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Shagging Henri

Two gay males kissing

Author: Alex Carr
Published: 23-Apr-13
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I found out in my adolescence, much to my embarrassment and downtrodden ego, that girls were not for me, I couldn't even raise an eyebrow no matter how much they tried.

* * * * * * *

"I was going to enjoy every magical moment with Henri."

Meeting Henri at a gay club was a godsend and changed my life to the full. There was I umming and arring about going to a gay club, bucking up the courage to mingle and throw my inhibitions clean out of the window.

But those hormones were stirring again and needed some form of gratification other than the proverbial wank imagining I was with this pretend guy in my dreams.

I found out in my adolescence, much to my embarrassment and downtrodden ego, that girls were not for me, I couldn't even raise an eyebrow no matter how much they tried. Like pussy cat Helen as I called her, and did she try, but to no avail and the kindest thing was to dump her so that she could find a real man, that is what she said.

I knew then I was of another leaning. I felt myself staring at attractive guys, especially those in very tight jeans looking so sleek and adorable. That is when I felt the stirring in my groins. That is when I knew my direction in life and it was only me who could do something about it.

So with a couple of bevies I made for the gay club in Torbay and put my signature in the new member's register. That was easy and not as embarrassing as I thought and the guy in the reception office was so comforting in his approach and hoped that I would soon find someone nice.

So that set me off. Inside, tables surrounded a small stage where guys were dancing, all looking rather delicious in slinky boxer shorts and very suggestive moves that made my eyes pop.

Then someone approached from behind and straight away I felt right being there.

"I Haven't seen you before, you look lonely sat here alone, okay if I join you My name is Henri with an 'I' not a 'y' "

"Hi Henri with an I, my name is Alex as in Alexander."

"Alexander the great" smiled Henri "Well you look great to me I must confess, glad to make your acquaintance. "

Henri looked good in brush jeans and a a simple polo neck shirt with the up to date fashion icon of wearing braces (suspenders) which suited him perfectly, he looked so cute and approachable and we soon realized we were perfectly compatible.

"If you want, Alex maybe we could go to my place and get more acquainted, how do you feel about that"

"That would be great", I replied with gusto; my heart starting to beat one to the dozen by the tone in his voice and the sway of the hips as he led the way.

"I( only live up the road if you don't mind the walking" he said. . "That's fine, I can collect my car later."

"What sort of car have you got Alex"

"An Audi."

"Wow" you must be quite well off then, Alex."

He paused and said "Don't worry it is not your money I'm after, maybe you body though!"

It was the way he said that which was comforting. I had waited for this opportunity for so very long.

In the club when we got to talking about what we liked, he knew my leanings and gave out a sigh of delight when I told him about my fetish about having sex with guys, having asserted that I wanted to be the giver. Henri was happy with that because, he said, most of the guys coming to the club these days were like him. "Let's say, more feminine inclined than other, I am sure I should have been a girl in my last life"

"Then we may never have clicked" I said, telling him about my experiences with Helen who had tried so hard to allure me.

"So long as I interest you, Alex"

"You do!" I said feeling his foot rub my ankle beneath the table before we left the club, and that was an absolute message and suggestion that he liked me.

On the way to his place I let him walk ahead a little and watched the flow of his walk, he was so slim and gorgeous and I loved that so tight bum accentuated by the braces, tightly pulling the seam up between two mounds of absolute delight which were such a turn on. This guy had style and quality and I must admit I was in a bit of a frenzy as I followed him up the steps leading to his flat, that ass was so wanting and I wanted!

In fact Henri turned out to be so open about everything, it came quite naturally simply to be there with him, watching his delightful form as he dished out coffee and chocolate digestive cookies which he must have know I adored. And he must have known how he was enticing me by moving like he did, bending over slightly to put down the coffee tray on the coffee table, presenting to me the absolute best allure e of those wonderful tight contours which spread enticingly further apart as he bent, his braces doing the trick, making me want to touch and feel. He was very desirable and lovely and with everything that was going on in my groin I felt so happy I had met this wonderful guy.

We soon finished out coffee and after some more conversation I discovered he was quite an intelligent guy and with no inhibitions at all, I soon felt the thrill of his touch along the inside of my corduroys.

"I simply love a guy on cords, they are so manly" he aspired as he finger walked up my inner thigh and gently teased my crotch which, because the corduroy was causing some friction, created a wonderful erotic sensation. I opened up for him to give him better access and he took advantage of that.

"Beautiful Alex" he sighed. "I can see you grow, it is not right to trap it inside when it is longing for freedom" he whispered as he started to unzip me and already I was in my heaven, just to feel his warmth and his magic touch begin to explore me, first over my briefs and then, finding an access by pulling down the seam of my briefs causing my erection to pop out like a Jack in the box.

"Wow, that is nice" Henri said and soon I felt the warmth of his busy fingers exploring me, balls and all, and his tongue licking me with such ardour, it felt so absolutely lovely.

He wasted no time in getting down to that which we both wanted. And the feel of him stroking my length was fantastic.

I felt so comfortable too. Just simply chilling there as he whispered for me lay back and let him just enjoy the flexibility of my full erection, the teasing back with delicate finger tips of my foreskin to reveal the redness of my bulbous cock head which he licked and teased so wonderfully, taking time toe tease my p-hole with such care and pleasure, squeezing my girth as he did so and all the time,. Murmuring just how fruitful I was.

It was divine and Henri certainly knew how to draw the best out of me.

I suggested he just bend over my knee and relax, he asked if I wanted him to drop his jeans but I wanted first to enjoy him in those very tight and alluring skin fit brush jeans, and when he did so, making sure he was in the right position for me, his ass perched up in the most delightful way, I was in my element.

I was going to enjoy every magical moment with Henri and this was only the prelim to something I had made up my mind, I would never forget. I simply stroked him, taking in the sheerness of his perfectly shaped ass which seemed to be crying out for attention. It was so good and lovely to nudge and feel the firmness of it and ruin my finger down between the aperture of those very spankable cheeks.

Henri was well away I could tell. I was moved by his beautiful form, feeling his response to my every touch, the way he moaned when I pressed my fingers between. I was soon wonderfully aware of his wanting for me to fuck him. He made that very clear and I could feel the bulge in my groin rise into his as he wiggled over me, enjoying the light spanking I was then giving him, watching those cheeks bounce with each slap was a delight.

"Hope you don't mind, but it is rather tempting Henri."

"Stings some Alex, but I feel the pleasure in the pain. It is sort of nice really, makes it go very numb."

"You should not have such a tempting ass, Henri, how does this feel"

I spread his ass cheeks again and just ;let my index finger find the spot, then I rubbed his hole up a little around and around through the seam of his jeans and heard his moans of joy..

"It feel so good" I said nudging some more - I could have kept this up for hours it was so gorgeous.

"Now you can take them off, Henri" I said and as he rose he looked at me with so much lust and desire in his eyes I knew I was going to give him my very best.. He was soon down to his boxer shorts and we had some fun laying on the floor and feeling each other, I found the way he liked best for me to jerk him off and he had a wonderful warm and inviting stance, I soon found myself instinctively rubbing my face into his crotch over his boxers, and enjoying his dimensions, as he teased and sucked me, I felt and smelt his ass which was as much as a turn on as all else, I simply wanted to go the whole hog and lick, suck and taste him all at once.

I could feel the sensation of him doing virtually the same and it was heaven on earth. This was all brewing up to the most wonderful deep fuck of ass, Henri's ass but first I wanted some more of the same as before, now I could enjoy him bent over my lap completely nude, Now I could really go to town and discover the delights he has down under between those delicious contours.

He said he wanted to be all ass for me, just to let go because he wanted that, he wanted then to feel the stiffness of my enthralling cock inside. From now on it was going to be a masquerade of wonderful movement and sounds, I wanted to hear his moans as I slapped and nudged him, as I bent to kiss, lick and suck ass, as I explored the aperture with my busy fingers, stretching and inserting, enticing him to move it this way and then that as I finger fucked him, slapping and nudging at the same time.

It was something really wonderful how compatible we were to each other's wants and desires, the feel if his hand finding me underneath as I ass teased him, squeezing my cock head, all the time working me up to that wonderful finale when I would fuck him crazy, he was squeezing, pulling and jerking me off, suggesting I guess that now was the time to get fucking.

"I need more foreplay first" I said, "now on the floor with you, I want to taste your cock until you crave for my fuck."

I adored the taste of him. The smooth silkiness in my mouth of primed stiff cock was so wonderfully soothing and he was writhing in ecstasy. Then I sucked him between the crevices of that beautiful tight ass and rubbed up his balls at the same time. I went for mouth fucking him as he struggled for air and then sat on his face to give him the full works. I urged him to do the same after I had done with him and it was so beautiful to feel the warmth between that well pampered and slapped ass, and I could so wonderfully feel the rim of his brown asshole with the tip of my tongue, it was lovely. I wanted to be sure that it was stretched enough to take my full cock to the rim, so I tried the anal vibrator on him first as he knelt on all fours to receive it, I rimmed him first and gradually worked it into him with some smooth lubricant and I so loved the way it squelched as I plunged it in and out of his gorgeous orifice, stretching his ass cheeks as wide apart as I could with a few more firm spanks so I could see the delightful blush come over his ass, first one and then the other as I spanked each one in turn.

He was still writhing and moaning and frantically asking for it. I showed him the hardness of my erection again and asked if he was ready for it. He closed his eyes, turning his head to me, and felt me there once more, squeezing the rim with his forefinger and thumb.

"I am all juiced up for you Alex; I want it up inside me, to feel your deep throbbing fuck inside my ass. I need that baby, I need you now, Please, Please! Let me have it now"

How could I refuse, his ass was well ready and primed up for me, it looked adorable perched up for me with that secret passage glistening between waiting for my presence. But I changed my mind, instead of fucking him bare back on all fours I wanted him stretched over the back of the sofa so I could get a real deep penetration, his ass perched up as high and ready for me.

"Is that better" Henri asked sweetly, swaying his bottom fro0m side to side in a very provocative way. "That is perfection and very fuckable" I returned.

I could not resist a final suck and taste, parting those fabulous rounded cheeks to show the beauty of that secret orifice which felt so good against my mouth, that brown delightful hole awaiting my presence, and I took in the salty flavor of primed asshole again, licking the residue away as he started to writhe again for my fuck.

He tasted earthy and I enjoyed the smell of ass tantalizing my nostrils, it helped me reach a huge erection as I began to lure him by rolling my knob around his middle nice and firmly so he could feel the bulk of that which was about to go inside him.

It was indeed a beautiful moment, knowing the fuck of this delightful boy was imminent; he was like a new found uplift for my soul which was beginning to dwindle. Now I realized the joy of living and just how very precious a good sexual encounter could be. It opened up all the stagnant energy in me and got rid of the daunting cob webs. Here was a boy so wanting me to bond with him, so we could share the utter joy of each other's flesh. I was ready for his fuck, it was to be a special moment and I would give him of my very best.

I pushed suddenly, my whole being was aching now, and he arched his back, moving from side to side to helped me penetrate, the feel of his hole clinging to my throbbing cock was sublime and I felt this was going to be the perfect fuck for me.

Wow! It felt so tight and good fucking the ass I had revered for so long,. Now it was mine to have and to hold and to fuck without reservation and no holds barred. All inhibitions had vanished and then I was up to the brim, feeling the wonder if his hot deep fuck squeeze my all.

I surged inside him feeling the carnal energy within explode, I pushed into him feeling his heat and throb inside as he yelled and moaned I asked if it was alright and he yelled not to stop. But I needed to just to feel the warmth and strength of his throb inside. I stood quite still for a time, enjoying the moment deeply wedged into the ass I had wanted for so long, and now it was mine. I grasped the sides of his hips enabling me to work my erection around inside, he loved that and moved with me, it was so lovely and finite, then I fucked him sideways, so he could feel the bend edging into his ass as I slapped him some more, the sound of that and him yelling urged me on and I was fucking him big time again, deeper and deeper inside, this was going to be the fuck of fucks, and he would know he'd been really fucked afterwards, because I didn't want to lose him, I wanted for us to do this again and again, I wanted for that quality ass to be exclusively mine.

Then I came with a resounding climax. We both shuddered and yelled and it was out of this world, I loved to see his hole wide-open when I came out of him, then I penetrated him again, for a second coming, and then a third until we were both good and done.

And when that was done, he thinking it was all over, getting himself up to his legs and beginning to get dressed, I grabbed his shoulders and levered him down to a kneeling position, smothered his face in my residue, the spunk still dripping out profusely, and said for him to suck it up. I watched him swallow and it was the perfect ending. Well almost, because, lifting hip up in the sofa, I just had to have one final taste of his now limp cock and then his asshole, spreading his thighs wide for my pleasure, Then I could look at him afterwards when he was dressed again, and think, I have fucked that ass! And when he walked off to the bathroom bandy legged, I said for him to come to my place next time where I had some very exciting stuff to try with him. But that's another story...

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