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The Real Thing with John

Two gay males kissing

Author: Alex Carr
Published: 22-May-13
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After my teenage years I got along with managing my sexual needs by masturbation and using other means to stimulate myself in a frenzy of divine body reactions, like when I used to experiment with myself, discovering how nice it was to gently plunge different things into my back passage and take them out again.

* * * * * * *

I laid there in my element. At last I had found someone in John who understood me and my loneliness on this planet earth. I was just so terribly shy it held me back from making friends.

I thought at first John was taking advantage of my disposition when, what I thought was going to be just a plain and simple friendship, turned out to be much more than that.

But I was so hungry for some sort of companionship I was ready to accept anything. At the time I was at a loss even to understand my sexual leaning. I had made a complete mess of trying to make it with girls, who just didn't seem to want to know and, although there was something inside me that made me aware of being attracted to other guys it was blurred and unclear.

After my teenage years I got along with managing my sexual needs by masturbation and using other means to stimulate myself in a frenzy of divine body reactions, like when I used to experiment with myself, discovering how nice it was to gently plunge different things into my back passage and take them out again. I guess I ought to have realised my true sexual leaning then but I was so naive the notion never occurred to me until much later when I met John.

Thinking back it was remarkable how I used to enjoy just being me, alone with a couple of cushions on the floor, a side mirror so could watch what I was doing to myself. Trying things like screwdriver handles gradually increasing in size and watching how my anus stretched with lashings of lubrication plastered over the insert.

Then I went on to broom handles and anything I could find which I thought may be exciting, like curved handles and things, sometimes with ridges which would make the feeling more sensual.

Then I discovered just how good was the feeling to walk about with a thing still inside. But the problem was it kept popping out so I made some sort of elastic contraption which I tied and arranged around my hind, so as to keep the cheeks together and prevent it slipping out.

I created a real nice feeling I remember and not long after that, when I discovered I could buy anal vibrators from a local sex shop it started a while new world for me alone in my bedroom and I discovered all sorts of ways and methods to fuck myself.

I cannot imagine now, just why I did not imagine what the real thing would be like. The vibrators were always a substitute for a real time relationship when my shyness always got in the way.

This way I had no need t get involved in a committed relationship, but of course I was unable to realise just how emotions can add to the sexual experience.

Looking back, I guess I was a sad guy and now, meeting John and having him take such an interest in me I was ready to take on something more than just substitutes could give me. So when he touched me for the first time in the back row of a cinema, I lost all concentration on the Bond movie playing and felt the so wonderful sensual reactions which were accumulating in my body.

"Is that nice Alex" John whispered, his hand gently squeezing me there.

"That is wonderful, John."

It was nice feeling him fumble over my jeans knowing that an erection was beginning grow. "Feels good, let me just unzip so I can feel you properly." He said.

And all of this started with a chance meeting in Asda, when I dropped a bottle of tomato sauce and he helped me clear it up.

He said that I looked like I needed assistance the way I just stood there looking helpless and awkward and he said later when we arranged to go to the cinema, that was when he first realised he liked me very much - and now there he was, touching me like that, so very bold, the opposite to me being so very shy.

It felt so wonderful, just feeling someone else doing it, unzipping my jeans and easing his hand beneath, rubbing me up over my boxer shorts. Something I had done to myself so many times, feeling myself gradually rising, masturbating until I reached a real nice ejaculation.

But now I realised just how much better it felt having someone else do it. The cinema was quite empty and there was no one sitting nearby so I felt no embarrassment when John started to massage me and suck me. It was so very captivating realising too that unlike when I was massaging myself I could not know the next move, and that was thrilling in itself.

I loved the way he felt and teased me there, his hand delving beneath my balls, cupping them as he gave me the most divine sucking. This was something I could never achieve with just me, myself and my play things. Thinking how mad I was in trying to suck myself off - and once, using a Hoover to assimilate the feeling, which was a complete disaster leading to an injury which I had to nurse for a couple of weeks, during which time just the thought of sex made me hurt.

But now I closed my eyes and just felt the surge begin as John's suck became stronger. I knew I could not hold back and he knew it, he showed me a handkerchief and after another short sucking he wrapped it around my erection and found a delightful way to jerk me off to oblivion and soon I was there, so full and strong. John's hand gradually slowed and I still felt the surge.

He whispered it was wonderful and I knew then I could no longer be happy with just myself and I, because John had really brought me out and we were about to share a whole new and wonderful relationship together.

I zipped myself up and felt good and so happy. But I wanted to do something for him, but he would not let me. Instead he suggested that we leave for his place and then we could really relax and discover each other completely.

I did like the sound of that. It was like all my former inhibitions which were mainly due to my acute shyness were quickly dispersing and I was starting to think how stupid I had been, that I had missed so much in my adolescence because of it. But now was the time to put all that to rights and who better with than divine, wonderful John who had really showed me just how right and good it was to be with another who shared equal aspirations.

He gave me another quick squeeze as I arose from my seat which was so heavenly. It made me feel wanted and desired and already the emotions were coming into the picture. It was one thing to be satisfied physically but it was the full works knowing I was now emotionally involved too.

John wanted me to understand that. He wanted me not just for my body but for the person I was. That somehow he found my shyness very attractive and sexual.

He was some lovely guy and driving home with him in the driver's seat I felt right. I knew what all this was leading too and wanted that. Somehow my whole system was geared up to it.

The sheer thought of touch and feel and all that goes with it appealed to me in a way I had never known before.

This was it I knew it. The time was right to let John deep into my being and my life - and I was ready.

The feeling was there, the sexual urge pumping in my groin, the feeling too that I enjoyed when fucking myself with those vibrators. Yet, it was all so cold. It was just m making it seem warm with something so very clinical. Now I yearned for flesh and blood. John's flesh and blood which made my spine tingle,

How was it going to be like the first time, How would I feel. I aimed to give him my very best whichever way and I told him so.

His free hand grabbed mine and squeezed and I knew we were for keeps.

The silent thoughts in my head;

Fuck me John as hard as you like

I long to feel you inside me

The need is there and the passion too

Just waiting and longing for you.

I longed to get back to his place. How would it be I wondered He was so nice and easy on the eye. In fact I just couldn't wait to ravish him.

But soon, after coffee and biscuits my wish was granted. John had been to the bathroom which I thought was just to do as nature calls. But when he reappeared there he was in just the most gorgeous and enticing red G-string and no more, looking very tasty and attractive. Straight away I felt my heart strings palpitate and, when he came and sat next to me on his black and red leather bound settee it was so very easy to just touch him, to feel his cheek against mine as he guided my hand down to him in the most delightful; way and when I felt it for the first time it was so much better than ever I'd imagined with those awful substitutes.

"No take it as it comes Alex. You better get used to it because this is going to be a regular visitor."

I felt him prompt me to feel him. I studied his credentials which suited me perfectly and squeezed that gorgeous real life cock over his G-string. I don't know what scent he used but it really geared me up to want to do all sorts of wonderful things with him.

It was so lovely to feel and let my hand instinctively explore his everywhere. And to see his agreeable response was warming. It felt so wonderful as it started to grow with my gentle massage.

I wanted to see the whole thing raw and gently helped him slip of his G-string.

"Perhaps you'd like to put this in your pocket to keep under your pillow at night" John said with a knowing smile. "Just until, if things go well with us, we can live together."

I relished the thought of sleeping with him, imagining just to be able to enjoy him every night, have him nested against me to do as he wished with me. He watched as I pressed the G-string into my face. It was something that really turned him on and immediately his cock reached full strength.

"It feels so beautiful" I said. The touch and smell made everything so right for me. The odour and nectar of sweet honey cock, that is what it smelt of as I rubbed my palm into my nostrils after a nice lengthy rubbing of his p-hole.

"That is so nice Alex. Make it stronger. You know what to do. Like how I did it with you in the cinema. Now it is your turn."

I enjoyed touching and stretching it a little more, It felt so hard and stiff. I thought of just how clever it is that just blood and flesh could become so very stiff. Considering there are no bones or muscles to create that wonderful stance of ripe throbbing cock standing up for attention. Now I was gearing myself up for my very first taste of pure unadulterated cock and it was divine. I gently squeezed his balls, just gently to help him crave for my mouth. They felt heavenly and as I moved my mouth to his towering strength I just gently teased back his foreskin which nested nicely around the ridge of the head.

He shuddered as I started to lick him there, accumulating enough spittle to make it nicer. He groaned and prompted me not to stop, his fingers running through my hair as, with one hand I massaged his balls and the other, grasping the base of that desirous length as I simply let myself go, and went to town licking him all over, before the final plunge of hot stiff cock into my mouth.

And when it happened it was like I had done it many times before, The feel and taste and the smell of him all combined made it a very special moment I shall never forget. The moment I first sucked sweet, sweet John to oblivion. The feel of his hands clasping my head as I sucked and balled him, experimenting with taking it all, the whole seven inches into my mouth and dipping into my throat. It was so nice and for once I felt completely part of something wonderful and new. I just knew this was the beginning of something special. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the suck immensely.

Soon I heard John gasp and tell me he was soon to cum, I guess to let me know to hold back if I did not want him to cum into my mouth. But I did. I never imagined I would or could, but with John it seemed perfectly natural to do so. I just wanted him in every way and that meant also to feel his sperm shoot into my throat, for it was part of the wonderful; guy I wanted to be with forever.

It was soon there, I cannot explain just how magic it was, to actually feel the strong spurt of hot creamy liquid engulf my mouth. He changed position onto his knees and fucked my mouth for the second cumming, and I was like a subordinate servant, stretching out my tongue to take it all into my throat and suck it all dry.

And that was just the first fuck. The second just an hour later, when John had recovered was going to be inside me. We had both discussed that and we both wanted it. And the soothing of sweet smelling lubrication with fingers teasing my opening was heavenly, but that was not all. John showed me just how good it was to be really lavished in the most lusty way`, and when he sucked and licked my ass it was perfect. The whole of my world was turned upside down as he had me sprawled over the arm of that leather settee, stretching my ass cheeks so wide apart. Then the warm feel of his licking and tasting me, his small finger inserting and rimming me, then another finger stretching me wider and wider. Soon I would be ready for the ultimate fuck and I so looked forward to that.

"It will hurt at first a little Alex" he warned but I didn't mind, I just wanted his fuck and the sooner the better.

"I am gonna' fuck the sweet smelling ass off of you Alex" he said having had his fill of me in his mouth, holding up his new and fresh erection.

I puckered up my rear for his service and waited for the first touch of cock. No more fucking screwdriver handles of anal vibrators now. From now on it would be the real thing and together we had an awful lot of fucking to do, every which way.

It felt so good that very first entry accomplished when beautiful fresh cock wallowed inside my passage. Pressing and squeezing it open for the full conquest. And soon I was feeling just how it was like when he plunged the whole length into my ass. At first the pain as it stretched me deep up inside, but then, the gentle thrusting that said he was fucking me, actually fucking me, Just to think I was actually being fucked real time by a real human being that enjoyed me as much as I did he.

It was so good and so complete. The first fuck was quick, but the next about a half hour later, when he had been freshly sucked, was better - the feel of his balls bouncing against my thighs as he fucked me bare- back, The total pleasure when he stopped inside me and just let the throbbing flow, the feel of that big throbbing cock searing inside me was beyond words can describe.

At the end of the day I knew it had been well and truly fucked. John laughingly telling me that was obvious the way I was walking.

"I shall want much of that Alex" he said when it was time for me to leave, slapping my ass firmly.

I felt on top of the world. John was some special guy and I looked forward to next time.

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