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Our Proper Feelings Came Out at the School Reunion

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Author: Robbie Webb
Published: 10-Feb-13 Revised/Updated 11-Feb-13
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He pulled away and finished the rest of his pint. By the way he was looking at me I could tell that he wasn't messing about. He waited for me to say something. I didn't know what to say. Did he really just say he was gay No, he couldn't have said that. He was so straight-acting and all the girls in class fancied him and...

* * * * * * *

I was at the school reunion. We were all 18 now, two years after leaving school. I got to meet all my old schoolmates. It was good seeing 'em all again, all my old schoolmates.

I was proper made up seeing Dean McDermot again. I fancied the arse off him at school but he didn't know about it. He played Tony in the school production of West Side Story and when Sally Spencer who played Maria kissed him I felt well jealous. I played one of The Jets and I wanted to re-write the script so bad so I could get to kiss Tony.

Yeah, I proper fancied Dean at school.

And now here we were two years later.

Towards the end of the night me and Dean were sitting at a table talking, both of us a bit pissed like, and we were talking about schooldays and stuff.

He said, "So, mate. Looks like me and you are the only ones who haven't settled down with a girl."

"Yeah. Can you believe Tommy Green got married"

"Fuck, I know. She's a right stunner an' all."

"He must have a big fucking cock, mate, coz he's got no personality."

"Or looks."

"I bet it's not a photo of his real girlfriend anyway.

"Yeah. Probably just downloaded it from the internet."

"I can't believe you've not got a girlfriend, mate. You, the best-looking boy in class."

"What about you You had lots of girls fancying you at school, I seem to remember."

"Not as many as you though. That Sally Spencer fancied the arse off you, mate."

"Yeah I know."

"You looked so sweet in West Side Story, the pair of you together I mean."

"I think she really meant it when she kissed me."

"Course she did. That wasn't acting, mate."

Dean was proper good-looking when he was at school but now that he was 18...he was even better looking and he'd turned into a proper sexy fucker. I fancied him even more now.

I reminded him just how popular he was at school.

"All the girls were after you at school, mate. Not just Sally Spencer."

"I know."

"But you were always too busy with your school work to bother with girls, weren't you"

"I just couldn't be arsed, mate."

"What about now"

He finished his drink.

"Not bothered, mate."

"What do you mean"

"Can't be arsed."

I finished my drink.

"Same here, mate."

"I think girls are over-rated, me."

"Do you"


"So like, there wasn't much chance of anything happening with you and Sally Spencer then"

"Not really."

"Bet you broke her heart."


"When you kissed in West Side Story, was there like no sparks or nothing"

"Did fuck all for me, mate. I may as well have been kissing you."

If only he knew how I felt.

"You were really good in that play, mate. You played Tony really well."

He went into his Tony character.

"I...I didn't believe hard enough."

I played Maria.

"Loving is enough."

"Not here. They won't let us be."

"Then we'll run away."

"Yeah, we can."


"We will."

I started singing.

"Hold my hand and we're halfway there, hold my hand and I'll take you there."

We both sang together.

"Somehow! Someday! Somewhere!"

Some of our old schoolmates on the next table started clapping.

Me and Dean stood up and took our bows.

Kenny Hargreaves had to go and say it.

"You would have made a lovely Maria."

I put on my campest voice.

"Oh I know."

Dean moved in close.

"I reckon you would have made a better kisser than Sally Spencer."

"Oh that goes without saying."

I pursed my lips.

Then I saw Dean giving me a proper intense look.

I stopped pursing my lips.

Dean just sat there for a bit not saying nothing.

Then he got up.

"You want another drink"

"Yeah. Go on. Lager please."

He went to the bar. What had just happened then Was he coming on to me or what Don't be stupid. He was just messing about. We were both just messing about. And we were both a bit pissed. I looked at him as he stood there at the bar getting served. He was the fittest lad in the room by a mile.

He came back with the drinks.

He sat down.

We took a swig of our lager.

Then Dean, he leaned in close.

"Me and you, we were never really close friends at school, were we"

"No, mate. We both kept ourselves to ourselves really."

"Yeah. I always liked you at school though. Everybody did really. You were dead quiet like but you had a good heart and nobody ever said a bad word about you."

"Same with you, mate."

"Yeah, I really liked you but like I said, I didn't really know you. You're sound you are, mate."

"You are."

"I've no time for any of these lot in here, not really."

"They're all right, mate."

"Nah. I never really did like any of 'em at school. Look at Danny Evans there. I couldn't stand him at school."

"Yeah I know what you mean. He was a bit of a prick."

"I wish we'd have been proper mates at school, me and you. You're sound."

"Well let's be mates now."

I raised my glass.

Dean raised his glass.

We both clinked our pint glasses together.

We toasted our new friendship.


Then Dean moved in closer.

"Can you keep a secret"

He downed half of his pint in one go.

"Steady on, mate."

He leaned in closer, put his hand on my shoulder.

"I've never told nobody this before, mate. I feel like I can tell you."


He looked around then he leaned in closer.

"I'm gay."

He pulled away and finished the rest of his pint. By the way he was looking at me I could tell that he wasn't messing about. He waited for me to say something. I didn't know what to say. Did he really just say he was gay No, he couldn't have said that. He was so straight-acting and all the girls in class fancied him and...

"Mate...did you just say..."

"I'm gay. Yeah. I said I'm gay coz I'm gay. I'm not straight. I'm gay. I like boys. I don't like girls. Well, I like girls but not in a sexual way or nothing but..."

"Yeah ok. Ok, I get it."

"So. There you go. I'm gay. What about you Are you gay"


"Just wondered like. I mean they say one in five people are gay and like there were 30 pupils in our class so satist...stasti...satesticlesly there's a good chance..."

I moved in and kissed him on the lips.

He pulled away from me.

"What you doing"

Andy Preston was walking past. He saw me kiss Dean. He raised his eyebrows, then he gave me and Dean a limp-wristed gesture.

I smiled at Andy Preston.

"Just doing a scene from West Side Story. I'm Maria and...how you doing All right"

He gave me a funny look and walked off.

Dean was well confused.

"What you do that for Why did you kiss me"

"Sorry, mate. I...I dunno. I..."

Dean put his hand on my arm.

"Did you really mean it"


"When you kissed me then. Did you..."

"I dunno. No...I...I've had too much to drink."

Dean put his hand on my thigh under the table. He leaned closer to me.

"You really fancied me at school, didn't you"

Before I could say anything his hand slid up between my legs and he squeezed my growing cock through my jeans.

He gave me a smile.

"You've grown up into a proper big boy, you have."

I was breathing heavy.

"I've gotta go to the toilet, mate."

He smiled again.

"I've got a better idea. How about me and you go round the back of the pub in the back yard then there's less chance of us being interrupted by this lot"

I felt dizzy.

I felt proper excited.

"Oh fuck!"

I got up.

"See you in a bit...Tony!"

"See you in a bit...Maria!"

I walked through all my old schoolmates with my cock boned up in my jeans. It was as if they weren't there, all my old schoolmates I mean, not my jeans. All I was thinking about was Dean. It was like nobody else existed. It was like there was nobody else in the room. I went in the yard.

My head was spinning.

My heart was racing.

My cock was throbbing.

Was this really happening to me

Then Dean, he came out of the pub and he came up to me. He pushed me up against the wall.

And he kissed me.

He said, "I always thought you were the nicest lad at school. And I always thought you were the fittest."

We kissed at the back of the pub while all our old schoolmates were being boring talking about what job they had and asking each other if they were married and if they had any kids.

Me and Dean, we pulled our pants down. We took all our clothes off. We got bare arsed bollock naked back of the pub in the yard. We played with each other's dicks while we kissed. We didn't give a fuck if our old schoolmates caught us. They meant fuck all to us. All that mattered was me and Dean. We didn't care no more about any of them lot in there. We were both naked with our warm bodies pressed together. We ran our hands all over each other's fit bodies, grabbed a feel of each other's bums. The number of times I'd dreamt about doing this with Dean and now I was actually doing it. It was a million times better than what I had ever imagined it would be.

Me and Dean, old schoolmates, naked and kissing in the pub yard.

Dean, he now had a sexy little 6-pack. He really had grown up to be one proper sexy fucker. He let me wank my cock all over his 6-pack. My bell end felt well sexy rubbing and sliding all over his hard 6-pack. I pre-cummed all over it.

Me and Dean, we wanked each other off and we sucked each other's dicks, stretched our lips round each other's hot throbbing boners, sucked real hard. I couldn't believe I had Dean's beautiful cock in my mouth.

We didn't stop at wanking and sucking. We bummed each other. Took it in turn bumming each other in the pub yard.

"Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!"

We made loads of sexy groans above the noise of all our old schoolmates in the pub. Being inside my mate, and him being inside me...it just couldn't get any better than this.

Our dicks throbbed in each other's hands.

Our dicks throbbed down each other's throats.

Our dicks throbbed up each other's bums.

And we kissed.

And we kissed some more.

We had to cum together.

We kissed as we tossed each other off.

"Oooh! Oooh! I'm cumming! Cumming!"

"Ooooh! Oooooh!"

We jizzed our spunk all over each other's fit bodies.

Then we heard the applause and the cheers and the whistles.

All our old schoolmates, they'd all come out into the pub yard and they'd all seen me and Dean having hot passionate sex.

And they were all made up for us.

This story is taken from my kindle book THE RAIN FALLS HARD ON THE HUMPIN' BOYS, available on Amazon. © Robbie Webb 2013

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