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Twink Finds Dominant Daddy - Part 1

Two gay males kissing

Author: Pedro D.
Published: 13-Jan-13
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This is the true story of how I got into a relationship with a much older, muscular daddy who thrives on dominance and got me doing things I'd never expected. Part one describes our first encounter...

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This is the true story of how I got into a relationship with a much older, muscular daddy who thrives on dominance and got me doing things I'd never expected. Part one describes our first encounter...

It all started about a year ago. Living by myself for the first time (aged 18) I loved cruising around the many gay bars of my city and flirting with a lot of guys. However, when it came to actual sex, i was left disappointed by what was available... Once or twice I had some mediocre sex with guys around my age, but after a while I started to realise that I had a real thing for older, fairly dominant guys. I loved being eyed up by a hot guy in his 50s, showing off my butt a bit and dancing with him, feeling his hands on my ass and my stomach... However, I'm a bit shy and my small circle of gay friends really didn't understand my little fetish, only wanting to go to 'young' places instead. Therefore, I was rarely meeting the kind of guys that really turned me on. Grindr or chatrooms really put me off, I didn't feel safe just meeting up with complete strangers so I was stuck.

Then, one day when I was unemployed and walking home after another "you'll hear from us soon"-lie of a job interview, I spotted a 'help wanted'-sign outside a small but obvious gay bar. I went in on a hunch, and got hired pretty much on the spot by the owner Jim, a friendly, bearded and chubby 50-something. Jim told me business wasn't great, and he was hoping that getting a hot young guy (I blushed, obviously) to work there would improve things.

Most of the regulars at the bar were between 40 and 60, many on the heavy/hairy side (both turn-offs for me) but they were all friendly and I enjoyed their attention. This wasn't a sex club kind of place, mind you-more just a chilled out bar for guys to drink and chat. And business did start to pick up. I don't mean to brag, but I've always been told that I've got a cute face, with slick blonde hair and blue eyes-and I'm also in the gym about three times a week so I guess I'm considered hot by many guys. Jim noticed the pickup in business gleefully and gave me lots of compliments for getting his bar back in action. One day, just as I was cleaning up after closing, he came up to me . "How would you like to make an extra hundred next week" he said. A hundred bucks! "Wow, that would be great Jim! But how much extra would I have to work" He smiled shyly, "Well, you wouldn't have to work more... there's just been a few request from the guys that you dress a bit more provocatively. I, erm, picked out something for you to wear on fridays- I really want to make you our stand-out attraction on friday nights" My curiosity was tingled... "What kind of thing..." "Follow me, I'll show you". I went with him out back, and he handed me a thick, black bundle. Upon closer inspection, I found out that it was a long latex apron. I tried it on, it covered the front of my body from my chest to about my ankles. I was a bit confused. "Is this it" "Almost... here" He handed me a pair of tall army style boots. "Boots and an apron I suppose you'll want me to wear something sexier underneath" "No, actually," Jim said. I think I saw him blushing slightly. "I was hoping you'd wear nothing underneath..." My heart started beating a bit faster. "What" Jim got a bit defensive. "Look, you don't have to do it... but I'll pay you a hundred extra if you tend bar friday next week wearing nothing but the apron and the boots. Take it or leave it." After giving it some thought, I figured what the hell...

Friday at seven, I came in for my shift. I was shocked to find the bar almost double as full as it normally was. Many of the regulars greeted me with big smiles. Jim had obviously spread the word. "Why don't you go and put on your work clothes" He said with a wink. Out back, I got undressed down to my socks and then slipped on the boots and the apron. The latex felt weirldy cold against my naked skin. The handles tied behind my neck and just above my butt. Though my sides remained covered, my firm ass sprang out completely bare... With a gulp, I slammed open the door to reveal myself to my expectant public. The guys treated me with a warm applause, and though I turned red as a tomato at first I soon got used to being the centre of attention even more than I usually was. The night went almost as it did normally, though guys of course did try to take advantage of the situation a bit-for instance, 'accidentally' smashing a glass on the floor so that I have to get on my knees-ass facing them-to mop it up...

It was about 10 when one of my regulars, Martin, came in with someone I hadn't seen before-but who caught my eye immediately. This guy was 55 at least, but around 6'4" and super ripped, with big muscular arms (sporting a nice few tats) sprouting from under his skin-tight t-shirt. He had a real jarhead hairdo, making him look like a drill sergeant. Martin came over, having obviously heard of my little apron act, and pointed me out to his hot friend. "I told you he was hot!" he said, with a wink to me. The hot guy smiled somewhat mysteriously. I smiled back at them. "What can I get you gentlemen" "Well, you could take off the apron... Or failing that, get us a couple of beers" Martin joked. "Oh, by the way, Brad-this is my friend Oleg, he wanted to see you for himself after all the stories I told haha. Oleg, this is Brad the barboy-the only reason it's so crowded in here." I smiled again. I liked Martin, and his flirting, but he was a bit too fat and clownish for me. This guy Oleg, though-too hot! "Nice to meet you," I said and gave them their beers. Martin went off to the toilet, leaving his hot man friend all alone.

Obviously, I struck up a conversation. He told me he was originally Ukrainian (he did speak with a bit of an accent), and had been in the navy there until the Soviet Union broke up, when he moved over here to work in shipbuilding. He said he lived alone, in a nice part of town. I loved how quiet and mysterious he was, beside his super bod and deep voice. We chatted all night in between me serving drinks to the other guys, sometimes with Martin and sometimes without-I guess he realised that there were some sparks flying and he decided to back off. I really tried to show off my ass-ets, by subtly 'reaching' for stuff on the ground on the other side of the bar, giving him a good look at my firm little ass. Slowly, the crowd subsided until there were only a handful of guys to usher out at closing time. I got them out, so that it was just Oleg and Martin left. I offered them a night cap, hoping to keep the conversation going just a bit longer. "Nah I should probably get going. See you soon boys!" Oleg looked at me. "Maybe I stay for one more..." Oh god, this is what I'd hoped for, all alone with this huge hot Ukrainian daddy...

I poured him and myself a last beer. we chatted a little more, and then I came from behind the bar to collect glasses. I could feel him gazing at my butt every time I turned my back at him... As I put the last glasses behind the bar, I got an idea. I walked over to the back door, looked back at Oleg and with a wink untied my apron and let it fall to the floor. I then proceeded to walk into the back butt naked, hoping he'd get the hint. I heard his footsteps almost immediately, and before I knew it he was hulking over me in our little storage room. Craving cock really badly after a couple of dry weeks, I was on my knees immediately-his pants were down in a flash and soon I was playing with a thick 10 inch rod. As I playfully slipped him into my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and started to push me onto him. "Mmmm... yes, you little slut... take my big dick" His dirty talk made me incredibly horny and I started sliding his hose up and down my mouth like there was no tomorrow. He started thrusting as well, and though it wasn't a real skullfuck, it wasnt far off. "Yes... yess... little whore, little slut" He then mumbled something in Russian which I didn't understand. "Yes.. take... Wait." I paused and slid off him, expecting him to want to finish on my face. But no... "I want to fuck you" I gulped-not sure if I could handle him in my ass but on the other hand eager to feel him thrusting deep inside me. "Erm... I don't know... do you have a condom" He grinned "Of course I have condom." Well, then there was no way back... "Please just be gentle, ok" "DOn't worry... I don't want to hurt my little whore" I got up, turned around and bent over a little. He started to work my asshole with his finger, fingering me so nicely and slowly it that I was gasping for more penetration... then came another finger. unlike the haphazard quick poking around of most younger guys I'd fucked, Oleg was a master at creating anticipation, sliding his fingers in and out agonizingly slowly. He poked in as deep as he could then slowly slid out again, until I couldn't wait anymore. "Ffffuck me... fuck me please!" "No." What now "Not here. On bar." What out there Although it was 2 am, anyone would be able to see us through the big streetside windows of the bar! "Oleg, are you sure that's a good idea..." "Yes. We do. You come." He had some kind of power over me... which made me stand up and walk stark naked out into the bar. At least the door was locked, I thought to myself. I caught our reflection in the large mirror on the wall, a huge muscular Ukrainian sailor and a young, slender twink-both completely nude and with hard cocks visible to anyone walking by. He made me lay with me on my back on the bar, so my ass faced him. Soon, he was easing his huge tool into me, so gently that I found myself prodding my ass towards him unwittingly, just to feel more of him inside me. "You like to be fucked, little whore" I just loved the calm, deep, authoritative tone of his dirty talk... "Yes Oleg" I gasped, as he thrust a little harder. Then suddenly, he pulled back and stopped with only his tip inside me. "Then say it. Say 'I love to be fucked like a little whore by Oleg'" I just wanted him to keep stabbing in me with his huge rod. "I love to be fucked... I love to be fucked like a little whore by Oleg" Immediately he started thrusting again and I felt him filling me up so well... I had never been fucked like this before, and the fact that it was so in the open made it even hotter. "Oh Oleg... fuck me Oleg..." He increased his speed and grabbed my cheek firmly with my hand. "Are you Oleg's little whore" "y.. Yess yes.." "Do you want to give Oleg pleasure" I loved how he saw me purely as a hot little slut for his own personal enjoyment. "Yess.. yes Oleg" "Are you gong to come to my house on sunday and pleasure me again" Oh god, he wanted to see me again! "Yyesss... O god yess..." "Goood..." Suddenly, I felt him pull out, he then flipped me over roughly and started taking me from behind. His deep thrusts felt even hotter with me face down on the bar... He increased the tempo again, so that I was trembling with pleasure when he finally pulled out and sprayed over my lower back and ass. I wanted to get up, but he pushed me down. "You wait." He walked over to behind the bar, grabbed a marker from by the register and walked back towards me. Then, he wrote something just above my ass. "Get up now." I looked at my behind in the big mirror. "OLEG'S SLUT" was written prominently above my buttocks... Oleg had grabbed his pants and was getting dressed. "You leave that on until I see you again", he commanded.

I couldn't wait...

This is the true story of my relationship with my 55-year-old, dominant and muscular boyfriend Oleg. Please read part 1 first.

I buzzed the door and awaited anxiously. Two days ago, Oleg had left me in the bar I worked, alone and naked-with spunk and the words 'Oleg's Slut' written on my back. He told me to meet him at his house today, and though I'd had my doubts about going, I couldn't resist in the end and showed up right on time. Oleg opened the door and ushered me in. His house was nicely decorated, if a little bare and cold for my tastes. There was a big living room, with an open kitchen next to it and a huge corner sofa in front of a big tv on the other side. He showed me to the sofa and commanded me to sit. After pouring me a drink, he sat down beside me and stared into my eyes.

Oleg was a man of few words, and I got a little uncomfortable as he sized me up without saying anything. Finally, he spoke. "I have nice idea. I have sexy clothes for you-why don't you try them on for me" I was intrigued, though also a little annoyed that yet another man was dressing me up. Oleg picked up a small white plastic bag from the counter and handed it to me. "You go into bathroom and change, I wait". I did as told, knowing how hot he could get me once we were both naked. Just a case of getting into these clothes and getting out of them as quickly as possible. In the bathroom, I pulled a pair of black leather pants and a small white tanktop out of the bag. I was just getting undressed when I saw that there was one more thing in the bag... a tiny little, shiny golden thong. I liked where this was going.

Inspecting myself in the mirror, I saw immediately why Oleg had picked this little outfit for me. The thong alone was very sexy, with a little golden triangle forming above my ass. The pants covering it were nice, tight lowriders, so that the tong peeked above it-making me feel like a real sexy little slut. What's more, the white tank top was cut weirdly short, revealing my navel as well as the markered words 'Oleg's Slut' above my butt... I walked out smiling, and Oleg applauded. "You look very sexy for me... wait, let me take picture." He grabbed his camera from a bookcase and started shooting me playfully, as if I was his model. "Veery good, you turn around" I obliged, showing off my leather-clad butt and giving myself a playful slap. "Now on couch" I lay on the couch as I let Oleg shoot a few more playful poses. "Now hand on pants, open it up" Slowly, I unbuttoned the tight leathers. "Good, now lower slowly"... I slid the pants down to my knees, revealing the little thong. "Very good, little whore, now take of your shirt" It was off in seconds. I wanted him to command me to lose my little panties, as i was getting rock hard, but Oleg was determined to shoot a few more of me, including a fair few of my ass as I sat on my knees on the couch facing away from him. Finally, he put the camera down. I watched eagerly as he took off his jeans and t-shirt, until only his boxers remained. He sat down next to me... and switched on the TV. What the I couldn't figure this guy out at all... "You go sit on knees, suck my dick" I went to sit on the floor and watched him take his 10-inch snake out of his pants. Finally! I began to toy with his monster, playfully wanking and licking it a little whilst sitting there in my little thong.

Oleg paid little attention to me, instead watching some Russian satellite tv show of which I couldn't understand a word. However, his dick was big and hard in no time at all, and I started moving it up and down in my mouth, having to gasp for air every so often. I looked up at this hot older stud as I sucked him. I saw his huge chest, nipple rings and inscrutable tattoos and found myself wondering about how quickly I'd turned into an absolute little pleasure slave to this man-and how I enjoyed it. "Yess, nice" he said, as he put his hand on my head and gently pushed me up and down his rod. Every once in a while, I'd let him slide out of my mouth and gave his huge balls a little going over. As much as I enjoyed sucking him off, I was getting a little impatient. "Would you like to fuck me" He looked down at me. "You want fucking I can give you fucking, my little whore, but I have better idea. I fuck you only if you let me film." Film Film us fucking Jeez, this was the second time we were hooking up... What if he put it on the internet or something "I only use to have nice pictures of me fucking my little slut, for when you're not here. You trust Oleg if you are really Oleg's slut" He stroked my chin gently, as if to reassure me. He didn't even wait for my consent, he just stood up and grabbed his handycam and put it on a mount opposite the couch. Again, I felt myself being persuaded by this strong, silent Ukrainian's force of will. I sat on my knees on the couch, with my side facing the camera, awaiting his touch. Oleg took his place behind me, and I felt his hands slide down my little thong a bit. As he spread my cheeks, I felt a glob of nice-smelling lube being rubbed over my hole, and eagerly awaited his finger inside me. However, the finger didn't come. Instead, I suddenly felt his tongue against my little rosebud. I'd never been rimmed before, so this was quite a pleasant surprise to me-especially once he started to work my dick with his hand as well. Oleg was a master at rimming, darting across my little asshole and sometimes sliding in-which gave me agonizing ecstasy. I had to resist the urge to come with all my strength, I wanted to save that for when he was inside me...

As I moaned for joy, Oleg started to talk dirty again. "You little whore, you like being licked don't you" "Y..yess, oh god yes" "And do you like being fucked too" "Yess Oleg, yes please" "Then you have to say 'I am Oleg's little whore and he fucks me so good" "I am Olegs little whore" He entered me with his finger and I flinched. "aaah... and he fucks me so good" "Good, you are pretty little whore with nice tight asshole" Second finger, I moaned loudly. "And I like to fuck you. How would you like to be with Oleg" "What" "I mean, how would you like to be Oleg's little whore boyfriend" Wow, what a weird time to ask that-though, actually, I could hardly resist as he slid the tip of his tool inside my ass, whilst firmly grabbing my dick... "You'd have to be very good for Oleg-if I want sex, you must come straight away", He thrusted deep as I moaned with delight. "And I like to play with you, so you must play along with me-especially dressing up for me" What did he mean by that He didn't give me time to think, as he suddenly gave me a bunch of fast, hard stabs. Then, he stopped suddenly, with only the top of his tool inside. "Say you are Oleg's little boyfriend, or I stop now" I knew I wanted to keep seeing Oleg-and getting his huge pole inside me-so my answer was easy "Yess... I'm Oleg's little boyfriend... just keep fucking me" Slowly, he started thrusting again, simultaneously jacking me off, until I felt him squirt deep into his condom. I shot my own load over his couch, moments later. Exhausted, we collapsed onto the couch after wiping off/throwing away our semen globs, and Oleg had turned off the camera. We chatted for about an hour, just lying there naked, until I had to go to work. We had a nice shower together, after which I wanted to grab my own clothes. Oleg, however, stopped me. "Why don't you wear clothes i give you to work They very sexy...." Of course, I couldn't say no to him now, I'd offend him... I put on the golden thong, tanktop and leather pants-making my still-markered on status as "OLEG'S SLUT" visible to all who saw my back. Work would be fun...

Over the next few weeks, my relationship with Oleg grew from strength to strength. We had a deal that whenever he was in the mood for sex, I would come over straight away and be taken by him. To my delight, this was often-and I soon found myself sleeping over at Oleg's for most of the week. He bought me nice clothes, especially thongs, and I enjoyed his company as well as the sex. Who cares that I had only just turned 19 and he was 55 He was a lot hotter than most guys my age, and much more mature to boot. I was also still working at the gay bar. Every friday night, I'd tend the bar wearing only a latex apron, to the crowd's delight. Business was booming, and I was getting great tips and lots of flirtations. But as much as I enjoyes the attention, Oleg gave me all the sex and, in a weird way, love that I needed. And we were getting very intimate as well. I'd let him bareback me after a few weeks, and sex now usually ended in a nice cream pie. We also taped-and watched-ourselves quite often during sex, and had also experimented with light bondage, with him tying me to the bedposts before fucking the everloving hell out of me. The only time I wasn't completely happy with him was the night he decided to surprise me at work on a friday, when I was in my 'naked apron' and the bar was packed. At about 11, Oleg came in with Martin-both pretty drunk and they sat down by the bar, Martin was making lewd comments about me as usual, and as some sort of statement of pride Oleg jokingly coaxed me to climb onto the bar and "show myself". I resisted at first, but just to placate him, I did climb up. A rather sexy dance tune was just playing, and drunken Oleg then started coaxing me into dancing. I did as well as I could in the apron, causing the guys to jeer and roar for more. Some started shouting "Off! Off! Off!" and just as I wanted to climb back down and get on with my work, Oleg gave my apron a firm yank-taking it clean off. Suddenly, I was butt naked, on the bar, in front of all of these gay guys who were now whooping and roaring like crazy. Before I knew what to do, Oleg had grabbed my balls and cock in his big hand and started shouting "This is mine! This is Oleg's little slut! I will be fucking this little hole tonight!" while the men jeered him. Thankfully, Jim interefered and Oleg backed down, but the apron was ripped and i spent the rest of the night tending bar butt naked... Obviously, I'd never been so embarassed, but Oleg apologised the next day with champagne, a nice new pair of black panties and a beautiful blowjob

Meanwhile, the landlord of the little studio I was renting was starting to annoy me hugely with a completely bogus rental increase. After I got it, Oleg texted me to come over and naturally I came straight away. Although I tried to give him my full attention, he noticed something was up as I was blowing him "What is matter, little slut" I explained how I was getting sick of my landlord and considering moving out, and he immediately suggested I move in with him, even though we'd only been together for a month. I gave it a few days thought, and after another argument with my landlord, tentatively decided to take Oleg up on it. I think Oleg was delighted to have me around after I moved in, not only because he didn't have to wait for sex anymore but also because his house was really way to big for one person. He even asked me if I'd like to change anything about the house, decorations wise. I told him I thought it all looked a little bare, and that maybe a few pictures would spice things up a little-I suggested some nice photography. He took to the idea in a big way, so to speak...

A few days later, a big, flat square package arrived. Oleg made me wait in the living room as he went up to the bedroom with it. Soon, he called me up to see his little surprise. I was astonished to find out what he had chosen to decorate our bedroom wall-my butt. Oleg had taken one of the pictures he'd snapped of my thong-clad ass on our second date, edited it into black and white and had it turned into a canvas, which was now adorning our bedroom!

I had to admit, it looked pretty hot. The picture showed my firm ass, with the triangle of the thong above it. Even higher up, the words "OLEG'S SLUT" were also just about readable. "You like it, yes" Oleg was apparently very enthusiastic. "Yes, it's very sexy!" I agreed, still not sure what to think of it. Later on, he came to me as we were getting ready for bed. "I really like picture of your little whore ass" he said, and I agreed again. "We should have more pictures like this." Do you want to take a few more" I asked. "Not now., not me.. but I have a friend who can take much better picture than me. How about we let him take a few" I knew who he meant, a guy called Bill-a thin, bald, arty-farty kind of gay guy who'd been over to our house a few times. "What, like this one So sexy pictures" "Yess, it will be great for living room!" I suddenly realized Oleg was deadly serious. Hey, all the guys among his friends-or anyone likely to come over- were horny gays just like him, nobody would think he was weird for having sexy pictures of a guy on the wall... And I was intrigued. I kinda liked posing for Oleg that time, and I was about curious how a real photographer could shoot me

Bill let us in, gave us a drink and showed us to his studio. "Hey, if we're going to do an erotic shoot, it might be best if you just get naked now so you're nice and comfortable." Oleg disrobed enthusiastically, I followed up a little hesitantly. I noticed bill glancing at my butt and crotch as I took off my underpants. "Now, Oleg, you told me about your ideas... shall we just get to making them come true" Curiosity befell me, I had no idea what Oleg's ideas might be... Oleg grabbed his bag. "I have picked up some nice clothes for you" he said to me. Intrigued, I looked in the bag. Beside about 6 different panties and thongs, I found a few pairs of bona fide tights and stockings! This was interesting, Oleg had made me wear stocking during sex a few times before, and I have to say I kind of enjoyed the way they looked and felt on me. Upped the 'sexy whore' quotient quite a bit...

So I put on some panties and tights per Oleg's instructions, these tights had an open crotch and only a thin line of fabric above the panties to keep the whole thing together. They also had a sexy fishnet pattern that really turned me on, and my dick was almost popping out as Bill shot me from every angle-front, ass, lying down, on my knees... Then, he had Oleg join in and we struck a few hot poses together: Me next to him, me on my knees in front of him, straddling him and simulating sex, him 'fucking' me doggystyle, and a few more in different panties and stockings. Then, Bill shot me alone and completely naked in a few poses, like crawling on the floor, covering my dick with a pillow and half covered by a curtain. Then, he motioned Oleg to join me again. "Now, if I'm going to shoot you two together in erotic poses, I need you both to be nicely aroused, so what I usually suggest is really that you just start doing what you normally do when you make love-just to get you both nice and hard." We looked at each other, and we both knew what that meant... I sunk down on my knees and took his giant flaccid member in my hands. Slowly, I started to lick and wank until he was at full strength, and sliding comfortably into my mouth. Just as I slid my tongue over the top of his shaft, I heard a click. Suddenly, I realised that Bill had been shooting I don't know how many pictures of me servicing Oleg's cock with my tongue... This was a little uncomfortable. However, Bill couldn't see my reaction as he was checking out his result. Eagerly, he showed us an-admittedly pretty damn awesome- shot wherein the full length of Oleg's member was present, along with my mouth and my tongue running over his purple head. It was black and white and incredibly erotic.... We finished the shoot with a few more simulated sex shots of us two, with Oleg's dick pricking agonisingly around my asshole without entering. Then, we put our clothes on, left the studio-and fucked like rabbits at home looking at all the sexy pictures taken for days afterwards.

Two weeks later, I came home from work to find some very surprising decorations. In the hallway was a framed A4 picture of my ass, with a pair of tiny panties about halfway down my legs. Above the stove, there was a larger framed picture of me on my knees, my head covering Oleg's dick... Anxiously, I walked into the living room-and encountered a huge canvas of Oleg's dick, with my tongue playfully darting along its head...

To be continued...

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