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Wot Happened After I Kissed Me Str8 Mate

Two gay males kissing

Author: Robbie Webb
Published: 12-Jun-12 Revised/Updated 27-Aug-12
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I was walking home from town with my mate. We'd been drinking round town and we was walking through the park when I dragged him into these bushes and without no warning I kissed him on the lips. He was proper shocked. I don't know what come over me. Just did it. Combination of the alcohol and like years of hiding my feelings how I felt about him.

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Authors Note: All characters and terms in this story refer to people age 18 and over.

I was walking home from town with my mate. We'd been drinking round town and we was walking through the park when I dragged him into these bushes and without no warning I kissed him on the lips. He was proper shocked. I don't know what come over me. Just did it. Combination of the alcohol and like years of hiding my feelings how I felt about him. Wanted to do this for years. Fantasised about doing it loadsa times, kissing him on the lips. Had to stop myself from doing it loadsa times, especially after I'd had a drink. That's been the hardest, after I've had a drink. That's when your true feelings come out. Innit There's been loadsa times when I've been sitting in a pub having a drink with him and I've nearly said it. Those four words. And I don't mean Get the ale in! You know what I mean. I love you, mate! Had to stop myself loadsa times from embarrassing myself. The simple fact was: I was in love with my mate. End of. And I mean in love. I had it real bad. He was on my mind all the time. When I heard songs on the radio I thought about him. That's how bad it was. I'm talking about love songs, not any song. I mean, that'd be daft if say, Macarena or Who Let The Dogs Out reminded me of him. I'm just trying to laugh about it coz like, well...it's not funny really. It's horrible when you're in love with your best mate. So yeah, I kissed him. Only lasted for a couple of seconds but it was like it lasted forever. I pulled myself away from him. Straight away I'm thinking: oh fuck. What have I done Why did I go and do that This could be the end of our beautiful friendship now. This changes everything. I couldn't look my mate in the face. I just stood there looking at the ground. "There. I've done it now. Now you know how I feel about you." I wouldn't have done it if I was sober and now I wish I hadn't done it. I waited for him to say something. He didn't say nothing. I thought: fuck, that's it. I've ruined everything. Our friendship was over. I wish I hadn't kissed him now but I'd done it and there was fuck all I could do about it. I managed to look at him. "I'm sorry, mate. I shouldn't have done that." He wasn't saying nothing. I'm thinking: say something. Anything. Tell me that you don't want to see me ever again and tell me to fuck off. Just say something. Then I thought: pretend it was just a joke. Yeah. Coz I didn't wanna lose him as a friend. I couldn't cope losing him. Life without him, it would be horrible. I laughed. "Ha! Got you there, mate. You thought I was being serious, didn't you" He said something but I couldn't make out what he said. He'd had as much to drink as I had, probably more. "What, mate What you say" He laughed. I put my hand on his arm. "You all right, mate" He touched his lips with his finger then he laughed again. Oh fuck, he was freaked out, I could tell. "Mate, I was just messing about. Having a laugh, that's all. I wasn't being serious." Then I laughed. "You really did think I was being serious, didn't you" My mate gave me a really intense look. Then he smiled. "Did I fuck." "What" "If you were being serious you'd have done this." And he put his hand on my face, his fingers touching my cheek dead gentle like, and he...he brought his lips to mine and he...he kissed me. Proper kissed me like he really meant it. Oh fuck. My heart was racing. My mate, who I was in love with, was proper kissing me. Then he...he proper snogged me and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. My head was spinning. Was this really happening It was the most beautiful feeling ever. My whole body felt warm and I just felt like...dunno, like I'd smoked the biggest spliff ever. After what seemed like forever he brought his lips from mine. He said, "That's what you really wanted to do to me, innit" I didn't know what to say. I was a bit confused. No, I was a lot confused. Then my mate, he said, "I've known all along how you've felt about me, mate. I've known right from the start. From day one. From the first time we met." "Mate..." "It's ok. You don't have to say anything. I'm ok with it. Honest." He wiped a tear from my eye, called me a cry baby. "Shut up." And then he...he started rubbing himself up against me. I pulled myself away from him. "No, mate. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I said. Let's just forget about it and..." He told me to shut up and he started rubbing himself up against me again. Oh fuck. I could feel his nob in his trackies. He was rubbing his nob against my nob. "Mate, you don't have to do this. I'm a prick. Forget what I said. I'm pissed. It's the alcohol." He said he was cool about it, about me fancying him. I smiled but I gently pushed him away again coz like I didn't want him to do this just because he wanted to please me. "I'm sorry, mate. I really shouldn't have kissed you. We're friends. You're my mate and I love you. I shouldn't have kissed you like that." Then he...he said, "Can I fuck you" Oh fuck. My mate, he was grabbing his cock through his trackies. He had a fucking boner in his trackies. "What's going on there" "It's you, you bastard. Kissing me like that." This was too much. "Right, mate. We're going home. We've both had too much to drink." "I'm not pissed." "Didn't say you was." "You just said I've had too much to drink." "Yeah, you have. I have. We both have." "Can I fuck you" "What" "Can I fuck you" "Right, that's it. Come on. We're getting a taxi." I take hold of my mate's arm but he pushes me against the wall. "Mate, what you doing" Fuck, he's more pissed than what I thought he was. He was pressing his body against mine. His face was real close to mine. I could feel his warm breath on my face. He called me a cock teaser. I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and started dialling for a taxi but my mate stopped me and he kissed me again on the lips. This time I didn't just stand there while he kissed me, I proper kissed him back. Why fight it We kissed on the lips for ages and it was the most beautiful thing ever. And my mate really was kissing me like he was kissing his bird. He finally brought his lips from mine and just stood there looking into my eyes, his hands on my shoulders. He said I was the best mate he had ever had. He told me that he loved me. "Yeah, but not like I love you. You're straight. You've got a girlfriend." "I still love you. You're my best mate and I don't care that you're a fucking arse bandit." "Shut up." I looked back down and he was still boned up in his trackies. "You've still got that fucking boner!" "Yeah. Coz I'm well horny." "Yeah, well get home to your bird." My mate, he brought his face to mine, whispered in my ear. "She won't let me shag her up the bum, mate." "Don't start that again." "It's true. I love her to bits but she's a fucking prude, mate, I'm telling you." "Stop it." "Why won't she let me give her a bit of the brown glove treatment, mate" "Behave yourself. She's a nice girl, Zoey. Stop talking like that." "I bet she'd let you bang her back doors in." "You're terrible you, mate." "Yeah, but with you being gay, mate. She'll understand." "Shut up." "Come on. We're going round now and she's gonna let you shag her up the bum coz you're my mate and..." "Whoa. Hold on. You tell Zoey that I'm gay, or you tell anybody...I mean it, mate..." "Mate, I'm just having a laugh. You soft shite. I'm not gonna tell nobody. Fuck me, what do you think I am." "Drunk, that's what you are." "Hey, listen. I'm being serious now. If I ever catch you trying to shag my bird up the arse." "What What will you do about it Eh Come on. Tell me." "I'll shake your hand." We both burst out laughing. My mate put his arm around me and we started walking our way home. I felt...I dunno...relieved that I'd finally told me mate how I feel about him. I couldn't have gone on much longer with all them feelings inside me. Now that my true feelings were out I felt great. I felt like...dunno, think of the best feeling ever and times it by a million, that's how I felt now that I'd told me mate how I felt about him. I felt great walking down the street with my mate's arm round me. He kept stroking my arm and telling me that he loved me. This was the best possible reaction I could have hoped for. I hadn't freaked my mate out or nothing. We was still best mates. I knew we couldn't be anything more than best mates. That was ok. As long as my mate knew how I felt about him, that's all that mattered. I could have just carried on walking like this forever with my mate's arm around me. It just felt so nice. Then my mate stopped. "What's wrong" "If anybody ever touches you I'll kill 'em, mate." "Yeah, ok. Cheers." "No, I'm being serious." "I can look after myself." "I know, mate. But I'm just saying." Then my mate, he started rolling a joint in the street. I took it off him, put it in his pocket. "You're gonna get us fucking arrested, you are. Save it till you get home." "Mate, I'm not going home tonight. I'm staying at yours." "No you're not. You're going home to your flat where Zoey's waiting for you." "Fuck her." "Stop talking like that about your girlfriend." My mate put his hand down the front of his trackies, had a right good fumble. "It's still hard." "That's coz you're a dirty bastard." "It's coz you kissed me." I took hold of his arm and started walking. Then my mate, he took hold of me and dragged me round the back of this building. "What the fuck you doing Where we going" He leaned against the wall then he took hold of my hand and pressed my hand against his bulging trackies. He wrapped my hand around his hot boner through his silky trackies. I was touching my mate's hard cock through his trackies. He took his hand off mine. I kept my hand there. I was holding my mate's stiff dick, gently squeezing the silky trackies round his hot boner. Oh fuck. The number of times I had dreamt about doing stuff like this to my mate. This was unreal. I could feel my mate's hot cock throbbing in my hand. He was well big. I just stood there with my mate's trackies-covered erection in my hand. My mate just stood there not saying nothing. He was breathing heavy. Then he let out a nice groan. "Oooh! that feels nice, mate." "Oh yeah, it feels more than nice, mate." My mate waited. But it was like I'd froze. I just stood there with my mate's cock in my hand. It's like a strange fear gripped me and I couldn't do nothing. My mate waited. And waited some more. "Come on. Not much of a puff, are you" Right. I moved in and kissed my mate on the lips. I kissed him like I'd wanted to kiss him from day one. And I slid my hands up inside his hooded top, ran my hands all over his hard smooth tight body. His skin was warm. I stroked his warm smooth body all over, his smooth chest, his nipples, down to his flat tummy, all the time kissing him. And his hands were inside my hooded top. We was touching and stroking and caressing each other's bodies as we kissed. I unzipped my mate's hoodie, opened it up, ran my hands up and down his slim smooth body as we proper kissed with tongues. His lips, his mouth tasted proper sweet. All the time I was kissing him I kept telling him that I love him. My hand went down the back of his trackies and my fingers slid over the smooth hard cheeks of his bum. Both hands went down his trackies round the back. I had a good feel, soft skin stretched tight over smooth bum-cheeks. He pulled his trackies down and for the very first time I saw his naked boner. It bobbed up and down in the open air. My mate's cock in all its naked aroused glory. It was beautiful. The most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I'd spent endless days and nights imagining what my mate's cock would look like in its erect state. I'd seen it before in the changing rooms at the swimming baths but this was the first time I had ever seen it stiff. I just stood there looking, taking in the beautiful sight of my mate's hard cock. It was about the same size as mine, a little longer and thicker. He was cut and had the most beautiful cockhead ever. It was well fat, bulging out from the thickness of his shaft, a proper mushroom-shaped helmet. My mate stripped himself naked for me. I suddenly realised we was outside. I panicked a bit, looked around to see if there was any CCTV cameras. My mate told me to relax. He said, "Fuck it. Just enjoy it. If we get caught, we get caught." I had to be naked with my mate. I stripped off and we held each other naked behind the building just off the main road. We held each other tight, our hands running all over each other's hard smooth bodies, our hot dicks rubbing together. His cock felt hot against mine as we kissed. My hand went for his cock, his hand went for mine. We slowly tossed each other off as we kissed. I had never had another boy's dick in my hand before. It felt nice having my mate's cock in my hand. I couldn't get enough of it. The head of his cock, it was silky hot in my hand and soaking wet with pre-cum. Then my mate, he told me to suck his dick. Oh fuck. Just hearing him say it almost made me shoot my jizz. "Suck my dick!" I went down on my knees. I took hold of his cock at the base, pulled his throbbing boner away from his body and brought my lips to that hot bulging cockhead. I breathed in the gorgeous whiff of his cock and balls. Slowly I slid my wet lips over the hot smooth purple head of his cock. His cockhead was so big my lips proper stretched round it. I sucked until all his cockhead was in my mouth. It was so big it pressed down on my tongue, throbbed against the roof of my mouth. My mate held on to my head and started fucking my face real slow, all the time pushing more of his dick into my mouth with each gentle thrust until all his cock was in my mouth, his bell-end down my throat. He was going, "Oh yeah! Suck it, mate! Suck my cock! Suck my big fucking cock!" He was fucking my face, banging his balls against my chin. I sucked harder and deeper, all the time looking up into his eyes as I sucked him off. He arched his back, pushed his hips right out, slammed his cock down my throat, tossed his head back. "Oh yeah! Suck it! Suck it harder! Harder! Oh yeah! You suck it better than my bird! Keep sucking it, mate!" I almost gagged on his cockhead, it swelled up so big. I thought he was gonna spunk his jizz in my mouth but no. He pulled his big meaty dong out of my mouth. His pre-cum was all over my lips and dribbling down my chin. He pulled me up to my feet and kissed me some more. He shagged my dick with his dick as we kissed. Then he said, "Can I fuck you" No sooner had he said it than he apologised. "Sorry, mate. Just messing about." The very thought of having my mate inside me almost took me over the edge. "You...you really wanna fuck me" "What Like...you'd really let me." "Oh mate..." I turned round and I leaned with my hands on this tree and I pushed my bum out. "Come on then, mate - you gayboy fucker. Put that big fat cock up my arse." My mate, he started rimming me, eating my arse. I didn't expect that. This was just incredible. "Oooh! Mate, that's fucking amazing! Oooh!" He was doing to me what he wanted to do to his bird. I had pre-cum dribbling all down my throbbing cock as my mate ate my fucking arse. He got his tongue right up there. I'd never had nobody do this to me before. Who better to do it to me than the boy I fucking loved He really knew what he was doing. Don't know how he knew what to do. I never knew my arsehole could give me so much pleasure. I felt proper dirty letting my mate do this to me. He stopped and he spit on his cock and he wanked the spit all over his cock. My mate, he stuck a finger up my bum and twisted it around inside me, opened me up a little with his finer. He said, "Fuck, you're well tight, virgin boy!" His finger came out and then...I felt it, the head of his cock pressing against my arsehole. I wasn't nervous one bit coz this was my mate who I was in love with and I was dead relaxed and he pushed and...his cock, my mate's cock, it went inside me. I felt my tight little hole stretching round the hot head of his cock. I swallowed his cock with my bum. My mate was going, "Oh fuck! You're so fucking tight! Fuck! Fuck!" He pulled me into him and all his cock was up inside me. He just held me with his cock inside me, his body pressed into mine, his warm breath on the back of my neck. This really was the most beautiful feeling ever. Then my mate, he started to shag me nice and slow. He wasn't fucking me, he was making love to me, nice long deep strokes of his hot cock inside me. I pushed my bum into his groin as he started shagging me a little harder and faster and every time he thrust into me, I heard his balls slapping against my bum. "Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me!" "Fuck you! Fuck you!" His hand was going up and down on my dick as he shagged my bum. He was wanking me off in rhythm to his fucking cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuckkk!" He kissed me on the back of my neck as he shagged me and he...he told me that he loved me and my arse squeezed tight round his cock and I felt the cum surging up my cock and... "Oh mate! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" "Me too! Oooh!" My mate did a massive cum squirt up my bum, six, seven, eight blasts of hot dickjuice filling me deep inside as I splashed my dick juice all over the tree. My mate, he stayed inside me until we both got our breaths back. He slipped out of me and I turned to face him. We held each other and we kissed, our bodies soaked in sweat, our spunky dicks snuggled together. I told my mate that I really do love him. He told me that he loved me too. Life is just fucking brilliant.

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