about Kyle and Josh was doing his best to help Jack decide what to do next. "Thanks for this, listening and everything," Jack said gratefully. "No problem," Josh gave Jack a swift, friendly hug and kissed his cheek lightly.

Kyle clenched his fists, feeling instantly jealous. Jack had got together with someone else that fast after everything he'd said He felt hurt and disappointed all over again, he really had thought Jack felt how he did. But obviously not, Kyle thought in frustration. He turned around, walking away before Jack saw him.

"Kyle" Kyle looked up to see where the shout had come from and he saw Max stood leaning against the lamppost beside where Kyle's car was parked with his arms folded across his chest and an attractive smirk on his face. Max was wearing tight jeans today that made the bulge in his trousers obvious and a grey Levi's t-shirt. "Looking for me" Max raised an eyebrow, the same expression on his face.

Shit. Kyle had been so caught up in Jack that he had almost completely forgotten about his boyfriend. "Hey gorgeous," Kyle grinned as he walked up to Max. He was pissed off with Jack for being with another guy and he was still feeling horny from last night when Jack had stopped things from going any further.

Max leant in and kissed Kyle slowly, tracing the tip of his tongue over Kyle's lip. He slipped his arms around Max's waist and pulled him closer as they kissed. Max slid his tongue into Kyle's mouth, toying with his tongue stud and ran his fingers inside the waistband of Kyle's jeans. "Max, we're in public you know..." Kyle muttered, pushing Max's hand away.

"So what" Max shrugged and kissed him again, harder this time. He pulled away slightly and his lips slid to Kyle's ear. "I'm so horny right now and I'm desperate to fuck you," he murmured hotly, smirking as he rubbed his hand between Kyle's legs, feeling how hard he was.

"Not here baby," Kyle muttered but he could feel his resistance waning as, Max never failed to turn him on.

"Come on then," Max smirked and grabbed Kyle's hand, leading him down the alleyway behind them. Max shoved his boyfriend roughly against the wall and Kyle groaned as his head hit the bricks. Max kept a firm grip on Kyle's waist and started to kiss his neck, licking and sucking on his skin. Kyle groaned again but this time it was in pleasure rather than pain. Max slid his hands down the back of Kyle's jeans, feeling his tight ass, getting more and more turned on by the sound of Kyle groaning and the fact that they could get caught at any moment.

Max's hands moved to the front of Kyle's jeans and he undid them quickly, pushing down his boxers to grasp his hard cock. Kyle leaned his head back against the wall and moaned in pleasure as Max started to jerk him slowly but hard. Max looked at his boyfriend, his eyes were closed and his mouth partly open as his breathing became harder. "Look at me," Max told Kyle firmly as he jerked his cock faster. Kyle obediently opened his eyes, locking gazes with Max.

Max took a step back and started to push his own jeans and boxers down, his eyes still looking right into Kyle's. "Suck my dick, get it nice and wet because I'm gonna stick all this right up that tight little ass of yours baby." Kyle got even more turned on from hearing Max talk dirty like that and his own dick grew even harder. He knelt down in front of him on the tarmac floor. He teased Max by lightly licking the end of Max's cock then he took just the head into his mouth, letting his tongue stud rub against Max in the way he knew he loved. Panting softly, Max touched his fingers underneath Kyle's chin and tiled his face upwards so he could look at him. Kyle slid his wet lips down the entire length of Max's thick cock, taking him back into his throat. Max groaned, he loved the way Kyle sucked his dick like such a slut. Kyle's movements got faster and he was still looking right into his boyfriend's eyes as he sucked his dick.

Max was close to cumming and he put his hands on Kyle's shoulders, shoving his mouth off his cock. Max pulled Kyle to his feet and pushed him against the wall again, not caring if anyone could see or hear them because he needed to fuck Kyle so badly. He pressed the head of his throbbing cock against Kyle's asshole and leant forward to murmur hotly in his ear, "Do you want this Kye Do you want to get my cock up here, baby"

"Yeah, please Max," Kyle begged him desperately. Max pushed his dick into Kyle in one hard thrust and Kyle cried out from the mixture of pleasure and relief of having Max inside him and in pain because Max had such a big cock, it always hurt him at first. Max started to thrust quickly, slamming deeper into Kyle every time. Kyle moaned and leant his head back onto Max's shoulder. He reached down and started to jerk his own cock in time with Max's hard thrusts.

Max groaned and kissed Kyle's neck, digging his teeth in slightly which made Kyle moan again. "Harder Max, I'm gonna cum," Kyle gasped. Max thrust his dick deeper into Kyle and they both moaned loudly as they came at almost exactly the same time. Kyle gasped again as he felt Max's hot cum shoot inside him. Max pulled out of Kyle and kissed him firmly on the lips. They both pulled their clothes back on and Max smirked as he took Kyle's hand, leading him back towards his car.

"I gotta go, I'll call you later sexy," Max kissed Kyle's lips again and grinned at him before he turned and walked away, his hands in his jean's pockets. Kyle smiled to himself and shook his head. He got into his car and put the key into the ignition. Sex with Max was always great, but why did he feel guilty Kyle gripped the steering wheel harder as Jack's face came into his head. Max was his boyfriend, not Jack. Jack wasn't even interested any more anyway; Kyle tried to reason with himself.

Kyle parked his car and walked into the building. He took the stairs up to their flat and unlocked the door. Jack was already home and Kyle half-smiled at him. "Where did you get to, I thought you were coming to meet me" Jack got up from the couch and hugged Kyle. Kyle clenched his fists again, angry that Jack was pretending he had been waiting for him when really he'd been with some other guy!

Kyle shrugged and let go of Jack. "Sorry, I was going to but I got busy. I'm sure you had stuff to do anyway."

Jack frowned. "What's up, have I done something wrong because you're acting really strangely Kye"

"After everything you said to me last night, after you told me you loved me, you were with some other guy today! Don't bother to deny it Jack because I know what I saw!" Kyle couldn't keep it to himself and his words tumbled out in an angry rush.

"What Do you mean Josh" Jack said in disbelief. "He's a friend Kyle, nothing else; I meant everything I said to you last night."

Kyle's heart sank; he could see Jack was telling the truth. He felt incredibly bad as he looked at the boy he was in love with because he'd gotten the completely wrong idea, got mad with him and had sex with Max. He didn't know what to say, if he told Jack about what happened with Max he might change his mind about how he felt about him and Kyle didn't want to risk that.

"Oh, sorry..." Kyle mumbled, forcing himself to meet Jack's eyes. Jack shook his head and gave Kyle a gentle kiss on the lips. "Forget it," Jack smiled slightly, "It's no big deal." As Kyle looked into Jack's blue eyes he knew he was going to have to choose, Max or Jack. If he wasn't careful he could end up losing them both.

To be continued...

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