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Putty in My Hands

Two gay males kissing

Author: Alex Carr
Published: 22-Mar-13
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Head back I felt his head move into me, looked around to see what the couple along the row were doing, and it was like magic, the guys girl was really going at it hammer and tongue.

* * * * * * *

"When you touch me like that I am putty in your hands, Alex,"

We were at the cinema together watching a Bond movie, but because of what we were doing our concentration on the movie was a no -go.

Jason was beautiful to touch, we had indulged little the day before in my car when I gave him a lift to work, because his old crank had broken down. But unfortunately nothing came of it because we hadn't the time to indulge, although I would have liked too. He was a lovely feel and it felt so good to feel him swell in my hand over his trousers, I should have loved to have gone further but as he said, needs must and he'd have to get to work else he may be sacked.

But he added; "How about going to a movie this evening and maybe we could get more acquainted and then afterwards..."

"All for it" I replied eagerly chuckling as he made an effort to hide quite a stiff erection as he got out of the car. I was thinking how good it would be to enjoy him to the full right now, that huge erection at my mercy! But that was the story of my life, the waiting game!

But now, tucked away in the back row of the cinema was the time to continue where I left off earlier ,and I was having a good old feel of him. He was lovely and such a delight.

"Can I take it out" I asked.

"Will it be okay, are we private enough He quietly replied.

"There are not many here tonight, look let me put my coat over your lap, that will hide it"

He instantly agreed an I was happily on a go-go as I continued feeling and rubbing, all the time feeling it grow so hard and stiff and me thinking the 'Wow!' factor, that he was sure a big guy and if he would agree to my suggestion later, It was going to be fun feeling that inside me.

When he moved and adjusted the way he sat, opening his thighs to let me feel underneath I knew I was on a promise. I teasingly unzipped him and watched his bulge rise up beneath his briefs.

It looked good and very tempting and I soon took full advantage by leaning down over his lap and sniffing his briefs. It was something that was a must with Danny.

Already I could sense the scent of cock beneath his briefs and watched it jerk as I squeezed there, pushing my nose into the bulge and feeling its warmth.

'"That is so nice Alex, the way you do that." Jason whispered; urging me with his hand pressing over the back of my head, to continue.

Now I was in my element, just to experience the smell of stiff cock again like it was with Danny who dumped me weeks ago for the fuck of a black guy.

But although emotionally it hurt a lot, now I had found Jason and he was nice - and he seemed happy enough to let me indulge and jerk him off into his briefs. He was no longer worried about anyone seeing, there was a couple sitting a few seats along and I did see the girl gaping, but it must have given her ideas because soon to I noticed, whilst I was jerking Jason that she was feeling her guy too.

I so loved the feel and nectar of him, I love the way he sort of whimpered as I took full advantage and massaged him deeply. He seemed to put all concerns about being seen aside, because he lifted his hind and moved his crotch beautifully to let me enjoy the feel of him in different angles. Just the hold of his fine erection in my hand was a delightful experience, teasing back his foreskin and really tantalizing his most sensitive part with the tip of my small finger around and around the head, and gently probing his p-hole whilst he murmured for me not to stop, like he was constantly moving in his seat urging me to massage him every way. He moaned as he reached it. It was heaven to watch him spunk out with such frenzy, I had his spunk all over my right hand, the hand I had been using to wank him and he handed me a handkerchief to wipe myself. His cock was still emitting that rich love cream as he finished himself off and I was treated to a short showing of how he liked to wank cock. It was all a learning curve with which I would experiment next time.

It was so lovely, it really was and I felt like a million dollars having made this guy so happy. I'd felt and massaged him in my hand and now I wanted to feel it snugly up my ass, I just knew it would feel so good, the way he moved it as I stiff wanked him, imagining how that would feel crammed deep in my asshole. Imagining myself bent over for him I wanted to be quality ass for him to discover and enjoy without inhibitions.

He said would he I like him to do it to me, to wank me - and I wanted that, but telling him that I would really love his fuck later.

He looked at me and for a moment I thought I had said the wrong thing, maybe he wasn't into that, maybe he was like me who loved to take rather than give But then he gave me a broad smile and said he could not believe how lucky he was and that is what he was looking for, a guy who would willingly let him fuck him.

With that I felt his hand move delightfully to my crotch. Straight away he made me feel good with a real good frigging and I just lay there enjoying the feel of his mouth and tongue as well as his busy fingers enjoy me to the full.

"I love your cock Alex but I have a feeling I will love your ass too, can you just open up a bit so I can take a sniff"

I loved the way he was being frank and saying what he felt, it made all the better for a good relationship to be open and honest from the start and I liked that.

Wow! he was one horny guy who was right down my street, I adjusted myself to the edge of the seat, opened as wide as I could after I'd dropped my jeans down to my knees and presented my asshole to him. He stretched my cheeks so wide and I loved the way he sniffed and licked me, also feeling his lick encompass my balls and the girth of my hot cock.

Head back I felt his head move into me, looked around to see what the couple along the row were doing, and it was like magic, the guys girl was really going at it hammer and tongue. So we didn't feel out of place, and I could chill with the absolute deep thrilling feel of his moves below, feeling the absolute heaven of his deep and slow sucking and squeezing, feeling his finger penetrate me and then he'd suck it, telling me how I tasted, that it was divine and then he'd offer it to me to suck and I enjoyed a wonderful combined flavor of cock cum asshole which was heaven on earth.

Who could have imagined that we could get up to so much in a cinema seat, but it is amazing just what you can do if needs be; Jason's needs. My needs were on par and all the time he was delving that small finger up me, then licking and sucking in a real frenzy.

I was thinking if this is what we could do on the confines of a cinema just think how it would be later on my bed, just him and I sharing alike, I just couldn't wait, suggested we leave before the film ended and made hastily to my place.

We careful pulled our trousers up and couldn't get to my place quick enough, All the time whilst was driving, he was next to me in the passenger seat, feeling and wanking me, and he opened his fly and let me see his huge erection looming up like a gear stick, even then I had this tingling feeling in my ass, a hungry ache which could not wait for a real good stiff fucking like Danny used to give me.

And to make it more teasing and tantalizing he was frigging it so much that he almost took off my concentration from driving, but it was a promise for things to come and I knew then as soon as we got home I would strip him and take his cock like I used to with Danny, then he would really know what oral was really all about and a lot of ball bouncing too.

And all the time he was taunting me saying things like how he wanted to lick my hole dry and suck my balls, and bend me over his knee before he fucked me and gave me a good seeing to, with a good measure of his fingers plying and moulding my ass cheeks and rubbing up my asshole until it was numb, and then to suck and sniff it some more until it was ready to feel his hot stiff cock slide right deep up into me.

It was like a new world had opened for me as sweet Jason mad it so good. I knew because I had been missing Danny's fuck for so long, I would be tight again, although I had ventured to experiment with one of those Ann Summers male anal vibrators, but it could never replace the heavenly feel of ripe fleshy cock up inside doing its stiff, so I abandoned that but Jason said he didn't mind that tall, because he said I felt like a virgin there and that is what he wanted, a nice tight alluring fuck.

When later - having done more of the same, like which we were doing in the cinema, but with more gusto I was well ready for his fuck.

But I did not want to rush him because then he was wanting me to sit on his face stretching my ass cheeks wide apart so he could really get his face into me.

It felt so good feeling him rummaging there, it seemed like that was one of the most intimate things a guy could do and soon I wanted to try the same, placed head to toe we soon managed it and I shall never forget that lovely stimulating experience in the art of ass tasting. I guess we were both in frenzy because we couldn't hold back and then we were indulging instinctively in sucking and swallowing all that hot sticky spunk oozing out like a fountain.

The worse part of that was he was too limp to fuck me but he made that okay by temporarily using my vibrator, which I had told him about and which he said he would love to use, until he could manage a hard on again and then he would fuck the ass off me.

That was fine with me so I just chilled and felt him manoeuvre the vibrator up my hole; he was enjoying it and so was I. But it was a great way of preparing it for the kill and I knew soon, with some deeper sucking, his cock would be well and ready.

I made sure of it, this was going to be the waterloo of our new relationship and I was sucking and balling him relentlessly until at last I felt him begin to stiffen and grow gloriously once more, squeezing his big end between my tongue and the roof of my mouth which really turned him on.

And then at last the waterloo came, and it was as good as, even better than ever Danny gave me. I was well and truly alive again after being stagnant for so long, the feels of Jason, to actually feel the firmness of his ripe cock sliding up inside me was an experience divine.

He had me on all fours bare backed, over the top of me, my legs wide and high so he could hinge fuck me, it felt good and wonderful, he tried everything, the scissors and the feel of his balls bouncing against my ass as he thrust into me relentlessly giving me the fuck I dreamed of..

Being with Jason meant enjoying a new life.

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