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Sir Filmed Boy Orgy in Class

Author: Robbie Webb
Publish Date : Sep 7, 2012
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The lads had no intentions of sitting down. They were having far too much fun with their hot boners now to sit down. They all just stood there with their dicks sticking out of their jeans then they all started wanking. They were all wanking themselves off in class. Sir was losing it big time.

* * * * * * *

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over

Sir put a video on. Then just before it started his mobile phone rang. He excused himself while he went out of the classroom to answer it. He told the boys to just watch the video, said he'll be back in a second or two.

It was supposed to be a video about modern art and boring shit and stuff but the boys were proper shocked. Sir had only gone and put a homemade porno on by mistake. It was a porno of himself having sex with a lad. Callum Green had seen the lad before. He was sure he went to this college. Maybe the lad was a year above. Sir and the lad were naked and the lad was sucking Sir's cock. Callum and all the other boys in class couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was well hot. Then the camera went in for a close-up and the boys could see the lad's lips going up and down on Sir's big cock. The boys started fidgeting. Some of them felt proper uncomfortable.

"That's fucking gross!"

"I always knew Sir was a faggot!"

A couple of the boys got up.

"I'm getting out of here before he comes back and fudge packs the lot of us."

"He shouldn't be teaching. He's sick!"

A few more boys left the classroom in disgust. But there were still a dozen or so boys left. They were just sitting there looking at the screen, disbelieving their eyes. They couldn't take their eyes off the screen.

Then Sir came back into the classroom and when he realised he'd brought the wrong video in he was absolutely mortified. He quickly turned the video off. He was well embarrassed. He apologised and sat down. He didn't know what to do. He just sat there and he told the boys to get their books out and he really did look well embarrassed.

The boys just sat in silence. Kyle Saunders started giggling. Sir was so embarrassed he couldn't even look up. He just told Kyle to stop giggling. But Kyle couldn't stop. He carried on giggling some more and was joined by another boy.

Sir stood up.

"Stop that at once! Do you hear"

One of the boys said, "Yes, sweetie!"

More laughter.

Sir was fuming. He was bright red. He slammed his fist down on to the desk.


Then Kyle started giggling again. Sir stared at him.

"If it's that funny then maybe you can stand up and tell the whole class about it."

Frankie Woodall who was sitting next to him put his hand up.

"Sir, he can't stand up, Sir, coz he's got a hard-on, Sir!"

The whole class laughed.

Sir was furious.

"Silence! The lot of you!"

The laughter continued.

"Shut the fuck up!"

The laughter stopped.

Sir glared at Kyle.

"Are you going to stand up or do I have to drag you out of your seat myself"

Frankie Woodall said, "Sir, he really does have an erection, Sir."

"Be quite, Frankie."

"It's true, Sir."

"Is that gum"

"Sorry, Sir"

"Is that gum Are you chewing gum You know the rules. Come on. Spit it out."

Somebody at the back couldn't resist it.

"Are you talking to Frankie or Kyle"

The whole class erupted into laughter.

Sir was losing it.

Kyle raised his hands in the air, told everybody to be quiet.

"Come on, lads, Give Sir a break."

Then Kyle stood up.

The whole class were stunned into silence. Not only did Kyle have an erection, he also had it out of his jeans. He just stood there looking at Sir, his big cock sticking out of his jeans, fully erect, a great big throbbing boner on full display for the whole class to see.

Sir just stood there starting at Kyle's stiff cock.

Then somebody shouted out, "Are you gonna suck that one now, Sir"

More laughter.

Kyle just stood there proper showing off his boned up dick. Sir just stood there looking at it. The laughter gradually died down until there was total silence in the classroom.

All the boys in class, they were all looking at Kyle's hard cock. Some of them looked away as if it was wrong to look at it in case the other boys thought they were gay. Sir sat down in his chair.

"All right, lad. Put that thing away and sit down please."

Kyle was in a playful mood.

"Do you want to film it, Sir Can I be in one of your homemade pornos, Sir"

"All right. Come on. A joke's a joke. Sit down. Everybody get on with your work."

Kyle just stood here, his hands by his side. His dick was proper twitching and jerking. He was feeling well horny. It was Frankie Woodall who noticed.

"Fuck me! It's proper pre-cumming!"

Kyle looked down at his cockhead which was now proper shiny and purple, all his foreskin having rolled right back.

"Oooh! Yeah. I need a wank real bad."

Sir didn't say anything. He just sat there at his desk, marking a pile of books.

Then Liam Norton stood up. And he got his cock out of his jeans, got it stiff.

"Sir! Sir! Look!"

Sir didn't look up.

"Sir! I've got mine out now, Sir! Look at it, Sir! It's well fucking hard, Sir!"

Then Ronnie Waters stood up, got his big erection out.

"I've got mine out as well, Sir! Do you like it, Sir It's a nice cock, isn't it, Sir"

Then one by one all the lads, they all stood up and got their stiff cocks out for Sir.

Sir gave in. He just sat there at his desk. What could he do All the lads, they just stood there with their stiff cocks sticking out of their jeans. It was amazing. They all felt dead fucking sexy.

After a while Sir said, "Ok, lads. You've all had your fun. Sit down now please."

The lads had no intentions of sitting down. They were having far too much fun with their hot boners now to sit down. They all just stood there with their dicks sticking out of their jeans then they all started wanking. They were all wanking themselves off in class. Sir was losing it big time.

"Sit down now! The lot of you!"

The boys just stood there showing off their hot cocks, their boners throbbing in the classroom.

Sir took a deep breath. He gave a big sigh. He shook his head. He realised he was fighting a losing battle.

"Ok then. Go for it. Wank your dicks if that's what you want to do. Have a good wank, the lot of you and I'll film it on my mobile phone and then we can all watch it later."

At first the boys were shocked. Had they just heard Sir correctly

Callum Green put his free hand up in the air to attract Sir's attention, his other hand stroking his cock.

"Did you say you'll film it on your mobile phone, Sir"

Sir got his mobile phone out of his pocket.

Eyes lit up on the boys' faces and the classroom was full of big gleaming smiles.

"Yes! Go for it, Sir!"

"Film our stiff cocks, Sir!"

All the boys were well up for it. They were all up for wanking their dicks while Sir got it all on his mobile. They were all being well dirty in class. They all wanked their big cocks and Sir got it all on his phone. The boys jacked their hot boners for Sir.

"Oh yeah. Look at my big cock, Sir," said Callum Green. "You like my big cock, don't you, Sir"

Liam Norton was having the best wank of his life.

"Oh Sir! I'm wanking off in class, Sir! Look! Wanking my cock thinking of you, Sir!"

And Kyle Saunders had never had such a hard cock.

"Oh look at that, Sir! I'm a fucking wanker!"

The boys were all being well dirty thrashing away on their dicks and Sir was getting it all on his phone. Then one by one the boys started taking their clothes off, daring each other to get naked. It only took one boy to get bare arsed bollock naked. Once one boy had done it they all followed him, every boy in class getting completely naked. They were all stark naked with their cocks on bone and Sir was getting it all on his mobile.

There could have been one or two gay boys in the class maybe, no more than that. Most of them were straight. Most of them had girlfriends, but it's fun getting naked with other lads. You don't have to be gay to take your clothes off with other boys and play with your dicks. All the lads, they soon found out that being naked with other boys was well fucking horny. There wasn't a boy in class who didn't have a great big steaming hard-on.

They were all showing off their cocks. There were cut cocks and uncut cocks, cocks with over-size cockheads that bulged out over the thickness of the shaft, swollen purple shiny cockheads like overgrown plums, cocks with lots of foreskin, pink heads and purple heads pushing through thick folds of skin. There were big cocks, average cocks and relatively small cocks but nobody was comparing sizes. Everybody was just too turned on to worry about the size of their dick. Some of the boys had lots of pubes and others were completely smooth. They all had great arses.

Being naked and boned up with other lads is liberating and horny as fuck, as all the lads soon discovered.

Without giving it a second thought they all started tossing themselves off, a mass naked boy wank in the classroom. And then it got well gay. All the boys, they all came to the front of the class and they all started wanking each other's dicks.

Callum Green had never felt sexier.

"This is what you want, innit, Sir"

Sir was loving it. As he filmed the wanking boys he breathed in the wonderful smell of naked teenage boys and cocks and balls and sweat.

All the boys were playing with each other's cocks and Sir filmed it all on his mobile phone. Sir's cock was now rock solid, tenting his trousers big time. Some of the boys noticed and gave Sir a nice little squeeze through his trousers, wrapping the material round Sir's massive hot cock.

The boys were all hot and sweaty. There were plenty of red faces and even redder dicks. Inhibitions went through the window and classmates started wanking each other off. Most of the boys found out for the very first time what it was like to have another boy's hand on their dick.

It all came so natural. Boys know how to wank cock. Every boy knows how to make a cock feel good. All the boys played with their classmates' cocks in the same way that they played with their own every night as they lay in bed filling their dreamy heads with dirty thoughts.

They all found out that being wanked off by another boy was a million times better than wanking yourself off. They also found out that being wanked off by another boy was better than being wanked off by a girl. No girl really knows how to play with a boy's dick. Girls don't know what makes a cock feel good, unlike boys.

It only took one boy to do it. Once one pair of lips went down on a cock, the whole class joined in. The whole class turned into a mass of naked boy cock suckers and Sir got it all on his mobile phone.

The boys were well horned up. It just got hotter and hotter after that. They were just being well dirty for Sir. Before you knew it, the boys were all sucking each other's cocks. Tongues were licking dicks and hands were stroking balls and arses. Some of the boys were already cumming, splashing their dickjuice over their classmates.

The windows were steamed up. There was sweat running down the walls, a heavy scent of naked boys and sex.

Boys sucked their classmates dicks just how they liked having their own dicks sucked. And just like they did with the wanking, the boys found out that boys suck dick better than girls. They all found out that boys are not afraid to take cock down their throat. All the boys took it in turns sucking each other's dicks, sucking dick just how they would like their girlfriends to suck.

And it wasn't long before arseholes replaced mouths. There was nothing these boys wouldn't do. Their cocks had never been so horned up and they wanted to try everything. They had never experienced sensations like it. Even if they wouldn't admit it to each other every single boy in the class felt better than they had ever felt when having sex with their girlfriends or any girl. This was raw hot dirty boy sex.

All the boys got to feel and taste hot cock. It was all good sexy hot fun, boys laughing and having fun with their dicks. Some of the boys were having a playful wrestle, some were being proper hard and macho, others were completely letting themselves go, groaning and moaning like they were having the most intimate moment ever with their girlfriends. Some of the boys were even tongue-kissing. And Sir got it all ob his mobile phone.

The classroom was full of boys all hot for each other, a hot squelching mass of writhing boys, twisting and sliding, hands all over each other's bodies, dicks rubbing and slapping together. Bum-cheeks were spread, tight pink little arseholes were exposed. Boys spit on their dicks and spit on their classmate's arseholes. Cocks went up arses, boys on all fours sticking their bare bums right out, telling their classmates to fuck them really hard coz they were proper lads and hard as nails and they could take it.

Cocks fucked fists, slid down throats and slammed tight arses and Sir got all the hot bare wank and suck and fuck action on his mobile phone.

Boys were now squirming naked on the floor and on top of the desks and on top of Sir's desk.

Boys opened their mouths and hot dicks were shoved down throats. Lads were on their knees nobbing their classmates up the bum. Lads were having their face fucked, cocks going in and out of mouths. Dicks were being wanked over bums. The boys were all groaning and breathing real heavy, slapping their dicks all over each other, a hot sweaty mass of fit naked boys.

Big cocks squeezed into tight little holes and Sir got in real close with his phone. Sir filmed all the action. And then some of the boys started taking Sir's clothes off. They stripped Sir naked. The boys, they all wanted to touch and stroke and squeeze and rub Sir's cock. Their hands were all over him - over his cock and his balls and his arse.

Kyle Saunders took the phone off Sir and he got it all on the phone - the boned-up boys taking it in turn putting their juicy hot dicks in Sir's mouth. Sir sucked all the boys off in class and he wanked their cocks and licked their bums and one by one Sir fucked all the boys, gave their tight arses a good nobbing with his big cock.

Sir went from boy to boy, shagged all the boys in class, shagged boys on top of his desk, on the floor, up against the windows. He stretched their tight little holes with his big fucking dick.

All the boys' dicks, they were all spunking up in class, hot dicks squirting jizz all over the classroom, all over Sir's desk, over the floor, over the blackboard, over the boys and over Sir.

There was boy cum splashed everywhere. The boys had just made their own little hardcore video and it was all on Sir's mobile phone. Sir was going to have lots of wanks looking at what his horny boys just did.

The story is taken from my ebook SIR FILMED BOY ORGY and other college stories, available on Amazon

© Robbie Webb 2012

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