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My Third Time with Bob

Two gay males kissing

Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 27-Feb-14
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Bob raised himself up and placed his cock up against me and pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his big purple headed cock into me.

* * * * * * *

My first contact with Bob was when I was in a local toilet and he slipped a note under the cubical wall asking if I wanted to be sucked off (my first male sexual experience )

My second time was when I went to Bob's home and he showed my what having a man's cock deep in your ass felt like ( My First anal Experience )

Now it was time for my to give Bob my cock as I now knew what pleasure you get get from having a man's cock fuck you hard I now wanted to feel what it like to have my 10" cock deep inside Bob and would he take all 10" I wondered well I was about to find out.

I rang the bell and Bob let me in and as before we sat on the sofa and had a whisky and a chat Bob was asking me how my ass felt after he had taken my cherry and pounded my ass hard, I said sore for a day or so but fine now thanks Bob said that's good we can see if it's as hard for me to enter you later, Ok I said I can not wait but I want to have you first.

Bob laughed and said Ok if you want to fuck me that bad lets take these drinks up stairs so that what we did, Bob undressed me last time so I wanted to do the same to him so I took hold of his hand and pulled him to me once we had set our drinks down, I pulled him close and put my hand on the back of his head and we kissed and I ran my other hand lightly up and down his back.

I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head and I could see that his nipples were hard and I lowered my head and sucked one into my mouth and bit it gently Bob pulled my head tight to him as I did this and a small moan of delight came from his lips, while I kiss and licked his nipples I ran my hands down and felt for his belt and it saw not long before his jeans and boxers fell to the floor.

Placing my hand on his semi hard cock yet another moan escaped his lips and he said you sure learn fast, It's having a great teacher that helps and I knelt in front of him his cut cock now rising up in front of my eyes I cupped his balls in my hand and I saw his cock twitch and I must say it was a wonderful sight as it got to full hardness and I knew it was getting that hard because of what I was doing.

I lent in close to this now purple head of his cock and stuck my tongue out and just flicked the top of his cock and that made Bob shudder and I did this again a few times before taking him into my open mouth and took this wonderful cock into my mouth and closed my lips around it so the head was just inside and I ran my tongue all round it and then pushed the tip of my tongue into the top slit and I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue and after this I slowly worked my way down his cock and I ended up with my nose flat against his lower stomach and I had his whole six and a half inch's in and I could feel the tip of his cock touch the back of my throat and I was surprised that I did my gag but it felt good and I started to move my head back and forth bringing his cock right out so the tip was just resting on my lips and then taking the whole length in again.

I put my hands round him and placed my hands on to his ass and pulled his bum cheeks open and slipped a finger inside his ass and that made his cock twitch some more and he said between clenched teeth Yes Yes that's nice Oooo yes as I started to fuck him with my finger he was starting to thrust his hips forward and fucking my mouth faster and faster he got, Yes Yes Yes he kept saying as I pushed another finger along side the one that was already buried in his ass.

A few seconds later he placed his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock and held my face hard against him as he yelled Oh My Fucking GOD YEESSSSSSsssssss as hot cum rusted into my mouth spurting right down my throat and I was drinking it as fast as I could I it tasted bloody wonderful, he held me there until he had stopped cumming and his cock was empty and I closed my mouth around his shaft tight as he drew his cock from my and I wanted to squeeze every last drop from him and I did once his cock plopped out of my mouth I licked my lips and licked the head of his cock and then ran my tongue up and down the shrinking shaft until I had every last drop.

I asked him to get on the bed and he could watch me get undressed and that is what he done taking his whisky with him and I started to undress slowly in front of him first I took of my t-shirt and stood looking at him and placed my hands on my now bare chest and ran my fingers though my chest hair and then took a nipple between each finger and thumb and start to twist them and play with them I love this and it always makes my hard but this was the first time I had done it in front of someone but at this point it did not matter I just closed my eyes and let the pleasure run though me.

Then after a while I un-done my belt popped the button on my jeans and slowly lowered the zip and pushed them down over my hips and they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them and my cock was now standing up-right and trying to spring free of my boxers I took one nipple in one hand and place my other hand on my herd cock which was covered by my boxers and started to rub it I started to let out soft moans of pleasure as I did this then I lowered my boxers and my 10" cock was free.

Bob placed his glass down and came to kneel on the end of the bed and reached out and took my cock into his hand and then lent forward and took my cock into his mouth and just as it reached his lips a drop or two of pre-cum dripped onto his lips and he just said MMMmmmmmmmmm as he took my cock into his mouth, he was soon taking the whole 10"and like me his face was hard against me on the downward stroke.

When my cock was fully buried into Bob's mouth I could feel that it was right down his throat and I could still not believe how he done this but I really did not care as the feeling is it opened up his throat as it slid in was bloody wonderful.

I then pushed Bob of my cock as I did not want to cum just yet I was here to fuck him and I wanted to feel what it was like to have my cock inside a man's ass so I asked Bob to turn over and place a pillow under his stomach so his ass was a bit higher and once he was in that position I pushed open his legs and knelt between them and I could see his man hole right in front of me, and I remembered what Bob had done to me so I thought I should return the favour, I had not done this before so I took a deep breath and pulled his cheeks apart and lowered my face into his bus and my lips hit his puckered hole and as they did Bob moans out Yes that's good.

Soon I had my tongue working on his ass kissing it and pushing my tongue inside him and to my surprise I was really enjoying it and so was Bob as he was pushing his ass up against my face to try and get as much on my tongue inside him.

I started to kiss up his back slowly just touching him with my lips and as I worked my way up his body my cock was edging nearer and nearer to it's first time pushing into a ass and I was wondering what it would feel like and would Bob take the whole length and as I was thinking this my cock tip touched the crack of his ass and I was now kissing around his neck and I pushed forward keeping pressure on as I felt my cock slid between his cheeks and they close round my shaft as it went to find the hole it was looking for.

I Pushed just a bit more and the tip of my cock found the hole it was after and now came what I had been waiting for to feel it inside Bob I felt a little resistance and just gave a little shove and I felt the head of my cock pop into his ass and Bob said Yes Yes Mmmmmmmmmmm that's nice I whispered I don't know if you can take all my cock Bob, Bob said Oh yes I will take that fully into me and with that I started to push up and in, I could feel his hole closing around my shaft as it inched into him, it felt warm and inviting and I could not believe the pleasure it was given me as well as Bob I was now well over half way in when I started to pull out and then back in and this time a bit further and it was not long before my hard cock was fully home inside and once it was fully home I just let it rest there taking in the feeling it was giving me, I was fucking my very first ass and Boy oh Boy did it feel great, I started to move back and forth and as I did I could feel my Foreskin pull back with each thrust in and then pop back over the head each time I pulled out, I lifted myself up onto my arms and started to fuck Bob harder and harder and I was give Bob the fully 10" taking it out until the tip was just touching his ass then pushing hard and fash back into him.

With each thrust inward Bob pushed up to make sure he was getting the full length, we were both sweating with the passion of out bodies pleasing each other we were both breathing hard as I fucked his man with all I had got I never dreamed that fucking could be so pleasurable.

I stopped and pulled out of Bob and said could he get on all fours and this he do and I got back up behind him again and this time I could see my own cock disappear into his ass Oh and it looked so good as I lost sight of it as it entered him and the reappear as I pulled it from him, I started to fuck him hard again taking hold of his hips as I pulled him back onto me as I pushed forward, I then held him tight onto me as I lowered myself back so I was sitting on my heels and Bob was now sitting in my lap and I put my hands round him and found his nipples and pulled them and twisted them he turned his head sideways and I lent round and we kissed after a while like that he got back up onto all fours and I was now getting ready to cum so I took hold of his hips again and I really started to fuck him long and hard.

My cock started to swell and it was not long after that that I pulled Bob hard back onto me and filled him with mu juice, It felt like I was never going to stop I was worn out as spurt after spurt shot from my cock splashing his insides.

I held myself inside Bob until my cock had stopped twitching and I just slowly pulled my cock from him and as I did so I could see my cum seeping from him and I took a deep breath and done what Bob had done to me a few day ago I licked up my own cum as it ran out of his ass I had often cum into my own hand and drunk my own cum but drinking it from someone else's ass was totally different, But I was getting to like it and I push my tongue inside and got as mush of it as I could.

When I let Bob sit up we kissed and his tongue licked the inside of my mouth tasting what I got for him, we held each other close as we kissed and Bob's cock was rock hard between us and I knew I was going to get fucked again or I was hoping I was.

We collapsed on the bed kissing and feeling each other and I took hold of Bob cock and said have you got time to give me this cock again today, Bob said O yes all the time in the world and he said it's time for you to get on all fours I needed no tell again as I was up and ready for him.

Bob got round behind me and started to kiss my ass and lick it to make it wet and slippery and he entered two fingers inside me one from each hand and pulled my hole open as far as he could get it and lent forward and entered his tongue I had a flash of pleasure that nearly took my head of my arms nearly gave way as I felt so weak.

After a while Bob raised himself up and placed his cock up against me and pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his big purple headed cock into me and I felt a twinge of pain but nothing like the first time and it soon went away and Bob pushed forward and I took the whole thing in and his body slammed up against me and it took my breath away and another flash of Pleasure and this time my arms did gave way and I dropped onto my elbows which let Bob just a bit further into me and he started to pound into me, with each slam home I was saying Yes Yes Yes Oh God Yes and then I felt Bob's cock do the same as mine did and swell just a bit and I knew it would not be long now.

Bob said drop down onto your Stomach and I did and Bob followed me down and now Bob raised himself up on his arms and began to ram his cock home it did not last long but with one hard thrust Bob held himself in me and I felt his cock spurt warm cum into me and I knew it must have felt like this for Bob when I came inside him. Oh the Pleasure of feeling him cum inside me I can not find words to describe it apart from heavenly.

We both rolled over and I raised myself up on one elbow and finished of my whisky as I really needed it and we then lay back down in each others arm and kiss and cuddled for a while, Bob asked what I thought of male sex and I said I think you have released a monster now I have had your cock in me and mine in yours I have never felt pleasure like it and I am going to want a lot more of it.

After a while we got dressed and I ask Bob if we could make this a regular thing as I would rather stick with him than have to go out and try and find others, Bob said sure if that's what you want I would love it, he went on to say it we keep it just us two for two or three months or so then maybe you would like to meet some of my mates I am sure they would love to spit roast you, they would what I said, Spit roast you said Bob ,what the hell is that I asked, a cock in the mouth and one in the ass just like a pig on a spit roast. HHHMmmmm sound ok yea lets see in a few months, I want you for just me for now.

deepprobsix@gmail.com - please let me know if you enjoyed this story and I would love a photo of what you were doing while reading it.

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