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Jack and Kyle - Part 8

Author: Jake Rellin
Publish Date : Oct 17, 2009
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He leant in ever so slightly so his lips were just inches from Jack's as he spoke. "Max means nothing to me, compared to you Jay Jay. I made a mistake and I'm so sorry... Please..." Kyle bit the corner of his lip, anxiously waiting for Jack's reaction...

* * * * * * *

Kyle walked back into the bedroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. He opened his wardrobe to and pulled on a pair of boxers, then he noticed Jack sitting curled up in bed. "Jack Are you alright" He asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He frowned slightly in confusion; Jack had been fine ten minutes ago.

Jack looked up at him slowly, tears glistening on his cheeks. "How could you do that to me Kye How could you do that to me after everything you said" His voice was hoarse and barely more than a whisper.

"How could I do what I'd never do anything to hurt you Jay Jay..." Kyle replied slowly. He bit the edge of his lip as he always did when he was nervous. He didn't say anything else while he waited for Jack to speak but he could guess at what was upsetting him.

"Don't fucking lie to me!" Jack glared angrily at Kyle with his fists clenched. "Max just rang. He wanted you to know that yesterday was great. Care to tell me what was so great Kye" The last part of Jack's outburst was sarcastic and he raised his eyebrows, watching Kyle's reaction.

For once, Kyle was completely lost for words. "Baby, I.."

"No, you know what Kyle, just... just don't!" Jack cut him off sharply and pushed back the covers, standing up to face him. "You haven't even broken up with Max and you're screwing me" Jack clenched his fists again and tried to stop his legs from shaking. "You're cheating on Max and you're cheating on me!" He clenched his fists tighter and bit the inside of his lip to try and stop the tears that he could feel welling up in his eyes from slipping down his cheeks.

"Please Jack, just let me explain!" Kyle took a step towards Jack and put a hand on his shoulder. Jack flinched as he touched him and automatically stepped backwards. Kyle knew he deserved this reaction but it didn't stop the horrible feeling of hurt. He couldn't lose Jack, he couldn't. He wasn't just another guy that he'd slept with. Jack was his best friend and the boy he was head over heels in love with, there was no way he could let him go. "Jack please, just hear me out okay" Kyle's tone became more desperate but he didn't dare try and touch Jack again, he didn't think he could stand being pushed away again.

Jack shook his head numbly, unable to meet Kyle's eyes. "I don't want you to explain." His tone was oddly flat as if he was trying to hide any emotion in his voice. "You can't love me Kyle. You couldn't do this to somebody you love." Kyle opened his mouth to tell Jack that wasn't true but he didn't wait to let him speak. "I thought you meant what you said, I gave you everything Kyle..." Jack's voice shook even though he was trying incredibly hard to stop it. He simply could not believe that his best friend would do this to him. So Kyle wasn't exactly a saint when it came to relationships but he didn't think Kyle was actually capable of hurting him this badly.

"Jack, baby, I did mean what I said and I do love you!" Kyle put his hand on Jack's shoulder, his eyes alight. "You really do mean everything to me. I wanted to break up with Max but I, I just couldn't. I know I shouldn't have done it but..." His voice trailed off as he couldn't think of how to end his sentence. Jack didn't reply and his silence made Kyle's heart leap, maybe there was a chance Jack would understand after all. Kyle took a small step closer to him, his hand still lightly touching Jacks shoulder.

He leant in ever so slightly so his lips were just inches from Jack's as he spoke. "Max means nothing to me, compared to you Jay Jay. I made a mistake and I'm so sorry... Please..." Kyle bit the corner of his lip, anxiously waiting for Jack's reaction. His heart was racing in his chest and he became more nervous with every second that Jack remained silent. But he knew that even if Jack was still angry, and he had every right to be, he wouldn't let him go without a fight, he meant far too much to Kyle to leave things like this.

Jack breathed in slowly before he spoke. The feeling of Kyle's warm breath brushing against his face and the way he was looking into his eyes made Jack feel literally weak at the knees. "You hurt me," was all he managed to whisper. Jack could see the pain in Kyle's eyes and it made him wonder if Kyle was telling the truth and he really did love him, not Max.

"I can't lose you Jack, I can't lose you," Kyle whispered, his dark brown eyes filling up with tears. He blinked the tears trickled down his cheek and glistened on his eyelashes. Kyle felt sick, he had never wanted to hurt Jack like this and he didn't even want to imagine what his life would be like without him. As Jack watched the tears silently running from Kyle's eyes he realised that this was the first time he'd ever seen his best friend cry. A ghost of a smile tugged at Jack's lips and he leant in slowly and brushed his lips against Kyle's cheek, kissing away the tears.

"I don't want to lose you either," Jack said softly. No matter how much Kyle had hurt him he still didn't want to lose him, he was probably the most important person in Jack's life and he didn't want that to change.

When Jack said that one small sentence, Kyle didn't hesitate for one second and he threw his arms around Jack, hugging him tightly. He smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "You won't regret this, I promise." Kyle murmured in Jack's ear, still clinging to him.

Jack couldn't help smiling too as he held Kyle in his arms, even though he was still feeling hurt by what Kyle had done. "I love you so much baby," Kyle said softly, pulling back a little to look at Jack. "I mean it. I'm never going to let you go and I swear I won't ever let you down again."

Jack believed him. "I love you too Kye," he smiled and kissed Kyle's lips softly. His mouth felt warm and soft and Jack breathed a happy sigh, winding his arms around Kyle's waist.

"Jack" Kyle murmured as he broke the kiss. Jack looked at him questioningly rather than replying. "Will you... I, um.. Shit, I'm pretty bad at this kind of thing but, would you... would you be my boyfriend" He asked awkwardly, a new, shy smile on his face.

Jack nodded and kissed Kyle's lips again softly. "Of course," he murmured, placing another gentle kiss to his best friend's, no, his boyfriend's lips. Kyle smiled as he kissed Jack back, sliding his arms around his neck. He felt uneasy for a moment as he thought of Max but he knew it was Jack he really wanted to be with. He was going to have to officially end things with Max but he didn't want to mention it to Jack at that moment, not after what had just happened.

The bedroom curtains were still pulled shut and the room was quite dim, even though it was light outside. Kyle gently pushed Jack back as he kissed him and they both tumbled onto the bed. Jack giggled and Kyle broke the kiss to see him smile. He loved knowing that he was making Jack happy and he was sorry he had ever hurt him; he had never meant to and would never do anything to make Jack feel like that again.

Jack rolled over so he was lying on top of Kyle and bent his head to kiss his neck. Kyle gasped as Jack's soft lips found the sensitive spot on his neck that drove him wild. Jack slowly licked the same place on his neck, making Kyle shudder in pleasure. "Does that feel good" Jack murmured, sliding his lips to the hollow of Kyle's throat and lightly stroking the side of his neck at the same time.

"Uh-huh..." Kyle groaned softly, arching his back under Jack's tongue. Jack placed his hands on Kyle's bare chest and lightly traced his newest tattoo with his fingertip. Kyle's skin was still sensitive and Jack's gentle touch made him whimper. Jack kept kissing Kyle's neck painfully slowly and ran his other hand across his chest, playing with the silver bar that pierced Kyle's nipple.

The feeling of Jack's hands toughing his body and his lips pressed against his neck combined with the familiar, delicious scent of Jack's skin was an incredible turn on and Kyle could feel himself getting hard already. Jack pressed a line of kisses down Kyle's chest and ran his tongue over the skin just above the waistband of his jeans. Kyle bit his lip to stop himself moaning out loud. Jack was barely touching him and yet he was so hot for him already.

Jack sat up with his knees either side of Kyle's and unbuckled his belt, sliding it out of the loops on his jeans. He smiled and stroked his hands down the inside of Kyle's thighs just hard enough for him to be able to feel it, admiring the way the tight denim outlined his toned legs. Kyle whimpered again, becoming increasingly desperate for Jack to touch him. Jack could tell how much he was turning Kyle on and it was getting him hard too. Abruptly, Kyle sat up and grabbed the hem of Jack's t-shirt, quickly tugging it off. He stroked his fingertips down the centre of Jack's chest and felt him shiver from the touch.

Jack put both his hands on Kyle's chest and pushed him back down onto the bed again. Then he finished undoing Kyle's jeans and pulled them off hastily, tossing them onto the floor. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Kyle's boxers and slowly slipped them off too, dropping them onto the floor along with his jeans. Kyle squirmed underneath Jack in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

Jack shifted down Kyle's body and dipped his head to run the tip of his tongue over the head of Kyle's thick, hard cock, making him moan softly. Jack slid his lips around the oozing tip of Kyle's cock and began to suck gently then he tightened his lips, sliding his mouth a little further down. Kyle groaned, Jack's mouth felt so hot and wet that he felt as if he could cum right away. He slipped his hands into Jack's hair, toying with it gently. Jack kept sliding his lips down Kyle's cock until he had almost all nine inches in his mouth. "F-fuck Jack..." Kyle groaned, arching his hips to push himself deeper into Jack's throat. Kyle could barely believe this was Jack's first time at giving a blow job from the way he was sucking his dick and he started to rock his hips against Jack's face as his lips slid up and down his cock.

Jack closed his eyes and stroked his tongue over Kyle's rock hard shaft as he sucked him harder. He felt Kyle's legs tense and he pulled away before letting him cum. Kyle moaned in frustration as Jack's warm mouth left his cock. "Please baby, don't stop," Kyle looked right into his boyfriend's eyes as he begged him. The lust in Kyle's eyes made Jack even more turned on and he pressed his lips hard against Kyle's, digging his teeth roughly into his lower lip, making him groan.

Then Jack shifted his body further up Kyle's and positioned the tip of his boyfriend's wet cock at the tight hole in his ass. Both boys groaned deeply as Jack slowly sat on top of Kyle's dick. Jack kept his eyes open and looked straight at Kyle as he took his cock deeper and deeper into his tight ass until he had all nine, thick inches inside him. Kyle moaned loudly at the feeling of his throbbing cock inside Jack's extremely tight asshole. Jack put both his hands on Kyle's chest and lifted his ass before letting his cock slide into him again. Kyle could see the pleasure he was giving Jack and that made him even hornier as Jack started to move up and down, riding his dick as hard as he could. Jack moaned as Kyle's big dick went deep inside his hot, tight ass. Kyle started to jerk Jack's cock in time with each of his thrusts, making him cry out in pleasure.

Kyle's moans grew louder and both of them were close to cumming. Jack kept his gaze locked onto Kyle's and he knew he was about to cum. Almost simultaneously, Kyle shot his hot jet of cum deep inside Jack's ass as he came too, shooting his cum over Kyle's chest. Jack let Kyle's dick slide out of his ass and he collapsed beside his boyfriend, both of their bodies hot and covered in sweat. Kyle was still panting softly and Jack snuggled up beside him with his head on his shoulder. Neither of them spoke for a moment and Jack closed his eyes, breathing in Kyle's familiar scent.

"Jack" Kyle murmured, unsure if he was still awake. Jack tilted his head to look at Kyle. "Mhmm"

"I love you." Kyle said simply, with a smile on his lips.

"I love you too," Jack whispered back, returning Kyle's smile. He couldn't have felt happier that he in when he was in Kyle's arms, hearing those three words that meant so much to him.

There was another moments silence before Kyle spoke again. "Forever" Was all he said, but Jack didn't need to hear anything else. That one, simple word meant more than anything else he could say and it was exactly what he wanted.

"Forever," Jack agreed, smiling again as he closed his eyes, his body cuddled up to Kyle's. This moment was perfect and he didn't want it to end.

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