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Jack and Kyle - Part 9

Publish Date : Oct 17, 2009
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"Kyle hurt me too Jay Jay..." Jack was brought back to reality when Max used Kyle's nickname for him, nobody else ever called him Jay Jay. Before Jack had chance to speak Max leaned forward and pressed his warm lips against his own...

* * * * * * *

"Max! Are you up If you aren't down here in five minutes you aren't getting a lift to work!" Max rolled over sleepily and groaned when he heard his step brother's voice. Max had been an only child until his Mum remarried the previous year. So now he had a new step dad, stepbrother and stepsister. He got on just fine with his step dad but his new 'brother and sister' were a different matter. At 19, Chase was the same age as Max and the two of them simply didn't see eye to eye on anything. Aged 15, Max found Chelsea to be a pain in the ass and neither of them really attempted to get on. Staying out of each others way as much as possible suited them both just fine.

"Max, get up for fucks sake!" Chase yelled, banging on Max's door. "If you get fired then it's your own fault y'know."

"Jesus, I'm up, quit fucking yelling at me!" Max reluctantly got out of bed and dragged on a pair of jeans. They were ripped at the knees but he didn't bother to change them. The room was still dark so Max quickly snapped the blind open, letting sunlight stream into his room. The floor was littered with clothes, various CD cases and other things Max couldn't be bothered to put away. Since his Mum remarried Max had been forced to share his room with Chase and he couldn't afford to move out just yet. Chase's bed was on the opposite side of the room and the floor around it was tidier than Max's side of the room.

Max grinned, he knew Chase hated him being so messy and it was part of the reason he was so untidy; he enjoyed annoying his stepbrother. He opened his wardrobe and pulled a face when he realised there were no clean clothes in it at all. Instead he grabbed a black shirt from Chase's drawer and pulled that on. Chase wouldn't like him wearing his clothes but Max really couldn't care less.

He yanked open the door and slammed it behind him before walking down the stairs to where Chase was waiting in the hallway, jangling his car keys impatiently. "About fucking time, you'll be late for work and I'm going to be late for college. Thanks a bunch," he muttered sarcastically. Max grinned; seeing Chase annoyed definitely brightened up his morning. "Hey, is that my shirt" He raised an eyebrow, eyeing Max carefully.

"Come on, we'll be late." Max said innocently, ignoring his remark about the shirt. Chase opened his mouth to protest but looked at his watch and decided against it. They headed out to Chase's car together and Max got into the passenger seat. Chase slid into the driving seat and started the engine, reversing the car out of the driveway.

Max glanced over to look at his stepbrother. He didn't get on with Chase but unfortunately he couldn't deny the boy was good looking. He had slightly tanned skin, eyes that were the colour of melted chocolate, carefully styled messy dark brown hair and to top it all off, his body wasn't far from perfect. Max glanced into the mirror to look at his own far lower maintenance appearance. His hair was the same length as Chase's; long enough to have the shaggy look but not long enough to look girly, but Max's hair was dyed black. He liked to dye random colours into it just for the hell of it. Right now it was streaked with dark blue with pink edges from where he hadn't quite covered up the last colour. He rolled his eyes then grinned at his reflection. Max didn't spend much time on his appearance but he seemed to pull that off and still looked good despite the lack of attention to his looks.

Chase pulled over by the store where Max worked so he could get out. "See you later." He muttered before slamming the car door shut. Max sighed and reluctantly pushed open the door for another day of the job that bored him stupid.

After work Max pulled out his phone to call Kyle, something that would definitely make his day more interesting, especially after what he'd said to Jack the night before. He smiled, wondering how much damage he had caused. It wasn't that Max disliked Jack but he didn't want him to have Kyle.

"Hello" Kyle answered the phone after the first couple of rings.

"Want to come and cheer me up baby" Max smiled, heading towards the bus stop at the end of the street.

"I kinda need to talk to you Max, it's pretty important." Kyle said slowly. Max frowned, Kyle didn't usually sound so serious and it made Max wonder what he wanted to talk about. It was probably about Jack. Kyle was probably a bit pissed off about it or something like that,

"Sure, want me to come round" Max leant against the bus stop, absent mindedly chewing his nails while he waited.

"Uh, I'll come to yours in half an hour or so, okay" Kyle's voice still sounded awkward.

"Alright, see you soon then gorgeous." Max's voice was still blasť as if he was completely oblivious to Kyle's tone. He hung up just as the bus rounded the corner.

By the time Max got home Kyle was already there, sat waiting on the wall outside his house. Max grinned, Kyle looked just as hot as usual and Max stiffened slightly just from thinking about fucking him. "Hey baby," he smiled as he walked towards Kyle.

"Hey." Kyle got up from the wall, looking uncharacteristically nervous.

"So what's up" Max asked while he unlocked the door. Shoving his keys back into the pocket of his jeans, Max gestured for Kyle to go inside. Kyle walked into Max's familiar living room and sat down on the couch, resting his feet on the glass top of the coffee table. Max grinned at how easily Kyle made himself at home and shut the door before sitting down beside him.

"I uh... I just need to talk to you about something," Kyle muttered looking at his feet. Max raised an eyebrow expectantly, waiting for him to carry on. "We're over." Kyle blurted out, finally looking up at Max. "I love Jack and I want to be with him, we're over." He sighed heavily but smiled a little, relieved to have said what he needed to. But when he looked up at his former boyfriend, he felt a pang of remorse. Despite his flaws, Kyle liked Max. He liked his fun easy going attitude, his ability to make everything exciting and the way Max made him feel. "I can't be with you anymore," Kyle murmured, just to push his point seeing as Max still hadn't said anything.

"You don't mean that Kye..." Max murmured softly, leaning towards Kyle on the couch. "You know why" He breathed, his lips almost touching Kyle's ear. Kyle didn't reply, he just sat very still and didn't show any kind of reaction. "Because Jack might be your friend, but he'll never make you feel the way I do. It's exciting with him because it's all new but in a few weeks you'll be begging to have me back." Max tilted his head, his lips just brushing Kyle's neck. "How does it feel when he kisses you Do you get that same rush as when you kiss me"

Kyle remained still and didn't say a word. Max smirked, he wanted to get through to him properly. "Does he fuck you like I do baby I bet he's nowhere near as dirty as me, I bet he can't ever make you cum like I can." Max's lips touched Kyle's neck and although he didn't say anything, Max saw Kyle's eyes fall shut and his lips parted ever so slightly.

"You're gonna regret this Kye, you need me as badly as I need you. We know what each other wants, that's why the sex is always so fucking good." Max let the tip of his tongue touch Kyle's neck while he spoke, lowering his voice to a soft, seductive tone.

"No, Max, I'm with Jack, I won't hurt him again," Kyle murmured. He loved Jack too much to do anything to hurt him again but he couldn't help getting turned on by Max's words. "Stop..."

Max shifted closer to Kyle and slid his hands to his belt buckle, starting to undo it but Kyle forced himself to push him away. His cheeks flushed at how hot Max could make him feel despite the fact that he was with somebody else. "I'm with Jack and that's just how it is Max, you'll find someone else." Kyle stood up to emphasise his point and started to walk towards the door.

"I know I'll find someone else Kye, just not someone as good as you." Max winked playfully, he didn't truly believe that Kyle would be able to give him up entirely. Kyle paused for a moment but didn't reply. He left Max's house, closing the door behind him.

As Kyle had shut the door behind him, Max wondered whether he had been serious about not wanting to be with him anymore. It wasn't just sex, he did have feelings for Kyle even though he tried not to let it show most of the time. He bit his lip then after a moment, picked up the phone. He scrolled through his numbers until he reached Jack and Kyle's home number then pressed the 'call' button.

"I don't get it Max. Why would you want to see me" Jack frowned and sat down on the couch, gesturing at the space beside him for Max to sit down too. He was curious, he though Max would be mad that Kyle had left him for his best friend but he seemed eerily calm. Max sat down beside Jack and hesitated before he actually spoke. "Look Max, I'm sorry, but me and Kyle are together and I know that you two were an item but he loves me and I love him so I-"

"We slept together again." Max cut Jack's sentence short. "This afternoon, he came over to mine." He looked up slowly to meet Jack's eyes. He could see the look of hurt, pain and pure disbelief and it made him feel oddly pleased. Kyle had screwed him over and now he was going to get his own back. He wanted to hurt Kyle like Kyle had hurt him and if that meant he had to do this to Jack then so be it.

"But he promised that you two were over..." Jack murmured, looking right at Max to try and tell if he was lying. But Max's face was completely straight. Jack felt the same feeling of crushing disappointment and dismay that he had the last time Kyle had let him down just like this.

"He lied to both of us Jack." Max said softly. Jack bit his lip, barely hearing what Max was saying. "Kyle hurt me too Jay Jay..." Jack was brought back to reality when Max used Kyle's nickname for him, nobody else ever called him Jay Jay. Before Jack had chance to speak Max leaned forward and pressed his warm lips against his own. Jack put his hands on Max's chest to push him away but as he felt Max slide the tip of his tongue over his closed lips, his arms relaxed and he parted his lips under Max's tongue.

Max slid his arms around Jack's waist and roughly pulled his body closer. He bit down on Jack's lower lip, hard enough to make him moan. Jack thought about pushing Max away and telling him to leave but right now he was so mad with Kyle that he didn't want to. As Max's soft lips slid down to his throat, then started to kiss along his shoulder, any thoughts of telling him to stop were pushed out of his mind. Kyle was cheating on him anyway and it made Jack so angry as well as upset. He didn't care whether he was thinking rationally or not and grabbed the hem of Max's t-shirt and tugged it off quickly. He looked at his toned body admiringly and slowly raked his nails down Max's chest, making him groan. Jack needed to take out his anger and frustration and Max seemed a good enough way to do that.

Pushing Jack back to lie on the couch, Max knelt over him and continued to kiss him whilst he expertly unfastened the buttons on Jack's shirt with one hand. He easily slipped the shirt off Jack's shoulders and traced his fingertips in a figure of eight over his chest. Max heard Jack whimper quietly and he smirked, there was no way Jack was going to change his mind about this now and surely that would mean the end of Jack and Kyle. He didn't have anything against Jack personally but he saw Kyle as his boyfriend and he didn't want somebody else to have him.

Max slid his lips down to Jack's neck and bit his skin softly. He felt Jack's body tense underneath him and his breathing audibly quickened. Max slowly licked his neck and Jack slid his arms around his waist, clutching at him in a way that made it obvious how turned on he was.

"No, I can't Max. This isn't right, it's not fair on Kyle." Jack said quickly.

Max ignored his protest and unbuckled his belt. He eased Jack's tight jeans over his hips, "He didn't say that about you when he was with me Jack," Max reminded him softly, tugging his jeans down fully.

Jack moaned and his eyes flickered shut at the sensation of Max's deliciously wet mouth sliding down his throbbing cock. He gasped as Max's lips quickly slid up and down his shaft and his legs started to tremble. "Max..." He muttered breathlessly. "Stop it max or I'm gonna cum," he warned, his body shaking with the amount of effort it was taking to force himself not to cum right then in Max's mouth. But Max didn't stop. Instead he smirked and tightened his lips around Jack's cock, running his tongue over the shaft. "Oh god," Jack moaned, arching his back in pleasure. "Max..." He groaned and put his hands on his shoulders, trying to push him away. Having Max's wet, talented mouth sucking his dick was making him way too sensitive and he didn't think he could take much more of it. Max didn't stop sucking him, he was enjoying making Kyle's boyfriend moan in pleasure. Suddenly he pulled back, just before Jack could climax. "Fuck, Max, don't fucking stop, please," Jack gasped. Even though he had been trying to push Max away, he was desperate for release now.

"I thought you wanted me to stop, baby" Max muttered, looking straight into Jack's eyes. Jack hesitated for a few seconds, trying to make up his mind about whether he was mad enough with Kyle to do this. But Kyle vanished from his mind as Max started to lightly stroke his cock, rubbing his thumb over the head.

Max grinned and shook his head. He lay back on the couch, pulling Jack on top of him. "I want to fuck you so badly, I always have" he murmured, his eyes not leaving Jack's. There was something about the way Max was looking at him that turned Jack on even more. Max put his hands on Jack's hips, shifting him up his body a little.

Max put his hands on Jack's smooth chest and dug his nails in as he scraped them over his skin, knowing it would leave a mark. He wanted to hurt Kyle and if he cared about Jack as much as he said he did, this would really hit him where it hurt. His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a key in the lock but Jack didn't seem to notice. Max smiled to himself, perfect.

"Jack, are you home baby" Kyle called out as he walked into the flat and slammed the door behind him. He dropped his car keys onto the table by the door and picked up the mail that as lying on the floor. "Jack" He called again.

"Shit!" Jack sat up quickly, pushing Max off him. Although Max had said Kyle was cheating on him, that didn't mean he didn't still have feelings for Kyle. Hell, it was more than just that, he loved Kyle to death and he didn't want to hurt him even after what Kyle had done to him. Jack looked at Max but he didn't understand the calm, almost pleased expression on his face. Jack hastily pulled his jeans up and threw Max's t-shirt at him but before he had the chance to finish getting dressed, Kyle walked into the living room.

"What the fuck is going on" Kyle stared at his ex and his boyfriend lying half dressed on the couch together as if he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

Jack got up from the couch, torn between apologising and being angry. He hesitated, then blurted out; "At least I didn't sleep with him behind your back! If you hadn't been cheating on me again with... with him," Jack turned his head and glared at Max, "then I wouldn't have done this in the first place, I don't even like him!" Jack paused and bit his lip, watching Kyle's face which had taken on a confused expression.

While Jack and Kyle were stood shouting at each other, Max got up from the couch, unable to keep the smirk of satisfaction off his face. He boldly stepped past Jack and kissed Kyle's cheek, pulling away before giving Kyle the chance to push him off. Jack visibly tensed, glaring at Kyle. Max reached out and traced the tip of his finger along Kyle's lower lip and turned his head to look at Jack, but the gesture wasn't intended to be affectionate, it was possessive. He wanted to show Jack that no matter what, Kyle was always going to be his and nobody else's. Then Max turned away and walked out of the flat without another word, letting the door softly click shut behind him.

Neither boy mentioned Max's departure and continued to argue as if it hadn't happened. "What do you mean at least you didn't sleep with him behind my back" Kyle frowned and hesitated. "He uh... He didn't say that we slept together or something like that, right"

Jack saw the expression on Kyle's face and the truth slowly dawned on him, Max had been lying. "Yeah," was all he could manage to say. He bit his lip, furious with himself for letting himself fall for Max's stupid act.

"And you believed him," Kyle shook his head slowly, it was a statement, not a question. "You really thought I'd do that to you Jack, after everything"

"Well it's not like you haven't lied to me before Kye! What was I supposed to think"

Kyle paused before speaking again. "You don't trust me, do you" He looked straight into Jack's eyes, waiting for an honest reaction. But Jack didn't answer, he didn't know what Kyle wanted him to say.

Kyle groaned in frustration and annoyance. He shook his head again then in a sudden move he put both his hands on Jack's bare chest and shoved him roughly against the wall. Jack grimaced as his head banged against the wall but Kyle paid no attention to it. He bent his head and kissed Jack's neck, digging his teeth into the delicate skin, making him whimper in pleasure as well as pain. "Kye..." Jack began but Kyle silenced him by pressing his lips hard against Jack's.

"Just don't Jack, shut up," Kyle muttered forcefully, scraping his nails over Jack's chest. "I can't believe you did that with Max..." He wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and pressed his body against his. "I hate thinking about you with him. I can't stand the thought of him kissing you, touching you..." Kyle muttered in Jack's ear as he slipped his hand into his boxers, starting to rub his cock that was already getting hard. "What did it feel like Jack

"Please don't Kye, I didn't mean for it to happen," Jack whispered.

"Were you trying to get your own back on me Did you really want to hurt me Jack" Kyle muttered furiously, starting to pull off Jack's jeans properly. But Jack pushed Kyle off him firmly.

"I'm not doing this with you while you're mad at me," Jack said softly, locking gazes with Kyle. "Okay I'll admit that I did want to hurt you, but only because I thought you didn't care about me." While Kyle didn't say anything, Jack carried on. "I'm sorry for all this baby, I love you..."

Kyle sighed softly. He wanted to still be angry but as he looked back into his boyfriend's eyes he could see that he meant what he was saying. He leant in and kissed Jack's forehead affectionately. "I love you too..." He slid his arms around his waist again, gently pushing him back against the wall.

Jack turned his head slightly and murmured, "Not right now Kyle, I just don't feel like it. Because of..." He didn't finish the sentence but he knew that Kyle would understand he meant what had happened with Max. Kyle simply nodded and took Jack's hand instead and sat down on the couch, pulling Jack into his lap. Jack rested his head against Kyle's chest, sighing happily as he wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. Jack closed his eyes and relaxed against him, a small smile on his lips.

"You didn't answer my question Jack." Kyle said quietly as he ran his fingers through Jack's silky dark hair.

"What question" Jack muttered, barely listening to what Kyle was saying.

"Do you trust me Honestly" Kyle asked for the second time that evening.

Jack hesitated then breathed out slowly. "I don't know," he whispered truthfully. "But I know I love you, isn't that enough"

Kyle kept his arms wrapped tightly around Jack, he wanted to try and make him feel safe. "I'll prove how much you mean to me Jay Jay, I'll show you you can trust me," he said softly but there was a hint of determination in his voice.

"You know Max won't give up, don't you" Jack avoided what Kyle had just said, he didn't know what to say to it. "He wants you and he won't just leave things like this."

Even though Jack's voice was flat, Kyle could tell he was worried. He reassuringly kissed the top of his head. "It doesn't matter, I want you, not him. I won't see him again, okay"

Jack nodded his head a little and snuggled in closer to Kyle. He gently kissed his chest and smiled. "Thank you," he murmured, but deep down he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he believed Kyle even though he desperately wanted to.

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