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Out for a Walk

Two gay males kissing

Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 17-Mar-14
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By now I was starting to enjoy the taste of cum and how different it tasted from one man to the other.

* * * * * * *

A nice hot sunny afternoon I though I would go for a slow walk though the near-by-woods as I have nothing better to do and the woods were only a ten minute walk from here, the walk though the woods was nice and cooling.

When I had been walking for about half an hour I though I would have a sit down and have a can of beer I had brought with me, as I sat there I thought I could here some men talking so when I had finished I got up and walked in the direction of the voices.

The woods were getting thicker as I followed the voices and then as I looked though a gap into the undergrowth what I saw shocked me as I had never dreamed that I would ever come across something like this.

What I was was six men all undressed from the waist down and just t-shirts on there upper bodies, one of the men was tied between two trees standing up right his legs were spread apart tied wide and his arm were tied up and out over his head so that he was tied up like a X.

One of the men moved round behind the tied up man took his hard cock and rammed it into the man, he let out a loud Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as this second man pushed his cock inside and then started to fuck the tied up man hard ramming into him with such force.

Another man walk up to the front of the tied up man and places to clamps one on each nipple from these were wires running to a small battery, when hi touched a cable to the other end of the battery it sent a jolt of electric though him and must have shocked the man doing the fucking as I heard him say wow I fucking felt that right up my cock that was good do it again, and the other man did.

The other three men stood round watching and rubbing there cocks slowly making sure they kept hard, the man doing the fucking gave out a long Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as he thrust forward and he cum inside the other man, he pulled out and it was the turn of the man who had been doing the shocking he moved round and his cock looked a lot longer and fatter than the first man put he just got behind pulled the man's ass cheeks open and aimed his rock hard cock at the man's ass hole had gave one hard thrust and and the whole length push it's way into him.

The man screamed even louder this time as his ass was pushed wide open the other just stood there with a grin on the faces saying come on harry give it to him ram it in there mate.

I had never thought about sex with men but standing here behind these bushes watching them take turns in fucking this man that was tied up was giving me a big hard on and I had to take it out of my pants and stroke it.

The trouble was when I moved to get my cock out I stood on a dried twig and it snapped under my foot and they heard it, one said some cunt is watching us and I tried to back away with out being seen but I was spotted and two of the men ran and caught me and pulled me back to where they had the other man tied up.

What you doing here they asked I told them I was just out for a walk and heard them making some noise and I came to see what was going on, Well what are we going to do with him said one, two of the other men were untying the one that was strung up. Well we could tie him up and fuck his ass and by the look of the bulge in his trousers he looks like he enjoyed what he had been seen while spying on us.

No please No I begged anything but that please NO, yes I liked what I saw I said but never done it with a man so please no, well then what are we going to do with you, I know said one tie his hands behind him once we have stripped him off, so they took all me clothes off and tied my hand behind me my cock was slowly shrinking from it's 10" length when hard, Nice cock sais the one who undressed me.

Right down on your fucking knees he said , what you going to do I asked , you just do what I tell you and shut the fuck up I will teach you for spying on us, Right lads who wants to be first to have there hard cock sucked they worked out a order and the first one came up to me and ordered me to open my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to start sucking on his cock which I did then one came round behind me and took hold of my head and started to move my head back and forth on this hard cock in my mouth.

I was ordered to lick it and suck it this cock which was the first cock I had ever seen this close up and to have it shoved into my mouth when I had never thought about ever doing this sort of thing was at first horrible and I wanted to gag but he did not stop even when I did gag on and on he fucked my mouth while my head was being held.

After a while I was getting hard again and was starting to enjoy it when I felt the cock inside my mouth start to swell a bit then he took hold of my head and pulled me right hard onto his cock and it exploded in my mouth and I was coughing and spluttering at his cum forced it's way down my throat, when his cock had finished and was now empty he withdrew it from me and ordered me to swallow his cum and as they all watched I took a big gulp and down it went.

Before I could recover the next guy stood in front of me and opened my mouth and pushed his cock fully in,his balls hitting against my chin this cock was about the same length as the last one but was thicker but once again I was forced to suck and like this cock until he came into my mouth, this went on until the last one stood in front of me this is the man that had been tied up and when his cock was put in front of me my eyes opened wide, it was about a foot long and thick.

I just say that by now I was starting to enjoy the taste of cum and how different it tasted from one man to the other, I had now drank five loads of cum and saw looking forward to the six load until I saw the size of this cock, I wanted the cum but never though I would ever that that length in my mouth, but he pushed the head in my mouth and it was so thick that it filled my mouth with just the head and about four inches in .

He started to thrust back and forth and took hold of my head himself and held it still while he fucked my face, after just pushing in the first four or five inches for a while he started to push more in until I was taking at least eight inches and each time it pushed into the back of my mouth I felt my throat being force to open to take is thick long cock, I had stopped gagging by now and was enjoying this face fucking I was getting.

Then I felt the head and shaft of this cock beginning to swell and I had learnt that this meant he was getting ready to cum, but with out further warning he placed both hands on my head and with one last thrust pushed over 10" of his cock into my mouth and it shot cum load after cum load down my throat and I could not swallow as this cock was filling my throat to it's fullest so it was spurting cum and it was going right down my throat.

Instead of taking his cock out when It had finished he held my head there for a while and then very slowly removed it telling me to keep my lips tight round his cock making sure I squeezed every last drop from him, by this time I did not need telling twice, I was loving the taste of cum and I want more.

So what now said another one of the men the one that had just took his cock from my mouth said well look your all hard again,so what if we lay this spying fucker on the ground and we all stand around him and cum all over him, yea sound great they all agreed, so I was untied and laid on the ground and told not to move unless I was ordered to.

I done what they ordered and just lay there and they all stood around me and started to wank there cock while looking down at me, I was now loving the sight from down here the different sizes of cocks and the different size of there balls that were swinging back and forth as they wanked there cocks over me.

After about five minutes the first one came his cum spat out the end of his throbbing cock and landed over my chest and I now had a big hard one as I felt his cum hitting splash after splash, there the second one came and as he was standing over my head his first spurt landed on my stomach but as they slowed the last few spurts landed on my face.

By the time the five one came my body chest and stomach was covered in there cum, all that was left was the sixth one as he was the last to fuck my mouth he lasted longer this time and he was wanking like crazy and then he thrust his hips forward and came making sure it covered my face, it was all over my eyes, up my nose and in my hair.

I was told I could now get up but before I did I scooped up the cum from my body and placed it in my mouth and I done this until most of it was gone, one said I think this spying fucker is getting the taste for our cum boys look at him he cant get enough of it.

They all stood around me as I got up and the one that seamed to be in charge said if you want to come back for more come be back here at the same time next week, but I warn you that if you do you will have to go though what out other new member saw going though while you were spying on us, meaning if you want any more of our cum you will have to get your ass fucked by us all in one afternoon so will leave it up to you.

With that they got dressed and left me standing there naked and what was left of there cum still over me and I still had a big hard on, so before I went I wanked myself off which did not take long after what I had been though that afternoon, I caught it in my hand and drank that down to.

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