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The Man I Babysit For Makes Me Feel Proper Rude

Author: Robbie Webb
Publish Date : Jun 1, 2012
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The following story is taken from my ebook SCALLY BOY DREAMER, available on Amazon. The book is a collection of fantasies told by an 18-year-old scally from a rough council estate somewhere from the North West of England...

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Authors Note: All characters and terms in this story refer to people age 18 and over.

The following story is taken from my ebook SCALLY BOY DREAMER, available on Amazon. The book is a collection of fantasies told by an 18-year-old scally from a rough council estate somewhere from the North West of England. Purchase "SCALLY BOY DREAMER" from Amazon.com I've been babysitting for Mr and Mrs Williams. They've been out on the town. Mrs Williams has now gone bed coz she's had a bit too much to drink, leaving me downstairs with her husband. It's one in the morning. Mr Williams pays me my babysitting money. "How were the little shits Ok" "Yeah. No trouble at all, Mr Williams. They were in bed by half eight." "Nice one." He gets us both a can out of the fridge and we just sit there on the sofa chatting. We talk about football and films and stuff then he asks me if I'm courting, says I should have a girlfriend, good looking boy like me. "You should be fighting 'em off with your looks." "Well. I'm too good-looking, you see." "Of course. That goes without saying." "Girls tend to get shy with good-looking boys, don't they" "It's a terrible burden when you're drop dead gorgeous." "Sometimes I wish I wasn't so good-looking. Then maybe the girls wouldn't feel so intimidated. You can't blame 'em with my looks. They look dead plain compared to me. So that's why I can't get a girlfriend. Too good-looking." "Seriously, you should have a girlfriend by now." "Yeah well, I'm happy with my right hand thanks." "Wanking's good but having your cock inside a girl's pussy is a totally different experience, boy, let me tell you." I try to stop myself from going red but I can't help it. Mr Williams can sense my embarrassment. "You're not a virgin, are you" I tell him to shut up. "You are, aren't you" "Shut up." "You should have moved out of Palmdale by now." "Yeah all right. Don't go on about it." "I was only 15 when the Martian Probe landed on Venus." "Yeah. Ok. I'm a freak." Mr Williams smiles. "I'm only having a laugh, mate. It's ok. There's no shame in being a virgin." I try to change the subject but he's having none of it. "Wait till you've tried it, lad. Once you've tried it you'll never wanna go back to using your right hand again." "Yeah, well until it happens." I really do want him to change the subject but he's no intentions. "I suppose you're still experimenting with your mates, eh" "This cider's nice." "It's good to experiment with your mates." "What about Rooney, eh Greatest goal in the 20 seasons of the Premier league. Did you see it Fucking brilliant." "Before I had sex with a girl, I used to let my mate Johnny Cooper wank me off." "Some goal that was. I remember it. Against City, 2011. Rooney!" " We used to wank each other off." "What You and Wayne Rooney" "I loved it when my mate Johnny wanked me off. Yeah, it's good to have somebody else play with your cock. Turned out Johnny Cooper was gay but I didn't know at the time. Found out years later. Next thing he's asking me if I've ever had my dick sucked. I've been babysitting for him now for four months and he's never talked dirty like this before. I'm a bit shocked but hearing him talk like this makes me feel well sexy and I take a big swig of my cider. Mr Williams can see that I'm proper embarrassed. "Sorry, lad. Didn't mean to embarrass you." He then changes the subject, starts talking about something else but...oh fuck...no, I want him to carry on talking dirty now coz I'm feeling well horny. "I...I can't wait to get my cock sucked." He smiles. "You'll not be disappointed when it happens, lad. It's a lovely feeling, having a warm wet mouth on your cock." "Does...does the missus...does she suck yours then or what" "She can't get enough of it, the dirty bitch. She's always sucking it." "Lucky cow." "What" "I mean...lucky you." "Yeah, she loves eating my dick. Doesn't matter what she's doing: she can be washing the dishes, cooking the dinner. If I'm feeling horny I only have to say, "Slob my knob, darling!" and she'll drop everything, give me a good bone lipping." Me and Mr Williams, we're drinking cider and I'm feeling proper horny with him talking about cock sucking. The cider's made me feel dead relaxed and I want to know more about what Mr Williams got up to with his mate Johnny Cooper when they were teenagers. "This mate of yours." "Johnny Cooper" "Yeah. Did...did he ever...you know..." "What" "Did you...did you ever let him suck your cock" "I did. Yeah, he did suck it. I only had to ask him once and he was up for it. Sucked my cock and let me cum in his mouth." I almost choked on my cider. "Was it nice" "Lovely. He only sucked it once." "And like...did you like, ever suck his cock" "No." "Not your thing...sucking cock" He's looking at my bulging trackies. Yeah. I'm getting well hard in my trackies. My cock is getting proper boned up and there's fuck all I can do about it. Anyway, turns out that Mr Williams has sucked boys' cocks. He didn't suck his mate's cock but he tells me he's always had this thing about boys. Always found 'em sexy, ever since he wanked off with his mate Johnny Cooper. He really did wanna try sucking his cock when they were teenage friends but he didn't have the courage to try it. First time he sucked a boy's dick was just after he'd got married. Went on the internet, arranged to meet this boy and sucked his dick. And he's been secretly sucking boys' dicks ever since. His wife has no idea that he's into 18-year-old boys. My trackies are now proper stretched over my throbbing boner. The next thing Mr Williams only goes and pulls my trackies down and my stiff cock is in his mouth. Swear down. It happens so quick and my head is spinning. And I find myself fucking his mouth. I'm holding on to his head and I'm shagging my cock down his throat. Oh fuck. It's amazing. It really is the most incredible feeling ever. Much better than tossing yourself off. And I shout out without realising it. "Oooh! Suck my cock!" Mr Williams, he takes his mouth off my cock. "Keep your voice down, you soft shite! The wife'll hear you." "Sorry, Mr Williams." He goes back to work on my dick, sucks me off for a good ten minutes, slobbing my knob as he puts it, then takes his mouth off my dick and licks his lips. "The wife must never find out about this." "I won't tell her, Mr Williams." He lips my boner some more. He swallows my bell end then he swallows my shaft inch by inch till all my cock is in his mouth. He sucks me nice and slow and it feels incredible with my bell-end down his throat and my balls pressed against his face. Then he takes his mouth off my dick, strips me naked. I feel proper rude standing here naked before Mr Williams who I've been babysitting for, for the last 12 months. He looks me up and down, tells me I'm one fit lad. I'm thinking: any minute his wife could catch us and the thought makes my dick ache real bad. I'm standing there bollock naked before Mr Williams, my back arched, my hips pushed forward, my big hot cock throbbing, twitching and jerking up and down. I'm showing it off big time. My bell-end, it's never been so big and swollen. Looks like an overgrown plum. Deep purple and dead shiny. Hot as fuck. Mr Williams can't take his eyes off it. "That's some cock you got there, lad." "Thanks." "You're not gonna have no trouble getting the girls with that, I'm telling you. Or boys. Whatever you want." "Yeah." He tells me to turn round, bend forward and to hold on to the arm of the sofa. I wasn't expecting that. "What" "Turn round and bend forward." " What for" "Come on. You're not that naive, you horny little fucker." I stand there in the nude facing Mr Williams, my hot cock pre-cumming big time, my balls proper tight. "If I...if I turn round and bend forward and hold on to the arm of the sofa then you might...you might..." "What" "Dunno. You might do something to me." "What like" "Dunno. You might stick your big cock up my tight bum." "Is that what you want me to do, eh You dirty lad." I shrug my shoulders. "I dunno." "If you don't want me to then you don't have to do it." Fuck it. I turn round and I bend forward and hold on to the arm of the sofa. My legs are spread and my bum is pushed out and...yeah...I feel proper rude and naughty. I'm pushing my bum right out so that my cheeks are proper spread and I feel well naughty showing my arsehole to Mr Williams like this. Never showed my arsehole to nobody before. Mr Williams gets behind me and holds on to my waist. "You'll have plenty of girls doing that to you what I just did with my mouth but they'll not be able to do this to you." And...oh fuck...he holds on to my hips and... "What you doing You gonna...you gonna bum me" "Don't say you don't want me to, you naughty lad." "But your wife." "What about her" "She might come down and catch us." "Give her a thrill, seeing me sticking my cock up a fit lad's tight bum" I can't tell if he's being serious but I don't care coz his hands feel dead nice on my hips, nice and strong and...I push my bum out some more. Don't know what's come over me. I'm being proper dirty. Don't feel shy one bit. Mr Williams, his hands are all over my bum. He's having a proper feel of my bum, says it's lovely, nice and hard, not like his wife's arse, says his wife's arse is fat and saggy and nowhere near as fuckable as mine. He keeps one hand on my bum and he slides his other hand round to my front, stroking my balls then my dick. He's having a right good feel of me - playing with my bum, my balls, my dick and he keeps saying, "Lovely. Beautiful." And he slaps my bum and wanks my dick and he runs his hands all over my body, up and down the sides of my body, over my flat belly, my smooth chest. Never had nobody touch me up and feel me all over like this. His hands are all over me. He can't get enough of me. And then...oh fuck...he gets his face in my arse, sticks his tongue up my bumhole, gives me a good rimming. Slurps away with his tongue up my bum. I never knew I could get so much pleasure out of my arsehole. He fucks me with his tongue then he pulls out and next thing I feel it - his cock - long, hard, thick, hot...in the crack of my bum. I'm well up for it and I'm feeling proper dirty and I move my hips back and too, wiggle my cute little bum against Mr William's dick. I hold the arm of the sofa real tight. Mr Williams, his cockhead, it touches my arsehole. "Do you want me to put it inside you" "I...I dunno. Will it hurt" "I'll be very gentle with you." "Well, as long as you're not too rough then." "I'll not bum you if you don't want me to." "I want you to, Mr Williams." "If you feel uncomfortable about it just tell me and I'll pull out. Ok" "Yeah. Go for it." Mr Williams, he tells me to relax. I'm not nervous one bit coz I really like Mr Williams. He tells me to pretend I'm having a pooh then stop so that my arse opens up. I do that and...oh fuck...I feel my bum pulling his big cock inside me. Mr Williams starts fucking me real slow. He's dead gentle and he keeps asking me if it's ok. It feels weird, strange but it also feels fucking amazing. His cock, it goes inside me, slips up my bum. My arsehole, it closes tight round his fucking dick. He shags me slow and deep and he starts nobbing my bum real hard, holding on to my waist and shagging my bum and it's just fucking awesome. Mr Williams, he's pumping my arse real hard and he keeps saying, "Oooh! Nice arse. Well tight." Oh yeah. And I'm going, "Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse!" I don't care if his missus wakes up. I don't care if Mrs Williams comes downstairs and sees her husband fucking me up the bum. Mr Williams, his hands are all over me. He's feeling me all over and shagging the fucking arse off me and I'm grinding my hot bum in his groin, wiggling my hot bum around as he shags it. I grip his dick real hard with my bum. Mr Williams, he's bumming me and then...oh fuck...his wife, Mrs Williams, she comes downstairs and she sees her husband bumming me and she just shakes her head and gives a tut. "He's wanted to do that to me for years but I won't let him." She says it dead casual like. She's not shocked in the slightest. And she takes hold of my cock and wanks me off while her husband fucks me. She says, "If he's having fun then so am I." I go, "Yeah, you tell him. Why should you be left out" This is well hot, being wanked off by Mrs Williams while her husband bums me. Mrs Williams, she kisses me. "Thanks for letting the dirty bastard get what he's been after for years - some hot bum fucking." "Oooh! It's...oh fuck...oooh...it's ok, Mrs Williams. No probs. Oooh!" And Mrs Williams wanks me off while Mr Williams shags my bum and...oh yeah. Nice one. Mr Williams is happy coz he's got the bum sex he's always wanted, Mrs Williams is happy coz she's got to play with a teenage boy's dick, and I'm proper happy coz I'm having the most exciting experience of my life. © 2012 Robbie Webb

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