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Two gay males kissing

Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@yahoo.com
Published: 24-Mar-14 Revised/Updated 14-Jul-17
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I had finished cumming I just lay forward and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth and I could taste my cum on his tongue...

* * * * * * *

I got a e-mail form someone that had enjoyed my sex stories that I have had sent to the web site sextails and I always ask for the readers views on my stories this e-mail was from a man of 25 I will call Ben and he said that he loved the stories and we have been e-mailing and chatting on Hangouts this was 4 months ago.

He has told me that he as never had sex with either men or women and that he feels ashamed that at 25 he is still a virgin and only plays with himself to get relief.

I have told him he should not be ashamed that he has not had sex yet, he told me that he dose not really know if he is gay, bi, or heterosexual as he likes looking at men and women and reading stories about both sexes.

He told me that he will be coming over to the UK in a months time and wondered if we could meet up as he wondered if I would make love to him to see if he liked being with a man, I am Bi-sexual so it would be nice for me to.

I told him to let me know the date and time and what airport he would be coming into and I would meet him there, so this is the story of that first meeting and how it turned out Enjoy.

I was waiting at the airport for Ben and I spotted him right way though the photos he had sent to me via e-mail, I waved and he came over and he was even better looking in the flesh and very sexy, so of we when to the hotel he had booked, he booked in and we went up to his room.

When we got into the room and he had put his bags down I pulled him to me and kissed him on the lips, I tried to push my tongue into his mouth but he would not let me, he was to tents and afraid so I pulled away and said sorry just had to kiss you your such a sexy man.

He said that he was worried about having sex and I said what he needed was to relax first so we went out for something to eat and drink, we spent the rest of the day walking around and calling into pubs for a beer now and again, he was being to relax and he said that he did not have to meet the people he had come to see which was why he was here, so we had the whole weekend ahead.

We arrived back at the hotel early evening and had one last drink in the bar before going to his room, when we got there I told him not to do anything and let me do it all and just relax and enjoy what I was going to do to him and if at anytime he wanted to stop he only had to say and I would I would not force him to do anything he did not want to do.

I went to him and took of his jacket then went round in front of him and kissed him on the lips once more, and then I kissed him neck and round by his ears and this time he felt much more relaxed and gave a soft moan as I did this I then pulled away and started to undo the buttons of his shirt and as I did this his soft smooth Tan coloured skin skin came into view as I pushed his shirt back over his shoulders I lent forward and kissed the skin as it came into view, I kissed over his shoulders and neck then down and a cross his chest, he was taking deep breaths as I did this and I reached one nipple and flicked the top with my tongue.

His nipple grew had as I did this another moan gave from his lips as I gently sucked it into my mouth and flicked the top with my tongue and then bit down on it and he gave out a Oh yes yes, as I did this I pushed his shirt completely off and it fell to the floor, I moved over to the other nipple and took the one I had been sucking on in between my thumb and finger and twisted it and as I did this he took a sharp intake of breath and he placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed my head tight against his chest.

When he let go I pulled my head away and slowly kissed down his firm body slowly moving down the the top of his jeans which I undo and lowered the zip and eased his jeans down kissing his flesh as I went, before long I had to pull the jeans and pants outward to get them over his fully hard cock, it sprang from it's confined space and what a wonderful sight it was all that wonderful brown skin and a fully 6" if not a bit more was poking right out at me.

His jeans and pants fell to the floor,and he now stood there naked before me with this wonderful hard cock I pushed him backwards as he fell back onto the bed behind him and I dropped to me knees between his wide spread legs and I took hold of his firm cock and once again this made him take a sharp inward take of breath and I slowly moved my hand up and down his shaft, I lowed my head and licked his balls and then slowly ran my tongue up the length of his dick until I reach the very top and pushed my tongue into the slit.

Oh my God he said as I ran my tongue up and down his twitching cock and I then took his cock fully into my mouth taking in the whole 6" + , I started to move my mouth up and down it's full length from the very tip to bottom of his shaft and Ben was now Moaning out loud as I did this and he said I am coming and before I knew it he filled my mouth with his warn creamy come, Oh how wonderful that tasted knowing I was the first to ever taste his cum having it run down my throat warm and sweet.

I licked and sucked his cock clean making sure I had every last drop of his virgin cum in my mouth, I then kissed my way back up his body until I reached his face and kissed him once again fully on the lips this time when I pushed my tongue inside his mouth he opened up and let me push my tongue inside his and our tongues entwined curling round and round each others.

Then I dropped a hand down and took his limp cock into my hand and started to rub it and I felt it start to twitch under my touch, I moved away from him and stood up at the end of the bed and slowly removed all my clothes and lay back down with Ben our bodies next to each other one a dark brown skin and me a white skin Oh how sexy that looked to me.

I rolled him over and knelt down on the floor again and pushed his legs open and pulled his ass cheeks apart showing me his brown hole and I pushed my face into it and pushed my tongue right into his hole opening it up and I started to lick it round and round, with this he pushed his ass up into my face making sure that I could push my tongue inside him as far as I could.

Then I started to lick and kiss up his back and got so I was now laying on top of him and my cock was nestled between his cheeks and I continued to kiss his neck and ears making him shiver as I did so.

Then I siad to him with or without a condom Ben turned his head and said for my first time I would like it without if that's OK with you I would like to feel your bare cock inside me for the first time, It's OK with me I said and applied some Lube to my cock and some to his hole and then I got back over him and took hold of my cock and placed the head up against his hole and I felt him tighten up, so I kissed him around his neck and ears until I felt him relax just a bit.

When I felt him relax I gave a firm but soft push and I felt my cock head easing into his ass but then he tightened up and said it hurt to much so without withdrawing I just kept the pressure there and after a while of me kissing his neck and ears he relaxed again and the head of my cock popped inside this very virgin ass.

I pushed on gently and slowly my cock entered and disappeared inside Ben until my whole length was inside him and I just kept it there for a while not moving then slowly withdrew it until the head of my cock was just in and then pushed forward once again, I done this for a while not wanting to hurt my new lover and with each push in he gave a soft pleasurable moan and started to push his ass up as I pushed my cock into him.

Once I felt him do this I started to move faster in and out of him and now taking my cock right out so the tip of my cock just rested against his hole before pushing back into Ben once again I was not moving faster and faster as my cock pounded his ass, I was now slamming harder and harder our bodies slamming together as they meet, Ben was now moaning louder Yes Yes YES Dave fuck my ass Oh that' good yes.

Ben was pushing up hard to meet my downward thrust and I felt my cum starting to rise, I said to Ben I am going to cum do you want it in you or over you IN me IN Me please please in me, with that I gave one last thurst inside him and held my cock fully inside him and then it exploded shoot my cum fully into him Ben shouted My god Dave I can feel your cum filling me I can feel it shooting from your throbbing cock Oh my God it's wonderful.

I held my cock inside Ben until it went soft and just slipped out and his ass was no longer a virgin ass, I turned him back over onto his back and moved up the bed kissing him as I went well Ben how was that for you, Out of this fucking world he said I never knew I could have feelings like that, glad you enjoyed it I said but I have taken your virgin ass now it's time for you to loose that virgin cock and fuck my ass what do you said. His eyes lit up and he was saying yes yes please Dave.

I got of the bed and knelt on the floor and lent over the bed Ben got round behind me and ran his fingers lightly down my spin and that sent a shiver down my spine and I felt him run his finger up and down my ass finding my hole, then I felt him place the tip of his hard cock against me and as he took hold of my hips pushed forward and with a big sigh his cock was en-bedded deep with in me, Ben held it there his breathing hard and fast and I could feel his cock twitching away in side me.

Ben pulled out and rammed it back in it was now my turn to let out some long moaning groans as the pleasure ran thou my body, he was now pounding into my ass hard and fast thrust after thrust on and on he slamed into me holding tight onto my hips making sure that when in was thrusting into me it was going to go fully home with each inward thrust.

Before long I felt his cock swelling and knew he was ready to unload his second load of cum into me but this time up my ass, Ben just kept on slamming into me again and again then he let A OH GOD pushed fully home and I felt his cock push his load of warm cum into the deep depths of my ass, fill me up once he emptied out he started to thrust in and out of me again still hard and not showing any sigh of going soft.

Ok Ok I said stop a minute please and he did and puled out of me just want to change position if your going to keep fucking me, so I got him to lay on his back and I knelt over him and took hold of his still hard cock and placed it up against my ass and lowed myself down onto him, I started to ride his cock and while doing this I took hold of his nipples and twisted then and pulled them, Ben was moaning with eyes closed saying softly Yes Yes oh god yes.

He placed a hand on my hard cock which was now bobbing up and down between us and stated to wank me as I rode him, feeling his cock inside me and having him rub my cock it was not going to be long before I was going to cum but I tried to hold back as long as possible.

On and on our bodies slamming together both of us moaning with shear pleasure and then he came filling my ass again with his cum, feeling this in turn made me cum and I can say with hand on Heart that I had never felt anything like it in my life before with his cock inside of me pumping out it's warm creamy cum and cock doing the same spurting out cum that was now reaching his chin and some into his open mouth.

When he was done and I had finished cumming I just lay forward and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth and I could taste my cum on his tongue.

We just lay there for a while in each others arms just holding each other and kissing, Ben whispered in my ear will you fuck my ass once more before you go please Dave, try and stop me my love I said.

We lay there for 20 minutes or so just kissing and running our hands over each other, when I felt my cock start to twitch again I took hold of Ben's hand and guided him into the bathroom and turned on the shower, we both got into the shower and I started to place shower gel on him and all over his body and Ben had his eyes closed and was loving every minute of it, I then turned his round and started to wash his back and he was leaning against the wall of the shower holding himself away for the wall with his hands.

I washed his ass and slid a finger into him as I did and he pushed back against it, I then got behind him and pushed my cock into his ass this time the head of my cock slid inside with no problem at all and I just pushed fully home, as I started to push in and out of him I placed my hand around his waist and took hold of his cock when my fingers folded around it Ben took a deep breath and I started to move my hand back and forth along his shaft making sure my fingers ran over the sensitive head and when I did Ben shook.

We stayed like this me fucking him from behind and wanking his cock at the same time, Ben gave out a Oh Yes and I felt his cock start to throb in my hand as spurt after spurt shot from his cock I still kept on moving me hand back and forth up his shaft as he came, by now Ben was screaming out as my cock still thundered into him I let go of his cock so I could stand up and get more force behind me slamming home our bodies meeting with a loud slap and the water splashing out then with one last push I came once more filling him up and I just folded my arms around him and pulled him back against me and kissed his back and neck holding our bodies together until my cock slipped from him.

I finished washing him and myself we had a beer and I got dressed and left, Ben said that he had never know a night like it and will remember it for the rest of his life, he told me when we spoke over the internet month or two later that he had been lucky and got round to having sex with a woman but said it did not compare with what we did and the feels I had given him that night.

If you liked this story please contact me and tell me and if your brave enough like some have been add a photo of what you were doing to yourself while reading it - deepprobsix@yahoo.com

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