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My Journey Home

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Mar 10, 2014
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Tom was fucking my ass hard and fast and after a while he came deep inside me and lay on top of me.

* * * * * * *

I outside the railway station in Great Yarmouth waiting for the last Train back to Norwich where I would catch the midnight train back to Colchester, As I sat there reading my Kindle Book I looked up and saw that I was the only one sitting here waiting for the train a few minutes later a car pulled up and this was driven by a man that I would have said in his 70's to 80's he still had thick grey hair and a stubble beard thou he was sitting down looked in good shape from what I could see.

He lowered the window next to me and said what you waiting for son in a friendly voice, just waiting for the last train back to Norwich I replied, well you have a long wait the last train left about half an hour ago he said, I wondered why I was the only one waiting I said "o" shit I said I will have to see if I can find a B&B don't know one near by do you I asked, he said well I am driving back to Ipswich I can drop you of at Norwich if you want to give me a couple of quid for petrol, Well I said if it's ok with you my friend I will ride with you to Ipswich as I am off to Colchester as I was catching the train from Norwich.

Fine by me he said so I thanked him and put my bag on the back seat and climbed in next to him, and off we set it was just getting dark as we left Great Yarmouth and as we drove along we chattered about this and that and his name was tom and he was 75 and lived alone, I told him I was 57 and lived with my wife but she was away on business so I had come down to Yarmouth for the day so see what so going on and see if I could pick up someone for a bit of fun I told him I was Bi sexual and that when the wife was away was the only time I could try to find a man to have a bit of fun with, I said I hope you don't mind if you want to stop and let me of at Norwich I will under stand as I do not know what you think of Bi-sexuals or gays, Live and let Live is my motto and he placed his hand on my knee and patted it and he kept his had there a bit longer then he needed to.

I closed my eyes and rested my head against the side window as it was now dark and we still had well over two hours to go, I must have fallen a sleep as when I woke up Tom had undo my zip and got my cock out and was holding the steering wheel in one hand and my now hard cock in the other, What the hell I said as I sat upright and Tom said well you did say you were looking for some fun and I have always been gay and I must say it has been a year or two since I last had a good sex session and my god you have a wonderful cock there my friend.

Tell you what how about if I pull over in a lay by and you let me suck that monster for you, well I said with a grin if it will help me pay my fare then what are you waiting for the next lay-by we came to Tom pulled in and turned of the engine and we put the seats back and Tom undid my jeans and pulled them open so he could get a good look at my cock by the interior light and he said how big is that ,10" , WOW he said never held one this bloody big before and with that he pulled my foreskin back over the swollen head of my cock and as he did a drop of pre-cum came to the top of the slit and he licked his lips and lowered his head and licked it from the top of my cock, when his tongue touched the top of my cock it felt like an electric shock had just run down my shaft, WOW what a feeling that was.

Be fore long he was sucking most of my cock into his mouth and his tongue was licking round and round the head making head swim with pleasure, I placed my hands gently on the back of his head and moved his head up and done my shaft faster and faster, this man could really give a fantastic blow job that's for sure,

I was panting for breath and the car was starting to steam up, on and on he sucked and then cupped by balls in his hand as gently rolled them round and round and pulling them and I took in a sharp in take of breath as these wonderful feeling when thou me and my cock started to swell and it was not long before I pushed his head down on my cock as I shot load after load of hot creamy cum into his mouth and he was trying to drink it down as fast as he could so he did not waste a drop, in the end he let very little get away from him and what did come out of his mouth he soon licked it up, then sat up and smiled and said god I have missed that taste, it's been far to fucking long, Thanks son for that, My bloody pleasure I said still trying to get my breath back, I pulled my jeans back up as we drove of he said please don't put it away yet I would like to hold it as I drive.

As we drove down the duel carriageway Tom kept a nice tight hold of my cock wanking it from time to time, I just sat there and enjoyed it and as we travelling alone I placed a hand on his leg and ran it up and down his leg and rubbed his crotch and I could feel the his cock was hard within in his trousers and as I rubbed his cock he gave out a few low moans I was just hopping I was not putting him of his driving to much.

We were now over half way to Ipswich and Tom said how are you going to get from Ipswich to Colchester, I said hitch a lift, well said Tom you could come and spend the night with me and I will run you home in the morning it would be nice to cuddle up to someone for the night it's been so bloody long, so bloody long he repeated, well Tom I said that would be great if your sure maybe you can have another suck of my cock and I can get to work on yours if your up for it, why would you want to give a old man like me a blow job, hell I said to me it's not age that matters never have and never will as long as the cock is hard like I can feel your is and the person is willing like I am sure you are then I am up for anything.

Right your are then lets get home and into that bed he said and he was now rubbing my now Harding cock harder and faster, we reach Ipswich hair and Tom drove us to his home and I was not hardly in the door before he pulled me to him and kissed me then the next thing I knew was my jeans dropping to the floor along with my pants, I slipped of my shoes and stepped out of my jeans and just stood there in my t-shirt and thin jacket, and it was not long before they were on the hallway floor with my jeans, I now stood in front of Tom naked and my 10" cock sticking out in front of me.

He took hold of my cock and led me up-stairs and into his bedroom and turned me round and pushed me back on the bed, I can tell you this man knew what he wanted and was going to go for it, he stood at the end of the bed and stripped off and he did not have a bad body for someone of his age and he had a rock hard cock to about 6" in length and thick and he got on the bed and took my cock into his mouth once again, between my hard breathing I said turn round I would like to give your cock a suck to, with that we got into the 69 and I took his 75 year old hard cock into my mouth and took the whole length in and started to suck him and I lifted a hand and played with his balls like he had mine in the car.

After a while I pushed a finger into his ass and as I did he gripped my cock hard with his mouth and he gave a soft muffled moan of Mmmmmmmmmmmm as I started to fuck his pouting ass I rammed me finger fully in and he pushed back to take as much as he could, we stayed like this for some time and I still could not believe someone of 75 could get this hard his cock was wonderful and he was ramming it down my throat hard and I knew he was going to cum so I pushed another finger into his ass and as I started to fuck him with both fingers he came splashing my tonsils with his white hot cum, he must have been storing it all that time he said he had not had sex as the amount that was cumming from Tom cock was amazing.

Once he finished spurting his cum into my mouth and I had licked him clean he got off me and lay there trying to get his breath back and saying between gasps of air thank you thank you "O" god you have made a old man happy I can tell you, well I said I love it to god you shot some cum there Tom have you not wanked of in the last year or so since you last had sex, no he said don't feel like it when I am by myself, well I have never know so much cum in one load before that I can tell you, right I said now it's my turn while you get back your breath and will you get hard again to night Tom I would think so he said might be half hour or so but yes it should rise again sometime.

Well in that case while we are waiting I thing I am going to fuck your 75 year old ass if that's ok with you, Tom did not say a thing he just smiled and turned over showing me his bottom, I pushed his legs apart and pulled open his ass cheeks and looked at his pouting hole and lent forward and licked it and then replaced my finger in while dripping some spit on his hole and I add two more fingers and he was now moaning YES YES "O" fuck YES, and he was rising his ass up of the bed as I pushed down after a while I removed my fingers and got over him holding myself up with my arms he reached behind him and found the end of my cock and took hold of it and after a few strokes of it placed it up against his ready and waiting hole.

Once it was in line I pushed forward and Tom let go as the head disappeared inside his hole that opened up to allow the big head of my cock to enter then closed round it to grip it tight as I pushed forward even more and my cock went in inch by inch and Tom was saying "O" my GOD "O" my God that is good so good, and it was not long before 10" was fully inside him and I started to ride his slowly at first but then started to get faster and faster, both of us grunting like mad as we fucked I dropped my head and kissed his back , Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he said and I was now ramming hard into him, it was only about fifteen minutes since he had filled my mouth when he said "O" my god I got a hard on again already it must be that fantastic fucking your given me, well that's good I said and I pulled out of him and ask him to move out the way and I lay on my back and told him to kneel over me and slid back down on my hard dick.

This he done and as he sat on me his big balls and hard cock were sticking out and up my stomach and I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to stroke it and he rode my cock, on and on we went him slamming back down on my cock so it rammed into him hard and out bodies slapped together hard as he did so, I was running my fist up and down his cock in time with his moving up and down my cock.

I could feel my juice started to boil and getting ready to make it's journey into the inside out his ass, and I think Tom knew it would not be long to as he spead up even faster and I screamed YESsssssssssssssssssssssssss YESsssssssssssss as my cock exploded up the insides of this pounding ass, god I had had sex with many men but this man was good god my cock just pumped and pumped spurting cum load after cum load, he just kept on riding my cock right though my climax and I was still wanking his cock and I felt it swelling in my hand and knew he was going to shoot again I kept on wanking him hard and he was still riding my cock which had not gone soft yet, and he rammed down hard as his cock exploded in my hand it was like a volcano erupting as his hot creamy cum shot from his cock it travelled all the way from his cock up my stomach over my chest and some even hit my lips which I licked of as I was not going to waste it that was for sure.

When he had finished he started to ride my cock once more and it was still hard I had never know it before as it always went soft after shooting it's load and by god had it just shot a load, but Tom gripped my cock with his ass mussels and there was noway he was going to let my cock go soft when I knew it was going to stay hard he lifted himself of and got on all fours and I got round behind him and took hold of his hips and entered him in one long push and I fucked him hard and as I had only cum a few minutes ago and not had time to go soft and hard again I lasted for a long time, I rode him like I have never ridden a ass before the sweat was rolling down me as I pounded into him and he was moaning over and over again YES YES THATS IT FUCK MY ASS GO ON FUCK IT HARD, and I was finally I was getting ready to cum and I gripped his hips tight and with one last push held myself inside him as my cock throbbed and spurted my cum up inside his ass, again and again it spat cum from the slit in the top of my cock filling this warm inviting ass.

We both collapsed on the bed were we fell asleep, I woke in the morning to find myself laying on my stomach and Tom was fucking my ass hard and fast and after a while he came deep inside me and lay on top of me saying I could not let you go without having your ass as I never got round to it last nigh, I smiled and said you Tom are welcome to have my ass any day you want it, I have never met a man that is so great at sex as you.

He drove me home and we have arranged to meet again when my wife is away and I must say my ass and cock can not wait.

If you liked this story please let me know and why not send a photo of what you were doing when you read it. deepprobsix@gmail.com

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