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Me and The Indie Boy

Author: Robbie Webb
Publish Date : Oct 30, 2012
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I felt the heat from his body. He was real hot after thrashing his guitar for over an hour under the bright lights.

* * * * * * *

NOTE: All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over.

They'd been playing at The Barley Mow for about eight months. Every first Thursday in the month they played. They'd got themselves quite a big following. They were an Indie band and attracted the usual Indie-type kids. They were really good, better than all that shit you get on The X Factor. There were four members in the band and they were all good-looking. But I had my eye on the lead singer. He was fit as fuck - slim, fresh-faced, dark hair flopping down over his eyes. And it was so horny the way he played his rhythm guitar, so suggestive. He played it like he was playing with his cock. Simulated the act of masturbation all the time, the horny bastard. And he was gorgeous. His name was Matt.

The last two or three gigs, he'd spent more and more time looking at me whilst he was singing. The last gig he hardly took his eyes off me during a couple of the songs. Made me feel dead special like. I mean, there were a lot of fit lads in the audience yet he picked me out.

The band finished their gig and fifteen minutes later this guy came up to me - he must have been their manager or something - he came up to me and he told me that Matt wanted to see me in the dressing room. I was shocked. Matt, the lead singer of the group I'd been watching for the last few months, Matt who I'd drooled over as he played his guitar like he was having a wank. He wanted to see me!

My heart was racing but I managed to control my breathing. I followed the guy into the dressing room. Matt was chilling out over a bottle of lager.

"Hi, mate," he said offering his hand.

I shook his hand.

"Hi... Matt."

"See you tomorrow, Matt," the guy said.

Then just before he left he gave Matt a wink and said, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Matt told me to sit down and make myself at home. I sat down in the chair next to him. There was a gorgeous smell of sweat in the tiny dressing room. He offered me a ciggie.

"Don't smoke, mate."

He was gonna light one himself but he put it away.

"Terrible habit. So, did you enjoy the show"

"I always enjoy it. You were great. I loved your version of Yellow."

"Coldplay fan, are you"

"I like all Indie music. Coldplay, Dandy Warhols, Doves..."

"A man of good taste."

"That's why I come to see you guys."

"I've seen you in the audience a few times, mate."

"Yeah, been to a few of your gigs."

"So we've got ourselves a fan, have we"

"I think you're great. I think the band's great but I love your voice."

"Stop it. You're embarrassing me now."

The thing is, I really was embarrassing him. He went red and he looked proper sweet and dead vulnerable when he blushed. I wouldn't have expected him to blush coz he was dead confident when he was on stage. But I suppose a lot of pop singers are proper shy really. It's all an act when they're on stage, innit I liked seeing him like this, all shy and vulnerable. It was well sweet.

He opened a couple of bottles of lager, gave me one.


This was nice, having a drink with Matt the lead singer in his dressing room.

"The other lads have gone home," he said. "There's just me left."

"How come you've not gone with your mates"

"Coz I'm here with you."


Oh fuck. I had to control my breathing. I took a swig of my lager. Why was I feeling dead nervous. I was like a kid for fuck's sake.

Matt took a swig of his lager, all the time making eye contact with me. Was it me or was he drinking that bottle in a suggestive manner

"So...sorry, I don't know your name."


He offered his hand.

"I'm Matt."

"I know."

We shook hands.

"Your Matt, the guitarist is called James, the bass player Kyle, and the drummer Stevie."

"Fuck me, mate. You really are a fan."

"Told you. I think you're really good."

"So you really like our music then"

"Yeah. It's cool. Love your own songs."

"Cheers. That means a lot."

"You should do more of your own songs"

"Yeah, well the well known songs always get a better response so we tend to do a lot of covers."

"And you do 'em really well."

"Will you stop saying good things. My head's gonna be fucking massive."

I was proper enjoying this little chat with Matt the lead singer. It was really cozy. He was dead easy to get on with. I'd only been chatting away for five minutes with him and it was like I'd known him all my life. He made me feel dead relaxed. Like I said, I was a bit nervous at first but now it was like we were best mates.

I'd told him that I loved his music coz I really did. I wasn't just saying it to be like sycophantic or nothing. I really did love their music but what I really wanted to tell him was that I fancied him like fuck and had dreamt about having sex with him. Coz I did fancy him like fuck and I had dreamt about having sex with him. I even thought about having sex with him whilst I watched him performing on stage, especially when I saw him playing his guitar in that proper sexy way. I thought about him being naked and playing with his dick every time he got on stage and played that guitar in that suggestive way.

Then from out of the blue he said, "I've seen the way you look at me when I'm on stage."

Now it was my turn to go bright red.

I tried to change the subject.

"You must have had loadsa girls, with you being in a band like."

"James is the one who has all the girls."

"No way, mate. You're far better looking."

He smiled.

I wouldn't have thought it possible for him to look even more beautiful but he did when he smiled.

"Kyle, he gets a lot of birds as well. And Stevie."


"Yeah. Why Why do you say it like that"

"Well Stevie's not exactly the best looking boy in the band, is he"

"Who's the best looking then"

"You are...by a mile."

I didn't care that I was blushing now.

He smiled again.

"You should smile more when you're on stage. You look dead sweet when you smile. That'd drive the girls crazy, that smile would."

He turned his smile into a massive grin.

"You don't wanna scare 'em away, mate."

He brought his chair right up to mine and leaned forward.

"Can I tell you something"


"You're the best-looking fan by far."

Oh fuck!

Oh my God!

He placed his hand on my arm.

I felt the heat from his body. He was real hot after thrashing his guitar for over an hour under the bright lights. He rose to his feet and pulled me up from the chair. We stood facing each other. Then he brought his body to mine. He started stroking my arm.

He looked deep into my eyes. His eyes were beautiful. My breaths were getting proper deep.

I didn't know what to say or do. I just stood there. It was like I'd completely froze.

Matt bit his lower lip. Oh fuck, did he look sexy when he did that.

He said, "I have been getting the right signals, haven't I"


"I think it's not just my music that you like, is it"

"Oh fuck...no."

He brought his lips to mine and he kissed me on the lips. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. A few seconds of pure bliss, his sweet lips on mine. He pressed his body against mine as he kissed me. He rubbed his groin against mine and I...I felt my dick getting hard, pressing against his dick. My dick was pressing against Matt's dick. And we were both hard.

"You like the way I play my guitar" he asked, rubbing his hard bulge against mine.

I was breathing real fast.


"I play it like I'm having a wank, don't I"

"Oh fuck - yeah. I have noticed."

"I play it like I play with my cock."

"Oh God..."

His hands were on my waist, his face was almost touching mine. His hot breath was so sweet. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to run my hands all over him but I couldn't do it. It was silly. I was like a dumbstruck fan meeting a fucking rock legend or something.

"I...I've had dreams about you."

"Hmmm. Tell me more."

"I've dreamt about you playing your rhythm guitar on stage naked."

"I wanna be in your head."

He kissed me again and this time he slipped his tongue in my mouth. His bulge was throbbing against mine. We were both solid in our jeans, me the adoring fan and him, Matt the horny exhibitionistic lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

He pulled away from me and went to lock the door. He started stripping off, told me to join him, told me to get my kit off. This is what rock stars did. They had sex with their adoring fans. He probably did this all the time. He probably did it after every gig, got one of the lads from the audience into his dressing room to get his end away. I didn't care. I just wanted him. I probably meant fuck all to him. I was just a piece of meat, just a bit of cock. I didn't care coz I wanted him so bad.

We got naked together in the dressing room, me and Matt. I couldn't believe my luck. At last, at last I was seeing him naked, seeing him in all his raw nakedness, Matt who I'd dreamt of so many times. All the other fans, they'd only seen him on stage with all his clothes on, but me, I was seeing him naked. He was so horny. And he was so beautiful. He was beautiful fully clothed but naked he was something else. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

He stood with his hands by his side, his pelvis pushed forward, his hard cock jutting right out. He knew just how stunningly beautiful he was and he was showing it off big time.

"Come on, Ryan. Have me"

My cock was harder than it had ever been. I slid my hands all over his smooth slim body, his chest, his tummy, slid my hands round to his firm smooth bum, felt him all over, ran my hands all over him. His body was hard, his skin soft and smooth. He was smooth all over.

I felt his dick, gave his silky hard dick a good feel, touched it, rubbed it, stroked it, squeezed it, slid my hand behind his balls, His balls, they were smooth, completely smooth; he had no pubes whatsoever. I slid my fingers behind his balls. I just wanted to feel every part of his beautiful body. I put my hands on his bum, one hand on each cheek. His bum was nice and firm, soft smooth skin stretched tight across hard cheeks. He reached behind him, put a hand on mine and guided my fingers in his bum crack and to his arsehole, guided my fingers into his smooth arsehole. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was finger-fucking Matt. I hadn't dreamt about doing this.

He asked me if I preferred to fuck or be fucked. I was taken aback by the question.

"With you, Matt, I'll do anything. I'll fuck you if that's what you want me to do. Or if you want to fuck me then..."

He stopped me talking, said he wanted to feel me inside him. He gave me a bottle of oil and I smeared the oil all over my cock and all over Matt's arsehole. He got down on all fours and I mounted him. My dick was up Matt's arse! Yes! I was the luckiest fan in the building. Whilst all the other fans were drinking in the pub on the other side of the dressing room door I was fucking Matt the horny lead singer who all the girls drooled over.

This was so intense, being inside Matt. The centre of my pleasure was inside Matt. I felt his arse squeezing round my hot stiff cock. And he was crying out as I fucked him, telling me how great it felt, telling me how great my cock felt inside him. I could hear the sounds of the boys and girls in the pub which made it all the more horny. Matt knew just how much I adored him and he was loving it, loving being fucked by someone who adored him.

I held on to his hips and he pushed his smooth arse right up as I fucked him. I fucked him slowly, watching my dick going in and out, in and out. He pushed his arse right into me and I fucked him faster, shagged him faster and harder, slapping his gorgeous bum as my balls banged and slapped against his soft flesh. He was crying out loud, squirming his bum around as I dicked him harder and harder. He was wanking himself off as I shagged him, wanking himself off as I slammed my dick right up his tight little arsehole. Then I felt him cumming. His whole body shook and trembled and he shot his load in his hand. And it was such an intense feeling knowing that I was giving him this pleasure, that I was making him cum.

There was no stopping me now. I banged my cock real hard into Matt's bum. My cock had never felt so ecstatic. This beautiful boy was giving my cock feelings it had never had. I felt my cum-burst building up. I slammed harder, deeper, faster. I felt the cum-burst building up in my balls and my cock. My cock, it felt like it was on fire. It was so fucking hot inside the most beautiful boy singer in the whole world. My cock was on fire. Unbearable tingles surged through my cock. So deep inside my cock. I felt it in the root of my cock, surging up the full length of my burning cock.

"Matt! Oh fuck! I'm cumming, Matt! Oooh!"

I shot my load inside him, filled him with my cum, squirted my thick jets of cum right up his arse.

I'd fucked Matt the horny lead singer and rhythm guitarist and it was the most incredible experience ever.

We didn't see each other again after that until the following month when he played with his band again in The Barley Mow. I was there of course showing my support. Matt's voice was better than ever, his guitar playing was as suggestive as ever and his performance was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I had to smile when he turned around and wiggled his arse at the audience.

Oh, I've just thought. I haven't told you the name of his band, have I Well guess what I'm not gonna tell you. I don't want you checking 'em out. You might steal my beautiful singer from me. And we can't have that now, can we

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