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Richard Is Different

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 24-Mar-14
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He said it was time for him to fuck me and told me to kneel on the floor and lay my body into the chair so my bum was sticking up in the air.

* * * * * * *

Richard is 63 years young, Brown coloured hair and eyes to match, I would say he weighs about 240 pounds so you could say he has a little extra padding with dose not worry me, I will have sex with anyone and any looks it is just having a great time and both going away happy to me looks just do not come into it.

Richard has a 7 and a half inch cock and when I e-mailed him he said that he was not gay but would not say no to a cock if it was offered, so that is what I done, Richard did warn me that he dose strange thing with his cock and he would send some photos of what he got up to.

Well the photos arrived I got an instant hard on wow I had never seen anything like it in my life, The photos show his cock tied up very tight with string it was wound around his cock and you could see that it was pulled really tight as his cock bulged out between the string and in another one he had hard black rubber O rings pushed onto the head of his cock and again the head of his cock bulged out each side of the O rings so you could see how tight they were on the head.

And one final one he had his cock squashed between two planks of wood and they were squeeze by a vice, it looked so horny my cock rose up hard just looking at them, I the end I had to relive myself shooting cum into my hand and then drank it down, I had to meet this man to see for real what he done to his cock.

Well we arranged to meet the following day and I called round to his at about 10.30 am and he invited me in and we sat and chatted for a while then he said ok want to see a few things I do, well that's what I am hear from I said and with that he stood up and just striped of and started to wank his cock and then he got some clamps and attached then to his balls and pulling them up with the string that was attached to the clamps he pulled them up so high the skin round his balls was so tight it looked like it was going to burst.

Then he got out the string and wound it round and round his cock and I now had a raging hard on so I stood and dropped my trousers and sat back down and stroked my cock while watching Richard, when he untied the string you could see where it had been round his cock, there were deep lines in his cock from where the string had been, he then pulled out some rubber O rings and forced them over the head of his cock.

Once he had them over the head, the skin of the head was forcing it's self out from each side of the rings Richard came over to me and took my hard cock into his hands and pulled the foreskin back so he could look at my throbbing cock head, he took it in his mouth and sucked it inside taking it all in and started to move his head up and down my shaft licking and sucking as he went.

I do not know where it came from but the next thing I know Richard tied a piece of nylon cord round my balls going round them and between them making then bulge and then he wound the cord very tight around the bass of my cock all the while sucking on my cock.

He pulled away and took my cock in his hand and the head of my cock between two fingers and when he squeezed the head the slit along the top opened up and Richard got a metal rod about 8" long and half inch round the head of the rod had been rounded and he pushed the end of the rod into my slit and it was not long before 5" were inside my cock.

It did not hurt but gave me such a wonderful feeling and felt sexy having this done to me he then started to wank my cock again still with the metal rod shoved down it, talk about having a hard on you could not have bent it if you had wanted too.

He said it was time for him to fuck me and told me to kneel on the floor and lay my body into the chair so my bum was sticking up in the air, I felt Richard get round behind me and he dropped some spit onto my hole before pushing a finger into me and moving it back and forth then on pulling his finger out I felt the head of his cock up against my ass, and with one firm pushed it popped inside and I got the strangest feeling as he still had the O rings on his cock.

Wow it felt great having the rings push back and forth inside me I could feel the ridges of the O rings as his cock squeeze either side of them and the feels were like nothing I had ever felt, and still having my balls and the cord around the bass of my and balls my cock was now swelling up against the cord and it was biting into me giving me some pain but if you could call pain good this was, it was making more and more sexually excited.

Richard removed his hot cock from me and when he replaced it back into my hot love tunnel he had retied the cord around the shaft of his cock now it was not just the O rings that was given him ridges it was now all over it and my god I thought my head was going to explode when Richard started to thrust into me.

The ring and cord were rubbing in and out of my hole and what with the pleasure this was given me and driving me mad I still had my balls and cock wrapped up in the cord and my cock was now straining at the cord. And it felt like my cock was going to be ripped to bits and despite that it was still a pleasure pain.

Richard wanted to come so he pulled out and took of the cord but left the rings on and plunged his hard 7"+ cock back into me took hold of my hips and pounded into me as Hard as he could until he could not hold back any longer and with one last push he spat cum fully up into my ass filling me up and with the rings over the head of his cock it made his cock spray his cum even further up inside me.

He left his cock inside me for a while just letting it soak in the pools of his cum and then after a while it slipped from me Richard bent down and lick his cum up and it dripped from my hole.

I asked Richard if he like to take a cock in his ass or if he was just a top man "oh" on he said I like a cock hard cock deep in me and I am hopping you will put or cock inside me you fucking bet I said, I rolled from me knees and lay on the floor my cock sticking up like a flag pole and Richard bent over and sucked it back into him mouth for a while, I did not know if I could ever cum with this cord so tight around my cock and balls.

Richard got his body over me and sat up and took hold of my throbbing cock and placed it up against his hole and pushed down and I felt it push open his hole and slid deep inside him and then he was sitting on me with my cock buried fully inside him.

Then he started to rise up and down fully taking me cock from him and then pounding down again our bodies smashing together in one big slap again and again Richard done this, I felt like I wanted to shoot my cum but with this cord so tight around the bass of my cock I just could not cum, on and on Richard pumped up and down on my aching cock he took my nipples and twisted them hard pulling them so hard I thought he was going to pull then from my chest.

But even thou it was hurting like hell it was still giving me so much pleasure and I thought my whole body was going to explode as on and on Richard went.

Then he reached behind him and I felt him undo the cord and pull it from around my cock and balls and he pounded down only twice more before I arched my body and let out the loudest scream of OOOOOOOOOOooo FFFFUUUCCCCKKK YESsssssssssssssssssssssss as I shot cum from my cock deep in side Richard I was so light headed at the release of my cum and the pleasure that I had dark spots before my eyes.

Richard said that he hopped I had enjoyed today and that I would come back for more I said you will have to move and not tell me your address to stop me coming back for more, god that was fucking fantastic.

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