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The Pulse of Love

Two gay males kissing

Author: Alex Carr
Published: 21-Mar-13
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I was being interviewed by sex magazine incorporated and like that guy who interviews celebrities on TV -there were no holds barred and I felt comfortable and able, without inhibition or hesitation to candidly answer the questions put to him about his life.

* * * * * * *

I was being interviewed by sex magazine incorporated and like that guy who interviews celebrities on TV -there were no holds barred and I felt comfortable and able, without inhibition or hesitation to candidly answer the questions put to him about his life.

Asked about what was the best thing about being in a committed relationship as I have been for nigh on three years, I replied at once; "Love."

Jim the interviewer said that meant a lot of things combined like respecting each other, being considerate and unselfish and sharing, maybe occasionally agreeing to differ, how would you put it Pete, are you one of those guys who can be like that, for instance would you be willing to die for your lover

I replied simply that I would because John is the best thi8ng to have happened to me in every way and just being with him is forever beautiful and divine. Wes hare everything.

"How about sex, tell me how that is with you both, Pete"

I paused a little before I gave my reply, should I divulge all, should I tell him exactly how we share and share alike everything I really felt that by doing so would help those in a fading relationship. For John and I were forever giving our relationship freshness and absolute joy which I find hard to express, but determined to try..

"We love each other to the full and just to touch when we bed for the night is always so very comforting and complete, I cuddle into his Adonis body of dreams and simply closing my eyes I let instinct show my true ardour for the guy I love and adore so much.

I feel his hand guide mine downward and it is always the same, the feel of him so divine and wonderful.- and what he whispers, ferments my being into something which resembles an inferno and I know we are about to share something which is so wonderful and essential to our ongoing relationship.

"Feel me grow for you, Pete" he says to me in a lustful voice that makes it all the sweeter as I just squeeze a little and gently massage the lovely feel in my hand. Then too he wants me to use my free hand to do something else and I do with absolute pleasure. I cup and feel him underneath, those gorgeous companions of that which I squeeze and rub in my other hand, an erection so resolute and endearing, It feels so good and wonderful, I continue with more gusto and thrill to hear his appreciative moans, urging me not to stop and even though soon my wrist aches I continue the massage because that is what is giving my lover so much pleasure and joy."

Jim seems lost for words and the audience is silent. Perhaps I have gone too far but that is what the interviewer asked for pre-interview that I was absolutely candid..

"Well that was an earth shaker indeed Pete. Would you say that part of your relationship is imperative"

"I do feel that without it our relationship would dissolve some. Because it is the most intimate way in the world to show one's true feelings to the core, to let those fantasies we all have come out. And simply to be with someone you know will share those things is the ultimate"

"Tell me more Pete, come on, I am sure the audience is all ears and I can see they are wiggling in their seats, what does that tell you"

There was a giggling from the auditorium and I thought to myself; "right, I will tell them more And I did.

"I rarely bring John to the boil unless he asks me too on the rare occasion, depending on where we are going next because of the time factor - like sometimes I awake feeling his hands busy behind, urging me to ready him with a brief massaging, bringing him to the fore to simply use the short time we may have before he goes to work, for a quickie, which is always nice when it happens, like when we haven't done much physical before we went to sleep and he has some unused energy that demands gratification.

Then it is easy for me to turn with my back toward him, lift a leg up and allow him perfect access for that quickie I adore, which always feels so warm and pulsating inside me, the way he at first gently pushes deep into me and pauses to let us both appreciate the accumulative throbs of passion.

I lay there in my element knowing that our love will always stay and when he begins to move again it is simply heaven on earth and I instinctively move with him, bending and lifting as he fucks me and I feel the absolute quality he has to offer - so much it the effect that afterwards, when he is done and comes out of me, and if he has time before he showers and dresses.

I simply sink to my knees, he standing there, with a pulse that is still there, the pulse I feel in my mouth as I taste and tongue and suck his final spurt of love."

"Well I guess Pete that is a hard act to follow, you seem to have found the perfect relationship, look at all those people shuffling in their seats. I have a feeling you have started a new agenda in the lives of many and thank you for your complete frankness,"

"Love should never be sheltered" I continued. "It should be set free. Just appreciate what you have got, take a chance and let it all out, just a word in the ear if something happens that is not compatible with your lovers, well just formulate a signal - or maybe you can both work ion it, because that is whatever is all bout, sacrifice as well. Like when John first asked me to swallow - I thought it was repugnant to me, it was one thing to bring him to climax and enjoy the feel of his ejaculation spatter over my face, but another to take him orally immediately afterwards, but I worked on it until now I enjoy it, it is perhaps the most intimate thing lovers can share, the taste of each other and now we do it mutually, and I can tell you, just to feel the way john orals me as do the same to him is the most wonderful experience, it is the perfect way to gear up to that wonderful waterloo when we fuck to our heart's delight with the taste and scent of each other still in our mouths, the feel and taste of cock, especially Jims, has always been the ultimate start to our foreplay which is forever fresh and simulating."

I was aware that there was a sudden exodus. Jim said he would make this a two part interview. It was evident that folks were leaving because of the sheer need I had purveyed - and something that needed urgent attention. He chuckled that he guessed there would be a lot of bouncing cars out there in the car park

"Thank you Pete Wilson and hope you will agree to another interview soon because you charisma and forthright fullness has resulted in my best interview ever.

"Of course, I shall be happy, If maybe I have brought out a better awareness of what we are all about I am happy."

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