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Quintessentially Danny

Two gay males kissing

Author: Alex Carr
Published: 15-Apr-13
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He said it was so good to feel that again; You remember you told me that the next time we met you'd suck me off the whole way

* * * * * * *

Who was more surprised than I when Danny sent me a text asking for a meet to renew our friendship.

Our relationship had been much more than that and I was devastated when he failed a year ago to keep a regular date to visit me at my place.

It wasn't the first time he'd dumped me either, the first being for a black guy who he gave up because he didn't like his beard of all things!

I excused him on that occasion because, although I was mad with him, I still ached for him and he was a hard act to follow both physically, because he was that alright! but also as a personality too who always had a great sense of humour

But this time I didn't feel so obliging, Danny had really let me down badly by not turning up and failing to let me know why. When he did not arrive at his usual time, I phoned him and he said he was on his way. Which was all the more frustrating when he didn't arrive because I was all fixed up for his pleasure, the way he liked me in skin -tight brush jeans and tight red briefs all in red, because he said I always looked the flavour of the month in them and boy! Did he enjoy the flavor. There was I looking out of my bedroom window where I could see his motor arrive, imagining in anticipation the feel of him inside and his sniff up my ass, and how he'd spanked me over his knee, still in my jeans. Something I had begun to enjoy simply because of the sexual ardour between us and the lovely way he massaged me with coconut oil afterwards, to ease the sting which, in so doing, soon changed into a wonderful soothing numbness which certainly enhanced his fuck. That and his beautiful defined attention to my ass which was really a big turn on, I simply chilled; laid back and watched him enjoy me, like he wanted me to sit on his face, the feeling was nice and he took so much time sucking and licking me I was concerned he would be out of breath, with his face enclosed by my ass cheeks, but he could go for about six minutes down under, by which time I was well ready and ripe for his fuck.

But be that as it may, the sod didn't turn up and I was utterly frustrated, eventually having to resort to the anal vibrator Danny had used in the early days to initiate me open me up. But it could never be the same as the feel of Danny's stiff flexi cock in me..

I texted him to ask what had happened. No reply. So I phoned him, no reply. I was thinking why did he tell me he was on the way if he aimed not to come. Maybe he had been involved in a road accident or something But there were no such reports the following day and although I tried several times to contact him it was to no avail.

Eventually I gave him up knowing he would be a hard act to follow, and besides, I had grown quite fond of him so it was more than just the physical with us, At least I thought so and I thought he did too. But weeks went by and still no reply so I took up an invitation with another guy called John. But although he was a nice guy and we had some marvelous fun together, it could never be with the same as it was with Danny. Those idiosyncrasies of his which always geared me up for the most delightful intimate sharing with him, and putting it quite candidly; John could never compete with the sheer size and quality of Danny; even the scent and taste which just failed to turn me on the way it did with Danny, when I was really frenzied to let myself go in every way, until we smelt and tasted of each other.

With John unfortunately, although he seemed pleased enough, it was just a quick oral followed the obligatory fuck, and he could never get a full penetration the way sweet Danny did. But for my part beggars cannot be choosers and I consoled myself that maybe it could become better in time.

But now that Danny had texted me I was in a state of confusion, having felt so badly by he way he treated me, just giving me up without rhyme or reason -and yet the yearning inside me still prompted me to reply and accept for him to come and see me again, but I would want to know just why he dumped me like that. Else there could be not re-establishing our relationship, no way - twice bitten three times shy and I was determined.

But soon there he was; standing in my doorway looking as wonderful as ever, with that stiff residence in his jeans that always stood out when he arrived at my place, as if in anticipation - but for my part he could take that out of his mind because I wasn't there just for the bidding. But I could not deny the same old arousal was there.

When I asked him in and we shared coffee on the sofa, he was full of apologies.

"Was it the black guy again," I asked reticently "did you get used to his beard" I was being sarcastic. "I just want to know why you didn't turn up last time, when you said you were on the way, and it had better be good if you want to be with me again, Danny."

He looked at me full of woe -so much so that I felt my heart softening;

"Why the bloody hell did you spoil it all" I asked.

He said that he stopped at a local shop just up the road from where I live, to pick up some ribbed condoms; "You know Pete- the ones you like. But I saw this woman with a young kid - who had parked her car just in front of mine outside the shop. I thought she looked familiar and it turned out to be my ex. Remember I told you how I had divorced Janine because we could no longer have good sex, because I had found you. Well it was her. We chatted for a while and seeing the kid I asked if she was with another. But she said the kid was mine. I don't know if you will understand but I just could not keep our date, I was so flabbergasted that there was my daughter and because of that, we agreed to give it another go, Janine and I- and I just couldn't bring myself around to tell you."

"Are you still with Janine then Danny"

"No we had to break up for good, it wasn't fair on Janine or my daughter, she has now married a guy and I have had to accept that the best thing for the kid was to be with her mother. At least she said I can still go and see my daughter occasionally; so I settled for that. And anyway I don't think I ever properly gratified Janine's sexual turbulence, she is a high sexed girl and all the time my thoughts were with you. I do hope you forgive me Pete, else I will feel shattered and gutted"

"How do you think I felt, Danny when you didn't turn up"

He sided up to me saying he was so sorry, but he would never let me down again, because he knew I was a the only one.

"I still look at the video you gave me last time we met. Every time I looked at it I thought of us and how wonderful it was, I could actually feel you doing that when you sucked me on the edge of the rocking chair - which was delightfully easing with the back and forward rocking as you sucked me to heaven. It was so lovely Pete and being able to see you doing it to me was always a wonderful prompter for a good stiff wank, do you mind. I have to tell you because that is how important you are to me"

"More like the cock sucking, Danny" I still felt bitter.

But tears ran down his cheeks and he told me emphatically that he wanted me for everything, that's how he felt .

I was lost for words. Could I really trust him a third time In my heart I wanted him so badly. I empathized for him, sitting there and looking so sad and forlorn.

I simply had to relent to my true feelings, that I still loved him, and his reasoning for letting me down seemed feasible enough.

"Well I had better go change into my Danny gear hadn't I Danny" That was the stuff I wore every ti8me he called.

His face lightened and a abroad smile appeared, we were one again and when I dug out my tight red skin-tight jeans and briefs from my trunk under the bed, the gear thought I'd never use again but kept it in hope.

But I was struggling to pull them up, I had put on a little weight without knowing and there was Danny peeping through the slightly opened bedroom door, smiling at my difficulty but with that certain look that made me melt. "Let me help you Pete!" he said and of course I agreed.

It was like old times, wonderful and stimulating, all the more so as my jeans were tighter than ever, it felt they were splitting me in half as finally Danny tighten the buckle and fastened it.

I felt I could hardly walk but that didn't matter, we weren't going anywhere. He looked at me with that pretend scornful stare and I knew what he was about, and I felt complete again.

"Over my knee!" He demanded and I was soon there for him, spread steeply to give my rear the best prominence which he adored - and as he started to slap and feel he said the punishment was because I had put on weight. As if he ever needed an excuse for spanking me. But it sealed out relationship and feeling the pangs of his slaps, hearing his grunts of approval; I knew once more I was all ass for him and anything else he wanted me to be.

And it was divine. Sweet, sweet Danny was back again and I was about to give him all the pampering I could. With my fresh spanked ass still tingling I enjoyed the feel of his strong hand separating my cheeks and anointing me with oil. Just the feel of his fingers rimming and stretching me was the indication that he still wanted me as before. It was heaven and I was again in my element with Danny.

"You are delightful Pete" he said. "It is so good to be with you again, if only you knew. I have missed this so very much"

"I have too Danny. You must never leave me again promise"

"I felt two fingers deep inside me and it was as if the promise was verified, when he said he would promise. His fuck was so beautiful then, just to feel his prominence inside me again was something I thought had gone forever, and the feel of it could never be matched with John.

I told him about John and he asked me if I would still be seeing him.

"Maybe I will, he has been a great comfort you see since you left me, just now and again. Like maybe you would like a threesome. I know you mentioned it once when we were deep in a fuck, Danny"

"I would like that but for now let me just enjoy you to the full Huh. We have a lot of catching up to do right"

"Right!" I replied and I started to feel him, that gorgeous feel of seven and a half inch primed fresh fucked cock reeling to my squeeze. I rubbed the scent of it in my palm onto my face. There was nothing to compare with the sheer nectar of Danny, and the taste too as I relished him deep in my mouth.

He said it was so good to feel that again; "You remember you told me that the next time we met you'd suck me off the whole way"

I said I remembered. It had taken a time for me to work on that, the thought of him ejaculating in my mouth. The last time, in the video recording, he had warned me he was coming and I pulled my mouth away just as he spurted all over my face. I remembered the warmth of his spunk dripping down. It was an experience I never forgot, all the time we had been apart - it was something very special and intimate.

But now I was ready to go the whole hog. He'd dressed and undressed me after the spanking and I felt the full intensity of his fuck. It was all so wonderful to be undressed by Danny again, it was part of our togetherness and gave me a real feeling of being wanted.

Now I was ready to really swallow all that was Danny.. I would pamper him and show him just how much he means to me.

The sheer thrill of his stiffness moving in my throat pressed me to take him complete and I guess he knew that. He laid back for me as I kneeled between his thighs, he on the rocking chair again and video camera in position. I was soon in a deep trance, the feel of his cock soothing my being, it was so lovely to smell and taste Danny again, the body chemistry was something that John could never equal. I made a meal of it, sucking his red knob, stretching back his foreskin to find his p-hole, to lick suck and taste to my pleasure to the full, sucking him slow and deep as I felt the beating grow strong again, and I knew soon he would be ready to cum and at last would know how it was to swallow Danny. I wanted that now, I was well and truly ready and with that in mind I started to wank him into my mouth knowing it wouldn't

He yelled he was coming and I responded with deeper and harder sucks. He was in a complete frenzy; his whole e being was shuddering as he came to the climax. I felt the spurt inside my mouth, and relished the sensation of the warm sticky fluid fill my mouth, and overflowing down my chin. Danny breathing very hard then edged back.

Taking hold of his cock and rubbing it across my face he watched me swallow. It was another special experience to announce our renewed relationship and I wanted everything we did to be continued. I felt his fuck again inside me later after he'd taken his oral of me. I cannot explain just how good and wonderful that is but all I know is that to be in love with the most wonderful guy in the world for me is quintessential.

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