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Me and Four Others

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Mar 3, 2014
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I felt a cock nudge at my ass and I bent forward just a bit to help and then it felt like my ass saw being split open as this cock was really thick and it was stretching my ass wider then I have ever had it stretched.

* * * * * * *

I have now been with Bob four times now and I am really into Gay sex the more the better, so I was sitting at home and Bob phoned me to say how would I feel about meeting up on Thursday and he could arrange for three of his mates to be there as I had told him I would love to be used by more than one horny guy at the same time, What time do you want me , About one o'clock then you can have cock cock & more cock for dinner Bob said with a laugh.

So I arrived at Bob's just before one and his mates were already there, sitting in the front lounge drinking, I was handed a whisky and we sat and talked for a while before I was told to stand in the middle of the room and strip off in front on them, So I drank the last of my whisky and walked over to the middle of the room and turned to face them, Hang on one of Bob's mates said and brought out a pack of cards and he said they should cut the cards and the highest should tell me what to take of, so that is what happened and it was not long before I stood there in just my Boxers.

Graham got the last card and instead of telling me to take of my boxers he came over and knelt down in front of me and took hold of each side of my boxers and pulled them down slowly over my hips and they got caught up on my stiffening cock so Graham put his mouth on the waist band and pulled them out and over my cock letting it spring into view and he finished pulling down my boxers and I stepped out of them I was now fully naked standing in front of three men whom I had not know some fifteen minutes ago.

Paul gave out a WOW that's a great cock you got the as by now I was nearly as hard as I was going to get and it stood 10" out in front of me, Graham saw still on his knees in front of me and he just opened his mouth and took my cock into his mouth and that was the signal for the rest, they all stood up and stripped off and came over to me and they started to kiss me and lick me two took a nipple each and sucked it into there mouths and Bob got round behind in and started to pull my ass crack open and lick my ass hole with his tongue and I just knew that today I was going to be taken to a new level in sex.

They kept on changing places so they all had a go at sucking my cock and licking my ass and playing with my nipples, My ass was now wet where they had been licking it and I felt someone push my legs further apart and I felt the top of a big cock touch my puckered hole and started to push against it, harder it pushed until the head popped inside me and then slid all the way in until I could feel me ass cheeks touch the bottom of this man's cock and then he placed his hands on my shouldered and started to fuck me ass while the others were still taking turns with me cock and nipples, I had closed my eyes as the feeling I was getting already were fantastic and making me light headed with my heavy breathing.

Then the one that was fucking my ass removed his hard cock and said Next on and they changed places the cock that entered me now was not as thick as the one just taken out of me but it was longer and his was really going for it once he had it in he was fucking me hard and fast, so I had one more cock to go that I had not had before, after a while it was all change again and Bob said to the other guy you go next as I have had the pleasure of this ass you haven't, So the next one got round be hind me and I do not know how I was still standing as me legs were like jelly with all the fucking so far.

I felt a cock nudge at my ass and I bent forward just a bit to help and then it felt like my ass saw being split open as this cock was really thick and it was stretching my ass wider then I have ever had it stretched, The head finally pushed it's way side me and started on it's journey up inside me pushing me wide as it did it was about 8" I would say by the feel of it but I just could not get over the thickness of it, I was in heaven once it saw fully up and then withdrawn and rammed back in.

As I was being fucked with this cock I could not hold back any longer and I shouted who wants my cum as I and going to shoot and Bob pushed in to get n front of me and said as I have not fucked you yet I want it and with that I just gave one big grunt my ass tightened around this thick cock and my cock let loose a hot stream on cum pump after pump filling Bob's open mouth and over his face.

Then when I had finished cumming the thick cock was removed from me and I was told to go over to the table and lay on it with my ass just on the edge and Paul as I found out was the one with the very thick cock came over and thrust my legs up and they rested up his body and one leg either side of his head, then with one hard thrust entered me again and started to fuck me hard and fast.

Bob placed my head on it's side and shoved his cock into my mouth and the other two came up along side and placed there cocks into my hands, Now this is what I call great sex, Then it was all change as I now had this massive thick cock in one hand and I could hardly get my fingers to meet round it and I felt another cock enter me and a different one popped into my mouth, with al this action my cock was starting to get hard again.

When it was all change again I had to try and take this big thick cock into my mouth and my dog did that take some doing but once it went in and it opened the back of my throat and he was forcing the whole length into me and trying to concentrate on wanking the two cocks I had in my hands was very hard we had one more change round and then all had fucked me and I had sucked them all but Paul was grunting hard and his cock started to swell in my hand and he came in big hot splashes as he placed his cock over my chest,he covered my nipples with his hot cum and then Bob who was fucking my ass gave one big hard thrust and held himself inside me as he filled my ass with cum, it was not long after that that my mouth was filled with even more cum and finally the other one in my other hand came and splashed his cum over me and it mixed with that of Paul's on my chest.

I let go of there softening cocks and placed my hands into the load of cum that was on my chest and just spread it all over my chest and stomach and when I had rubbed it in I licked my hands clear and tasted there cum that I had mixed together.

We all wanted to get our breath back so we all had a drink and my cock was getting back to full hardness as I had cum before the rest of them so I said ok you have all had me I think it's about time I had you what do you say, They all agreed so I said ok I want you all on hands and knees beside each other and I will work my way down the line and that is what I did taking for a while and fingering the one beside me and then moving on to the next.

By the time I had gotten to the last one they all had become hard once more and they told me to get on my hands and knees and each of them were going to take turns fucking me and cumming inside me and as one pulled out he would move around to the front of me so I could lick him clean and maybe hard again.

I knew I was in for a really hard fucking session and I was really up for it, so I got on all fours and spread my legs and waited for the first one to get round behind me and it was Paul and once again his very thick cock started to split open my ass and I just shouted out Oh MY FUCKING GOD and with one hard thrust he was fully in me and I just let out a big AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa and then he started to fuck me bringing his cock to the very edge of my hole and then ramming it back into me on and on he went so hard and fast and with each thrust our bodies slapped together hard and Wow what a feeling it was.

My cock was now hard again and was bouncing up and down under me with each thrust of Paul and Bob got under me and took my cock into his mouth and then one of the others got between his legs and started to suck him and finally the last one started to rim him.

Paul was still hammering into me and I could feel his cock starting to swell and knew it saw not long before I would have his cock in my mouth and another one shoved into my ass.

Bob was still sucking me and I fell Paul take hold of my waist and held me onto his cock as if filled me with his cum god I felt full and he said ok I have done who's next with that the one that was rimming the one sucking Bob came round and got beside Paul and Paul say you ready and he said ok and Paul pulled out and this other cock was entered into me so as little cum escaped for me, Paul moved round pulled my head up and pushed his softening but sticky cock into my mouth and said suck it you slut and I did, It tasted so good the taste of his cum and my ass Oh I was in heaven and I also had this nice hard cock fucking me, this fuck was different to the big cock I had just had and it was nice he was pushing it in at a different angle and it was hitting my prostrate more and god the pleasure it gave me ran thou my body making me shudder as it did.

I was now being fucked front and back hard and it was not long before Paul started to twitch and get hard again and I knew I would be having that in me again soon, as he took his cock away from my mouth the one fucking me slammed into me and added his cum to that of Paul's and now I was full but the next one done the same at the change over so very little had time to seep out and this time it was the long cock that filled me, this cock was not as thick as the others but it was as long as mine if nit longer as he entered me I wondered if it was ever going to stop then I felt his body slam into mine and a cock was placed in my mouth and Bob slid out from under me.

Paul took his place and he was soon taking my length into his mouth and Boy oh Boy did he know how to suck cock and he also had my balls in one hand, I felt like I was loosing my voice with all the fucking my mouth was getting and the moaning I was doing.

After taking yet another lot of cum inside my bursting ass Bob replaced his cock into me and yet one more slimy cum covered cock was pushed into my mouth, and just as Bob hit home and this cock was shoved fully into my mouth my own cock erupted sending spurt after spurt into Paul's waiting mouth and I could hear him gulping it down.

Bob was shouting come on you fucking slut take it I am going to fuck you so fuck hard you slut and he was harder then he had ever done in our last meetings but I just did not care I was enjoying every thrust of each and every cock that was entering my mouth and ass.

Bob came and filled me up with even more cum it was now squelching and seeping out of me at each thrust and now Paul shoved into me again and there was no room left for any cum to seep out with this monster inside me, Bob pushed his wet cum covered cock inside my mouth Paul rammed home and slapped my ass with each thrust saying take it you slut take every inch do you like it slut and I was going Mmmmmmmmmmm as my mouth and throat was filled with Bobs cock.

I could not believe it but they all took me twice and my ass was fit to burst by the time Bob had come his second time inside me and as he came he said get me a glass someone, they did and as bob pulled out of me he told Paul to hold the glass under my now seeping ass while I had to lick his cock clean once more, When I had licked it clean I just fell to the floor exhausted I don't think I could have taken another cock (well maybe one or two more), once I had regained some strength I sat up and in the glass that had been hell up against my ass to catch all the cum that had leaked out there must and been about two to three inches of cum, no wonder it was beginning to hurt.

I was given the glass and they all sat around me and watched as I drank the whole lot down and wiped my finger around the inside of the glass to make sure I had ever last drop, I had gotten hard once more the third today and I was laid on the floor and each other the men took turns to sit on me and ride my 10" of solid cock and as they got off each one got dressed and say thanks your a fucking good fuck that's for sure and left so as the last one left it just left Bob and he took my cock and placed it against his hole and lowered himself down onto it.

He rode me until I raised my back and ass from the floor in a arch and filled him with my cum and I let out one bis long YYYYYyyyyyyyEeeeeeeSssssssssssssssssss as I emptied into him, Bob just sat on top of me until I went soft and my cock slipped out of his ass and I could feel my cum running down from his hole and over me.

We both sat naked on the sofa and Bob gave me a drink of whisky which I really needed after that and he said to me well was it what you thought it was going to be, Wow I say much much better I thought you had given me all the sexual feeling I could ever have from getting fuck but Wow how wrong I was it has been one hell of a eye opener, Thank you Bob for arranging it Don't thank me he said I was for me as much as you as I enjoy a good fuck session it had been a long time since we had had someone like you who could take so much.

I drank the rest on my whisky Kissed Bob and left knowing that it would not be the last time I would get fucked by more than one man at a time and I just could not wait.

hope you enjoyed this story please let me know if you did . Would also love to see what you were doing while you read it so send along a photo - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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