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Boner Alert Wiv Scrappin' Scallies

Two gay males kissing

Author: Robbie Webb
Published: 14-Oct-12 Revised/Updated 15-Oct-12
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My hand slid over his bare arse and as we struggled I found my hand had roamed to his balls. Fuck me, I had my hands on his sweaty balls. We rolled over on the grass and the next thing my hand was on his dick, but the thing his...he had a big fucking hard-on. I found myself grabbing hold of his stiff cock in the struggle.

* * * * * * *

NOTE: All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over

I was walking through the park when Moxy came walking from behind these trees. I glanced at him but then looked away coz I didn't want no trouble. But he grabbed hold of me and pinned me up against a tree. A few weeks ago a couple of lads from my gang had beaten one of his mates up, and now Moxy wanted revenge.

He dragged me to the ground. I managed to get the better of him and held him in a reverse headlock. I could have Moxy no probs but I didn't wanna hurt him even though he was from Elmwood, and me and my mates hate the lads from Elmwood. But with Moxy, I thought he was fit as fuck. I'd rather suck his dick than smack him one any day. Yeah, but like there are no queers where I come from, know what I mean Or from Elmwood. If my mates knew I wanted to suck cock, they'd fucking kill me.

Me and Moxy were rolling over on the ground. I still had him in a reverse headlock and I was looking down his fit body and I couldn't take my eyes off his arse.

I said, "Look, Moxy. I don't want no trouble, ok I'm sorry about your mate and 'all that but..."

He wouldn't have it.

He said, "Fuck off! You're dead, you bastard!"

His nylon trackies were stretched real tight across the cheeks of his arse and I felt my dick growing in my trackie bottoms. Moxy tried to get free from my headlock. We struggled together and I grabbed hold of the waistband of his trackie bottoms. As we struggled, my hand somehow slipped inside his trackie bottoms and I found out the dirty bastard was wearing no undies. My hand slid over his bare arse and as we struggled I found my hand had roamed to his balls. Fuck me, I had my hands on his sweaty balls. We rolled over on the grass and the next thing my hand was on his dick, but the thing his...he had a big fucking hard-on. I found myself grabbing hold of his stiff cock in the struggle.

He called me a queer.

I said, "You're the one with a fucking boner in your trackies!"

He said, "Yeah, well you're the one who's grabbing a feel of it!"

He managed to pull my trackie bottoms down. I wasn't wearing no undies as well and now my massive hard-on was on full display.

He went, "And what's that if it isn't a fucking boner"

We carried on fighting and rolling over on the grass and now his trackie bottoms had come down, so like we were both scrapping in the park and our trackie bottoms were round our ankles, and our big stiff cocks were thrashing about, slapping against our thighs. I managed to get on top of Moxy. I was sitting on him with my bare arse on his flat tummy, my knees either side of his chest, holding him down by his wrists. My dick was solid, sticking up straight with my bell-end throbbing against my belly. My hooded top was open and my bell-end felt hot against my body. I slid back a little on top of Moxy and felt the full length of his cock trapped between the cheeks of my arse.

He went, "Get off me, you fucking queer!"

I said, "Why is your cock throbbing against my arse, gay boy"

I took my hands off his wrists and I started grinding the cheeks of my arse over his throbbing dick. I gave him a smile. He pushed me off and I went crashing to the ground. He stood up and I just lay there on the grass with my cock on bone. Moxy started stroking his cock. I pulled my trackie bottoms off over my feet and took my trainers off and I rose to my feet. Moxy looked well horny with his trackie bottoms round his ankles and his hooded top on. I pulled his hood up.

I said, "You look well horny with your hood up and your stiff dick in your hand."

We just stood there facing each other stroking our cocks.

He said, "So...do any of your mates know you're queer then"

I said, "Do they fuck. What about yours"

"No way."

I laughed.

I said, "This is better than fighting, innit"

He laughed.

We just wanked our cocks in the park for a while without saying nothing.

I zipped up my hooded top, pulled the hood up. Moxy took his trainers off and stepped out of his trackie bottoms. We were both stood there face to face wanking in the park, nothing on below the waist, our hoods up. I couldn't see much of Moxy's face but I could see his smile. I moved up close to him, took my hand off my dick. We got up real close till our dicks touched. We got closer till our bodies were pressed together, our stiff cocks trapped between our bodies. I could feel Moxy's hot breath on my face. Could smell alcohol on his breath.

I called him a queer bastard.

He called me a bent fucker.

We stood there in the park insulting each other with our cocks boned up.

"Arse bandit!"

"Cock sucker!"

"Shirt lifter!"

"Turd burglar!"

We both laughed.

I put my hands on his arse, one hand on each cheek.

I said, "Mate, you been working out This is one rock hard arse you got."

He put his hand on my arse.

I said, "Well You like the feel of my arse or what"

"It's ok."

He had a really nice face. I wanted to kiss his lips. They were nice and full and red and wet. I wanted to kiss 'em but I thought he might think that'd be just a bit too gay. I licked my lips and while I was thinking about kissing him he only went and kissed me. We kissed, ran our hands over each other's arses, and our hot dicks touched.

I slid my hands up his back and brought them round to his front. I had my hands up inside his hooded top, had a good feel of his smooth hard body. I took my hands out from under his hoodie and unzipped it. I took his hood down, took off his hooded top. I got him naked in the park. Then he got me naked. We just stood there holding each other hot and naked with our cocks touching and drooling all hot and wet and sticky.

We just stared into each other's eyes and then we kissed and he said, "Do you...do you wanna fuck me"

"Oh yeah. More than anything in the world. I wanna get my cock up that tight arse of yours."

I wanted hot sex with a fit scally lad so bad. I was fucking sick of fighting with lads from Elmood. I was sick of all this fucking negativity, all this violence. Us and them, why couldn't we all just get on Peace and love and sucking cock and all that instead of all this fucking hatred. The only time I'm ever gonna clench my fist ever again is when it's got a lad's cock in it.

I just stood there looking at this lad and I was thinking: Why fight with somebody like this when you can have fun with him instead And by the way he was looking at me he must have been thinking the same.

He got down on the grass on all fours and he pushed his gorgeous arse out. He looked over his shoulder and he said, "Come on then, mate. Give it to me real hard. I can take it, mate. Hard as fuck, me. Stick your cock up me and fuck the arse off me!"

So that's what I did. In the park I fucked Moxy up the arse, fucked him good and hard, slammed my prick right up his bum. Held on to his hips and gave his bum a good nobbing in the park.

"Oooh! Oh mate! Oooh! Fuck! Fuuuckkk!!!"

I slapped my balls hard against his arse and he went, "Harder, you queer! That the best you can do Do it harder!"

So I did. I slammed my prick till my bollocks were almost up his arse. I slammed harder and harder and I felt my cockhead swell up bigger inside him. I fucked him and wanked his cock and this was better than fighting any day. I had never felt pleasure like it, never ever experienced anything like this before. It's like we were one person as we fucked on the grass in the park.

We even cum together.

Me and Moxy. We were rival gang members. We lived on different estates but now we were real close. We couldn't be any closer. We really were like one person. The lads in my gang and the lads in Moxy's gang, they could kick the shit out of each other if that's what they wanted to do. But me and Moxy, from now on we were just gonna have fun with our cocks.

This story is taken from my Kindle book BONER ALERT WIV SCRAPPIN' SCALLIES, available on Amazon. © Robbie Webb 2012

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