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Badger; A Hard Act to Follow

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Author: Alex Carr
Publish Date : Mar 24, 2013
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I felt the tickle of his beard snuffle my balls as he had his sniff and suck my ass. Then after the fuck, more sniffing and sucking, swallowing the result of his climax and my nectar too, sucking and sucking until I was raw.

* * * * * * *

It's funny, being with two guys since poor Badger died, I still have fond memories of him.

Don't get me wrong but Danny and John are great lovers and there fucks are unsurpassed - and I am very happy to serve both of them, either individually or sometimes, when the occasion arises, the two of them - when we share a rapturous threesome which is quite something.

But everyone is different t I guess in approach and charisma, and Badger was not without his great charm. I have forgotten the number of the times we fucked in his allotment shed - when he had me over the potting bench quite a number of times, because that is one of his favorite positions with me placed neatly between two vices to which, during his perversions, he would strap me or use black elastic strips stretched across my ass i8n a way to keep my as cheeks stretched wide, so that I could thrill to his wonderful teasing and all manner of things when he would enjoy me orally and touchy feely, and of course with a rapturous fuck he was always so generous with.

I adored his wonderful slow time in and out thrusts, hearing is pop out and squelch in again, that was really wonderful, even is sometimes he did miss with the return thrust and I felt his erection slide between my crotch and ram my balls. But it was all part of what Badger was all about.

He claimed I had the best fucking ass in the world and I guess I was flattered by that. And it was always so lovely and special with Badger to feel him slowly exploring me, like every time was fresh, even the little things he had not done and tried before, all sorts of kinky things too, sometimes I had to grit my teeth when he primed me up with something hanging on hooks in his shed, like gardening implements, like I would never have imagined would have given anyone any sexual joy, but with Badger he was some perverted guy and he could virtually turn anything gardening tool into a sex toy Anything that had a handle or a stem would do, especially if they were ribbed to give me that extra oomph!

That was the bit about Badger that was really special and I enjoyed his perversions, with me steeped over that bench for him, presenting my all to its absolute best angle and position, he'd take a chair, place it between my opened legs and concentrate. I could almost hear his thoughts when he started to act out something that he had obviously planned before we met on a certain day.

I remember plainly on talking the journey on my bike to see Badger what specialty he would like to practice with me today. He never ever disappointed me.

And it was all so very thrilling and joyful, I loved to be all ass for him to try his wicked ways, like he'd always ask me first saying things like; "Pete would you like me to try to see what I can do with this" and there he was, holding a pair of wooden handled secateurs or something similar like his favorite; a plant dibber which, with a dollop of Vaseline, he'd work into me with so much joy and zest that he made it seem like a work of art, poking, holding it inside, moving it around until I whimpered with pleasure with the way he did that, stretching and plying my hole. And even with the secateurs he found a way to thrill me by somehow inserting one of the wooden handle grips into me whilst arranging so the other handle grip stroked my hanging balls every time he thrust in and out of me.

That was nice once he'd worked out the right co-ordinates, but that was all part of it, part of the pleasure as we discovered those different ways - my ass was his play area and in some ways that enthralled me because I knew anything he'd do to me would eventually result in the beautiful feel of his very apt cock doing its business deep up inside, and he knew just how to give to me with inhibitions, he'd fuck me to the core across that bench after all the playing, the sniffing and all, when I felt the tickle of his beard snuffle my balls as he had his sniff and suck my ass. Then after the fuck, more sniffing and sucking, swallowing the result of his climax and my nectar too, sucking and sucking until I was raw.

That was Badger. He was special and I learned so much about sex with him, I entice my new guys sometimes to experiment the same as he did, we do things but never like how Badger did those things to me.

It's funny but even now sometimes, when Danny is fucking me, I imagine it is Danny but if course it is never quite the same, everyone is different and so is every fuck, and I guess that is how it should be, diversity is the name of the game as I discovered in that allotment shed so many times with Badger and his play tools..

Once he took it upon himself with me not knowing, it was to be an element of surprise he said, to take me with a vibrator which he claimed his Mrs. had used without him knowing, that he had found it in her drawer. Because they had tired of sex, one of the reasons why he took to a diverse relationship with me, I wondered if he was getting a piece of his memories with her, when they were sexually active.

Sometimes he oddly asked me to wear these silky panties which he claimed were his wife's, he'd fuck me wearing them by diverting the crotch or sometimes ripping a hole in them to give him access to my hole, but as he tied me to the bench I suspected nothing different because he often did that and I didn't mind, but this time it was different, because tied and handcuffed I heard the sound of an electric motor start and then he said, "you will like this, my Mrs uses it all the time" and straight away he first rimmed me and then fucked me with it, I felt the burring and vibrations and sure enough the sensual sensation was really dreamy, I wiggled my ass in a way I know he enjoyed, when he'd give me some gentle slapping to see it bounce frantically, but for a whole half hour or more I was treated to a wonderful feeling of absolute joy, as he fucked me supreme with that wondrous vibrator which gave me all sorts of feelings I could never have imagined. It was funny how it squelched each time he levered it out of me, we both laughed at that, it was something new.

It was all sl right and wonderful to be fucked like this by Badger. I never ever felt uneasy with all his experiments, I was just so happy that I could please the dear old man with so much joy in the Autumn of his life. And I remember too the way he fed me up after the fucking, he had a camp stove and always fixed me with a steak to cry for,

I cried when he died, I really did, But I had the happy memories, and there sometimes in my dreams he is still trying new things with me.

And still for all that is good between Danny, John and I -- there is something about being with an older guy that is supreme, Maybe it is just I love the maturity of a guy who will give me plenty of foreplay I don't know. Mainly, with the guys when we do a threesome it is fast and furious and with one stuffed up my ass and the other in my mouth there is soon spunk flying all over...

I still find myself visiting the old allotment. Badger's shed is still there. I stand outside and image he is there waiting for me. Cock to the full, so ripe and willing. I wonder if those garden tools he used on me are still in there. I imagine wild thoughts about breaking inside and fucking myself with them, like Badger was still there. But time moves on and who knows maybe I will find another mature guy.

But Badger will definitely be a hard act to follow.

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