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Walking the DOG

Two gay males kissing

Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 13-Mar-14
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I felt his ass give way to allow the head of my cock to pop inside him.

* * * * * * *

It was mid summer a hot sun day and I said to the wife think I will just take the dog for a walk across the fields OK dear she said see you later, I am 53 5' 10" tall and of a medium build and not in to bad shape, still got a a head full of hair and a touch of Gray in there somewhere but over all not to bad.

I was taking my normal walk across the fields that runs by the river and my dog love to jump in and have a swim around near the weir where there is a basin that is not to deep, I was about half way to the weir when this other dog walker came up behind me, he said nice day mate to hot for walking the dog but someone has to do it, yea your right there I said.

He walked pass me and and he was getting further away in front of me I bent down to pick up the ball I was throwing for the dog and when I looked up he had gone, I did not think anymore about it I just kept throwing the ball.

When we finally reach the weir I saw this other man's dog sitting on the bank and when I looked down the other man was swimming in the river, I had done this when I was a kid and teenager but not for 35 years or so, I notice the man's clothes on the bank near his dog and before I could stop him my dog ran down the bank and just plunged into the water.

This made the man stand up and he turned to see what was going on, the water came up to half his chest and he waved and shouted Hi again, I walked down the back and sat neat his dog as my dog swam around cooling off for all the casing he had been doing, the Man shouted come on in the water is warm and so refreshing.

Can't I said it looks inviting but got no trunks. You don't need them the man said as he started to swim back towards me, when he reached close to the bank he stopped and stood up again come on he said again, no trunks I said again, neither have I came his reply don't tell me you have never skinny dipped, yea I said when I was a kid well what's the difference he said there is no-one but me and if your shy I will turn away while you get in.

He kept on about me getting in the river, so in the end I said OK,OK, I will join you and I stood up and took off my t-shirt, I UN-buckled my belt and I noticed the he could not take his eyes off me as I undressed, I dropped my jean's and then my boxers, standing there naked in front of a man I did not know from Adam, Mmmmmmm nice he said as I walked to the edge and jumped into the water when I came up I said your right it is warm and refreshing, he said well you have just made it a lot hotter.

I smiled and wondered what he meant by that, but I was swimming around and my dog was having fun to, as the temperature was around 85 to 90 c it was nice being in the cooler water, the other man got out and just sat on the bank naked watching me swim around,when I stood up he said I must say mate you have a wonderful ass, I had never been interested in men and I as far as I know never looked at a man's bum to say if it was nice or not, but this man saying that I had a nice bum made me warm inside, I said well thanks a lot nice of you to say so.

He dived back into the water and came up just in front of me and stood there looking at me and he reached out and placed his hand over one of my nipples and it grew hard with his touch, why was it doing this I wondered I am not gay and then he placed his other hand on my other nipple and started to play with them and under the water my cock was beginning to move and grow.

He lent forward and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it in and bit gently on it digging his teeth into it and I should have pushed him away but I could not I was feel stuck to the spot the feeling that this man was giving me were totally different to one's that my wife gave me when she done this while kissing my nipple he twisted my other nipple between his thumb and finger making me Sigh and say Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is fantastic I know it should not be but it is, I found myself saying don't stop please don't stop and now my cock was nearly fully hard.

I stood there eye's closed as he made me feel fantastic and the next thing I knew he had but his hand it the water and took hold of my cock,this made me jump and my eye's flashed open in surprise but still I did not push him away in fact I placed a hand on his head and pulled him to me pushing his face hard onto my nipple and he responded by biting harder and my cock was now stretched to it's full extent and he was slowly rubbing his hand up and down my cock under the water, I was in heaven.

This went on for a while then he lifted his head up and placed his mouth tenderly on mine and just kissed my lips he whispered this your first time then, Yyyes I said never even thou about doing it with a man in my life before but what your doing feel wonderful, fantastic even I have not had this sort of feeling with my wife that's for sure and this man smiled and kissed me again this time pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I opened my mouth to allow his tongue into mine and we kissed fully and hard I pulled his head to me and we stood there for minutes just kissing and he still had a nipple in one hand and rubbing my cock with the other.

When we parted I took a very deep breath and felt light headed with the feeling I was having and the excitement of it all, I took another deep breath and lowered my hand into the water and found his cock and curled my fingers around it it was not as long as mine but was as thick if not a bit thicker, I started to wank him as he wanked me both of us breathing hard as we did this to each other.

Then he puled away from me and turned round and bent over a little way placed his hand round behind him took hold of my cock and placed the head up against his hole and pushed himself back and in a downward motion and my cock pushed it's way into his ass and I felt his ass give way to allow the head of my cock to pop inside him and he just pushed back until his butt cheeks were resting up against me then stood upright and I now had my cock fully home inside this man's ass that I had only ever seen today and said no more than a few words to, I was loving it to what made it even more strange.

I started fucking his ass and the water of the river splashed up between us as I thrust in and out my cock ramming home and I still could not believe now nice this felt, I put my arms around him and pulled him tight against me and I was panting hard in his ear as I fuck him. Mmmmmmmmmmm very nice as he was saying "O" my god you have a great cock mate go on fuck my ass fuck it hard and at that I really forced it into him I was pushing it in so hard I was nearly lifting him of the ground with each inward thrust, YES YES he was saying "O" fuck yes.

Due to the water I lasted long before I was ready to shoot my cum and in the end I was getting very close to un-loading my cock I got close to his ear and said I am going to cum in a minute what do you want me to do cum inside you or pull out, he said in a husky ruff voice thou the moaning and groaning his was doing cum in side me mate do you dare waste it in the water.

So I carried no fucking his ass until I could hold back no longer and I held my cock inside him as my balls emptied fully up his ass, my cock throbbed spurt after spurt of my creamy cum into him and he was saying yes yes I can feel your cum inside my oh yes that's fucking nice. We stood there with his back to me and my cock starting to soften inside him and then it slipped from him and when it did he turned round and kissed me again.

When I looked over to the river bank the two dogs were sitting there watching us and I thing they were wondering what the hell we were up to, he said thanks for that that was the best fuck I have had for a very long time, smiling I said well that was the first time my cock has been in a man and it was fucking good for me to, well do you want to know how good it feel to have a man's cock inside you as I would love to fuck your virgin ass and be the first to open you up and fill that ass full of cum.

I know you took my cock with out any problem but you have done it before I have not and never thought about doing it with a man before today, surly you would need some lube of some sort to get that thick cock of your in my ass without hurting like hell.

Yes maybe he said but can try it you like well I said what is it they say in for a penny in for a pound, let's try it and see,so he came round behind me and bent me over so my face was just inches away from the river and then I felt his hands on my butt cheeks and he pulled them open and stood up close behind me and his cock touch my ass, by this time my hard was pounding away like mad and I felt the pressure of his cock on my virgin ass hole and it squeezed tight trying to stop him from shoving it inside me, he must have felt me tighten up as he took his cock away and the next thing I knew he shoved a finger inside me.

I took that and then he added another and as that went in it hurt a bit but I just bit down on my lip and it was not long before the pain went and this man was pulling my hole open stretching it wide with his fingers, then as he removed his fingers his cock replaced them pushing on my hole once more, this time it started to enter me but as it got to the widest part of the head it was hurting like hell I was saying stop stop it hurts to much and he stopped pushed taking the pressure of and I relaxed and as I did he thrust forward and the head of his cock popped inside my hole and I shouted out, FUCK FUCK That hurts but he held onto me and just stood there not moving behind me and after a while the pain went away, he said feel better now, yea I said the pain has gone.

Ok he said try standing upright and as I did he pushed forward with a little pressure and his cock slowly slid into my ass, the pain had returned but no where and bad as when it first when inside me once it was fully home he just held it there letting my ass get used to it, then he slowly withdrew it until just the head was in my ass and pushed forward again slowly.

He carried on like this for a while then slipped it right out before pushing it back in and there was one sharp pain but it went way as quick as it had come, he started to fuck me, with long hard strokes he placed his arm's around me and twisted my nipples and pulled on them, my fucking load did that send some real pleasure though my body, and was now getting faster and harder as he fucked my ass and I thought it would not be long before he was cumming he was breathing hard and fast, his hot breath hitting the back of my neck as he pumped into me, and al of a sudden he pushed forward and I felt his cock thicken a bit then the most fantastic feeling I had ever had during sex, his hot creamy cum splashed out into my virgin ass, I do not know haw to put it into word the feelings this gave me, they filled me fully like what you think heaven will be like, I could feel his cock pumping again and again as I really could feel his cum spread out side me, a warm sensation running though me my god those feeling, and as his cock stopped twitching he held me tightly to him keeping his cock inside me for as long as he could.

But finally it did slip out of me and I knew I was going to miss it being in there I still had tingly feelings going thou my body, I turned to him and I kissed him this time and when I pulled away all I could say was fucking WOW.

We walked though the water got out and lay on the bank for a while letting the hot sun dry of our wet bodies, then he got up got dressed and said thanks mate bloody good fuck, yea sure was I said and he walked away calling his dog after him I got dressed and took a slow walk home if I had not got a bit of a sore ass from the stretching and hard fuck it had just received I would not think what had happened had happen at all.

I was still having pleasurable feeling with each step I took and when I did get home my wife said you've been a lot time, sorry I said fell asleep down by the river, thought as much she said, tea will be ready in half an hour. Ok I said just time for a shower.

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